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File 136467321041.jpg - (126.00KB , 717x705 , 3961_118736.jpg )
81762 No. 81762
Anime preview's out:

Links to the game translation/LP:

And here's the Super Dangan Ronpa 2/Dangan Ronpa 0 thread

Don't be dick with mystery series spoilers.
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>> No. 81763
Oh and as for the patch that Oren and company are doing for the 1st game, apparently they're still working on editing the script and such, but HelloWinter has already redrawn over half of the 1,600some art assets she had to do.
>> No. 81777
>> No. 81778
File 13647669798.jpg - (53.37KB , 300x300 , sakura.jpg )
Dangan Ronpa rules.

(DR1 spoilers) Syo is best girl, follow closely by Sakura.
>> No. 81829
>> No. 81839
Where did that meme come from? [/spoiler]And how did they know that it ended up being true anyway?[/spoiler]
>> No. 81840
It started out as this crazy theory based on someone's random joke early in the thread, and ended up attached to that ALIENS guy from the history channel. As for how they knew, it's a billion goons collaborating and going over every update with a fine toothed comb, they just pieced it together bit by bit.
>> No. 81855
Is there specific genre relating to cute mascot-like characters forcing a bunch of young characters to go through hell and die in horrible ways?

A few different shows come to mind at fitting this framework.
>> No. 82038
File 136566201721.jpg - (39.47KB , 356x376 , 1356367442390.jpg )
>Junko dies less than a few minutes after Sayaka is found dead

I'd post a reaction image for Sayaka, but I don't seem to have an image for "mild surprise".

>> No. 82040
File 136566246931.jpg - (52.04KB , 704x400 , 1293688673729.jpg )
>The dying message Sayaka left.
>> No. 82043
Dont worry the rest of them dont have quite as blatant clues.

Also it helps if you skip all the other comments in the threads, because there are so many people throwing out so many speculations that some are bound to stick.
And also because of the format they have more time to sit and speculate and go over every little thing.
>> No. 82058
File 136570575550.png - (88.13KB , 400x400 , 1300237294472.png )
>All of Chapter 2.

I hate this game, and I'm just gonna back away from this thread before it becomes my own personal liveblog.
>> No. 82059
No Famenag.

Do all the liveblogs

Dangan all the Ronpas
>> No. 82060
Yeah I kinda regret not liveblogging it here.

In other news GOD DANGIT I chose the worst time to catch up on DR2, RIGHT before the first chapter is over...
>> No. 82064
File 136571394217.jpg - (65.81KB , 768x432 , 1232505094090.jpg )

If you insist, I can give you my impressions so far.

Ch. 1

- Jesus, the video Makoto got was really unnerving, as intended.

- I kinda knew Sayaka was going to, if not so fast. Dangan Ronpa is clearly a dark game so killing off the first person our hero, got close to, not to mention one he was developing anime feelings for, would sound right up its alley.

- I thought it was a little weird that Junko was brushed off to the side a little after her death scene..

- What I WASN'T expecting was the revelation that Sayaka was intending to kill Leon and frame Makoto for it.

- Didn't really feel much for Leon.


- Togami's a little shit. He's smart, and a lot of his ideas work, but holy shit man.

- I really was not OK with killing off Chihiro so fast. He was such a sweetheart.


- So it's not Syo, and it's not Togami, but, Mondo, the honorable punk who not only had a sweet bonding moment with Chihiro, but the man Chihiro looked up to? I am not happy. And the social link content with those two? Like seriously, way to drive the stakes through my heart.

- So far, the game seems intent on killing off the more likable and affable characters first, and from what I've seen of chapter three (the chapter intro), it seems Aoi is up next. REALLY hoping Sakura isn't the culprit this time.

Also, everything about Kyouko shouts "I'M IMPORTANT, PAY ATTENTION TO ME". I mean, I like her, but they could have made it a little more subtle.

tl;dr: Fuck this game.
>> No. 82066
(CH2)Dangan Ronpa is anime as fuck by design, I think making Kirigiri blatant fits the tone.

Also Syo is best girl.

>> No. 82077
File 136573928168.jpg - (1.31MB , 1225x1728 , sakura aoi.jpg )
But the best character overall is Sakura, right? I will not accept anything less.
>> No. 82094
File 136578898049.gif - (201.72KB , 704x396 , tumblr_m30d6oEZSE1rqur4vo4_1280.gif )
Sakura's such a good friend.

Chihirobot! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Totally called Ishimaru/da or Yamada getting offed this chapter. Was not expecting both.


OK, I GUESS Syo is growing on me. It helps that the person she's stalking all the time is Togami.
>> No. 82165
Nope, Ishimaru, sorry.

>Newest SDR2 update
Well that's one way to get executed!

>DR0 volume 1 ending
God this book is fucking boring. Oren keeps saying that the ending makes everything retroactively better but FUCK.
>> No. 82170
>DR0 volume 1 ending
I know, right? The game itself does sometimes devolve into "yes, thank you, we get it" at times, but it kind of works in a visual medium and it's pretty necessary in a mystery game with so many things going on. In prose it's the literary equivalent of the Somme: a repetitive, futile slog. It's kind of telling that DR0 is considered one of the better light novels out there.
>> No. 82173
>It's kind of telling that DR0 is considered one of the better light novels out there.
Absolutely nobody but Oren thinks this.
>> No. 82183
File 136617116286.gif - (83.83KB , 189x187 , 1363274920327.gif )
>Aoi slaps Togami in his smug fucking face.
>> No. 82216
File 136633304631.jpg - (211.21KB , 300x898 , relationship.jpg )
Finally finished it.

God, both Ch. 5 and 6 were crazy.
>> No. 82285
File 136651552937.png?spoiler - (527.68KB , 600x509 , 34339232_p10.png?spoiler )
>> No. 82325
Characters like Sakura give me hope that we'll see more characters that totally break traditional anime cliches. I admit it's what drew me back into anime and anime-styled games after a long stretch of being turned off from the genre entirely. I saw too many anime that looked identical to bad anime spoofs, and it was disheartening.
>> No. 82328
You know...

The predator friend Iksuaba mentioned to Naegi, think it might have been Junko she was talking about?
>> No. 82329

The wonderful part was that Sakura isn't really a joke character. Hell, there was maybe one single joke about her appearance from Ishimaru, and a couple from Hagakure, but she was treated fairly seriously all things considered.
>> No. 82415
That's why I liked her. I was kind of hoping all of the characters would be like her, honestly (they'd all be set up to be a complete subversion of an anime stereotype, especially since this is a horror series, and those are all about twists), but alas, was not the case.
>> No. 82471
File 136711873448.png - (353.21KB , 583x647 , !!.png )
>Sorry, you must be a registered forums member to view this page.

>> No. 82496

For the Original LP or the sequel LP?
>> No. 82600
>newest SDR2 update
So getting deeper into Chapter 2, we're confronted with an insane minigame and what appears to be the Academy from the first game, replete with Vault door, encrusted with plant life.

Still holding onto the VR theory
>> No. 82874

Oh here's some anime designs.

Also the paywall apparently went down awhile ago, fyi.
>> No. 83055
annnnd RIGHT back on lock down.

I'm beginning to think they really might somehow put the Dangan Ronpa thread registered only permanently.
>> No. 83090
Isn't there a Let's Play archive hosted offsite? Is that reposted from SA, or do they just link to the thread? Might be nice to read a few of those sans commenters.
>> No. 83128
File 137005671096.png - (43.71KB , 518x576 , 696d33f0505945bcc42ae076bcab9b17.png )
There have been a few mirrors, at one point, but they have been taken down. The LP guy doesn't want his translations hosted off SA, for reasons that aren't total bullcrap--he really could get a cease & desist if it's reposted elsewhere and then there would be no free Dangan Ronpa for anybody. Apparently the game company IS aware of the thread, but just hasn't made any moves to do anything about it yet. Possibly because there is nowhere else to get it, and because the LP guy is offering to get SA memberships for anyone who orders the actual game (because the LP is actually a complete translation). Dangan Ronpa probably will not be hosted on the Let's Play archives ever.

I just use my friend's old account to get around the paywall. If you've got a few friends who keep getting locked out too, splitting 10$ between everyone to read the thread whenever you want isn't so bad.
>> No. 83129
>Dangan Ronpa probably will not be hosted on the Let's Play archives ever.
Well Oren and company are making a patch so...
>> No. 83132
I know there is a team working on a patch, but it's not the same translation. I don't think Oren has anything to do with it. Unless now there are two competing patches.
>> No. 83656
File 137245925165.jpg - (44.08KB , 880x850 , 1371524007268.jpg )
>Just found out the director of the anime adaption is the same as the one behind Persona 4 and Devil Survivor 2's godawful adaptations.

...Good thing the English patch is completed!
>> No. 83659
So, Japan has their very own Uwe Boll?
>> No. 83660
It's two different teams. The one that is out is the shit patch. SUPER DUPER LUCKSTER GUIZ!

P4A was fine as far as adapting the game went. Bad animation though.
>> No. 83662
DS2 I understand, but was Persona 4 so bad? I rather liked what I saw of it.
>> No. 83664
File 137246874190.jpg - (35.36KB , 418x410 , 1371593548137.jpg )

I wasn't aware there was a separate translation patch in the works?
>> No. 83681
This is the one that Oren and company are doing. It's the LP translation+image edits+proofreading by native english speakers.
>> No. 83682
I think we can all agree that Celes is the worst girl.
>> No. 83763

The only subs so far as I know, and they use Project Zetsubou's shit. Unfortunate.
>> No. 83764
I do wonder if maybe Kishi's problem is just that he can't direct drama, because Jinrui, Seto no Hanayome, and Sunred are all solid gold.
>> No. 83789
File 137307760498.png - (95.31KB , 431x551 , 1331439461736.png )

>Jinrui, Seto no Hanayome

Well now I feel like an asshole.
>> No. 83790
Am I the only one who didn't like Seto no Hanayome that much? Maybe because I don't like romantic comedies much to begin with but most of the humor was the same stuff I've seen in a million other shows, or otherwise lazy. Only ones I liked generally were the stuff dealing with Masa.
>> No. 83792
The anime was better than the manga, cut down on some of the more annoying characters, was over sooner so it didn't drag things out as long.
>> No. 83803

>> No. 83808
I really hope the official translators keep SHSL instead of Super Duper or something equally bad.
>> No. 83813
I've heard they're going with "Ultimate."
>> No. 83823
Ideally, I'd get Jim Cummings to do his Winnie The Pooh voice/whoever does Mickey Mouses' voice for the dubbed voice of Monobear, because I want that same jarring, creepy feeling Japan got when they heard Doraemon telling kids to murder each other. But I get the feeling asking Disney "Hey, can we get Mickey or Pooh's voice actor to do--" wouldn't end well.
>> No. 83831
He was in Bioware games, so I don't see why not.
>> No. 83833
The voice ACTORS don't have any sort of exclusivity contract with Disney, but they probably would a least threaten to sue if someone else had them using the same VOICES.
>> No. 83903

I don't


there are no words
>> No. 83904
They seem to have forgotten the 'animation' part.
>> No. 83905
This wasn't the OP from the subs I watched? I guess the subbers could have been so embarrassed by the rapping that they replaced it with a song from the actual game...

But yeah, the show's animation is really bad. I wasn't expecting much since it's made by the same people who did the P4 anime, but it was on a completely different level of awful.

SHSL awful.

Don't watch it you guys.
>> No. 83906
File 137359022657.jpg - (99.19KB , 1280x720 , 1353912989340.jpg )
Was it Jojo Part 1 awful? Or is it more in the vein of QUALITY?
>> No. 83907
I have to confess to finding the DR anime spoiler ads on SA pretty funny, but the jokes on me, there's one for DR2 now as well, and it got me with one straight up spoiler at least.

Not a terribly shocking one given one of the theories I subscribed to anyway but a spoiler all the same.
>> No. 83908
File 137362354761.png - (348.92KB , 638x345 , tiny hands.png )
It's just astoundingly low-budget. The characters hardly move, which they try to cover up with a lot of camera panning, and it's choppy when they do thanks to a lack of tweens. Also, everyone has tiny hands and sometimes their eyes kind of fall off their face. The only character animated with any care is Monokuma, and even then... ugh.

Think Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but with less frames per second.
>> No. 83909
File 137362417878.png - (368.58KB , 636x348 , fukawa.png )
Oh, and they literally traced the game's sprites. Most of the characters' poses and expressions were ripped directly from it.

This part with Fukawa is especially bad because they tried to make her shiver, but they fucked up and she just pulses weirdly. I don't know how to make gifs so I can't show you, but damn it is so amateurish. It's astounding how amateurish it is. There are kids on deviantart who animate better than the guys doing this cartoon.

I refreshed a bunch on the thread and never saw a spoiler ad. Maybe they were taken down? The whole thing is pretty funny though, if a little sad.
>> No. 83922
File 137367096898.jpg - (119.03KB , 480x272 , 1373520542763.jpg )

I'm primarily concerned with how they'll handle the characters themselves.

The way Kanji was handled in P4A rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way by filling it with "HEY GUYS LOOK AT ALL THESE GAYS. ISN'T OUR INTERPRETATION OF KANJI'S STRUGGLE TO BE ACCEPTED FOR WHO HE IS FUNNY?"
>> No. 83923
>The characters hardly move, which they try to cover up with a lot of camera panning, and it's choppy when they do thanks to a lack of tweens
So yeah I guess it is kind of like Jojo then. Thank god for the second part's budget increase.
>> No. 83924
The first episode is pretty much exactly how it was in the game, and I don't expect that to change. I'm a bit worried for Chihiro, but to be honest the game fumbled pretty bad already when it came to dealing with Chihiro's gender and I don't think the anime will do much worse.

It is much more egregious in Dangan Ronpa imo. I just feel like the whole thing radiates a lack of caring from everyone involved in its creation.
>> No. 83933
I read through Dangan Ronpa IF on my kindle, it's a lot of fun. (DR1 spoilers)It's about the bonus ending where Naegi gets the Escape Switch, and focuses on Mukoro. You also get to see Mondo and Sakura break fucking bad, it's awesome.

Yet again, Narita is based.
>> No. 84409
The LP was recently archived on the LP site, so I've been catching up on where I had originally left off-- the first time I had seen a paywall, I stopped, not knowing they sporadically put it up and took it back
down again. I'm gonna finish this, and then start watching the anime.

My only complaint is that certain events are set in stone. X is always killed by Y at certain points in the game. I wish there was a version where you could mess around with that. Special win conditions like "Get all characters who were murdered in the original game to murder the characters who originally killed them," "Kill everyone as Naegi and successfully leave the school without getting caught," "Leave the school with nobody getting murdered," etc.
>> No. 84426

I don't think you really "get" this type of game.
>> No. 84428
Apparently early on, that's what the actual setup for the game was supposed to be, so maybe I actually do.
>> No. 85815
File 138629477850.jpg - (14.65KB , 190x185 , lhak2.jpg )
DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Hav…youtube thumb

Well, Monokuma sounds more or less what I imagined his English voice to be, so that's good.

I dunno about the rest though; Thank god for dual audio.

There's still the whole ">Buying a Vita" problem, though.
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