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File 139934587966.jpg - (103.32KB , 1024x768 , vuestras-mejores-genes-manga-anime-lain-music_1057.jpg )
88424 No. 88424
Post anime music you really like.

Starting off with some Lain.

Lain opening [Full]youtube thumb
Lains Little Miss - Serial Experiments Lainyoutube thumb
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>> No. 88431
Eureka seveN OST 1 // Nirvash typeZEROyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 2 // Original Sinyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 1 // type theENDyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 2 // To Make …youtube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 2 // Sprinting Spiritsyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 1 // Gekko-Goyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 1 // GET IT BY YOUR HANDSyoutube thumb
>> No. 88433
銃夢 (ガンム) GUNNM SOUN…youtube thumb
Mell - Red fraction // Black lagoon openingyoutube thumb
Bubblegum Crisis - Konya wa Hu…youtube thumb
02 Fade- One reason *Official lyrics*youtube thumb
Death Note Opening 1 HDyoutube thumb
Rise - Origa (Ghost in the She…youtube thumb
20- Panty & Stocking with …youtube thumb
Fullmetal Alchemist Ost - Bratjayoutube thumb
http://youtube.com/watch?v=HQjxKll3XE8youtube thumb
http://youtube.com/watch?v=dvvN2QxurYUyoutube thumb
>> No. 88437
File 139941312963.png - (385.25KB , 1360x768 , ssmarin.png )
Saint Seiya's OST
Kazuko Kawashima(Sad Brothers-Camus Death)youtube thumb
Saint Seiya OST Iyoutube thumb
>> No. 88446
I haven't even seen this show but I dig the song.

Gatchaman Crowds OST (Full) - …youtube thumb
>> No. 88477
One of the best things to have ever come out of the original Hellsing OVA:

A World Without Logosyoutube thumb
>> No. 88485
G Gundam- Shining Gundam/Finger Themeyoutube thumb
G Gundam-Burning Finger Themeyoutube thumb
Big O - Sure Promise - "Big O,…youtube thumb
The Big O OST - Stand A Chanceyoutube thumb
Rurōni Kenshin OST - Last Wolf Suiteyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 1 // Tiger Trackyoutube thumb
Eureka seveN OST 1 // Storywriteryoutube thumb
Inner Universe (full song)youtube thumb
http://youtube.com/watch?v=jNWoAWYAXE8youtube thumb
>> No. 88551
Blood +

Blood+ Opening #1youtube thumb
>> No. 88554
No outlawstar? SHAME ON YOU!

>> No. 88555
No outlawstar? SHAME ON YOU!

>> No. 88556
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdb3WRIzvmI also this
>> No. 88563


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