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File 139661638798.jpg - (47.54KB , 512x384 , 102.jpg )
391017 No. 391017
If you're in or around NYC this weekend (Apr 5-6), check out MoccAFest; only 5 bux to get in and plenty of indie comics & their creators inside.
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>> No. 391018
File 139661872024.jpg - (76.48KB , 1600x1200 , 13916430598.jpg )
Yes, I posted this in the other thread but it's still super cool.

>> No. 391021
Emergency medical care is so fucking dramatic.
>person's throat is closing up?
>just fucking slice it open. cut their throat like you're Michael Myers. live out those psychopathic fantasies.

>get shot?
>just inject yourself with a million little cotton worms. fill yourself up with sterile fabric-maggots. jam that shit in like an epi-pen, you'll be fine.

It is very cool though.
>> No. 391029
that is what solders do in the field with tampons, so the rumors goes.
>> No. 391030
Has existed on the battlefield since the cold war, every medic is trained to use it. You can even buy them for camping
>> No. 391031
When I was in basic we learned how to use those. The difference between those and >>391018 is that this new thing is made to properly fill the puncture, whereas those hemostatic pads would have to be layered, have a lot more air/escape routes, and take a lot longer. This stuff will close off blood escape routes far faster and more reliably. Even at $100/pop, these things will save more than enough soldiers to make them worth their weight in gold.
>> No. 391038
Not quite chum.

Exactly. There are also blue dyes on them because they'll be so deep in you you might need x-rays to find them all which is a problem in previous methods.
>> No. 391039
Yeah but it's not as if every wound can be filled with a dildo, that's pretty much just for pistol rounds and very tiny shrapnel. Every rifle round will do a through and through, or cause massive trauma that can't be dealt with using that device. Larger shrapnel, tears from blast force, grenade blasts.... I'm not saying it's not worth the money, just that it doesn't really solve the issue of wounds on the battlefield, the article talks about it as though from now on soldiers won't have to worry about being shot.
>> No. 391043
I don't think you get this, they are sponges, if the wound is through and through they simply fill in everything from front to back.

If the wound isn't fatal and bleeding out this is the best solution for an immediate life saving tool.
>> No. 391048
So my best friend, probably my only "close" friend right now, is getting married in May (I'll be a groomsman.) Two things we've always has a shared interest for are Transformers and Legos. So, as a wedding gift, I'm going to give them a Transformer and a Lego set. Each will have a card: The Transformer card will talk about how they will combine to form a greater unit than each of them could be separately or will change over the years to be better than what we see on the outside (depends on what I get him.) The Lego set will have a card about them building a life together, and how they can choose to follow the instructions given by others they should toss those aside and do as they please if the nerve strikes them.

And a single fork. It's part inside joke (I once tried to stab my friend in the hand with a fork), part practical gift (just in case no one else gets them forks; but only one, they'll have to share.)

I should ask /toy/ what the best of each would be to give.
>> No. 391050
File 139676719647.jpg - (348.03KB , 1600x1000 , 1361535842_1.jpg )
They'll tell you to get a Transformers KRE-O set.
>> No. 391055
> So my best friend, probably my only "close" friend right now, is getting married

Prepare to never see him again.
>> No. 391057
No. Even if they would mix the themes well, I'm not buying inferior toys for my friend for his wedding. Only quality toys.
>> No. 391062
When will Plus4 add WebM support?
>> No. 391063
File 139681641380.gif - (438.85KB , 640x360 , 1389921013629.gif )
When /durp/ comes back online, obviously.
>> No. 391066
Immediately following the return of Plus4radio.
>> No. 391070
i got a date with a girl i like a lot

hell ye
>> No. 391077
Let meus know know it goes.
Because weI live vicariously through others.
>> No. 391086
Left him a love note under one of his 40k models. Well, not so much a love note as a "thank you for being such a supportive boyfriend during such a shitty period in my life, I love you and love spending time with you" note.

I hope he finds it this week but I suppose it depends on if he plays this week. If not this week at least before his birthday this month. It's not like it's urgent.

I was too nervous to hand it to him directly or leave it out in the open. Which is silly, he already knows how I feel but... I wanted to write a letter. Last time I wrote something I went to throw it away but he took it and kept it. I'd rather him have something more positive.
>> No. 391087
File 139689591327.jpg - (110.94KB , 494x800 , rin nakai.jpg )
I will marry Rin Nakai. This is my vow.
>> No. 391096
her pussy would pop your penis like a blood filled tick.
>> No. 391105
File 139692052665.jpg - (607.22KB , 644x800 , rin nakai 4.jpg )
I've done riskier things.
>> No. 391135
I should've just thrown that curry away instead of soldiering on through the pain. Eating it was one thing, but the aftermath...
I can barely walk now. So much fucking pain.
>> No. 391143
Anyone know where I can find some natural reserved female poses for art reference?
>> No. 391145
At your favorite café, because nothing beats drawing from life. Unless you mean naked, which is a bit harder to find in the wild, so https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/ should have everything you need in that case.
>> No. 391155
File 139709107483.png - (554.06KB , 1280x1041 , tumblr_n3qw7eom5Z1qk0wjeo2_1280.png )
God, people have been coming out with so many cool fantasy animals I want.
>> No. 391156
File 139709119780.jpg - (59.29KB , 500x467 , tumblr_n2la84lzL31ttjs42o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 391171
>> No. 391172
date's tomorrow
hitting up a teppanyaki place and getting some coffee
i'm really excited. i hope it goes well.
>> No. 391173
You think it's kinda fucked up that if someone lives long enough, they can forget about past loves? I don't mean because of senility or any other mental disease ravaging their brain. But that after an indeterminate length of time passes, someone might just forget about that girl or boy they used to like back in middle school, simply because they aren't important anymore. I think it only just dawned on me that since love is just like any other form of mutual emotion between peoples its endurance is tied to its strength, and weak relationships will be forgotten just as they were broken apart due to that weakness.
>> No. 391175

It's kinda the same with "bad" relationships, too.

I know for a fact that I had friends in school that I eventually drove away by "being me", which often segued into those now-ex-friends becoming people who'd make fun of me/bully me.

Thing is, after more than a decade away from school, I can't even remember any of those people's names, let alone their faces or voices or whatever. Sure, I remember a few of my old schoolmates (if just by name) because they played some major role in shaping the person I would become, but I don't remember them well (usually just by name or a vague recollection of appearance).

That's life. Life, in and of itself, is fucked up. Get used to it.
>> No. 391176
>> No. 391177
Good luck.


>click link
>expect cozy, possibly fancy, outer wear. Possibly smoking jacket
>see some guy

Anon, you've diddled me again.
At least human skin books are always a good read.
You can't take away from me!



Also, fuck joggers. If you see a damn car, MOVE OFF THE ROAD.
Don't wave a damn flashy light and think that I should vier into the other lane just so you can have the comfort of a paved road under your feet.
>> No. 391178
File 139722484593.jpg - (44.66KB , 640x360 , 2d.jpg )
I think about this a lot. I find it especially interesting that my first break up was really hard for me and all I can specifically remember about that relationship were the bad things that happened. I can't specifically remember a single good moment, only vague recollections of something nice happening. It's bizarre
>> No. 391181
You all sound like you've lived very short lives.
>> No. 391186
>Playing TF2
>We're poking fun at a guy for using the term "wavy" in place of "cool"
>Someone says they aren't wavy because they were scared straight
>Without missing a beat, guy we were ribbing goes "You mean like someone pissing in your mouth!"
>Entire 32-person server cracks up
Apparently, A&E used to have a series about convicts trying to scare would-be-convicts straight, and one tactic was pissing in a guy's mouth or something (?!), and he managed to catch that episode. It was just hilarious how he instantly made that connection, and this guy is kinda stupid.
>> No. 391187
i have, yes
>> No. 391189
File 139726934783.gif - (1.69MB , 360x202 , tumblr_n3v9n9YwZp1t13isbo1_400.gif )
Lidia Valentin, holy shit awesome.
>> No. 391190
the date went really well, i think
although APPARENTLY my town's Yu-Gi-Oh locals take place at the local coffee shop on Friday nights
so that was interesting and fun (and good to know, i might get involved)
sighs i like her
>> No. 391191
Did you drop a "trap card" reference? If so, did she get it?
>> No. 391192
Nah, but we talked about card games a bit. She used to play Magic with some friends, while I've played Yu-Gi-Oh since I was like 13.
The card game community is basically identical to the FGC, which meant there was mad hype surrounding us, it was really fun+funny to listen to.
>> No. 391195
Friend might be a misogynist. Don't know what to do. Send help.

Do I just let him learn he's retarded the hard way (letting him get rejected and rightfully shit on over and over) or do I make an attempt to educate him? I don't really have the energy for this IRL.
>> No. 391196
If you don't want to try and help him out, don't. He'll either learn eventually, or he won't. If you're fine with those options, there's no real need for you to step in.
>> No. 391197
arguments aren't magic

if you care enough you can try, but don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work
>> No. 391200
Fuck. Quick recap: My folks bought a home north of me but can't move in until the Fall so I was going to live there in the meantime so it wasn't empty.

Today my mom contacted me and told me that the people currently living there still won't have their new house complete before their move out day (they had already arranged to continue living there until the end of May, but now it's extended beyond that.) What's more, my dad (pastor) has got a call to a church south of here, much further away, and if he accepts (he's here right now visiting with them, I think, before making the decision) then he'll live in their parsonage. My folks will still buy the home and just rent it out; problem is, it's highly unlikely I could afford the rent (looks like the area goes for 50-100% more than I pay right now.) I think he's going to accept, too, unless something really goes wrong during his visit.

Which is great for them, but I was looking forward to having a place completely to myself, if only for two or three months. Then I'd have a few months rent free as I waited for a room in my current place to open back up. I even started packing already (just one box today; but in the past I usually don't pack until the very last week so that was a change).

She said I could probably live in the (apparently large) basement, but it's even further from work than my last place was. While I could use the $600, it's not worth living in my parent's basement again with a longer commute.
>> No. 391204

I mostly wanted to say something because I don't feel like talking about the stuff or hearing his bullshit. Personally, I don't care if he does crash and burn because the dude is full of himself for no reason and has his head way, way up his ass sometimes. This goes far beyond the subject of just women, too. Dude needs a hard reality check (and I've given him one before) but I'm not sure if I'm the one to do it this time, and honestly, I don't know if I have the energy to keep doing it. You can blame part of this on him being really argumentative and I'm not in the mood to constantly get into arguments with friends.

He's also really desperate and probably pushy (which likely surprises no one). He's probably just really horny or whatever but will never admit to it, as much as he was pretending he was into his last girlfriend. It was a very self-absorbed relationship from what I understood.
>> No. 391206
Coming up with good names truly is the worst part of writing.
>> No. 391207
i got a real job and also today i turned 21.
>> No. 391208
I have to go back to my real job tomorrow :(
Happy birthday though!
>> No. 391209
Happy birthday. I keep forgetting how young you are. I shouldn't talk, though, I'm only 25...and only just turned 25 in the past month.

Hey, Slowpoke, what was the name of that JAV starring that girl with the phat ass? I dunno if you remember what I'm talking about, but you brought it up some months ago. I've been meaning to look into more of her work but forgot her name. posting this here instead of the sex thread because of convenience and he's right there.
>> No. 391211
File 139743377332.jpg?nsfw - (448.64KB , 1024x693 , 1372568145385.jpg?nsfw )
Maguro-037 starring Baba Nozomi.
Still haven't found a torrent, but I haven't looked in a few weeks.
>> No. 391212
File 139743591310.jpg - (40.69KB , 400x395 , artworks-000060590045-6bnsl5-crop[1].jpg )

The search is on again. Thanks.
>> No. 391216
Burns McKinsey is a proper name for any character. Or multiple characters.
>> No. 391220
I'm so glad Holy Week is also a vacation week on my country.

Happy Birthday! :3
>> No. 391226
File 139749739295.jpg - (22.43KB , 472x315 , 1394847335203.jpg )
>two days until final paper is due
>reading reviews of secondary sources I didn't have a chance to completely read so I could include more in the paper (which was one of the criticisms on my first draft) (this is bad research, children of +4, do not actually do this)
>one book is literally my thesis in book form
>and I didn't even read it

Well at least I'm not the only one who found this pattern going on but I bet my professors who did my criticisms were like "what the hell did anon just copy this guy's thesis and not even mention him" and here I didn't even realize it
>> No. 391231
File 139751772234.jpg - (227.02KB , 1280x722 , Jerb.jpg )
>stuffy nose
>horrid breath
>whines for food but will not eat.
>will not drink unless locked in the bathroom wirh the shower steaming the place up.

>> No. 391236
Take him to a vet. Cats not eating is a bad sign.
>> No. 391239
File 13975450698.jpg - (23.79KB , 500x464 , melon.jpg )
god damnit just date me already you fucking piece of shit
>> No. 391241
you smell
>> No. 391246
Fuck insomnia.
>> No. 391248
I just want to curl up in bed and watch Daria all day.
>> No. 391253
When I'm around people like that, I let them crash at least once. Then when they're complaining about it I just "drop a line of wisdom" and walk out of the room, or go back to whatever I'm doing just to do whatever it takes not to turn it into an argument.
>> No. 391268
Wonder con anyone?
>> No. 391297
Holy shit, we actually had a day (Apr 16th) with no CP posts.
>> No. 391298
I think I know why I odn't try to improve myself.
Somewhere along the way, I developed a fear that the effort won't be worth it. That somehow, even if I get great at something, I still won't be happy, so why bother.

How can I destroy this fear so I can move on?
>> No. 391300

If I knew, I'd tell you.
>> No. 391312
File 139779141319.jpg - (36.24KB , 392x400 , 134436771286.jpg )
>Jobi’s constipated.
>Very badly constipated.
>Vets had to take him overnight for a “manual depooping”.
>Whatever that is.
>Give them stool sample acquired on Friday, when symptoms were noticeable.
>Tell them it was in the fridge until Monday when Mom found it.
>Never heard a doctor laugh so hard.
>He’s also lost almost three kilos since his last checkup, 7.1 to 5.3.
>> No. 391316
>manual depooping
Think Cesarean section, but for poop instead of babies. I could always be wrong, but that has to be it.

Sorry to hear about your feline friend. Pet, hug or give as much affection as possible to the lil' bugger for me.
>> No. 391321
>He’s also lost almost three kilos since his last checkup, 7.1 to 5.3.

Uhm, what kind of cat do you have? Because unless it's one of those huge breeds like the Maine Coon, 7 Kg is definitely WAY too much.

An overweight cat is neither a healthy nor a happy cat. If the little buddy comes out OK from this connundrum, losing that weight actually would be a positive consequence.
>> No. 391322
File 139784909246.jpg - (44.71KB , 594x480 , battlecat_HE MAN.jpg )
>> No. 391324
Norwegian Forest. Second largest breed, oldest European, if I recall.
>> No. 391327
If it's anything like it is with humans, they don't cut open anything, they just go through the anus to kind of slowly dig it out bit by bit.
>> No. 391328
I would assume it is. Cutting someone open does serious trauma to the body, and it's better to avoid it in any situation possible.
>> No. 391333
>> No. 391334
File 139791864152.jpg?nsfw - (93.80KB , 960x960 , 1397913190731.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 391335
File 13979195733.jpg - (382.33KB , 1024x1590 , img001.jpg )
Now I don't object to that of body modding but I am curious if you have plugs for those so you can eat properly.

I know Jonah Hex has to eat on one side of his face otherwise it'd slip out.
>> No. 391336
If I saw that in person I'd scream like a little girl and run away.

I also have to wonder if it won't eventually stretch the patch that remains between it and the mouth to the point of snapping.
>> No. 391355
File 139800286077.jpg - (147.40KB , 722x1280 , jobi.jpg )
>Came home Friday
>Removed all poop except pictured.
>giving him three different kind of laxatives, new food to help him eat.
>Monday, getting groomed. Filthy, matted, clumpy hair all over, especially around bum.
>If no poop until Tuesday or Wednesday, back to the vet.
>If poop, hopefully begins grooming again.
>> No. 391357
At this point I bet the cat is like "please kill meeee"
>> No. 391358
>He pooped!
>All over my bed!
>Again! The little trooper!
>Mom has me carry him upstairs to clean him up, end up dunking him in the tub.
>The moans he made when his bum touched the water was Thing-Like
>Take him back downstairs, he hobbles onto my now bare-again bed
>Moans and whines for a moment, begins power grooming

>> No. 391359
Hooray for pooping!
>> No. 391360
File 139802278947.jpg - (149.99KB , 637x481 , 1274749261728.jpg )
>> No. 391363
inb4 it was all a ploy to poop on your bed without consequences
>> No. 391364
If only every serious feline malady could end in such hilarity.

This is just like my japanese animes. I bet he's the belle of the ball when he stops in at the local fuck'n'suck.
>> No. 391371
To be fair, he hasn't passed that last big one still in his gut yet. But the fact that I have to put a bunch of towels on my bed means his pipes are mostly unclogged, right?
>> No. 391373
I hate my mind. I can't wait for the day when it stops futilely trying to hold on to any semblance of life so I can stop caring completely and just spiral into a pile of walking depression and lose everything.

Life will become so much easier at that point. Well, in one sense: I'll just not give a shit about anything so I won't have any stress mental stress, only physical.
>> No. 391377
File 13981178517.png - (4.01KB , 291x248 , No hope.png )
>Two, three years ago
>Come home from Red Lobster, filthy, shivering with rage.
>Go to room to change out.
>Look at Lego on shelves and dresser and ottomans.
>Stop, stare.
>Finally change into jammies, sit down on bed and look at all that Bionicle.
>All that dust undoubtedly ruining my lungs, the money and life I've wasted collecting these.
>Realize with a start I've been staring at shelves for over two hours.
>Tears streaming, but no sadness or crying.

>Friend thanks me again for taking him to the hospital for a hernia
>Asks if I want to see transcendence
>Not really, looks dumb
>...but you wanted to see the lego movie
>I know, I gave up on it.
>proceeds to have an epiphany
>claims I hate problem-solving, action and reflexes in vidya
>I have the worst taste in anyone he has ever met
>calls me a complete fucking joke
>hasn't talked to me since.
>mfw I stared at my vidya for three hours after that
>mfw the same thoughts about lego again, but vidya
>mfw I remember my sister making fun of me for my shit taste in music.
>In one fell swoop I am absolutely demotivated to play anything or watch anything I enjoyed anymore.
>> No. 391378
I have become a fucking screamapillar. It's fucking pathetic.
>> No. 391380
File 139812286178.png - (622.28KB , 510x512 , 1360111363928.png )
At least you got blown the fuck out over your terrible, shitty, casual taste in everything now, and not 60 years down the line after a lifetime of buying shit-tier products and voting for shit-tier politicians.

Welcome to the patrician's club. We mentally justify the things we like with intense internal debate. Soon you'll be writing essays on why ME1 was fantastic and how Iron Man 2 was amazing.
>> No. 391381
File 139812619576.gif - (237.98KB , 400x388 , was it a bad fight.gif )

Oh geeze.

But hey, Transcendence only has a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes so I'd say you dodged a bullet.
>> No. 391382
Jesus, Johnny can't catch a break lately.
>> No. 391385
You shouldn't worry about others' approval for what hobbies make you happy. If you had fun with the Bionicle and LEGO, you didn't "waste" anything. Life's too short to live it for other people, 13. As long as it doesn't hurt others, do what pleases you.
Feeling guilty for your pleasures won't make you have "better" taste, you'll just keep being upset for being who you are. And that's stupid.
Have fun, even if it's nerdy shit for dumb gay babies.
I liked Transcendence. Not amazing, but pretty darn interesting imo.
>> No. 391390

Alla that first bit. If someone makes you feel ‘guilty’ about enjoying a movie, book, piece of music, videogame or other form of entertainment/hobby, that someone wants to make themselves feel better about their own tastes (and make themselves feel better about their own life choices, by extension).

Sheeeeeeeeeeit, I still listen to a handful of fuckin’ Debbie Gibson songs on a fairly regular basis and watch pro wrestling at least once a week — but no one will ever make me feel guilty about those things.

If you like Legos, play with Legos. If you like My Little Pony, enjoy watching the technicolor pones. So long as you don't try to force your tastes upon others and don't hurt anyone with your hobbies/etc., you have nothing — AND THE ROCK MEANS NOTHING — over which to feel guilty and you have no reason to let others dictate your choices for entertainment and hobbies.
>> No. 391392
The Gatekeeperyoutube thumb
This seems appropiate.
>> No. 391394
File 13981955593.jpg - (68.84KB , 350x468 , 1379701303869.jpg )
The extent plebs will go to to not feel bad about their shit taste.
>> No. 391395
>Caring what people say over completely unimportant shit that you enjoy.

I found the problem. You think taste matters.
>> No. 391421
File 139827674994.gif - (377.58KB , 500x280 , excited_rolling_Mable.gif )
>senpai noticed me
>> No. 391424
what if someone is trying to make you feel guilty for enjoying someshit like bumfights or shopping at whole foods
>> No. 391433
File 139828901560.gif - (1.49MB , 400x225 , tumblr_n41gw5uUQ41tsmlpdo1_400.gif )


>> No. 391440
>Windows 8 sucks and isn't selling
>Xbox One sucks and isn't selling

Microsoft getting blown the fuck out.
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