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File 137875978319.jpg - (220.17KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
384344 No. 384344
Fetish discussion thread. I don't know, I'm just interested in fetishes in general, even if I find some of them disgusting.

iPod has no relevant images, make sure to NSFW tag if you insist on posting examples.
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>> No. 384357
Inappropriate images for fetish threads are my fetish.
>> No. 384358
I have some GIFs to make for this thread!

I'll throw together one or two of them and NSFW tag them.
>> No. 384379
almost getting caught but not getting caught
hidden in public
sub/dom switching
teacher/student roleplay
orgasm ruining/withholding
biting/oral fixation
cheating roleplay but not actual cheating

and others... but i can't think of them right now.
>> No. 384389
File 137879726475.jpg - (255.51KB , 1280x720 , fmffro9.jpg )
'tis a peculiar fetish, I must say.

This reminds me, I was actually thinking of making a sort of relevant .gif

Hmm, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 384392
File 137880527088.jpg - (45.17KB , 552x414 , KCGMp.jpg )
overused image macro relevant

I am only into softcore lesbian/straight IRL porn, and almost exclusively female-only cartoon porn, but I think with furry I am a lot more open.
>> No. 384393
Since I have never known the touch of an actual woman, my fetishes have left the realm of anatomical plausability a long time ago. You know, that typical hardcore hentai shit. Tentacles, large insertions, cum inflation, that sort of stuff.
>> No. 384398
File 137881664530.gif?nsfw - (156.05KB , 320x255 , 137072760650.gif?nsfw )
I really like body worship, especially of the feet and hands.
Which is weird, because feet and hands don't do anything for me on their own. I know hand fetishists and foot fetishists and I don't seem to fit into either of those categories, they seem to get inherently turned on by the body part; the hand fetishist says that if she holds someone's hand that's significantly bigger than hers, it just sort of slowly gets her going until she's practically squirming. That's not really how it goes for me. Same with feet.
But the idea of sucking on my lover's fingers, or licking their palm, or kissing my way from heel to toe is uh

On a related note: I have a hella oral fixation.

There's more but it mostly just gets a lot more embarrassing so eh.

Gif isn't really nsfw but may be kind of gross to some people so
>> No. 384427
Does it even count as a fetish if damn near everything is sexy to me? Scat/piss, furry and abuse are pretty much the only things that repulse me.

I guess one thing that's pretty constant is I want to kiss/lick/suck everywhere on a woman's body. And I always have a VERY strong preference for loving, passionate sex, though I dunno if that counts as a kink or not.

Possibly my biggest turn-on is imagining myself as a woman, specifically a lesbian. I used to really like the idea of cross-dressing, but I guess over time that faded out as the lesbian fantasy became more dominant.

I've been trying to get rid of the lesbian/girl fantasy though, because I actually started to get kinda depressed that it was something I would never get to experience. Fetishes and thoughts about sex or even thinking about relationships in general tend to make me pretty sad if I'm not horny, but the lesbian thing to an unusual extent.

I've heard that once people actually start getting laid, they get less fetishistic. Or at least, their fetishes tend to become the more acceptable ones. Is there any truth to that?
>> No. 384428
once i intentionally jerked it to tractors just to see if i could. turns out i can.
>> No. 384450
Furry actually made me realize not only am I bi, but I'm into BDSM.
>> No. 384451
What can be jerked to and what makes you want to jerk it are two different things.

My actual fetishes are pretty boring. Public, furry, shotacon, occasional bouts of guro, and dubious consent.
>> No. 384458
Mine are fairly tame.

Crossdressing guys. Shits just hot. Especially stockings. Shows off the legs.

Loud sex, just in general. None of that faking shit or Japanese screech owl stuff.

Phone sex. Shit is a turn on. It just is. I mean sexting is ok but nothing beats hearing another person moaning in your ear.

Bleeding too. Then again having and ex grinding into your lap while she goes to town on your shoulder with a knife leaves an impression.

Public stuff is a favorite too

The only freaky one is monstergirls.
>> No. 384460
File 13789539108.jpg - (215.25KB , 800x480 , 01-how-about-no-bear.jpg )
>Mine are fairly tame
>> No. 384461
>Crossdressing guys. Shits just hot. Especially stockings. Shows off the legs.

Here's a question for ya: do you like men in women's clothing who still look like men, or do you like men who are feminine enough to almost/actually pass as a girl aka traps? Both?

I ask because both actually seem to be fairly common fetishes on the internet, but people who like one almost never like the other. I don't think I've ever met a person who likes both. From what I've seen women generally prefer a crossdresser who looks like a man in a woman's clothes, while guys who like crossdressers usually want them to look as much like a woman as possible.
>> No. 384462
Ok maybe that ones a bit out there. To clarify I only get turned on by it happening to me. Otherwise nope, opposite reaction.
>> No. 384463
I lean towards the more feminine side. It looks kind of off if the guy is built honestly. I'd rather the guy not bother with the crossdressing then.
>> No. 384469
File 137899121129.jpg - (111.33KB , 400x474 , 1281907658538.jpg )
>I don't think I've ever met a person who likes both.

>> No. 384470
File 137899240217.png - (551.81KB , 600x872 , 1306448926726.png )
But I mostly enjoy "manly crossdressing" for the lulz.
>> No. 384471
>I don't think I've ever met a person who likes both
I like both, but the former is less a fetish and more of an aesthetic I simply enjoy.
>> No. 384475
I like both. I got got my ex heavily into crossdressing, and there was no mistaking he was 100% a man. Beard and everything. On the other hand I like pretty girls and pretty boys so pretty boys that look like pretty girls are 100% gr9 to me.

>can't bring myself to delete the photos even though i promised

It would be such a waste.
>> No. 384479
Seeing this many people are into crossdressing guys makes me feel a lot better about my desire to do it. My hope of finding a partner who likes me doing it doesn't seem so impossible now.

Your fetishes have given me new hope, so please, thank your genitals for me.
>> No. 384480
Crossdressing is a lot of fun, I had a girlfriend who used to be into complete role reversal which played nicely into my fetish for women in suits.

I am bisexual but I'm kinda weird about it, I like guys to be girly and women to be chubby and or muscular.
>> No. 384494
File 137907877968.png - (30.91KB , 298x279 , thanks_boner.png )
>thank your genitals for me

pic related

I'm looking forward to the day when "choice dressing" becomes more commonly acceptable for guys. Until then, best of luck to you.
>> No. 384518
File 137910437275.jpg?spoiler - (121.95KB , 541x720 , image.jpg?spoiler )
>be me when 15
>go to Patong, Thailand
>somewhat famous for the 'ladyboys' (proper term there I think, very charasmatic cross dressing men, surgery and everything I think)
>they are very convincing (for me anyway)
>wasn't even sure if they were cross dressers until they spoke (deep manly voice)
>mum wants family photos with them, etc.
>stand next to them
>ladyboy poses and puts my hand on their breast
>mfw first breast I grabbed was a transvestites
I'm fine with it, but I'm definately not into cross dressing
Blurry pic related
>> No. 384527
I went to my boy's drag show and found the queens ridic hot. I am also bisexual, in the sense that I don't give much of a fuck what is between the legs though.

My fetishes are p tame biting + rough and animalistic sex. no bondage, no outfits, no scenarios, just raw and as violent as you can get while still being fun. Laughing, yes. No real fetishes here, tbh.
>> No. 384546
I don't really have many fetishes. A lot of it can be explained by saying that I just like boys. Human boys, drawn boys, boys of just about any species and variation. If it has a penis, I'm happy; if it doesn't, it can still be fun, but just doesn't thrill me the same way. If said boy is developmentally immature and has some semblance of innocence, all the better; if he's full-grown, that works, too.

I'm into furry porn when penises are involved (especially interesting ones) and in real life only for the quality of animalistic sex. I like sex loud, a little rough, and with some scratching and biting and stuff. Human sex is usually either completely repressed or completely fake; animals just do what comes naturally. I've been with a guy that was almost totally silent during sex, save for heavy breathing. Even when he had an orgasm, it was nothing, not even a grunt. That annoyed the HELL out of me, like: "Um, hey, are you even enjoying this??" I dunno. I almost always make noise, and I'm louder the better it is. The only orgasms I have that are silent (sometimes) are the third-of-the-day, rubbed-off-in-ten-minutes, I'm-bored-and-don't-even-care variety. Forgive me if I don't want to get the impression that my mate is having an orgasm of such lackluster quality after three hours of sex with me.

I have a fetish for excrement, that is: the ACT, not the SUBSTANCES. I'm okay with urine if it's being used for scent marking (in full suspension of disbelief, seeing how humans have poor senses of smell and such an activity is only done in the shower in the first place) but it doesn't really taste good so my interest ends there. Otherwise, I just like watching it come out. As for feces, I REALLY love watching it come out (who knows why -- even when I was as young as five or six I'd get boners watching or listening to other people do it) but nothing more. Any of that.. other stuff... involving scat is about as much of a turn-off as it is for most people. You might imagine finding porn that has just defecation and that doesn't also involve people rubbing it all over their bodies and/or eating it is rather difficult. Finding porn with males doing it is nearly impossible.

If such a thing even exists, I suppose I have a "love" fetish. Nothing gets me harder than cuddling with a guy who calls me "boyfriend" and promises himself exclusively to me. All the cock in the world is no comparison to just that. A shota fox cub taking a huge dump doesn't even compare to that (but seeing how getting a real boyfriend is never going to happen again, I'll take the shota fox cub, thanks!).
>> No. 384547
i have a hard time not giving bite marks to my partners. it takes a lot of self control
>> No. 384619
a girl let me indulge in that last thing i talked about. she's gonna need a lot of concealer apparently. we're not even sorry.
>> No. 384654
> I've been with a guy that was almost totally silent during sex, save for heavy breathing. Even when he had an orgasm, it was nothing, not even a grunt. That annoyed the HELL out of me, like: "Um, hey, are you even enjoying this??"

I heard from somewhere that men develop the habit of being quiet during sex when they are still boys, because as children they would masturbate as silently as possible so that nobody could hear them. Practicing this long enough just makes it become natural, and there you go. Doesn't mean he wasn't enjoying it, though I still understand why you'd prefer noises.

It seems like people generally prefer vocal, responsive partners, which makes perfect sense. I practiced ninja masturbation when I was a child and have a stoic face pretty much all the time, so I'm kinda worried that when I eventually do get laid that'll be one of the reasons I don't make a good partner. I feel like if I forced the grunts and expressions it would come off as really fake, and just make things worse.

I guess I could just start grunting whenever I masturbate, and teach myself to be noisy.
>> No. 384655
I've been told i'm way to quiet and stoic in bed but its definately not a hangover effect from "adolescant ninja masturbation" as i didn't start fapping until i was 19 and living on my own

she once said it was like fucking a warm corpse how rood
>> No. 384657
I don't think this is a fetish but I almost feel more satisfaction from getting my partner off than I do from orgasm.Orgasm's nice but I love being able to make someone else feel good.
>> No. 384658
I have a lot of fetishes, but they're all in my head. Some are doable, like fishnets, pregnancy, or lesbian (well, with me watching, I obviously couldn't partake in that.) I also have an interest in being an interchangeable sub, but the relationship would be more teacher-pupil than master-slave. In fact, as a virgin, one of my deepest monogamist fantasies is an older woman, well versed in sex, who actually gives "lessons" on both her, me, and the friction in between... But with no sexual partner they all stay in my head, so feh. :(

Of course, there are some that aren't possible at all, like futa, deep fisting (I know, I know...) or unbirthing, so my hopes/dreams aren't really dashed. (These seem pretty tame as far as the internet goes, though...)

Huh, that makes a lot of sense. I've never had a place to myself, so I also do it ninja style; of course, even wearing headphones a lot of the sounds that anyone makes in porn (homemade or otherwise) has never been that appealing to me, either.
>> No. 384659
I can relate to this. I suppose it can't be a bad thing, huh?
>> No. 384682
Kind of a weird one, but girls who aren't squeamish, kinda.
I've always liked little critters since I was little, and my family's filled with women who scream bloody murder and throw a fit at the sight of even the most non-threatening creatures like caterpillars and snails.
I've volunteered at a variety of nature parks since I was pretty young, and worked with some cool girls who had no problem handling snakes, rodents, bugs, etc. I remember crushing on them pretty hard.

But they were awesome regardless, and I'm sure I would've crushed on them no matter the circumstances.
>> No. 384704
I'm quiet too, and I agree with this

>I feel like if I forced the grunts and expressions it would come off as really fake, and just make things worse.

That's less of a fetish and more of a personality preference, isn't it?
>> No. 384731
>"adolescent ninja masturbation"

That was what he claimed it was from, also. Though, really, I think it has more to do with Western ideals of men as emotionless stoics that are always neutral, that is forced onto boys from a young age. Women also masturbate quietly as teenagers, but they are almost never totally silent during sex. The difference is: women also cry at movies, men do not unless it's like... a speech in a war movie or something; then they are allowed ONE SINGLE TEAR! nothing more. So even when a man is feeling the most powerful sensation it is possible for a human to experience, he must remain stoic, or he is breaking some rule that was brainwashed into him. It's an emotional repression, when the truth is men aren't any more naturally emotionally repressed than women are. It's merely created by society.

Anyway, I grew up like that (though I don't blame my upbringing, I'm just somewhat ass-burgers) and had to teach myself how to emote when I reached my teens. Everything is so much fucking better when I actually express myself! It's like being on ecstasy or something (just guessing -- never tried it) compared to how I used to experience things.

And if anyone gives me any shit for crying at movies, I've got an excuse: I'm gay, I'm allowed to act "like a woman".

>I guess I could just start grunting whenever I masturbate, and teach myself to be noisy.

Basically what I did in my early adulthood. Doing it when everyone is out of the house, or moan into my pillow or whatever. The orgasms literally feel better -- I can't really explain it.

>I almost feel more satisfaction from getting my partner off than I do from orgasm.

This. This! How the hell did I forget that?! YES, THIS!
>> No. 384733
How does someone stay completely silent through sex, anyway? You'd at least have to relay useful sex information, like "you're stepping on my hair" and "Put your back into it, pussy".
>> No. 384799
File 137971083931.gif?nsfw - (1.79MB , 400x328 , DOGGY SEX.gif?nsfw )
Let's just say I'm an "animal person".
>> No. 384803
>> No. 384810
Here's a question for you folks who like illustrated porn (eg. pco):

Are you most influenced by the style, the content or the characters in an image? What makes or breaks a picture for you?
>> No. 384812
For myself: In some cases I take a particular interest in a character, either for how they're drawn and/or their personality. So most anything with them is A-Okay. Even ignoring the usual nerd lust, in some cases someone may even feel an emotional bond with them (like Alyx Vance in Half Life 2) and are interested in seeing that to the next level.

In other cases, it's because drawn characters can and will do anything that you want (assuming you are the artist or are paying someone to draw for you.) So this opens entire universes of fetishes that are unrealistic/fall short in real life (f.e. inflation, large insertions/stretching, various group arrangements) or flat out impossible (futa, vore, unbirthing, fuck-through, tentacles). Some stuff possible in real life also seems extremely rare in good quality, like shemale-on-female.

An artist's style can definitely break an image (I personally hate over-emphasizing breasts, especially on a character with an already-sizable bust), but I find few artists whose style can elevate my interest in an image (only particular one that comes to mind is NinjaKitty.)

Only some of those things I listed are my fetishes.
>> No. 384815
Characters, but if I have to search for specifically drawn porn, it's probably content.

Can you explain the appeal of animals in this context?
>> No. 384838
File 137977930953.jpg?nsfw - (103.38KB , 850x680 , sample-8fab63c7316032ca3410f500e9694c56.jpg?nsfw )
Content and character, I suppose.
Honestly, when it comes to illustrated porn, I enjoy the expressions and potentially the sensuality that drawn stuff can have that is typically not found in real porn.
When it comes to real porn, I only have some softcore, as I'm unable get off to hardcore due to the fact that I can't buy how painfully fake the moaning and "orgasms" are.
So when it comes to vicariously experiencing sexuality through pornography, I find (well) drawn porn to be more satisfying.
Then again, I am a super-virgin who has never known the touch of woman, so for all I know when a chick is unconvincingly moaning "OMG YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD LOL" while making goofy faces I wouldn't associate with pleasure and then having an "orgasm" extremely quickly without any foreplay/clitoral stimulation, everything she's expressing could be heartfelt and genuine.
I still look at real women, but I prefer softcore pictures to movies, so I can let my imagination fill in the gaps. Otherwise, I guess I prefer drawn stuff, not so much because I find drawn women more appealing, but because the fantasies are more satisfying, I guess?
>> No. 384839

>prefer softcore to hardcore


I grew up fapping to softcore. It was basically all I had at the time. I didn't see my first real hardcore flick until my late teens, and while I've watched a ton of hardcore, I've never really enjoyed it as much as I enjoy softcore porn.

Oh sure, you might think it silly or stupid or whatever that I find the stuff on Skinemax more appealing than any given Gianna Michaels video, but I'm not gonna lie about which one I'd rather watch. Yes, there's a lot of goofy softcore stuff out there (which I tend to avoid), but the best stuff has a sense of eroticism and, dare I say it, romance that hardcore porn lacks.

I'm not into the kinkier/weirder hardcore stuff, and I don't even watch porn with the sound on (a holdover from my younger days), but I still don't like hardcore because of its tendency to showcase borderline-misogynistic behavior (slapping girls' tits/faces, wrapping hands around their throats) and its lack of eroticism. (That goes as much for M/F scenes as it does for F/F scenes. I don't watch hardly any M/M despite my bisexuality.) I also tend to avoid Asian-centric porn for the simple fact that women rarely look as if they enjoy the sex (I just can't get into that). The type of hardcore stuff I enjoy these days comes from places such as X-Art, which balances hardcore sensibilities with the kind of eroticism I enjoy seeing in softcore.

tl;dr — I’d rather masturbate to http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=371315194 than http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=2081625851
>> No. 384840
The only reason I really prefer softcore to hardcore is because hardcore does so many fucking closeups. Yes, she has a vagina, thank you for making sure I'm aware of it. Yes, thank you for taking up half the shot with his ass. I far prefer the full-body view, especially since a lot of my own pleasure comes from seeing their (mostly her) pleasure. (This is another reason I prefer lesbian to straight, as now there are two females in potential heights of pleasure versus one. And tits.)

But I agree on the misogyny thing: unless it's specifically targeted, like light bondage, I just can't like porn where there isn't equal interest from all parties. (Again, this goes back to getting off on their pleasure, so if the chick isn't into it then neither am I.)

Softcore titles like Skinemax are also less likely to have overly-plastic or heavily make-upped ladies...
>> No. 384843
If you don't get sex with animals right away, doubt I could explain it to you.
>> No. 384845
Content first, characters second and style last I think? Not sure.

>because of its tendency to showcase borderline-misogynistic behavior (slapping girls' tits/faces, wrapping hands around their throats)
Well shit, if it goes that way I probably shouldn't have used that word when I mentioned to a pal I draw hardcore occasionally. I must look like a fucking creep now. :/
>> No. 384847
Well, all I can come up with is that they're very active masturbation aids?
>> No. 384848

Not all hardcore porn has that sort of stuff in it. But outside of what you could call the "female-friendly" stuff you see from places such as X-Art or Viv Thomas, it seems (at least to me) that hardcore stuff is utilizing the kind of stuff I've mentioned more and more. (That doesn't even include the language used in the vast majority of porn movies, whether on-screen, on the package/description, or in the titles of movies posted on sites like Pornhub. You're more liable to see ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ that ‘woman’ on a given page.)

If you draw hardcore, great. If you draw stuff with the kind of content I described in it, I'm not gonna give you any gruff over it. This is just my personal view of porn, anyways.


>Are you most influenced by the style, the content or the characters in an image?

Typically, I’d go with content -> style -> characters in that order, but the first two can change depending on the circumstances.

There's a reason I don't have lots of Gadget porn stashed away on my hard drive any more: I raised my standards for art styles and couldn’t stand looking at all the horrible-looking crap I’d saved for years. (Really, lots of Western fanart/porn/etc. looks fucking awful.) On the flip side, there's a number of doujins out there that I’d probably love for the art style alone if they didn’t have content that made me say ‘nope’ while I sprayed holy water on my monitor.
>> No. 384849
This topic kind of relates to
It's the same deal with me; it's often obvious she isn't enjoying it at all in hardcore. Lesbian softcore all the way at least for IRL porn.
>> No. 384886
File 137990281286.jpg - (213.49KB , 900x281 , Sex is Awesome!.jpg )
You can't have misogynism between two people in a consensual sexual relationship.
>> No. 384895
i like this comic because of the seeming contradiction here

but i worry that the punchlines will escape many.
>> No. 384902
She likes degradation in an intimate setting with a partner, but not in a public setting with random people and bad rap music?
>> No. 384904
>She likes degradation in an intimate setting with a partner
p much everyone does, might be the punchline.

whoever said "treat me with all due respect in bed" was either judge dredd or on a power trip.
>> No. 384905
Probably not wise to assume "everyone" shares the same fetishes you do.
>> No. 384906
she has the power to consent to whatever fantasy, desire, roleplay, power position or whatever she wants to, even consent play, because she and her partner both own that experience together. it isn't a statement on her actual value as a human being. people don't get off on having their salaries lower than someone else's, their rights diminished, or their bodies treated as property by society. getting off in the bedroom with a partner while acting out this sort of stuff can be a way to take ownership and control over the experiences we've faced outside of it.

let me put it to you this way. a really good dom is very very hard to come by because the best doms are actually very controlled, very gentle, and yet still spontaneous, demanding, and limit pushing. they make the subs feel as used or controlled as the sub is comfortable with and create a safe space to work in to make sure that it doesn't go too far, that it isn't too dangerous, that it isn't beyond what the sub is willing to do. the dom gets pleasure out of it, but in a good dom/sub, the sub is the real focus.

that said, i get my jollies as either a dom or a sub, but i love being a dom. it's... an exquisite art to be able to create that environment for both and still be giving and protective while playing into her kinks. it's one hell of a game.
>> No. 384912
>a way to take ownership and control over the experiences we've faced outside of it
You realize not everything has to be a statement on society, right? Maybe someone just likes getting choked because it brings me to orgasm quicker?
>> No. 384913
well yeah, but in the context of the comic i'm not going to bring up how some fetishes, kinks, and potentially dangerous activities can just make sex more intense without there having to be some sort of societal influence involved. like i said. seeming contradiction. i'm focusing on that.

but if you want to keep finding holes in my argument because i didn't write an exhaustive paper with supplemental information or a self-help book for people with fetishes, please feel free to ask me more rhetorical questions.

i wasn't suggesting that everyone needs to be a social justice warrior in bed. it was an example, not a generalization.
>> No. 384916
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Sometimes people just like to be held down and fucked roughly.
>> No. 384928
I am not gay, but I'm pretty sure putting objects up your (assuming male) ass isn't gay.

It's only when you would significantly prefer it if there was a man on the other end of that object, then it becomes homo.
>> No. 384932
Lesbians can use vaguely phallic sex toys without being straight, so I agree that buttstuff for guys isn't gay unless you really want it to be.
>> No. 384933
I always figured whatever you ended the phrase "Deep down, I could really go for some ________" with, was your sexual preference.
>> No. 384935
So you're saying I'm a tacosexual?
>> No. 384941
chile burrito here, tacosexuals are pig disgusting
>> No. 384942
I didn't ask to be born this way!
>> No. 384946
>Lesbians can use vaguely phallic sex toys without being straight
What's up with that?
>> No. 384947
And gay men can use vagina in a cup.
masturbating is about getting it to work.
>> No. 384948
You can like dick without liking men.
>> No. 384952
Those aren't shaped like a penis, they're shaped like the inside of a vagina.
>> No. 384954
Yeah, you've just got to figure--physically speaking, the vagina and penis have co-evolved to be well suited to pleasuring one another, and the brain in both sexes has evolved to respond with excitement to the sort of stimulation provided by either. But that's purely the sense of touch that's involved--the visual, olfactory, and interpersonal sensations one gets by being with another person may be complete deal breakers. Who the thing you like is attached to matters.

Think of it this way: a lot of straight men, maybe even most straight men, like boobs. But women aren't the only ones who have boobs--fat guys have boobs, too. But most straight men would not want to feel up a fat guy just to get some boob.
>> No. 384958
File 138014834811.jpg - (8.53KB , 616x33 , image.jpg )
Although you could debate the boobs are very different themselves, I see your point. It's kinda like some of the stuff I saw in a discussion thread in U18chan (u18chan.com/board/u18chan/d/topic/1164223), where they were discussing multiple sexualities (eg. I only like girls IRL, but herm on guy furry can turn me on big time depending on artist, even though it has two dicks). It's actually a very interesting thread IMO, but be warned there is a fair chance of finding furry porn there.
>> No. 385288
Figured I'd bump with a question: How many guys here actually like to cuddle, after sex or just whenever?

It's one of the most attractive things in the world to me, but a lot of guys I talk to at school say they don't like to do it for some reason. My roommate and his girlfriend don't sleep together. Despite their heavy intimacy, after they fuck, she goes back to her room.
>> No. 385290
>a lot of guys I talk to at school say they don't like to do it for some reason

It's taboo for men to have emotions other than lust, dominance and rage, so they might just be too embarrassed of their fondness of cuddling to admit it.

I'm a guy and I spend about as much time fantasizing about cuddling as I do about sex. Sex without an intense cuddle session afterwards just sounds kind of pointless to me.

But then I've never had sex and I've never cuddled with anyone so what do I know, maybe cuddling will actually suck and I'll hate it.
>> No. 385294
Cuddling isn't so bad once you get to it, but that means after the sex, i.e. I'm not there to cuddle necessarily, but once she's come and I've come then, yeah, cuddling or whatever is fine. The last girl I was with, we almost spent longer with me just stroking her hair while we had pillow talk.

Most guys are much more concerned with A) getting to the fucking and B) once you're in the fucking, making sure she cums at least once before you do, because those are more difficult to achieve. A lot of less robust gentlemen will nut and then pass out, as well, not really caring for the ladys' pleasure, which means no cuddling anyway and likely no second date (or 3rd or whatever). For a lot of guys, the marathon of just getting your ponos in her vagoo is such that I'm not surprised most guys don't concern themselves with cuddling. Cuddling is really easy and even kind of nice if you really like the girl once you're done fucking, but it isn't always necessary.

As for your roommate and his gf, the thing about cuddling and sleeping together that most people don't realize is that it's actually kind of difficult to keep cuddling and fall asleep together after sex. If your partner is laying on top of your arm it can cut off blood flow to the limb. The body heat of both of you can easily be sweltering, preventing sleep on summer nights. Tossing and turning can hit your partners face or inadvertently cut off oxygen, and you actually need to toss and turn a bit to get to sleep, so having someone lay on you or spoon with you actually hinders that. Cuddling is very nice after sex, but literally sleeping together is a lot harder and not as idyllic as most people seem to think it is, and apparently there is some research that says that you get a much sounder sleep if you do not sleep in the same bed as your partner. So yeah, it might seem like cuddling gets a bad rep but, it's not as great as it's made out to be.
>> No. 385300
>How many guys here actually like to cuddle, after sex or just whenever?

I like to cuddle all the damn time. I like it more than actual sex, in many ways. My entire body is erogenous, from head to toe, so I find rubbing completely against someone is much more pleasurable than just focusing on the genitals.

Also, I mostly just like sex for the feeling of warmth and closeness. If I want to cum, I can do that by myself and much better.
>> No. 385373
Ugg where do I go with this. I've developed a variety of kinks from body worship, asking permission to cum, cross dressing, hair pulling and extremely light breath play(not me personally but most of the girls I've been with ) and on top of that being able to switch with all of the previous mentioned kinks(usually bottom heavy but working on top lately).

but its weird, it took me years of experimenting to determine what exactly I'm looking for sexually but I'm still extremely shy about talking about my kinks, even typing this out requires a bit of effort. but in a setting where I know everyone is kinky, like a munch, I'm more open about it. I separated my vanilla life and kink life for such a long time that its now hard for me to reconcile both.
>> No. 385376
Good taste, I approve.
Cuddling's the bomb.
>> No. 385401
I think I would like cuddling.
>> No. 385407
I fidget too much to really cuddle. I can power hug and scoop people up into my arms and dance and wrestle, but I cannot hold still.
>> No. 385431
File 138154981549.jpg - (0.99MB , 1200x1718 , 5.jpg )
Kinda weird, but I've always found nun attire extremely attractive.
My relationship with Christianity has fluctuated over the years--I was born and raised very devout. I have since become an atheist, for various reasons. My fetish for nun habits has remained a constant throughout my life however, regardless of where I stood in relation to the faith.
I'm also not the kind of guy who gets turned on by the idea of something being taboo/forbidden or naughty.
Not sure where it stems from. Maybe I just find it cute. Maybe I had a crush on Julie Andrews as a kid watching the Sound of Music and it's some kind of subconscious association or something.
>> No. 385496
File 138162274341.jpg - (167.45KB , 720x384 , 2483815054_be0122356d_o.jpg )
>> No. 385521
File 138169626817.png - (593B , 36x26 , catlean.png )
my fetish is being a jerk
>> No. 385522
>"Do you have any fetishes?"
>> No. 385524
"Tell me I'm sexy"
"Are you calling me a liar?"
type jerk, or
"Go suck a box of dicks, hey, I happen to have my dick in a box right now" type jerk
>> No. 385525
>> No. 385527
File 138170099837.jpg - (31.06KB , 1020x1059 , 239.jpg )
See this things? They are called ankle braces. Or ankle bands. Also, ankle supports.

And they are my secret fetish. For whatever reason, seeing a woman wering these (or any sort of footwear that leaves both the ankle and the toes uncovered) turns on the I MUST FUCK switch in my brain.

It is not even a foot fetish, as just bare feet don't do crap for me.
>> No. 385531
File 138170328070.jpg - (22.46KB , 630x365 , 00000nun-more-bold-630-75.jpg )
I like the cut of yer jib.
>> No. 385566
File 138185201888.jpg - (28.04KB , 364x400 , sexy-nun.jpg )
Mah brothers.
>> No. 385570
Because feet are beautiful (like all the parts of a female body) and that thing brings attention to the right lines?
>> No. 385576
File 138187053966.png - (364.77KB , 782x813 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.png )
Almost forgot.
>> No. 385590
>My roommate and his girlfriend don't sleep together. Despite their heavy intimacy, after they fuck, she goes back to her room.
Might be for convenience, or because they want to keep their relationship on the DL.

It's not normal for sure, only two reasons not to cuddle:
1. Convenience (ie "I have to go to work, you go back to sleep baby")
2. No emotional attachment (fuckbuddy, sociopath or prostitute)

Same reason heels are attractive. They make the woman look like she's arching her foot, which is what most women do during a proper orgasm.

It's sexually suggestive etc.
>> No. 385594
>Same reason heels are attractive. They make the woman look like she's arching her foot, which is what most women do during a proper orgasm.

Heels are designed to alter a woman's posture so her actual sexual parts (boobs and butt) become more prominent. A fetish is called a fetish for a reason; there is nothing inherently or naturally sexual about feet.
>> No. 385596
True, but one line of thinking on why foot fetishes have become so prominent in recent years is because of the tendency for movies to cut away from nude characters to provide modesty, but show bare feet--thus, bare feet come to represent nudity in and of themselves.

It's a fetish, as you said--the body part itself is not sexual. But it's understandable how the media can bring about the conditioning that leads to feet becoming sexualized.
>> No. 385604
I can't be a cute femboy unless there are ways to make yourself shorter. I'm fucking 6'2".
>> No. 385608
Do so over a webcam and use perspective. Buy oversized everything for a backdrop to the webcam to make you seem smaller in comparison.
>> No. 385615
I can only presume that an obvious course of action is to look at what tall girls do to look cute.
>> No. 385618
It is when you masturbate to it.
>> No. 385621
>there are ways to make yourself shorter
Since the trunk of the body is similar for short or tall people cosmetic surgery does exist where sections of femur tibia and fibula are gradually removed.
>> No. 385657
That's messed up, no one should ever do that. Just accept the fact that you're tall, it comes in handy for many things.

a short person
>> No. 385664
I'm not appropriate for cuddles though. Or giving any kind of feeling to my BF that I'm small and frail and he needs to care for and protect me.
>> No. 385666
Just dress up all kawaii.

Or make him taller.
>> No. 385669
Go for being all lanky and fragile like a giraffe, act like he helps keep you from teetering over?
>> No. 385670
Anybody above 6'4" is hard to find and...kinda weird.
>> No. 385673
I took "make him taller" to mean something like this:
Though that could easily be weird, if just being tall kind of is.
>> No. 385674
It's impossible to erase a height advantage, but you can play with clothing waistline height and such to make that advantage seem more or less
>> No. 385679
Wouldn't losing weight make you shorter? I have about 100 pounds I need to drop.
>> No. 385681
>I can't be a cute femboy unless there are ways to make yourself shorter. I'm fucking 6'2".

This world isn't a yaoi comic. There is no rule saying the taller person in the relationship has to be the dominant one. You just need to find the right person who doesn't give a crap about how tall you are and can make you FEEL small through his natural dominance. He can be 5'6" and 125 pounds and still make you feel like a helpless child if it's in his personality.

(If all else fails, become a furry, dress up with costume dog/cat-ears and a tail, and have him walk you around on a leash. You can't be taller than him if you're on all fours.)
>> No. 385691
File 138219386746.gif - (2.28MB , 363x269 , 130200141350.gif )
Oh god what did i just stumble across


I can't even read half of this, it's too /d/isturbing
>> No. 385696
wtf? gaining or losing weight doesn't change your height. Fat people just look shorter because they're wider around the middle.


>> No. 385699
Aren't the majority of submissions to tumblrs like this completely fabricated ever since they became popular?
>> No. 385711
File 138224882134.jpg?spoiler - (75.46KB , 640x400 , image.jpg?spoiler )
and I thought MY /pco/ fetish was weird. Urgh.

and I like fuckin' furries from a kids show
>> No. 385718
I don't know and I'm not sure I want to know. It's squicky either way.
>> No. 385742
He could also give himself osteoporosis by crouching and drinking a lot of caffeine.
>> No. 385743
I don't see how that would work unless your height is from having a lot of fat on top of your scalp or on the bottom of your feet.
>> No. 385745

Osteoporosis thins and weakens bones; it doesn't shorten them. Though, it might result in broken legs which then get infected and gangrenous and then have to be amputated entirely.

There is no way to get actually shorter (or taller) that doesn't involve ridiculous surgery. It's a fool's errand.
>> No. 385753
Oh, it's easy, you just put a blowtorch you your shocks or install some hydraulics. Then presto, you're a lowrider!
>> No. 385779
>I've been told i'm way to quiet and stoic in bed but its definately not a hangover effect from "adolescant ninja masturbation"

Ditto, son.
I usually just say I'd tell them to stop if I weren't enjoying it.
>> No. 385786
Personally I'm not attracted to the dom making any noise at all besides the occasional grunt and maybe dirty phrase.

When professional porn has constant moaning and "AW YEAH BABY FEEL HOW BIG I AM" this kills the boner.
>> No. 385840
File 138282259078.png - (81.49KB , 314x400 , 3.png )
All of mine are kind of related

light femdom
and /ss/
>> No. 385913
File 138298330759.gif - (485.15KB , 193x135 , 1232566324.gif )
>new Femboy General threads in /lgbt/
>ask female friend "How can I become more feminine?"
>"watch MLP:FiM"

At first I scoffed, but...maybe she's onto something. All my friends who got into that show have acted a bit more like girls since then.
>> No. 385915
this is it. we've done it gentlemen. we've crafted the worst post ever made.
>> No. 385916

Oh please, I’ve made worse posts than that in SYM threads and you know it.
>> No. 385922
>> No. 385939
After months of masturbation denial and weeks of porn avoidance, I think it's gotten to the point where I'd rather a blowjob from a real human than an anthro cat.

As long as I try hard not to enjoy the sandpapery- fuck
>> No. 385943

No one delete this. Please. It's amazing.

Also, I could never get into cat girls after I actually owned a cat, for the tongue thing you just brought up.
>> No. 385946
Oh shitballs, I quad posted that?

Don't post while tired, guys. Also, the paper *is* optional if you WANT to get into that.
>> No. 386035
Left. I've said worse than that
>> No. 386036
In my head, being a sub is totally within my personality and it sounds really fucking hot for my partner to feel like they own me.

But at the same time, I've always had a problem with authority. Whenever anybody, parents/teachers/police/etc force something on me that I don't like and don't want to do, my first reaction is anger and possibly violence though that's never happened before. So I have no idea if it would work out.
>> No. 386037
Men transforming into brutal monsters. Specifically orcs. Not everyone is into the transformation aspect, but we all like orcs.

We called last month "Orctober" and it was great. For us.
Also, super super gay and linked strongly with furries. Buyer beware.
>> No. 386045
>force something on me that I don't like and don't want to do
That's not what being a sub is.
Afaik, in healthy D/s relationships, before big sexual situations, you both sit down, discuss what you want from it, discuss what you're both okay with, what lines shouldn't be crossed, set a safe phrase, and have a go at it. From what I've been told, the sub has all the actual power in the relationship; they set the boundaries and rules, then it's the dom's job to follow those rules and boundaries while they play the part.
In a healthy relationship, you'd never be made to do anything you didn't want.
>> No. 386080
I've come to terms with the fact that I have a few fetishes lately, and I am really self-concious of them. I used to parade my other fetishes around a lot, but these just seem... taboo? I am kind of too shy to even post them anonymously.
>> No. 386081
So list everything they aren't.
>> No. 386222
A really good dom can intuit what the sub wants, and can get by with just a safe word. You have to be a horrible dom for there to be a sit down discussion, or even worse, lists of allowed things.

Is it more extreme than incest or rape?
>> No. 386225
I was just repeating what I've been told from people who're way more knowledgeable about BDSM than me.
That said, as someone interested in being a sub, I'm hella uncomfortable with the idea of letting someone guess at what's okay to do to me, since I think the safe word should be more of an emergency brake than an easing-off-the-gas-pedal thing. I think making actual lists is probably a bit too far, but discussing what is and isn't okay sounds WAY preferable to relying on "intuition."
Some minor surprises are fine/encouraged, but I wouldn't want to go into it blind, at all.
Metaphorically, anyway. Blindfolds might be cool.

>> No. 386227
A safe word doesn't stop all play instantly and everyone puts their clothes on. It's just that during ds play, the sub may sometimes cry or beg the dom to stop, but not really mean it. The safe word is a way of saying "I really mean it".
Also sounds like you never found a good dom maybe?
>> No. 386229
Yeah, "just intuiting it" is a terrible idea, especially when you're discussing stuff like being tied up or bound or would otherwise leave you at the complete mercy of the Dom. Anytime you're going into those situations of lopsided power, you want to discuss what is and isn't a little too far, because it's really easy to get into high-octane squick territory without realizing it.
>> No. 386231
A safe word can mean "stop and put on all clothing" though. That's the thing, it's there to shut down whatever is going on because the person it's happening to is not comfortable with it. In certain cases, where the Dom and the Sub are very familiar with each other then yes, the Dom can probably get away with a few assumptions. But when your sexual encounters involve such lopsided situations, situations in which one of the people can be really hurt if it goes too far, it is not a good idea to just dive into those situations without discussing boundaries beforehand.
>> No. 386241
I was dating a guy, and we were both into D/s play, but I would never do it with him because he had this fucking thing against 'safe words': that the idea of having one was a turn off. It really pissed me off and made me break it off with him. He was kind of a manchild and never took no for an answer anyway, so its to be expected.
>> No. 386246
There can be different safewords too, like "yellow" for "cool it a little/ease up" and "red" for "full stop". That way, saying the safeword doesn't instantly end the fun.
>> No. 386252
Not in my experience, if someone uses a safe word it means they're uncomfortable with that ONE thing, not the whole experience ex. unwanted golden shower, but she didn't want the session to stop either. Generally continuing on and falling back to what you were doing keeps the party going.

No sub ever knows exactly what they're ok with, and subs are generally uncomfortable discussing those sorts of things. A huge portion of the joy a submissive gets in a D/s relationship is in having their personality sublimated in that of the dominant, and also having their boundaries stretched same example as above, after a few months she was eventually excited by piss play.

This kind of experience is damn near impossible with lists or discussions beforehand, you would have to keep the list handy and pause the session frequently to cross things out and add new things in. It's antithetical, only first-timers ever do it because they don't know any better, and the list gets thrown out after awhile.
>> No. 386260
File 138415211622.gif - (51.04KB , 600x450 , story542.gif )
I've got no experience in any of the BDSM spectrum, but a safeword is just an alternative to 'stop', 'no', or any other word that suggests you do not like it. They can be or represent whatever the fuck you want, but they are usually ones you wouldn't say during sex so you don't say it by accident. They can mean slow down, keep going, or I'm hurt. It is up to the users.
>> No. 386272
Yep, agree with that way up here >>386227
>> No. 386281
We were born too late for the exploration age.
We were born too early for the space age.
But we were born in time for THIS.


It is such a time to be alive.
>> No. 386294
Finally. Jeez.
>> No. 386303
File 138424538477.png?spoiler - (1.60MB , 1000x1499 , 575804_hi.png?spoiler )
I have a bare shoulder & bare arms fetish, especially if they're chubby. I often get hard from women wearing stuff like halters & sleeveless turtlenecks. I have to work pretty hard to find my fap material, even clothing models wearing said clothes is usually enough for me, pic related. I'm also into softcore lesbo/yuri, usually in obscure fetish JAVs. Even normalfag 3DPD porn doesn't really do it for me.

I even made these threads but no one responded though.
>tfw I've never told anyone this before

I'm into armpit licking too. Girly femboys like Bridget, Marty, & Rio are the shit too.
>> No. 386316
Plus4chan has a disturbing amount of chubby chasers.
>> No. 386317
File 138428398785.jpg?nsfw - (36.88KB , 423x401 , fat guy pretty girl2.jpg?nsfw )
More like, the rest of the world has a disturbing amount of skeleton chasers.
>> No. 386325

Can't I just tell the both of you to fuck off by saying that I like people who are in their ideal, natural weight-range? Though, with the West now over 30% obese, the bell-curve representing "normal", or at least "average", is probably now become "chubby", so anything less is considered anorexic. On the other side of the coin, obsession over weight is so prevalent that it could be argued that anyone with more than three (count 'em, THREE) fat cells is a total lardass and should go back to dieting.

(Also, women are SUPPOSED to be a bit chubby. Men are NOT. Ironic how society has totally reversed that by making a hulking beer-gut on a man okay, while women are supposed to be tiny.)
>> No. 386327

Maybe it's because I'm 24, but I have never seen anyone thinking beer guts were okay.
>> No. 386333
Yep, where I live it's not that it's considered normal, it's just that no-one really gives a shit.
>> No. 386347
I like any bodytype as long as it's not too extreme in any direction.
Pls no anorexia, bodybuilders, or morbidly obese.
Thin, muscular, and fat are all good though.
>> No. 386348
I'm like this except no bears. They freak me out.
>> No. 386355
>women are SUPPOSED to be a bit chubby
I saw a documentary where thin women have 25-30% fat by weight. Like actually thin, model looking girls.

Apparently, for guys, more of our mass is muscles, which are also denser compared to fat.
>> No. 386372

That's true, yes. When women have healthy levels of body-fat, it tends to end up in all the "sexual" places: boobs, butt, and hips. Thus, the "barbie doll" figure is impossible without breast implants; as many women will tell you, when they start to lose weight, the breasts are the first thing to shrink. To the contrary, when men pack on body-fat, it all goes to the torso where it immediately starts choking the life out of the cardiovascular system. However, in both cases, a certain MINIMUM percentage is essential for proper health. It's around 20% for women and 10% for men.

You want to see a woman with 5% body fat? Look up pictures of female bodybuilders. It's downright grotesque.
>> No. 386383
I guess most of my fetishes could be described as "gentle sensual domination", or maybe just "normal". I like to be in control, but I like to know that the other person is enjoying it as much as I am. I like giving excessive foreplay, but not so much receiving. I like to kiss and lick and nibble and gently brush fingers across until the other person can barely stand it. I have a very specific fixation on deepthroat, and cum swallowing, especially when the other person is really into it as well. Long socks (anywhere from calf to thigh) and skirts really get me going. I am attracted to people that are naturally shy, submissive, and tsundere.

Earlier in the thread someone was talking about girly boys in girly clothes versus manly men in girly clothes. Personally I'm only able to get off to cross-dressers if they're sufficiently feminine and submissive, BUT if they have implants or have taken steps to modify their body to make them appear more like a woman I lose all interest. Not exactly sure why.
>> No. 386384
Nah. We got a decent amount of super-obese chasers, but not too many chubby chasers.
>> No. 386464
File 138470651485.jpg?nsfw - (68.91KB , 638x960 , -_--_-__.jpg?nsfw )
There's nothing better than macking on a tit.
>> No. 386518
File 138484254899.jpg - (28.78KB , 450x600 , 1384728326939.jpg )
Tomboys, androgyny and short hair. Small breasts and petite frames. Being fit(ish) as well. No real idea where these preferences stem from, but I know for sure that that's the type of woman I want to end up with.

I sit next to a girl like that in uni and we're pretty amicable, but I've got no idea how to escalate it into something more.
>> No. 386520
find common ground, always a good start.
>> No. 386522
Oh we do, which is why I'd say we're acquaintances rather than complete strangers. However, I'm a bit on the socially spineless side when it comes to matters such as this.

Just no idea how to transfer from "Guy you sit next to in class" to "Guy you'd spend your free time with", without it sounding awkward or creepy.
>> No. 386527
File 138486717071.png - (620.63KB , 760x1413 , prostitutes.png )
>Just no idea how to transfer from "Guy you sit next to in class" to "Guy you'd spend your free time with"
It's kind of like waxing. Pull the strip off quickly, without sparing a moments thought to what you're actually doing.Then, make sure to do it again and again until you get married, when you can finally stop.

Or, pic most definitely related, you can join the mass of people using depilatory gel.
>> No. 386545
Awkward can work in your favor. It can be disarming. Or just go full earnesty and see where that lands you.
>> No. 386551
here is a question since we are going on relations. If a girl is implying that she wants to go with you to lunch..does that mean she wants said person to ask them out? Asking since I've apparently fucked this up twice at two jobs from the reactions I get from others afterwards.
>> No. 386553

I don't advise this at all.

Just go in, ask, and stop making a big deal out of encounters with people you're interested in. The bigger of a deal you make before it happens, the bigger a deal it's going to seem like when you decide to go through with it. This will also probably have an effect on how long you decide to wait. Just get in, quit stressing, and get out. If it doesn't work, then who cares? Move on to the next person and don't fret about what didn't happen.

Best way to pursue relations without going crazy, I'd think.
>> No. 386575
> If a girl is implying
Keyword is IF. Sounds like you aren't inferring properly.
>> No. 386579
maybe I was attempting to state a hypothetical that really wasn't. Situation has been around time for lunch break she states that she is going to join me for lunch (first I hear of this). And according to the response given (I don't intend to go to lunch since I don't eat till later and/or similar) and the Reaction from others..I made heel move or something. And I really don't know if this means anything but they were black girls both times and in general they've always flirted with me (black girls that is).
>> No. 386647
Template for dealing with that:
1. If a (straight) guy friend of yours would do something, it's not suggestive.
2. If it's something a (straight) guy friend would never do, it's suggestive.

Like, I can imagine a buddy of mine saying "I'll join you" when the concept of lunch comes up.
I can't imagine him saying that while resting his hand on my forearm and biting his lower lip. Oop, just imagined it and it's freaking me out...

From your story, there's definitely something there. Ask her out, worst case scenario she says no.
>> No. 386650

Yea I've made the notion to prep for the contingency next time it happens when I become employed again as that is the environment that my family always seems to form lasting relationships within. That and girls seem to be more keen on me when in a working environment. Turned in some applications and one said they'll be hiring soon so here's hoping. Its very odd that it was just about the same wording and a different girl years apart.
>> No. 386652
My biggest fetish is breastfeeding. I don't know why, but something about hugging a woman tight while I drink her milk and she strokes my head is something that makes me cum buckets.
>> No. 386689
Morning milk is a bit bitter but it becomes better with successive daytime feedings.
>> No. 386696
This has been a life-long fantasy of mine.
I think it was one of the first sexual fantasies I ever had--possibly due to the fact that I was a very early bloomer, and I saw breasts as something sexual at an age when I had no education or idea on what sex was, but still desired it very badly.

Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 386777
File 138567067434.gif - (493.40KB , 500x281 , coffee1.gif )
>Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 389155
Tangentially related, if anyone has wanted to join empornium (the best place for porn torrents), they currently have open registration. http://torrents.empornium.me/
>> No. 389171
File 139163016630.png?spoiler - (49.69KB , 1263x1472 , urineabus.png?spoiler )
>Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 389267
Goddamnit lately I've been getting extremely fucking horny every day. Usually it would last half an hour and go away, but now it's lasting ALL day until I jack off. Pretty sure it's not puberty since I'm 21 at this point.
>> No. 389270
that. was.the. HOTTEST. thing. i. ever. read.
>> No. 389287
Fuck, I'm jealous.
>> No. 389329
So, uh, who wants to talk about sex toys?

I'm honestly thinking about biting the bullet and nabbing a fleshlight and a buttplug or something. I'm half asking for advice (mostly if any of you have used fleshlights in the past or have a particular buttplug you want to recommend me) and also because I'm curious as to what kind of toys you guys are into.
>> No. 389333

Fleshlight is pretty awesome. Better than just using my hand by far. I can't compare it to an actual orifice considering I've been the bottom in every sexual relationship I've ever had, but it's probably pretty close. Also, it's rather cheap as sex toys go, and lasts for a couple years even with regular use.

Also, what do you want a buttplug for? Something that fits right up there like an actual dildo might work better than something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey.

(Anyway, I don't have much preference for a particular anal toy. I'll stick pretty much anything up my butt, really...)
>> No. 389336
>Also, what do you want a buttplug for? Something that fits right up there like an actual dildo might work better than something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey.

Sometimes I like to play with it, but I also just like the sensation of having something there.

I'll look into the Aneros thing, though. Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 389337
>something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey
From what I know of Aneros, the idea is that it's shaped exactly to stimulate the prostate, and in flexing and relaxing while it's inside you, you repeatedly press it against the prostate.
Probably not as good as say, being fingered, but probably better than just blindly shoving a dildo up your ass.
>> No. 389343
A good buttplug can put pressure on the prostate, so all you have to do is sort of bounce your leg while sitting and it feels amazing. Aneros is just for people who want to self finger but can't bend their spine far enough.
>> No. 389402
All this talk about anal is reminding me of how more often I seem to see male assplay in porn now.

It's anecdotal as hell, but it seems like now I'm far more likely to run into a movie where a woman starts fingering a guy's ass at some point in the movie. Am I not paying attention to the types of movies I decide to watch and looking at niche stuff or is assplay for dudes just becoming more mainstream and accepted?
>> No. 389410
In the early days of the internet porn had to still be kept to the largest demographic of vanilla users. Now that the usage of the net has spread to nearly the entire population of the West, the more rare fetishes can still find millions of viewers.
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