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File 137974137356.jpg - (99.10KB , 1600x1066 , 2008.jpg )
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There seems to be a constant spread of arguments on /co/ (mostly during Korra threads) which seems to be either the reminiscing or denial of such an era in the board's history known as the "/co/ is love" era.

plus4chan seems to be used as an example of such a place where such "love" still remains from this so called era. Perhaps someone here could better assist me in understanding.

What do you know about this "/co/ is love" meme?
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>> No. 385341
I try to just ignore any thread I don't like, and for the most part, few threads actually bother me. At worst, they strike me as stupid and I just brush them off. All the different threads devoted to various species of anthro toons though... I don't hate them, but something about them creeps me out somehow. I have no problem with furries/anthro, but the "It's not a fetish thread! (Pssst, yes it is!)" thing that they have going on just weirds me out.

Maybe it's because I'm so used to people on the web just flaunting their weird kinks that the sight of people trying to veil it, however transparently, even if it's just to try and skirt mod attention, throws me for a loop.
>> No. 385343
There apparently was a Teen Titans thread that involved an ongoing fanfic with some OCs made a drawfag and sprinkled by the usual roleplay. A janitor didn't like, started nuking posts, and the drawfag got pissed and abandoned the board. A thread was made calling out the mods, and all sorts of stances were made by many a /co/mrade. Lots of people seemed to agree that Drawfag threads have turned into a grotesque circlejerk of artists with too much ego and the squad of fetishists begging them for scraps, and that everybody should be banned. Much butthurt ensued.
>> No. 385348
i don't see what this has to do with vorked

File 136357809579.jpg - (39.21KB , 576x432 , 1356957480337.jpg )
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What kind of website is this, amway?
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>> No. 379661
File 137087410260.png - (241.06KB , 1474x1138 , speedlines.png )
by way of >>377950

Oh great, just when I resign myself to never seeing/thinking about this, again...
>> No. 381901
File 137423552311.jpg - (359.14KB , 923x1036 , 1368828708768.jpg )
Can you teach a hammer to love nails?

This is vitally important to my current mental stake.
>> No. 385312
Also a cry for help:
I haven't seen Dasheer online since February. I'm worried IRL.

File 138058587657.png - (25.71KB , 825x440 , site.png )
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We're the 19th most popular chan website in the past 48 hours on the Internet. I am very proud of you all, plus4chan.

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>> No. 385225
We're coming for you, Feetschan.
>> No. 385280
we are the 0.1%
>> No. 385479
File 13815789618.jpg - (23.23KB , 275x221 , 266637m.jpg )
>Wizardchan and 4chon ranked higher

Feels good man.

Too many normalfags here.

File 137857247075.png - (195.06KB , 754x1017 , 1283124514_furseiseki_agreattaskipaw.png )
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So, like, I forgot what I was doing, so… *paw*

Also: needs more bears.

( ó㉨ò)
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>> No. 385156
Didn't know who it was exactly, I thought it was the husband, but I didn't want to concoct some wild story and have it offend someone.
>> No. 385157
Grain of salt, but, sometimes it helps to push back, define your own space. Not get violent, but, a little angry, with a solid list of grievances, and just to let 'em have it, full blast.

I know that doesn't really work against people like that but the thing is, if you never blow up, if you never get angry, if you never let them know that there is something horribly wrong with how they're treating you, they just keep treating you like that. They just keep walking on you. You have to make space for yourself to exist otherwise you'll be miserable.

File 138016813164.jpg - (36.04KB , 294x220 , beas face when.jpg )
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>Find a girl/guy (let's be honest, girl, because all girls already do this) who has just moved into town or gone off to college, who is lonely and without close friends.
>Wedge yourself into her life. Don't be too forward, just talk to her a lot and listen to what she has to say. She'll give you a lot of leeway.
>When it looks like she might be getting new friends, tell her a few 'secrets' about your life to give the illusion of a close relationship.
>Once she becomes close to you, become more sexually forward. If she responds negatively, deny her emotional satisfaction by slowing down contact and ignoring her for a while.
>98% of the time she'll break down and fuck you, or even agree to go out with you.

I have no idea why people complain about the friendzone, it's literally the easiest way to get laid ever. You should all try it.
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>> No. 385133
i sincerely hope people know i'm trolling with a famous tumblr copy pasta because that shit is insanely painful for me to read, even though i posted it.

"i'm not like the other girls" syndrome combined with prioritizing the male's desire as a way to value a person's worth. LONG LIVE THE PATRIARCHY.

>> No. 385135
its so bad

i thought it was about zoeey deschanel characters or smth

i mean i love my fucking books but this girl is just obsessed with escapism and ~poetry~ and tries so hard to inject meaningful narrative into a meaningless existence let us be real here
>> No. 385136

I actually kind of feel like dating misses the point a lot of the time. Like dating sets it up as "you meet someone, you like them, you ask them to spend long stretches of time with you in weirdly specific settings that provide way too much time for you two to be alone together and actually talk".

I find going out to places on the regular and then asking people if they want to come along works a little better. Even if they say no, you're still going somewhere, possibly with friends. It's like I don't know that I've seen too many "dates" in the classical sense really work out.

File 138060129777.png - (43.94KB , 820x568 , excelsior2.png )
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Have there been any cases where a cartoon show's animators have produced porn of the show? Like, while the rest of the staff aren't looking, the animators create what they call 'show promotional material' because the writers don't know what it really means?

No relevant picture.
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>> No. 385110

Yeah, animated porn's a whole other thing, and I don't think even pro animators could do that without getting caught unless they did it at home or whatever.
>> No. 385111
Just looked up the storyboard
>Allegedly, other animators were displeased with Ressel's additions to the plot,

I mean, it was a nice, relatively clean plot but then he just hogs it and makes it an illegal sex scene. Of course they think he's a fucktard.
>> No. 385124
I heard this is from an animator, yes.

Also, there's that one story about a Mickey porn cartoon they made for Disney's birthday. He watched it, had a good laugh and then fired the SHIT out of people, if I recall.

File 136974199571.jpg - (149.61KB , 631x426 , IMAG0002.jpg )
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ITT anything pet related.

Pictured is my cat, who drools when he's happy.
Is that normal?
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>> No. 384934
File 13800821489.jpg - (115.61KB , 960x717 , 1240114_10102202487628939_1419370463_n.jpg )
Spamming him everywhere, but I adopted this ridiculous animal last month.
>> No. 384961
From the thumbnail, I thought that was a dog.
>> No. 385043
All the cats I want to adopt keep getting adopted at the rescue I volunteer at.

It's kinda depressing. ._.

File 137826803281.jpg - (188.22KB , 1200x1807 , Oi.jpg )
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Hey, you.
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>> No. 384907
File 137996674266.gif - (359.69KB , 500x420 , 1359079019390.gif )
>> No. 384920
File 138001161075.gif - (308.18KB , 496x278 , Oknhce9.gif )
>> No. 384925
File 138004195737.gif - (1.07MB , 200x112 , Dead-Leaves__03--Drinking-Time.gif )

File 137909051082.jpg - (126.26KB , 537x684 , keyboardwarriors2.jpg )
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MRAs, this is why no one will ever take you seriously:

Debating MRA leader John Hembl…youtube thumb

Here's an hour and a half of one of the LEADERS of the MRM being completely trampled by a real man in a live debate.

Watch out for:
• Not knowing what goes on in his own community
• Admitting he and other MRAs do exactly what feminists do when confronted with dissent: censorship after demonizing the other party as "violent"
• Pseudo-intellectual condescension while burping, giggling, and flying off the handle
• Demanding the other party not talk over him, while talking over the other party
• Demanding the other party not call names after calling names
• Whining like a little bitch

Remember, this is a LEADER OF MRAs, a representative of his movement. And this is what the MRM is all about? Lies and cowardice? Are any of you surprised?
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>> No. 384502
Your post is ruined by your excessive use of the words "fag(got)" and "bitch". Please delete this thread, and its duplicate, and try again.
>> No. 384509
this post is bad and you should feel bad.

File 137811828854.jpg - (63.89KB , 815x622 , DERP.jpg )
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>> No. 384241

Anonex ate all the cookies, then slipped into a diabetic coma.
>> No. 384247
There's a postmaster somewhere surrounded by cookie boxes laughing his ass off as he shovels them into his mouth. Not the cookies by the way, the whole boxes.
>> No. 384293
File 137872221943.png?spoiler - (680.02KB , 1008x380 , SB.png?spoiler )
There's only one way to wake him up.

File 137733589298.png - (349.43KB , 576x416 , nobrainsinthisone.png )
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Zombie edition.
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>> No. 384186
i'm all pale and chubby and after 9 months of being too poor for a gym and knowing no one irl who'll play sports with me i've lost most of my muscle definition
i tried calisthenics for a few weeks but ugh it's so boring by yourself i hate it

maybe when i get fit again
>> No. 384190
i got fit without a gym before i started doing aerial acrobatic stuff in one
>> No. 384254
Yeah... well not everyone has insane metabolism.

File 137756195560.png - (15.96KB , 250x274 , NSA2.png )
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Hackers just cracked an NSA server and stole 2.5 billion dollars worth of NSA software.

P2P websites just became worthless.
SSL is now easily decryptable.
HTTPS is no longer S.

For fucks sake NSA, why do you have to be evil AND incompetent.

Here, have some hacking software for yourself.
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>> No. 383615
Just on a cursory glance, it seems very unlikely that this is everything the reports are making it out to be. Generally illegal downloads of this caliber are rarely left up for long, even as torrents. I've seen government-grade forensic software get nuked from private torrent trackers in the space of 4 hours. This has been up for 6 with no peep. This seems like an elaborate scam more than an actual release.

>install gentoo

and of course, the professionalism is comforting.
>> No. 383647
So uh, since this seems to be a good thread for it, what's an actually secure chat program?
>> No. 383648


File 137193675539.jpg - (39.73KB , 460x243 , Pile-of-Makeup.jpg )
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Is there enough interest in cosmetics here to justify a makeup thread? If so, MAKEUP GENERAL.

I am just now learning how to contour my face and I have no idea what I'm doing.
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>> No. 383471
They're unpolished.
>> No. 383474
File 137733255083.jpg - (67.75KB , 525x394 , rimshot.jpg )
>> No. 383483
File 137734816957.jpg - (53.25KB , 297x297 , (16-55)_018.jpg )

File 137611515619.jpg - (33.79KB , 500x342 , Mb4bd51099048ed26b6060f821e0fbabc[1].jpg )
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Seriously though, Eat your roommate.
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>> No. 383472
Better than owing monies to the government.
>> No. 383473
no you misunderstand.
i'm the one who's starved. famished. ravenous. I AM A MAN. I HAVE NEEDS.
>> No. 383478
It's a wedding, man. Do one of the bridesmaids.

File 137645966888.jpg - (75.38KB , 504x504 , 1376023563066.jpg )
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Miley Cyrus says she's not in the Illuminati which is totally what someone in the Illuminati would say


pic unrelated
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>> No. 383079
He's back already?

Well, at least they're better than the The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers.
>> No. 383081
I think it was a short visit is all.
>> No. 383082
>It's not really that trippy to make you think this is some subliminal message or it's brainwashing you.
Well if it made me think that it wouldn't be subliminal.

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