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>> No. 391754
really? damn, I missed it.

File 137875978319.jpg - (220.17KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
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Fetish discussion thread. I don't know, I'm just interested in fetishes in general, even if I find some of them disgusting.

iPod has no relevant images, make sure to NSFW tag if you insist on posting examples.
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>> No. 389343
A good buttplug can put pressure on the prostate, so all you have to do is sort of bounce your leg while sitting and it feels amazing. Aneros is just for people who want to self finger but can't bend their spine far enough.
>> No. 389402
All this talk about anal is reminding me of how more often I seem to see male assplay in porn now.

It's anecdotal as hell, but it seems like now I'm far more likely to run into a movie where a woman starts fingering a guy's ass at some point in the movie. Am I not paying attention to the types of movies I decide to watch and looking at niche stuff or is assplay for dudes just becoming more mainstream and accepted?
>> No. 389410
In the early days of the internet porn had to still be kept to the largest demographic of vanilla users. Now that the usage of the net has spread to nearly the entire population of the West, the more rare fetishes can still find millions of viewers.

File 132663945297.jpg - (181.05KB , 1100x1203 , 75faa285a9a868ee6694a7c3fe6792d916aa6563.jpg )
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Since the last thread is three posts away from autosage and nearly fallen off the board, time for a new creepy thread.

One of the sites that's been created to pick up where creepypasta.com left off, Creepypasta Index continues the tradition of cataloging creepypasta in a tidy fashion.
Some old favorites, as well as gems I haven't seen before, like this one.
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>> No. 369515
Always gave me the chills
Ratchet and Clank 3 VGM: plane…youtube thumb
>> No. 369516

>> No. 383168
File 137681344932.jpg - (12.08KB , 364x288 , 1294452864154.jpg )
Uh-oh. Looks like this thread was bumped by a SPOOKY GHOST. :o

File 138111639776.png - (18.83KB , 530x536 , Untitled.png )
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You know what? These are just fun. I was addicted to them in middle school. I didn't put much stock in them, but it was nice to feel understood. Also, it's been a minute since our last one, and comparing results could tell you something.

I'll start with the obvious 4:
Typology: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp
Personality Disorder: http://similarminds.com/personality_disorder.html
Alignment: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/20001222b
Dragon: http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/24227218/what-dragon-are-you
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>> No. 388588
Minus the world-destroying part, which could be since it's specifically about matching a villain, I guess you're just extra protagonist-like?

Spambot, I think you missed a perfectly good opportunity to pretend to have a personality.
>> No. 391802
File 140503082819.jpg - (55.92KB , 424x424 , ouroboros.jpg )
this is great, thanks for sharing OP! I'm already familiar with Jung's personality types, every time I take the test I come out INTP. my results on the other three tests are..

>Schizotypal Antisocial Borderline from highest to lowest
>Neutral, which I already knew
>Night Shade Dragon
>> No. 391804

File 130438648784.jpg - (197.85KB , 950x633 , Megan-Washington-094.jpg )
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Post a song that's stuck in your head right now....or several!

Beautiful Trash (feat. Megan W…youtube thumb
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>> No. 391162
I've discovered The Aquabats.

The Aquabats - Pizza Dayyoutube thumb
>> No. 391164
Perhaps you'd be interested in some Pain then?

>> No. 391801
File 140400170932.jpg - (333.72KB , 600x469 , cartoonnetwork.jpg )
Going to show cartoons until late. Anyone is welcome to join and queue stuff up. You don't have to register to use the chatbox, just use the Guest Login instead. 8 PM EST to dawn


File 137193678670.gif - (1.69MB , 447x320 , LL.gif )
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I didn't the old sports thread so yeah. Sports.

Also the NBA Finals are over so there's that.
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>> No. 391779
File 140111432870.jpg - (63.29KB , 960x783 , 1363328364495.jpg )
>People trying to sound profound by predicting that Derek Jeter is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
>> No. 391792
>> No. 391793
File 140228375330.jpg - (72.80KB , 650x440 , Tim-Duncan-San-Antonio-Spurs.jpg )
I want to die.

Someone kill me, please. I want to die.

File 136918125387.jpg - (18.40KB , 192x248 , image.jpg )
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Name three things you want out of context.

1. 20 yards of red silk
2. Used t-shirts
3. Low melting point candles
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>> No. 391511
File 139859586911.jpg - (51.50KB , 500x375 , I cant believe it___ I'm on a box of cookies.jpg )
1. Incentive
2. Ejaculatory hedonia
3. Coloured textile inks

Actually, scrap that, ↓this↓ guy knows me better than me.

1) Yoyo
2) Pineapple
3) Blankets on a nice, cosy bed I was gonna say alcohol
>> No. 391514
File 139862252116.png - (165.49KB , 456x321 , just in time.png )
1) The semester to be over with already
2) A job
3) Something to keep my face from getting any uglier
>> No. 391789
1 An abandoned city
2 A warehouse full oof weapons, ammo, explosives and stuff
3 One of those Japanese toilets that cleans your butt.

File 140128439619.jpg - (661.03KB , 1800x1926 , 1352107946430.jpg )
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anyone just reply. I wanna know how active this board is.
>> No. 391783

There you go.
>> No. 391785
File 140132892347.jpg - (1.07MB , 1920x1080 , 2014-05-25 13_30_32.jpg )
>> No. 391786
File 140132911346.png - (576.86KB , 1278x713 , iFYwXGY.png )

File 137700086561.jpg - (413.19KB , 2048x1152 , big_4babe484f688f74283e3c5e76e693f87da78fb60.jpg )
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Hey guys.
We're all depressed all the time.

I'm depressed now, you are too.

Let's talk about depression without congratulatory masturbation or uplifting pretense motivation.

What's your favorite depression music? You best depression wallpapers? Depression General.
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>> No. 391773
Well damn. You probably should leave your "debt" with your fiancé for last, gotta be alive to pay it. Specially after supporting him for a year.
>> No. 391774
Probably, I need to make it back to Illinois before I can pay him. Further developments:

>Found out my car is in dire need of an oil change/general repairs
>My insurance didn't go through for my last therapy session, so the Doc has taken the liberty of alerting a collection agency about me
It keeps happening
>> No. 391775
File 140083392165.jpg - (21.86KB , 416x500 , Bad-Poker-Face-141127_png.jpg )
I don't think I've ever been clinically depressed, but chronic disappointment, sure. I get extra sad when "good ole ma" decides she needs to burn off some frustration by verbally and financially kicking me into a corner and trying to make herself feel powerful by reminding me just how thoroughly she's destroyed my social life, my finances, my future and my mind. About a year ago she got up on her Napoleon complex and grew exasperated that despite this stalemate, I still refuse to be her slave just for the impression I could get out of it by working. I couldn't, because the fine print is still, "give mother 100% of the income that doesn't go to meeting YOUR responsibilities for gassing and maintaining the FAMILY car, of which you are the chauffeur. Or leave and be homeless. But stop living here and not making me money"

She came out and started screaming something that punched me right in the memories, but I admit surprise that it just kind of hit my heart and rebounded like a dull saw against knotted wood.


All I could say was "I think we've both known this for a very, very long time." She started crying and drove off for a while to cool down. After that I realized in her moments of weakness, she's always said those words when she's been defeated. The first time she said them, I must have been no older than 2 or 3. I remember it distinctly, because it came unprovoked, with no witnesses, during some sort of emotional breakdown of hers.

When I got cognoscente and other adults started listening to what I had to say, she got a lot outwardly nicer and more subtle in her psychological abuse and deprivation.

File 139171337691.jpg?nsfw - (149.13KB , 519x693 , _.jpg?nsfw )
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Realistic statue of man in his underwear at Wellesley College sparks controversy.
>"This highly lifelike sculpture has, within just a few hours of its outdoor installation, become a source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault for many members of our campus community
>If the statue was at any other college it would already have been decorated and dressed in any number of different "outfits" with pictures of it all over the web. At wellesley they sign a petition.
>Disturbing to learn the young women at Wellesley are working hard at developing their commitment to censorship.
>to the Art Department at Wellesley, I am so sorry for you.
Basically an art department makes a statue that's supposed to engender feelings of worry and empathy in people as they see a sleepwalking man in danger of freezing to death. It seems that the empathy thing only works on actual humans not tumblr whales, because instead of feeling an instinct to help a bunch of sociopaths declare that the statue is raping them with its closed eyes. Also apparently the word "trigger" is common vernacular for anything that slightly bothers you now, not a specific medical term for people suffering from PTSD.

Tumblr: The University: The Game
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>> No. 391350
>shoot your dog
Your mileage may vary depending on competence of cop.
>> No. 391353
That dog is the hero America needs. I bet the cop was a fatty, too.
>> No. 391356

File 139661638798.jpg - (47.54KB , 512x384 , 102.jpg )
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If you're in or around NYC this weekend (Apr 5-6), check out MoccAFest; only 5 bux to get in and plenty of indie comics & their creators inside.
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>> No. 391760
if there's a bug report it in the feedback thread?
it's been working fine for me, it's certainly better than these boards
>> No. 391761
File 140006041438.jpg - (15.01KB , 364x461 , george-costanza-bald-hair.jpg )
>new boards
>Still unfinished and buggy. Look like crap. Nobody asked for this change or wanted it. They're forcing us to use it, anyway.
>MFW new!plus4 is Microsoft 8

>no bugs on new boards?
>fast posting
>mp3 and webm support
>moderators actually remove cp instead of it sitting here days at a time
>mfw people are defending the old boards that posting breaks on and takes forever and looks like crap

2/10 got me to respond friend
>> No. 391763





File 138860521686.jpg - (144.91KB , 975x650 , baw-secrets.jpg )
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>> No. 391635
A lot of people kiss their pets...on the top of the head.
Which is probably as far as it should ever ever go.
>> No. 391636
>> No. 391762

File 138354960425.png - (314.30KB , 897x480 , Lotus Prince let's go crazy.png )
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Due to it being in public domain, Disney decided to make a sequel to the Bible.
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>> No. 391586
Rooftop concentrated solar power: Build a housing development with mirrors on the roof that direct light to a big central generator. Make it mandatory that alterations to the house not cause severe/ongoing interference with the mirrors, but also share revenue/electricity with homeowners.

Votefunder: A Crowdfunding site a bit like Kickstarter, but instead of having one campaign, an indecisive group puts up several at once, but only the one that collects the most money gets funded. Would likely end up serving an entirely different purpose than Kickstarter, but I think it could be useful for resolving arguments in development and production, in that if groups disagree enough on what constitutes fun they could just see what design decision people are more willing to take a chance on.

Spammer Terrorists: Spammers messages are more numerous than ever, and using increasingly explicit images over time. As can be told from seeing the new board it's also apparently targeted to this site or something. I posit that some force sees Plus4chan as conductive to freedom and is attempting to stifle it by posting spam that slowly gets worse and worse until it either forces Annonex to join the Google captcha botnet or reaches a point where Plus4 ends up being unbearable to anyone not acclimated via gradual introduction, at which point said forces would report the whole site and its regulars to people who would crack down on them. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY SAVE US AND PLUS4 FROM IMPRISONMENT AND DESTRUCTION? I suspect it'll likely involve captchas or getting more mods, though. Maybe cyperpunk general or /g/ in general could think of something. Like maybe some OpenID-based system where you solve a bunch of captchas once and then get an account that can get re-used in a bunch of places. By the way, would I have to get a trip to be a mod or janitor here, or could I be all quiet about it like 4chan janitors?
>> No. 391590
New staff position: Counter-terrorists.
Like janitors, but their only job is to delete any bots/cp ads. There should be at least eight, all from different timezones, who just delete botspam whenever they see it. Abuse of power (deleting other stuffs without mod permission) is a demotion and a ban.
>> No. 391602
Buyer's Remorse Power
You can take any material item you've ever owned, and waving your ability over it, that thing you had is transmuted into cash in your hand, worth the amount you paid for it, while rewriting time so that you never had it in the first place. The paradoxes mostly sort themselves out, as long as you honestly can't think of a big life-changing reason you bought this thing or not, it won't throw a curveball at you.

So, if you ever buy something very expensive, then get bored with it, but know it was only of real worth to you, you can use this power to get your money back and lose the thing for good. Using it on a personal computer or a car would have much greater effect, but if you bought a new DVD boxset and you finished it, you use the power and get your cash back. You still remember watching it, but now you live in a world where you never bought the DVDs. Not a big thing, but just enough that there's always an option for dosh.

File 139811176834.png - (114.53KB , 320x240 , bart.png )
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Cumbrian man accused of having Bart Simpson porn

Published at 14:12, Monday, 31 March 2014

>A man has appeared in court accused of possessing pornographic cartoons, including one showing Bart Simpson having sex with his mother.
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>> No. 391574
Whats nex, cutting the hands of people that know how to draw??, its not like I draw good or anything... but 80% or so of my porn is animated, why do normies hate 2d so much!?
>> No. 391575
You will have to cut my hands if you think I will stop drawing.
>> No. 391581
Speaking of badly drawn loli porn, does anyone know whatever happened with Palcomix? There was a thread on 4chan's /co/ claiming that PALCOMIX IS KILL but among all the hollering I seriously couldn't get the gist of it. Did they get into some sort of legal troubles?

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