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File 133548734723.jpg - (1.27MB , 1346x2314 , PSP_RG2_package.jpg )
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As always, the OP of this thread has links to completed and currently being subbed series: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3431255

http://over-ti.me/ is where get the latest series about a day after they air in Japan

Also there's a sequel to All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation coming out for the DS and PSP with reports saying it has around 100 Riders! That's a crazy number and will probably include alt forms and Kamen Rider Core is on the cover I guess??? Kamen Rider G better be in it.
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File 13383464235.jpg - (192.15KB , 600x934 , Diablo2003__s_Cowboy_Bebop_by_dylanliwanag.jpg )
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Best show ever.
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>> No. 86291
File 138892231866.jpg - (200.69KB , 504x504 , Kite_SamJackson.jpg )
The fact we're getting a live-action version of Kite starring Samuel motherfucking Jackson makes the derailed topic of this thread now being about live-action adaptations relevant haha
>> No. 86300
Oh boy, wonder what they're gonna do about the porny bits.
>> No. 86317
Are there any other hentai movies in the same vein as Kite and Mezzo Forte? I really liked their art styles and animation quality.

File 131336200287.png - (951.05KB , 1037x584 , redlinegun.png )
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So I just got finished watching it and I was wondering if any of you knew exactly who is responsible for the art style.

My guess is it's Takeshi Koike but Trava and World Record always reminded me of Afro Samurai but apparently there's no one who worked on all three.

Oh also WHOLE LEE SHEET this movie. Only wish it had a bit more in the way of ending but other than that it had everything I could of asked for and more

seriously, super heroes, transformers and kaiju??
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>> No. 81894
Try out F-Zero GX.
>> No. 83982
>> No. 86285

Because Redline deserves all the attention possible no matter the circumstances

File 138185451612.jpg - (2.78MB , 1920x3431 , 1381849056275.jpg )
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Winter looks kinda meh. Didn't know Inari Konkon was getting an anime, though. Looking forward to that! Other than that, I'm probably only really gonna watch Space Dandy.
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>> No. 86156
So here's the perplexing catch to that one that I just recently learned from my friend:
>Series Composition: Hoshizora Meteor
>> No. 86274
Japan's obsession with making everything little girls... and too often scantily clad little girls... is really disturbing.
>> No. 86277
Children are becoming something of a rare specimen in Japan. It's no wonder they're obsessed with them.

File 132650353952.jpg - (2.72MB , 3320x2922 , 1321445860400.jpg )
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The musical is in ADDITION to the previously announced stage play. I'd repost the Europe series PV from the general thread but the video has been taken down and I can't find a replacement.

So anyone want to speculate as to what the movie could be about? I personally hope it's some almost completely unrelated sequel story, but the stinger after the credits is SURPRISE LELOUCH IS ALIVE SEE YOU ON A NEW SEASON
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>> No. 86182
File 138847015086.png - (25.05KB , 397x212 , 1385186029202.png )
Good enough for me.

Is it wrong that I don't see why people don't like R2?
>> No. 86183
Oh I like R2, it's just impossible to take seriously like S1 mostly was. Not that there wasn't silly stuff in S1 or anything but... well let's put it this way: Euphinator is jumping over a shark. R2 is jumping over THE MOON.
>> No. 86190
File 138857343251.gif - (2.28MB , 360x203 , 1388570594223.gif )
That centaur mecha was badass.

Can't wait for Suzaku and 'Julius' to murder the whole cast though.

File 138842945952.jpg - (715.46KB , 1600x1138 , 1388429206433[1].jpg )
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>> No. 86173
File 138843067797.jpg?nsfw - (406.21KB , 1456x1035 , Harem-End-v1-c2_0017.jpg?nsfw )
Shintaro Kago is the best, is this new or is he still doing Harem End?

Cuz I love "Shitai" Anime.
>> No. 86177
Fuck what ever the fuck this shit is.
>> No. 86178
File 13884545922.jpg?nsfw - (126.95KB , 610x610 , Shintaro-Kago-illustrations-3.jpg?nsfw )
What? You can't deal with the infinite well of madness that is Shintaro Kago?

File 133737494131.jpg - (800.03KB , 1134x1800 , 1286425980468.jpg )
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Now that the whole "plot" thing seems to have been wrapped up, maybe we'll finally get back to the important things in life: games. Or maybe Yui and Keima will finally have crossdressing sex! Who knows, anything can happen.
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>> No. 85613
File 138453532234.png - (363.23KB , 838x1200 , img000017.png )
Oh shiiiiit! DAT TWEEEEEST!
>> No. 86138
Suddenly, Elsie backstory:
>> No. 86139
Nooooo! I don't want her die. ;_;

File 136819221990.jpg - (177.34KB , 1231x633 , 1368183008151.jpg )
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I don't think anyone cares anymore but the last thread is in autosage.

So... how about that new movie?
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>> No. 86122
It's coming to that now? Really?!
>> No. 86130
We'll we've already had someone being 'the Dragon' and wishing everyone back to life after the fight was over so...
>> No. 86475
Sasuke tries to do something to Madara Sue, gets stabbed through the heart with his own sword.

Is it sad that my first reaction was: "FINALLY, SOMEONE FUCKING DOES IT!" instead of: "Oh, no!" ?

Too bad that mysterious jutsu Tobirama mentioned is probably going to activate right now. Meanwhile, considering that Naruto has been taken from the battlefield, near-death, does this mean that Sasuke is going to be the one to defeat Madara, the bigger-bad behind the big-bad that was, himself, behind several lesser bads? Is Kishimoto THAT MUCH in love with Sasuke??

I'm still holding out hope that Sasuke will actually, legitimately, permanently die.

File 138327535779.jpg - (121.36KB , 600x375 , 541958_zpsde7e7147[1].jpg )
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So I just finished binging the aired episodes of this after not watching anything since the original ONA premiered. First episode is a redone version of the original ONA and from what I gather the short ones they put out were folded into and expanded on in the following episodes, though that's apparently done now, which means you can just watch the TV series and not worry about the old stuff.

Honestly? This is easily the show of the season by a wide margin. In fact it's so good that if it keeps up this level of quality it will not only be AOTS, it will be a modern masterpiece. I CANNOT believe how good this series is coming from someone who previously only directed stuff for the endless Precure money machine.

Long PV: Kyousogiga PV (long version)youtube thumb
OP: Kyousogiga OPyoutube thumb
Fansubs from Commie, Crunchyroll just picked it up if you want to watch it on your consoles/are a stickler about going for official releases.
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>> No. 86021
God this show was amazing.

AOTS without a doubt.
>> No. 86022
Fuck AOTS, this was AOTY.

Koto's the coolest.
>> No. 86036
File 138776306117.gif - (1.65MB , 793x350 , wpid-Commie-Kyousougiga-06-CA21498B_mkv.gif )

File 133696339594.png - (392.69KB , 1119x1600 , img000004.png )
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I relate to all of this mangaka's main characters and I want to kill myself now.
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>> No. 76015
File 134027737148.png - (484.46KB , 1118x1600 , img000014.png )
>> No. 85965
File 138712906566.png - (138.00KB , 382x389 , Lookin' healthy.png )
Well someone is doing better.
>> No. 86008
I don't need to bring up Jojo do I?

File 136542992939.jpg - (84.23KB , 1280x720 , Hataraku%20Maou-sama%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2001[1].jpg )
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This is the best fantasy series in at least five years. Very Record of the Lodoss War-esque in style. It explores the mentality of a Demon King as he faces the collapse of his empire at the hands of the DQ protagonists.

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>> No. 83661

>> No. 83677
File 137254142990.jpg - (271.09KB , 725x1000 , 1372527259456.jpg )
The best fanart
>> No. 85982
File 138725262586.jpg - (29.56KB , 500x375 , cast.jpg )
The voice cast is just too great to not be even given a mention. Especially Maou's.

That's saying a lot from me who's not a big fan of Japanese voice actors.

File 13809068451.jpg - (219.76KB , 620x349 , 28624-KILLAAAA[1].jpg )
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>Kill la Kill is a television anime series in production by Trigger. The series, which is Trigger's first original television anime project, is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima, both of whom had previously worked together on Gurren Lagann
Kill La Kill Anime PV Traileryoutube thumb

Episode 1 is loose!
Simulcast ( English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German): https://www.daisuki.net/movies/seriesdetail/t
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>> No. 85875
File 138667943727.png - (1.90MB , 1280x2302 , waifu_merge_by_emlan-d6wt55z.png )
In the same vein...
>> No. 85901
I liked the sluttier costume one better. I'm sorry.
>> No. 85902

File 13568760394.jpg - (105.84KB , 728x1086 , sextras_maoyuu_maou_yuusha_v01_c01_001[1].jpg )
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It's basically Dragon Quest meets Spice and Wolf. Hero goes to kill Demon Queen, and she talks him down with graph paper and trading plans.

Started out as a series of 2chan threads that were subsequently published as light novels, which were in turn adapted into FIVE manga series, and now there's an anime due out in about 6 days.

The novels are being translated here:

The first two manga are direct adaptations of the novel story, but nobody cares about them because they sucked and the third manga was named the "official" one by the author. It's also the version the English fanbase is most familiar with. Scans for it are done by Extras.

Extras also does the parody manga, You're Horrible Maou-sama.

The last manga is a poorly translated spinoff that follows one of the side characters.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 85716
I just finished a marathon of Log Horizon after learning it the novels were by the same author. It's the first Stuck in an MMO series I can really say I enjoy. But that's not surprising considering the creator and the fact that Jougi Nakata is a swashbuckling cat cook.

What IS surprising is that the fucking author apparently showed up on /a/. The highlights are collected in this ADTRW post:
>> No. 85837
Nobody besides me and Famenag is watching Log Horizon, but worth noting is that Touno showed up on /a/ again. The sticky is still up, haven't read it though.
>> No. 85849
File 138646197969.jpg - (53.00KB , 558x479 , lhak1.jpg )
Thanks for reminding me to check for subs...

I picked it up on a whim to be honest. I was expecting something average at best, but the way LH takes its worldbuilding so seriously pleasantly surprised me.

Of course this is before I learned who was behind the light novel.

File 13336333588.gif - (908.84KB , 500x281 , 13336325264.gif )
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>> No. 76781
and not once using the lupin theme song...
>> No. 76792
I can see how it could be seen both ways, but the way Fujiko talked to her sounded too spiteful for her to be completely kind. She kinda sounds almost condescending, really.
>> No. 85759
It was a gift, but Fujiko IS still a bitch.

File 13653741565.jpg - (18.47KB , 143x200 , A14961-1464721700_1363880100[1].jpg )
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>While fighting an intense inter-galactic war, a mecha pilot was accidentally warped into a space-time neither he nor the computer of his mecha could recognize. After waking up from a long-time hibernation, he found himself trapped on a planet, with human residents talking in an unknown form of language, using inferior technologies, and -- most shocking to him -- naturally breathable air.
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>> No. 84790
テレビCM 「劇場版 魔…youtube thumb
>> No. 85426
So, how was Rebellion?
Some people said Urobuchi was forced into leave it's ending open for more spin-offs. But I have no source for this, and it sounds more like mere speculation if you ask me.
>> No. 85725
>Watching some comments on the rebellion movie from multiple places
>People are getting mad at the last 20 min of the film when Homura "loses her shit" and goes full Homucifer
>People also ignoring all the subtle foreshadowing for that moment
>"It ruins Homura's character and the general message of the show"
>People forgetting that Urobuchi writes this


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