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File 133381384654.jpg - (150.94KB , 850x479 , vwNts[1].jpg )
73535 No. 73535
Episode 14: Vs Cthulhu

As a reminder, UTW has finished the season 1 BD Batch. This includes extra scenes, animation fixes, the Einzbern Consultation Rooms (watch these for Assassin), and the translated Drama CD.
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>> No. 73591
File 133390365670.jpg - (185.78KB , 1465x1763 , 1323537745313.jpg )

And for those that are sticklers about video quality, there's the UTW release of 14.

God I'm happy to have this show back.
>> No. 73592
Does Beserker's "take over a jet fighter" technique have a name?
>> No. 73593
Yes, as does the fog that surrounds him, but it's all related to his true identity.

Ability to wield anything as a Noble Phantasm: Knight of Honor: A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands

Fog: For Someone's Glory: Not For One's Own Glory

He also has one other one.
>> No. 73598
I like that Gil just has a fucking flying throne.
>> No. 73609
File 133392597753.jpg - (295.62KB , 700x619 , 23798200_p1.jpg )
I'm confused, but if the crest worms are inside Kariya's body, and they first appeared behind him, then where the hell did they come out of? In the books I think he puked them out, but in the anime that part was supposed to be his reaction to Berserker's powers. And the other alternative is too disgusting...
>> No. 73660
Mahotsukai no Yoru is now available for preorders, for those who care.
>> No. 73799
File 133441792248.jpg - (89.94KB , 398x453 , 1328503636808.jpg )
>> No. 73809
File 133444648331.jpg - (121.96KB , 1440x810 , 1334418662866.jpg )
>> No. 73810
I love UFOtable for that.
>> No. 73813
Just saw the last ep. Damn this show just keeps on outdoing itself.
>> No. 73829
Shame about the lack of Enkidu though, if Ufotable really is going the fujoshi route they missed out on a prime opportunity.
>> No. 73835
File 133448688619.jpg - (299.68KB , 486x720 , 1334470827000.jpg )
Well now that Team COOOOL is out of the way, how about random trivia nobody gives a shit about?
>> No. 73836
File 133448701922.jpg - (391.87KB , 1050x1050 , 1334470931421.jpg )
For example, the fact that Gilles is not actually supposed to be a Caster at all. As he himself says, he was not a mage in life, but a knight. He's only summoned as Caster because Ryuunosuke made mistakes during the summoning ritual, which is why every time you see him do magical stuff he's consulting Prelati's spellbook, and why he needs it power as a mana furnace to cast things.
>> No. 73837
File 133448709835.jpg - (182.70KB , 850x1372 , 1334471251947.jpg )
This is also why he seems so much more physical than Medea was, doing things like punching that woman Ryuunosuke was staking, or crushing the child's head, while Medea got suckerpunched by Rin. He's supposed to be a Saber.
>> No. 73838
File 133448730810.jpg - (285.05KB , 1014x422 , 1334472102187.jpg )
He also supposedly has an E ranked skill called Eye For Art, where if he sees a Noble Phantasm with artistic qualities, he might be able to figure out its true name. I guess he'd be 5th War Archer's natural enemy if not for the fact that Kanshou and Byakuya would just murder the shit out of his monsters.
>> No. 73839
File 133448751058.jpg - (281.45KB , 600x996 , 1334476915596.jpg )
The funniest part about Gilles and Ryuunosuke though is that they have the happiest deaths in the series.
>> No. 73842
File 13345089355.jpg - (82.53KB , 440x1481 , 1334476638219.jpg )
Read somewhere that had the Einzberns not already gotten Arturia Diarmuid would've been summoned as the Saber class, which he was actually better at anyway, and he'd still be dual-wielding with two swords. Where is that from, and if that's true that's damn awesome.
>> No. 73844
I don't know about him being "better" as a Saber necessarily, since I don't know what Moralltach and Beagalltach DO, however Saber as a class has the best base stats and is generally considered the ideal class, it is believed that Kayneth might have been aiming for him to be Saber.

It won't matter in an episode anyway.
>> No. 73899
He died the way he lived; covered in blood and in a state of euphoria.
>> No. 74065
File 133502734860.jpg - (630.67KB , 1500x2000 , 26310662.jpg )
RIP Fast Wheels, Solut, and WAGA ARU G. Fuck you Kiritsugu ;_;
>> No. 74066
File 133502762151.jpg - (157.92KB , 595x814 , 1334661557141.jpg )
>Yes Saber?
>> No. 74068
Is it just me or is Diarmuid a way more plausible and apt pairing for Arturia than Shirou ever was.

They actually had chemistry for one thing.
>> No. 74071
Yeah, having played the VN before watching the FSN anime I could understand Saber and Shirou as soulmates who understand each other on an intellectual level but in terms of actual romance Saber and Diarmuid have a lot more overt chemistry. Saber/Diarmuid for love and Saber/Shirou for heterosexual bromance I guess.
>> No. 74072
File 133504263756.jpg - (140.70KB , 671x700 , 1334921809784.jpg )
I recall Nasu saying something in one of the recent interviews about how he considers Saber/Shirou a romance as opposed to Rin or Sakura, where it's about love, saying that a romance is all about ideals whereas love is about more down to earth things like proper chemistry. Personally I'm of the "Saber is Rin's and Shirou is Rin's" camp so hey whatever.

Either way, I get the distinct impression a lot of Pixiv artists may not have actually known how this goes down (or didn't care) because MY GOD there's so much art of these two. Then again there's a load of happy fun times Gilles/Joan/Ryuunosuke stuff too perhaps the simpler answer is that fans are just weird.
>> No. 74086
File 133505594532.jpg - (1.55MB , 1050x1025 , 23992794_big_p0.jpg )
Based on the fact that a lot of the shippers also have some depressing Saber/Lancer or Kayneth/Lancer art in their galleries I think it's a case of the latter. But even as a not especially hard shipper of the two it definitely felt like there was something going on between the two in the anime in comparison to the novel where they came off more as birds of a feather.
>> No. 74087
That actually makes a lot of sense.

Its in those lingering looks and touches and the fact that they really do play off to each other's characters well.
>> No. 74089
File 133505972218.jpg - (449.94KB , 800x600 , 1334630533189.jpg )
Oh I definitely see where it comes from, I agree that they added that undertone to the anime (although it's possible Urobuchi meant that from the start, he's fucked up like that), it just sort of feels like a whole lot of people got their hopes up here. And considering the huge number of people who seem to be watching knowing NOTHING of FSN, I'd say that's even plausible.

Relatedly, the internet is alight with Kiritsugu Rage right now. Wonder how they'll feel after the story of a man who, more than anything believed in his ideals?
>> No. 74091
File 133506201887.jpg - (231.40KB , 1000x1000 , 23747946_p2.jpg )
I always thought Kiritsugu was disappointingly dull, and reading his past in book 4 only made it worse really
hell even with Heart of Freaks I liked reading about Natalia more than him
the only times I enjoyed him on screen were because there was someone else more interesting, like Ilya or Kotomine
>> No. 74272
File 133562779529.png - (547.48KB , 587x813 , 0989f88bd9942d18a4df3c92f06cae3e[1].png )
>> No. 74273
File 133562935897.jpg - (105.46KB , 800x516 , 800px-FZ_v04_cover[1].jpg )
Well with that we're done with book 3 (and actually had a bit of Book 4 but it was out of order), The Scattered Ones. Next time we start Book 4, The Flames of Purgatory (pic related) properly, with some Kiritsugu backstory.

Book 3's postface is written by someone named Tanaka Romeo. I have no idea who this is and it's an uninteresting bit of writing, but I'm posting it for completion's sake.
>> No. 74284
File 133565412787.png - (283.95KB , 600x660 , 4f1e8079AcUJQC9i.png )
Wait I thought it was episode 17...
>> No. 74285
File 133565455836.jpg - (194.44KB , 540x813 , 94a58275cd2487fbd1ad157ac53bd135.jpg )
It is, I'm just a fuck up!
>> No. 74497
File 133623748515.jpg - (157.27KB , 815x590 , 1335308299577.jpg )

Kiritsugu backstory!

So it's a two parter, that I didn't see coming. There's not enough left of the story for another episode though, unless they dip into Heart of Freaks, which is too long. More original content then?
>> No. 74506
File 133626527038.jpg - (259.36KB , 700x994 , ee1277c2627f6bbc3c90e9e93f33437c.jpg )
Shota Kiritsugu is hnnnngh~
>> No. 74528
So it seems the new thing is not, surpringly, Shirley porn. No, instead pixiv hath delivered a glorious flood of shota Kiritsugu. Also shota Tokiomi and Kariya/Berserker stuff alongside random shots of Kirei just laying around in bondage. The former I find even more inexplicable than regular Tokiomi stuff, and the latter isn't any fun without say, Gil. Kariya and Berserker I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of considering that the novel has them necking in Kariya's dreams. Also I finally checked out Cannabis's Waver/Rider doujin. Nice stuff, though I'd rather have seen Xration do something like she was rumored to have been considering. This has been your fujoshi update for the week.
>> No. 74629
Wait, really?
>> No. 74633
If it's the scene I'm thinking of, then uh... kind of.
>> No. 74652
File 13365868951.jpg - (732.05KB , 1493x1195 , 24669553.jpg )
Berserkers are mana hogs, and in times of desperation the only way to get more is semen or blood. Guess which one Berserker went for.
>> No. 74682
Can't find the Nasu general, so I'll say it here. I'm playing KT right now, and holy shit it's weird how they basically made a sandbox VN with the looping days mechanic.
>> No. 74741
File 13368503217.jpg - (306.09KB , 781x475 , ebe1461a7b5ab94b2c8207bb99bce0a9[1].jpg )

Kerrytugu adventures
>> No. 74744
File 133685278597.jpg - (314.83KB , 1500x2121 , 27029248.jpg )
>> No. 74745
You're gonna save that world. ~Never seen a blue sky~
>> No. 74771
File 13369525396.jpg - (147.08KB , 1060x1486 , fWKPr[1].jpg )
19's script from Gen's twitter.
>> No. 74772
Is this a reference to something else like Doctor Who?
>> No. 74776
Kamen Rider. Kamen Fucking Rider.
>> No. 74788
File 133701222266.jpg - (22.37KB , 159x140 , thing.jpg )
>> No. 74950
File 133760760135.jpg - (22.00KB , 750x422 , fz20[1].jpg )

Completely forgot the thread this week.
>> No. 74953
I've been pretty lenient with judgiing Ufotable on their pacing since I know it's the kind of show that's best marathoned but this whole episode was rushed as fuck
plus they changed the part where Kiritsugu was sniping at Waver to him just looking for Tokiomi which was disappointing as hell
>> No. 74960
Yeah it didn't do much for me. I've said this from the start, but while this is an EXCELLENT adaptation the medium sort of prevents it from incorporating Urobuchi's narration.

On the plus side, they cut the bit about Maiya's son, which I felt was laying it on JUST A LITTLE BIT THICK in the novels.
>> No. 74961
File 133764619134.jpg - (66.66KB , 500x500 , 26512006_big_p4.jpg )
the fact that she herself was a mother too[spoiler] was interesting to me, especially since it emphasized that Irisviel was doing everything for Ilya
I'd rather they kept it in but make it from something consensual as opposed to Urobuchi's stupid [spoiler]rape fetish, like a one-night stand or fling with a dude who then died

>> No. 74962
I don't think it's really a fetish thing, Urobuchi just needs MAXIMUM DARKNESS (or did at the time anyway). Usually I don't mind that, but here it felt like a last minute addition that just ratcheted things up pointlessly.
>> No. 75067
File 133806244670.jpg - (230.62KB , 850x637 , 5ObNh.jpg )
In a nutshell: Initial D - Running in The 90syoutube thumb

Also, Type Moon is doing a twitter Q&A
>> No. 75086
HOLY SHIT SABER! Was that Excalibur really necessary? Although she does have an actual mage for a master this time so she CAN use it a little more freely.

and of course a HOLY SHIT for Kotomine as well. Just... damn man...
>> No. 75337
File 133877940119.jpg - (179.90KB , 685x1000 , 1317390001341.jpg )

This is the last even slightly chill episode, everything goes totally to shit next week.
>> No. 75339
File 133878618335.jpg - (584.86KB , 750x1021 , 8573030.jpg )
the last few episodes have been kind of dry but those last scenes with Iri at the end were fucking awesome
>> No. 75356
File 133881356759.png - (58.04KB , 233x174 , multiorz.png )
>let's go looking for Lancer fanart!
>i don't particularly mind gay stuff so surely no horrors await me in the pixiv tag
>first picture is of reverse-dickgirl-man-with-vagina-lancer on his period


why do you do these things

why do you do the things you do
>> No. 75360
Link plz!
>> No. 75375
File 133884412216.jpg - (1.85MB , 900x6100 , 26371454_big_p1.jpg )
I was too busy backspacing at the speed of light to keep the link so here, have something cute and not soul-scarring instead.
>> No. 75428
File 13388805418.jpg - (307.19KB , 707x1000 , f9c49c3d70e671c0ea788fdaa53e9d46.jpg )
thankfully haven't seen any horrible pussyboy Diarmuid but there's a hilarious amount of hentai where Saber bones him with a magical penis or a strapon
hell I actually can't even think of a single fanart where Diarmuid actually tops, even when he gets to j-j-j-jam it in Saber still tops from the bottom
>> No. 75431
File 133888279038.png - (114.13KB , 450x500 , 24209886_p0.png )
He's just got that kind of personality.

I personally approve of Saber sweeping him off his feet because it manages to be both cute and hilarious.
>> No. 75433

I've noticed from wandering around pixiv that even some of the most hardcore fujoshi seem to have a soft spot for Lancer/Saber in between their celebrations of the gay. Which might have to do with all the strap-on action. Write what you know, I guess.
>> No. 75435
It's also because Saber has actually had a dick in canon before.

No I'm not kidding.
>> No. 75439
File 133892035610.jpg - (137.84KB , 900x720 , 27717763_big_p4.jpg )
Mordred says hi
>> No. 75441
If there's anything fans love, it's unresolved sexual tension and tragedy. And Lancer/Saber have TONS of it.
>> No. 75449
File 133894049953.jpg - (319.35KB , 707x1000 , 1269279751746.jpg )
Yeeeaaah that's what I was talking about. You'd think that "he's a homunculus" would be sufficient explanation but okay Incubus Prankster+Sperm Jacking, sure.

Anyway, Girl's Work should be the next Type Moon product UFOtable rolls out, but I wonder about after that. If anything it'll probably be a full Fate/Prototype project, but I think I'd rather them get away from Fate. Maybe we could get a REAL Tsukihime anime that adapts the manga or fuses the 3 Far Side routes like how the manga fused the 2 Near Side routes. Or hell, maybe a Melty Blood anime so we can finally see this glorious motherfucker cut loose.
>> No. 75450
File 133894077462.jpg - (135.27KB , 750x1063 , 1265227834754.jpg )
Or I guess TM and UFOtable could troll everyone and just say "lol Tsukihime 2."

Animated Mr Dawn and partner. Also DAAs, DAAs everywhere. We still have no idea what Ortense even looks like even though he's actually super fucking important lore-wise.
>> No. 75451
nah, Fate/Prototype has some interesting ideas in it but a bunch of not-so-good ones too so I don't think it would make for a good full series, besides I'd rather they focus on Mahoyo or do a new project altogether anyway
and Tsukihime is overrated anyway, fuck the Shikifags and their nonstop circlejerking/self-inserting through him
>> No. 75453
I don't think a whole lot of people are self-inserting as Shiki personally. I mean, consider that unlike Shirou, most of Shiki's love interests are a hair's breadth from snapping into psychotic frenzies and murdering him, and the fact that Shiki has an explicitly dwindling lifespan anyway.

Tsukihime itself suffers mostly from technical problems, a lot of the scenes are the same from route to route save for one or two words, so they don't get skipped by the skip read scene option. Meanwhile we have old ass CGs that suffering from Takeuchi's poor coloring skills, and not a lot of those or the sprites so the fights scenes aren't nearly as good as those in Fate.

My main reason for wanting to see Tsukihime 2 has nothing to do with any of that though, as I said I want to see the bits teased in the Tsukihime 2 prologue short stories play out. I'd like to see all the factions converging on the Aylesbury ritual go crazy, both the various Dead Apostle factions to the two big human ones.

But as I said, whether we want it or not I really think that Prototype is on the table simply because Fate series sell, and Type Moon hasn't really got anything that digs deep into the female market yet unless you count the fujoshi who latched onto Zero.

Mahoyo I'm holding back my judgement on until it's actually translated but I'm STILL really angry about the whole "oh we delayed it for an assload of time but surprise it's a trilogy" thing.
>> No. 75455
I'd actually really like to see the story of a Grail War playing out traditionally, with no rules-fuckery/cheating/corruption. Just a bunch of mages and kickass historical figures duking it out the way they know best in a competition for the ultimate reward.

Which is pretty much impossible to expect from a Nasuverse product, but I think it would be fun.
>> No. 75456
Well... there's Extra. Sort of.
>> No. 75458
But I don't have a console :(

Also I still don't understand the whole "Nero looks exactly like Arturia" thing. Is a reason why ever provided in-game?

That reminds me, who is Fate/Extra's Caster supposed to be, anyway?
>> No. 75460
There's never a given reason for it in-universe from what I recall, it's just something... Wada I believe the artist for Extra is named did.

The playable Caster in Extra is, to quote the game itself
In Fate/Extra, Tamamo-no-Mae is a soul that branched off from Amaterasu and her true identity is not that of a nine-tailed fox, but rather is treated as one of the facets of said goddess.

Also, its a big mistake to categorize her as an Heroic Spirit.

Because Tamamo-no-Mae turned into a Heroic Spirit in order to realize her wish of "becoming a good wife", she cannot manifest her original power.

In the case that she is revived as an evil spirit, she will undergo a transformation into a large monster that can defeat even 100 heroes. It is not just for show that she is called one of Japan's Three Great Monsters.

The Grail War in Extra is barely related to the normal one though, she would never qualify for the Fuyuki war, even in Extra's universe (which splits off from the main timeline after an incident in the 70s caused mana to start disappearing from the world).
>> No. 75461
>those spoilers

Well, that... certainly is a thing. Is she written well, at least?
>> No. 75462
I didn't get far in her path, just beat Nero and Archer.

One of the big complaints I have about Extra (even though I do like the game) is that your Servant choice doesn't really change the plot that much. Which given the structure of Extra's story, makes sense, but makes it really boring to actually play through all the routes.

From what I did play of her path, I wasn't really liking her much though. I DID however actually end up liking Nero, which was shocking because she was the part I was most expecting to hate.
>> No. 75463

From a quick scan of her wiki bio I think I'm already predisposed to like Nero, but I just can't get over the fact that she's her own original character and yet looks exactly like Arturia Saber for no apparent reason. I mean, Archer I can get because he apparently acts enough like Archer classic, and if she just looked sort of like Arturia I could stomach it, but down to the hairstyle? It just seems so unnecessarily confusing and pointless.

My assumption is that either the designer really, really wanted to put Saber in to the game, original character be damned, or they were aiming for brand recognition through Saber's design.

...Wait, why would Nero be Saber class in the first place?
>> No. 75464
Wada's stated reasoning was, I believe, "no other design is suited for the hero's Saber" or something to that effect, so yeah brand recognition basically, same reason that she's FUCKING NERO. But she's actually a lot of fun, her personality is like a benevolent Gilgamesh, and some random conversations you can have with her include her babbling on about things like plays she liked or the fact that she didn't actually hide her gender, she was just dressing like that because she found it fashionable.

Archer IS Archer classic, just based on the you-know-who of that universe, so he differs in some fine details.

That said the Extra sequel (well not a sequel, but basically a Far Side/Heaven's Feel equivalent), CCC, is actually going to have a PLAYABLE FUCKING GILGAMESH alongside the original trio. I cannot conceive how that would work unless he's some broken as fuck New Game+ option. You can't even balance him by saying "oh well PC is a weak mage" because Gate of Babylon explicitly takes only a little prana to open and then it's NP spam time.

If you want to play Extra but don't have a PSP, it actually emulates pretty well, or so I'm told (I just bought it).
>> No. 75465
It's the former. They really, really like Saber.
>> No. 75468
I'll see if I can get it emulated, then.

Yeah I have... no clue how Gilgamesh would fit in to anything but endgame. Considering his personality, they could maybe conceivably play it as Gilgamesh refusing to help early-on because he's kind of a prick, but put the grail into the equation and there's no good reason why he wouldn't go all out.

Or maybe he'll only look like Gilgamesh and get a completely different personality like Saber? Since Archer is, you know, Archer, he might get a different playable servant designation.
>> No. 75486
No he's still an Archer, or should be. The Extra Grail War has 120 participants.

It's also inside a virtual world called the Serial Phantasm, the computer that runs it being the fucking MOON. Magi in extra are hackers who put their soul into machines.

Gilgamesh isn't in the original Extra but CCC is supposed to be when the nice, orderly tournament from Extra breaks down.
>> No. 75501
...120? The moon? I suppose that's what >>75456's "sort of" meant.

It would make sense for him to be classed Archer from a plot standpoint, but from a video game standpoint having you pick between Saber, Caster, Archer, or That Other Archer would be kind of weird.

That Gilgamesh, always fucking with the war rules some way or the other. What a scamp.
>> No. 75521
File 133903718760.png - (334.27KB , 360x1731 , king of e rank luck.png )
I forgot that I'd drawn this up way back when.
>> No. 75562
File 133916378541.jpg - (89.97KB , 673x379 , 1339160426906[1].jpg )
Type Moon's doing a new popularity poll for their 10th anniversary as a company. Voting goes from now until the last Fate Zero episode.

There's not a snowball's chance in hell the top 3 won't be some combination of Saber, Rin, and Arcrueid, but if you can get through the moonrunes then feel free to try for Kariya or something.
>> No. 75575
File 133922278630.png - (369.54KB , 639x468 , cielend.png )
Somewhere out there, someone shares my opinion on who the best girl is.
>> No. 75578
File 133922643454.jpg - (316.88KB , 885x487 , Shit.jpg )
>> No. 75593
File 133925705475.jpg - (284.39KB , 600x338 , 22313137_m.jpg )


I voted for Kotomine, Iskander, and Kohaku personally.
>> No. 75605
File 133928073712.jpg - (119.54KB , 968x447 , sobber.jpg )
see it's funny because today is the day Alexander the Great died in real life get it get
>> No. 75607
He also died in Babylon
>> No. 75612
A little disappointed they didn't do much in the way of Guinevere and the Round Table, they were the most interesting thing about Berserker's character.
>> No. 75704
Fate/Zero 【MAD】ウェイ…youtube thumb

>> No. 75705
That's what you get when you look like you're twelve in an anime.
>> No. 75753
File 13396998017.jpg - (20.72KB , 425x282 , 3D unshaven Kotetsu doing office work.jpg )
that feel when someone shows you posts from Tumblr detailing how Diarmuid is an evil misogynist or how Fate/Zero is a tool of the patriarchy to perpetuate female submission
>> No. 75755
I laugh more at the constant complaining about how the VILLAINS being rapists and murderers clearly means that Nasu and Urobuchi hate women and approve of such activities.

Now, the idea that all the villains being serial killers and a lot being rapists can cause the viewer to become jaded and stop giving a shit about such occurences is an argument with more merit. Maybe it's time for a Nasuverse Phantom Thief and mage detective.
>> No. 75764


Welll there's your problem...
>> No. 75766
>detailing how Diarmuid is an evil misogynist

Oh man, I saw that post!
I'm pretty sure it's just a result of the writer being a Kayneth fangirl. You see that a lot since fandom discovered SJ - instead of saying "I don't like this pairing because it breaks up my OTP!!" or whatever, they've found they can get a lot more mileage out of saying "I don't like this pairing because it enforces *ism ideals!!".
>> No. 75792
File 13398642585.gif - (141.83KB , 450x654 , 1238540841409.gif )

>> No. 75795
File 133986581859.jpg - (219.83KB , 1050x875 , ExLsU.jpg )
Also for those wondering where the rest of this episode went, yeah it's BD content.
>> No. 75805


>> No. 75838
They fucked up Berserker's backstory and made him look like he got swatted aside by Saber, that better be put back in for the BDs.

They also dialed back the horrific nature of The grail quite a bit. I still liked the episode but you can tell it got edited down like all hell.
>> No. 75852
Yeaaah. I'm gonna wait for the BDs before I start getting mad, but they cut some fairly fucking important stuff from this episode.

One thing that I'm pretty sure they WON'T be adding though is Emiya -time alter- Kaijura Mix. THEY MADE A FATE ANIME WITH NO EMIYA REMIX. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?
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