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File 13553600505.jpg - (634.58KB , 3000x2189 , wRx0X.jpg )
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Screencap Thread?
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>> No. 389931
Life is a lot more enjoyable when you stop trying to pick apart every imageboard post as true or false.
>> No. 389935

>"You're welcome. But before you go, I'd like to ask you something."
>"The Tsimtsum sank on July 2nd, 1977."
>"And I arrived on the coast of Mexico, the sole human surviwor of the Tsimtsum, on February 14th, 1978."
>"That's right."
>"I told you two stories that account for the 227 days in between."
>"Yes, you did."
>"Neither explains the sinking of the Tsimtsum."
>"That's right."
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>> No. 389941
Life's a lot more enjoyable when you stop reading imageboards.

File 139180505125.jpg - (128.20KB , 964x650 , olympic opening.jpg )
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Opening was fucking badassss!
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>> No. 389909
yea the size impressed me with how they worked.
>> No. 389911
File 139325327633.gif - (5.79MB , 549x300 , moving floor.gif )
Was slightly buzzed when watching that and the moving floor blew my mind.
>> No. 389921
That fuggin' ceremony was gorgeously done.

File 139148168729.png - (0.98MB , 997x557 , 1390444152588.png )
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Old thread was starting to sink again and I've been waiting to use this image so here.
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>> No. 389947
File 139336027347.gif - (1.54MB , 230x178 , over here.gif )
He sings, too.
>> No. 389950
b-but ferrous i'm in love with haw haw you fucking nerds
>> No. 389974
You fucking bastard.

File 13921474941.jpg - (33.34KB , 640x480 , Auburn 6.jpg )
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Have you ever been in a fistfight before?
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>> No. 389895
Only during high school. Outside of one incident, I don't think any girls were ever sent directly to a hospital afterward, but they were still surprisingly violent. I don't remember any guy fights resulting in as much blood flying around.
>> No. 389896
Seen two. They grabbed each other's hair and started with uppercuts. It lasted for a minute before started crying.
>> No. 389897
File 139321586146.jpg - (348.37KB , 700x500 , 1336265323131.jpg )
A few, the most recent two happening during Summer 2013. Both were full-on dust-ups transpiring across several city blocks, with a crowd surrounding the fighters & encouraging them on.

Not exaggerating.

File 138949821414.jpg - (44.20KB , 300x300 , 1349067346130.jpg )
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>Are you going to stand there, fiddling with your phone or sit down and socialize with us? What do you have at home that’s so important?

Lemme ask you. Do you honestly think I want to be here until past midnight, listening to you get drunk and loud?

>We are here because your sister is leaving tomorrow and we are saying goodbye.

I was told we were eating over. I have told you this repeatedly. I expect to go there, eat, and then leave. I didn’t want to eat and listen to you laugh and talk for four hours while I sit here like a jackass.

>What are you so antsy for that you just need to leave?

I'm going to hang out with friends from the internet and watch funny videos.

>Oh, so strangers then?
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>> No. 389098
i don't like ice cream, i have failed in my duty as a fat woman and must commit sudoku. just promise me you'll visit my grave every week to whisper dragon age inquisition spoilers at my headstone.
>> No. 389102
Don't kill yourself bby. You have so much to live not so long for.
>> No. 389413
>No one likes fat men for being fat, so no one should like fat women for being fat either. If we can't have this, feminism has failed.

You just gotta hang out on the darker corners of the internet.

File 138670301018.jpg - (147.35KB , 800x450 , 4chan an.jpg )
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Old one autosaging.

ACA continues being successful.
>The Affordable Care Act forces companies with more than 50 workers to buy them all health insurance or pay hefty fines
>The IRS says volunteer firefighters are 'employees,' even though the Department of Labor says they're 'volunteers'
>Out of more than 1 million fire departments in the U.S., 87 per cent are staffed entirely or mostly by life-saving volunteers
>'A public safety disaster'

Kill all men.
>Archie Comics CEO Nancy Silberkleit is accused by her male employees of gender discrimination such as referring to them as 'penis' instead of by name
>But Silberkleit contends that the case should be tossed out because white males are not 'a protected class'.
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>> No. 388918
Interviewers usually ask the person they talk to how to spell their names. At least they did the one time I was interviewed.
>> No. 388922
Nah; she just wrecks air. Aang better watch out!
>> No. 388966
Maybe she's named in honor of an airplane wreck?

File 138815099078.jpg - (122.66KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
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Which name/tripfag do you hate the most?
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>> No. 388209
I'll Be Right Hereyoutube thumb

>> No. 388484
[spoiler] I don't really care for /co/ now but back when it was a fun place to be in, that fucker who always spammed ruby gloom. Nonfucking stop. Sadly it's still better than some of best threads on /co/ currently. [spoiler]
>> No. 388708
You're thinking of Misery Gloom. One of my favorites. The "M" in TMC.

File 138723439328.jpg - (110.34KB , 600x633 , 1376754094196.jpg )
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Back in my day people used to fight over who would make the next SYM thread before it stopped bumping.
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>> No. 388336
At least slowpoke wasn't around.
>> No. 388337
slowpoke was always around, it just took awhile to start posting

File 138883884184.jpg - (9.18KB , 250x231 , happening.jpg )
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>> No. 388094
[s4s] pls leave
or stay
thats fine too
>> No. 388100
ebic mene bernd
>> No. 388512

File 138580237266.png - (531.14KB , 683x533 , spc.png )
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-what are you nerds doing to finish out your year
-blue balls christmas
-new yearz no kissu
-2014 goals general

pic related, I'm spending the rest of my year on ADVENTURE and eating nachums
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>> No. 388020
I had to go to my late aunt's funeral. She could not make it to 2014 and passed away 15 days ago.

It was a sad christmas for me and my family and relatives.
>> No. 388038
I'm so sorry to hear that.
>> No. 388081
Christmas was ok, the usual evening family meeting, and while I preferred to have something a bit bigger, I felt fine.

But new year...
New year was great!
I always celebrate the new year with my friends, this year we decided to celebrate it at my place, just like we did a decade ago.
And it was great, and even a friend surprised us with one of those small paper balloons and we tried to made it fly, yet luck laught at us.
But regardless of that it was a great celebration.

File 138846357794.gif - (4.61KB , 600x60 , graffiti_htm_cmp_rmnsque010_bnr[1].gif )
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>I.2.20 (Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio); 3932: Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
>> No. 387942
>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1880: The man I am having dinner with is a barbarian.
We've all been there.
>> No. 387946
>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1811: A small problem gets larger if you ignore it.


File 13883727167.gif - (19.19KB , 240x200 , 1388356882838.gif )
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Does anyone still use this site?
new user
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>> No. 387936
No. This site is just haunted. By Internet Ghosts.
>> No. 387938
>> No. 388220
File 138917711877.jpg - (83.66KB , 400x400 , 1294452566091.jpg )
It's true, remember the Ghost Bumper?

File 138778632684.jpg - (313.51KB , 1280x956 , coz.jpg )
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why is everyone so mad

let's be comfy comfy feels only.

I'm in a bundle of blankets reading a book and listening to drive. comfy 7/10
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>> No. 387841
sounds like a plan. I now know how I'll furnish my next apartment.
>> No. 387843
File 138824978477.gif - (261.97KB , 1217x852 , 1387299943701.gif )
I could post this in the gif thread, but really, this belongs here.
>> No. 387855
File 138828071898.png - (2.66MB , 1730x2137 , 1388269057842.png )

MusucBag is the original sleeping bag with arms and legs. The perfect evolution of the traditional mummy sleeping bag. A MusucBag is designed for maximum comfort, mobility and above all a good night´s sleep.


File 138814414017.gif - (76.38KB , 876x555 , 609.gif )
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>> No. 387819
Back to ylilauta

File 138713927612.jpg - (158.66KB , 920x615 , 98a.jpg )
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Can we have a thread for this?

- Favorite Book
- Favorite Comic
- Favorite Film
- Favorite Album
- Favorite Show
- Favorite Videogame
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>> No. 387560
this is really hard
1. One of my favorite books is Terence McKenna's Archaic Revival. I didn't know very much about it when I first opened it, I had never done drugs. Dune is my favorite science fiction/fantasy, but that's a hard call to make really.
2. Comic uhm i don't know
3. too hard. what kind of favorite? i want to project The Holy Mountain on my living room walls, Point Break and True Romance I can watch a hundred times and still feel giddy about, The Act of Killing and Zoo are fabulous documentaries, this is stupid.
4. ugh not even starting with this one. I'd say MMOB have made some of my definitve favorite albums though.
5. Star Trek the wow series
6. Videogames?
>> No. 387630
File 13877984569.jpg - (92.80KB , 640x352 , skins_s03e04_ws_pdtv_xvid-organic_avi_001135080.jpg )
- Favorite Book
>Universla history of infamy
- Favorite Comic
>Mort Cinder
- Favorite Film
>Paths of glory
- Favorite Album
Pixies- Doolitle
- Favorite Show
Babylon 5
- Favorite Videogame
Eh, um, er...SMB3?
>> No. 387631
File 138780288346.gif - (494.70KB , 500x265 , sounds good to me.gif )
>Venus in Furs
>I don't have a favourite comic but my favourite ~illustrated piece~ is http://s2b2.livejournal.com/142934.html#
>The Fall, Welcome to Dongmakgol or The Life Aquatic
>Alopecia by Why?
>The Thock of It, Black Books or Father Ted
>Dragon Age lol

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