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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

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378268 No. 378268
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>> No. 378291
Mods discussion only?
>> No. 378297
Maybe everyone is just happy with 4chan right now. Or no one goes to it anymore.
>> No. 378303
The past two days on /v/ have been great.
>> No. 378305
File 136927227245.jpg - (124.47KB , 600x446 , HABBEDING.jpg )
>/sp/ mods being even bigger cock hawks than usual
>random bans and deletions, everything except game threads and generals are likely to be deleted
>people keep trying to shitpost in retaliation
>boring generals with random shortlived splerg of shitposting
>everything is terrible and fun is no longer allowed
>CL finals are coming up

Mods (and flags) are truely the cancer of /sp/.
>> No. 378314
I'm not happy but the same complains still being valid months after months kind of ran me dry of complaints to make that aren't copy pasta.
>> No. 378508
File 136949401099.png - (45.26KB , 1050x299 , animu.png )
>> No. 378527
someone was saying how the tumblrettes would descend on /a/ with the new season of such and such a show, and I found myself thinking "how could more of a womans' touch possibly hurt those motherfuckers more than they hurt themselves?"
>> No. 378547
File 136953467993.png - (72.58KB , 260x315 , hjyserjteah.png )
Neckbeards and Legbeards mix like bleach and ammonia. It never made anything better.

They're right, though. Being a woman is great... provided you're attractive and between the ages of 16 and 22. It's a fucking hellzone in every other case. If I was a girl and I wasn't incredibly attractive, I'd want to kill myself.
>> No. 378553
>Neckbeards and Legbeards mix like bleach and ammonia. It never made anything better.
>implying mustard gas killing /a/ wouldn't make it better
>when everything is cleared and all the idiots dead, rational people can discuss anime

Quickly, someone find out the formula for killing /v/. I need it.
>> No. 378576
>They're right, though. Being a woman is great... provided you're attractive and between the ages of 16 and 22. It's a fucking hellzone in every other case. If I was a girl and I wasn't incredibly attractive, I'd want to kill myself.

Nope, not even then.
>> No. 378578
Not even if you're tremendously attractive because no-one will ever take you seriously. Plus 50% of people will just want to fuck you, the other 50% will resent you to some degree.
>> No. 378580
Has somebody told you that? Because you sure as fuck aren't talking out of personal experience.
>> No. 378586
I can understand your bitterness, but
> no-one will ever take us seriously
>100% of people are biased against women in some way or form
I think women like you are part of the reason we're not taken more seriously.
>> No. 378610
File 136962089395.png - (316.09KB , 863x485 , Rainbow_Dash_Sad_S2E15.png )
What happened to the old thread?
>> No. 378611
File 13696234194.gif - (1.86MB , 200x150 , WWE_2013-04-07_10_Careful-What-You-Wish-For.gif )

It got sent to Hell.
>> No. 378660
Of course I'm not talking from experience, I'm fat. I will generally be treated like ass regardless of how otherwise attractive I am. However, I do have eyes, ears, and modest observational skills.
>> No. 378691
Again, I understand your bitterness, but
>I do have eyes, ears, and modest observational skills.
>make a sweeping generalization about the entire human population
>> No. 378695
It was an exaggeration for effect, anon. I did not mean that if you are an attractive woman, exactly 3.5billion people will want to fuck you and 3.5billion people will resent you. Come on now son, most people don't need disclaimers to realise that sometimes people say things that aren't word for word literally true, even if they are bizarrely fixing for a pointless internet arguement.
>> No. 378720
It's not so much that as the implication that we're social pariahs (which we are in some places)
But I apologize regardless, both for my incompetence and aiding in derailing the thread.
>> No. 378730
So I was just thinking the other day...
I was lucky enough to be a contributing part of /co/ during its "golden age" of sorts, but left after I started to find it unbearable.
I feel kinda silly, but the thing that saddens me the most is the thought that future /co/mrades (god, haven't used that word in years) won't have the same community filled with creative energy to reinforce the enjoyment of their favorite series.
Or maybe that's the nostalgia.
I heard somewhere that /co/ was reforming, and I visited recently, but was met with nothing but waifu threads. Maybe I caught them at a bad time, but I feel that I would have been disappointed regardless of what I found due to nostalgia goggles.
>> No. 378768
Here's a protip: if you want a community to improve, become a part of it, and do your best to improve it. Don't beg for things. Do it yourself. Or else you won't get anything.
>> No. 378818
Well, I actually did participate regularly, and then did my best to "steer it in a better direction " to try and set something of an example on a regular basis for roughly two years after I began to find the place intolerable. My threads tended to be received positively, but didn't cause any noticeable impact, perhaps because they weren't good enough, or perhaps because of the changing environment and the newer posters not responding in the way I would have hoped.
Eventually, I realized it was eating up way too much of my time and effort to do it daily, and I visited less and less, until I stopped altogether--given how much time I used to waste, it could have been a blessing in disguise anyway.
Anyway, despite the point of this thread, my post was more out of feeling oddly wistful than wanting to complain.
>> No. 378822

Easy to say, almost impossible to achieve. Especially when 4chan is so much like the lowest common demeanor when it comes to niche interests.

I mean, the large groups behave just like kids on MTV would or something. Flavor of the month, everything is shit, we are smart, everybody else is dumb, rabble rabble!
>> No. 378830
> become a part of it, and do your best to improve it. Don't beg for things. Do it yourself.

curious to see how you believe this work in practice. You don't improve a nob of people by just acting different from them.
>> No. 378897
Flying against the swarm directly is often a losing battle. True impact is often lost to the masses, especially in one of the last great bastions of the Internets' "Id", places where nothing is forbidden and everything is allowed.

If I could put the best methodology, imo, into a single phrase, I think it would have to be "don't get angry". This is kind of about trolling, but it's also kind of about the fact that a perfectly legitimate conversation generally does devolve into a shit-flinging insult-a-thon. And we like that, as people, we like that emotional payment we get in the form of righteous indignation; somebody is wrong on the internet and I am winning the debate.

But it's not really about winning. Not here. Yeah I beat the other persons' points down into the ground and called them a fag and where does that really get me? Do they really ever stop and consider what I have to say when I do that? Or do they just resent me for dominating them in the fight? I'm still running in the special olympics here and my point probably didn't even come across.

Keeping your cool online is difficult. You can read so much stuff that is just stupid, ignorant, racist, misinformed, bullshit, and a half a dozen other words for "not technically correct". And that's just when you're arguing something that has a technical correctness, like a model specification. Arguments about ethereal things like Emotions or God usually devolve much more quickly.

But you can't really make anyone believe anything, you can only make them think. And that is best done by presenting a viewpoint they may not have considered before. Not angrily, not with hostility, but rather trying to explain why it is that you believe the way you do. Perhaps, if you do not insult your opponent, they may actually respect your tone enough to consider your viewpoint.

But it is not the kind of attitude I would attempt to stare down all the racists on /b/ with. Some fights are insurmountable, especially online where the most oft used weapon is undoubtedly "harsh language". Such change as that will have to come without from the posters' own personal lives before it will come from within, and it is rare that a paragraph has so moved a man that he has abandoned all his good hunting and drinking buddies that he will recant all his friends.

I think this is the best method; do not treat others' opinions as pure madness and nonsense, even if they are barking.
>> No. 378899
sage for longwinded pretentious bullshit
>> No. 378911
anyone else cant access the site from mobiles?
>> No. 378928
The waifu cancer must stop. Even mother fucking /ck/ is starting to have them. /co/ is now literally 50% waifu with people who actively shitpost and highjack threads that aren't waifushit. Fuck.
>> No. 378942
I can, but I can't turn off the quick reply function so I have to manually copy and paste the post number if I want to respond to something.
>> No. 378955
This is kind of a weird question but were you a Space Ghost thread person? I remember there was a period where there were some really great Space Ghost threads and the anon making them said he just wanted to improve the board and maybe influence others to do the same.
>> No. 378958
Well, I been a regular contributor for 3 years, and have nothing to really complain about. That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".

And if the site really downgraded, here is a question: does this place provide a good alternative? When I make threads here, nobody wants to post, because nobody cares. At least on regular /co/ there are a few people who might share my interests.

ALSO, I thought this was a thread about moderation.
>> No. 378961
>Some guy starts an ass thread and threatens to flip the table and delete it because of a few people posting Violet

>> No. 378965
>> No. 378978
>Well, I been a regular contributor for 3 years, and have nothing to really complain about. That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".
That's pretty interesting--perhaps it has to do with when each of us first went to /co/. Though I confess to possibly being under the influence of nostalgia goggles, I do remember that "golden age" to have a much higher standard for threads. I would take a break from it every now and then, but would still find it fun and familiar when I came back.
After this period ended, I remember coming back and finding it virtually unrecognizable.
But that just from my perspective.
I do feel that there has been a more than noticeable decline in quality, but I don't really blame any particular group of people for it. I think it's more that 4chan has grown a bit more in the public eye and therefore attracted a greater range of people, including younger teens. The time I visited recently, the board more closely resembled a youtube comment section than what I remembered.
But again, perhaps it's just my rose-tinted glasses of the old days.
>> No. 378981
There's a pretty reasonable explanation for that, being that as a shitty teen you tend to be more tolerant towards shitty teen posts. But as you grow older, not so much anymore.
>> No. 378995
Look who's talking.
>> No. 379024
If I had to guess, he probably wanted an ass thread, not a pedo thread.
>> No. 379035
It's not 4chan imo, it's the internet around it. 4 years ago, good place for content were rare and hardly populated. People would actually dig through tons of moonrunes blog to find goo art download it, then put it on 4chan for everyone.
Nowaday, we have tumblr, facebook and tons of pornographic aggregators. People don't have to dig, and when they find stuff, they use 4chan more or less as an ad banner to get people to get it on its original place.
The concept of "4channer" is now lost, since people are actually more emotionally linked to more socially rewarding places, and come on 4chan to feel a little bit more special and attract people to their place.
So in the end, the flow of data has been inverted. People used to go on 4chan to make discoveries, now they are just going there to get links for better sites.
>> No. 379042
I meant to say that it now attracts more teens, and not that I was a shitty teen. Although I was.
However, I got the sense that by being surrounded by people that weren't shitty teens, I gradually got assimilated into the culture. Whereas now, I get the impression the shitty part is no longer the minority, and thus the non-shitty part is what adapts to the shitty part, and not the other way around like I feel it used to.
My being a shitty teen may very well have been a part of it, but I'm fairly positive that the decline in quality has been real.
>> No. 379044

How is dis possebull?
>> No. 379052
/vg/ is only shit for people with shit taste.
>> No. 379053
So you're fucking retarded, we all know this already. Say something surprising.
>> No. 379070
Great comeback. You sure showed him up good. But no really, the quality of /vg/ depends entirely on the generals you frequent.
>> No. 379103
Thanks man, I thought for a long time which synonym of stupid to use.
And /vg/ sucks. A board of threads all acting like a board with all the memes and "culture" and clique mentality of it crammed in just makes it a quantum shit pile.

Sure, this general might be OK, and that game's generals are OK, but this is a lump average of the whole board and there's far more worst parts of /v/ there than there are good parts of /v/.
>> No. 379282
/pol/ are making a nuisance of themselves in /tg/. Nothing they can't handle, though.
I still storytime there just so I know that, for a few hours at least, there'll be one less crappy thread on the front page.
>That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".
Even when I first started lurking on /co/, there was this talk about "daytime /co/" and "nighttime /co/", and one was better than the other for some nebulous reason that I could never figure out.
>> No. 379286
Back in the day (waaaaay back) nighttime /co/ was about 50/50 North America/Europe. Most of the discussion around these hours was more mature/thought-out, in part because the board was slower and in part because the posters involved seemed to be older (and also less likely to be interested in most cartoons, topics were mostly about comics.)

IMO, back then "Daytime /co/" was still fine, but you were more likely to see multiple threads for the same thing on Page 1, spam, shitposting, stupid discussions, etc. Not nearly as bad as it seems now, though.
>> No. 379398
This also has factors in the "cartoons and comics should split" debate.
>> No. 379412
how is that a debate? it always comes in threads where people want to legitimate their shitposting by antagonizing the other half of hte board. Typically now it's about calling people who hate your favorite waifu cartoon "capefag" or people who dislike your comics "tumblr"
>> No. 379433

/tg/ can't handle anything. In fact, they propably ignore it, declare it board related, make a quest thread about it and try to shoehorn it into some Universe/stupid selfmade RPG.

/tg/ is like a time capsule ... nothing ever changes, deep down.
>> No. 379441
Mods are finally cracking down on cosplay threads outside of /cgl/. I hope this is permanent.
>> No. 379455
Word. Now they need to hit books about cartoons outside of /lit/, movies about superheroes outside of /tv/, video game music threads outside of /mu/, hur durpa frrrrrrrt
That's you. That's what's coming out of your mouth.
>> No. 379458
Not really complaining, but GUYS LOOK AT THIS:
>> No. 379462
>> No. 379507
Except all of those threads come without drama. And I also kinda agree with the movie threads outside of /tv/.
>> No. 379511
File 137059545968.jpg - (23.58KB , 300x323 , 1341472065998.jpg )
>anime n' manga vs toons and comics thread on /co/
>> No. 379567
they come with porn most of the time, and also cycle once finished even if literally nobody posted except the image dumper.
They are shitposting by nature.
>> No. 379597
File 137072282125.jpg - (30.57KB , 393x189 , tomoko_02.jpg )
I think it's time for me to stop going to 4chan. It's far too popular these days and filled with sexist drivel. Nobody contributes anything anymore, either.

It sucks to be a girl and see all this garbage, I know it's 4chan and it's to be expected occasionally, but it was never this frequent until recently.

All the spin-off boards haven't been doing too well either. The age of the anonymous message board is over, I guess.
>> No. 379603
File 137073245586.jpg - (41.26KB , 400x300 , ehh.jpg )
Well, it is summer. Even so, so long as people think there's no repercussion for their actions, they're going to spout asinine drivel they wouldn't otherwise (maybe). I realise that's a rather apathetic view of the internet, but aside from arguing with political wankers or whatever it is that personally ticks you off, there's nothing you or I can do. Your best bet for a carefree internet experience is to ignore the bad parts and cherish the good ones. If that means not visiting a site for a while because there's more awful bits than you can put up with, that may be best.
>> No. 379620
File 137079914036.jpg - (423.46KB , 2048x1376 , 1335259318156.jpg )
I'm also pretty done with 4chan. I only browse /toy/. There's a ton of shitposting and I'm getting sick of reporting it all because there's just so much. I'm not even kidding.


This was one of the more recent horrible examples. It's a bad thread to begin with but look at all the posts about /a/. This goes on in almost every thread about Japan-related shit nowadays. I always report it and hide it but it's getting to the point when I report so much of it in a thread I don't even feel like participating in it afterwards

I know this sounds like I'm someone who reports every little thing but I'm really not, there's just always a ton of these weird spam-y shitposts
>> No. 379629
Oh great. Janitors with personal vendettas are always fun.
>> No. 379630
Sad to hear, but fully understandable. These sites act as a draw for the horrible "id" of humanity, those terrible feelings and passions everyone keeps bottled up. Gazing into the spattering is generally not helpful, and only grants true vision in the most obtuse of senses. Looking at someones' pain made manifest is never a pleasant thing, and all the more unpleasant for being dressed up as anything more than simple pain.

It is a shame we would lose your voice but, it would not be so bad for you.
>> No. 379655
File 13708677943.gif - (2.55MB , 640x360 , 1359677164191.gif )
I told someone on /v/ he might be taking videogames a bit too seriously. I wasn't prepared for the shitstorm.
>> No. 379663
Could you link to the thread on the Love is Over archive?
>> No. 379689
Sorry I didn't really keep a bookmark on it. It was in one of those gaming "journalism" threads. I think the OP image was the Giant Bomb crew.
>> No. 379694
How come that every thread about a major superhero movie turns into a mini-/v/an? No, seriously, I go in there and be the tone and way of argument I think I'm on on /v/. Christ, why?
>> No. 379695
because most of those threads are viral marketers applying the ame recipe they use on /v/ to create a buzz.
>> No. 379708
And Super Hero movies are like the Angry Birds and Farmville of Comics.
With them comes wave after wave of newfag, casual, and moron claiming to be a fan of Marvel for a long time because they saw Dark Knight. Hilarious that you can't go to /tv/ either because they'll tell you from the other side of the fence to fuck off too.
>> No. 379770
File 137107805098.png - (98.85KB , 522x653 , Homr_cossc.png )
Not much /pol/ related, but Ukrainian IPs have been banned from 4chan for six months already. I'm afraid that I'll forget how to post until unban. Which will never happen.
>> No. 379803
What is even happening on /a/ right now?
>> No. 379805
Moot is drunk or something
>> No. 379810
File 137114408289.gif - (493.11KB , 490x273 , 1369409608798.gif )
>/v/ janitor deletes the only thread on the frontpage that's actually about videogames
>> No. 379827
File 137116608799.jpg - (15.88KB , 298x363 , 1143887001695.jpg )
/mlp/ is whining and trolling all over /q/ about the mods cracking down on their shit posting and porn
>> No. 379829
/co/ has become a maelstrom of trolling.
>> No. 379831
File 137117321165.png - (2.05MB , 1008x1484 , 1371172798555.png )
What did they do to this meme? Yeesh.
>> No. 379833
got banned again ;_;
>> No. 379860
sunburned to death. welcomed to Summer 4chan, were meme are a religion and board an excuse to be stupid.
>> No. 379951
Summer 4chan is a fucking myth. It's the same shit all year.
>> No. 379957
"summer 4chan is a myth" is a myth. Been lurking there 10 hours a day for enough years to see the difference. Basically everyday become as shitty as weekends, eliminating the few hours of actual discussion the place gets during working hours
>> No. 379967
File 137144373534.gif - (918.56KB , 245x154 , 1363310517187.gif )
>that one guy in /mu/ that spams every attempted sharethread with shitty Swedish gospel and nursery songs

How can one fanny fandango have so much cocking Swedish shit on his hard-drive? Where does he even find this garbage?
>> No. 379996

but moot himself has said that the traffic in the summer is largely same as it is in the other season
>> No. 380013
Lately I've been wondering if the increased level of shitposting during summer is simply because of the heat. Cranky, sweating people, letting their tempers get the better of them and venting their slightest frustrations.
>> No. 380017
Moot says a lot of things but isn't immune to prove his shit if he wants to be believed.
>> No. 380018
The increased level of shitposting is people getting upset over posts they don't like, then go blame the summer for it and start to shitpost because "who cares, it's summer anyway".
>> No. 380021

Perhaps, but in this situation, he still has a lot more credibility than you.
>> No. 380024
considering Moot average thread quality, no, really.
>> No. 380027
site offline. been a while
>> No. 380040
File 137159479480.gif - (0.97MB , 320x240 , 1368865930263.gif )
>You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Geez, I'm just trying to carry over an suggestion I made in a earlier thread
>> No. 380043
Is +4 randomly banning people as well? I posted a link that I figured was an okay site, and it banned me for an hour.
>> No. 380047
A: looks like it and
B: try the thread below this one next time
>> No. 380086
Is 4chan slow as shit for other people today? I cna't see a single picture it takes several minutes for small ones.
>> No. 380114
4chanX forced me to switch over to greasemonkey and now every 4chan related addon has completely stopped working. hell possibly all of the other ones too but i haven't noticed any of them not working yet yet

>> No. 380376
Haven't had Internet in a while, how was /mu/'s reaction to Kanye's new album Yeezus?

Please tell me it was as hilarious as a every other "big name" album drop, please.
>> No. 380382
>Man of Steel threads
>been a while since I've seen /co/ argue so hard about Supes
>> No. 380386
got a 1 day pseudo ban for "shitposting" because I said drawthreads are against /co/ rules. Which they are. Looks like a bad case of mods trying to keep the pace like he wants instead of like it's supposed to be. there's a reason we have like 3 draw boards now.
>> No. 380397
File 137216211472.jpg - (34.62KB , 554x439 , 1255023004900.jpg )
>post "I'm 12 and what is this?"
>3 months banned for being underage
I ain't even mad. That's hilarious.
>> No. 380399
Summerfaggotry is real. for the mods at least.
>> No. 380570
File 137229814678.jpg - (56.07KB , 1009x768 , 1363312850689.jpg )
>/pol/ since DOMA got struck down
Holy shit, you guys. This is just pure gold. Almost, key word almost, as good as election nights.
>> No. 380586
Would love to check that out, but currently getting nothing but errors, despite the status page saying everything is fine.
>> No. 380679
That's because people stop using it when the endless shit comes on. People come, people leave, traffic is largely unchanged.
>> No. 380847
am I the only one that can't see 50% of the thumbnails?
>> No. 380856
502 Bad Gateway
>> No. 380902
It's like I'm really on paheal!
>> No. 380906
it's down.
>> No. 380907
Ok I wanted to check because Status kept saying that everything was fine.
>> No. 380908
status doesn't work for shit since the cloud is up, since the site will tell you the cloud works, it's just telling you it's offline.
>> No. 380924
You know a game has gotten popular when /v/ is shitting on it 24/7. I miss being able to have good Dark Souls threads.
>> No. 380933
So guys, if I wanted to get a Chanology warband together, where would I go? The Scilons are out in force in my hometown and I dearly want to organize a counter-attack.
>> No. 380983
eh, Chanology warbands have been on the steady decline ever since it's become public knowledge that there were certain hackers backing the efforts and now those hackers are all in court for other things. I'd hit up Enturbulation.org and see what the deal is. There are full-time scilon protestors who operate outside of Chanology, they'll probably have a better idea of what to do.
>> No. 381024
You're about 5 years too late for personal army, and chanology pretty much destroyed the *chans.

Just throw eggs at them.
>> No. 381132
do the /a/ mods have any rhyme or reasoning to randomly deleting complete on topic not shitty threads or is it just for laughs
>> No. 381133
Define "on topic not shitty threads". Because as far as I know you, our opinions on that would differ quite a bit.
>> No. 381135
Always with the attitude, eh anon? It's just threads about anime. On topic (ie talking about anime, to make that extra super duper clear for you), average amount of shitposting, no spamming or arguing, a reasonable level of discussion going then boom, delted. The same thread pops up twenty, thirty minutes later and it's fine. I'm not a frequent /a/ poster but I've seen it happen a few times now, it's mildly annoying.
>> No. 381141
Well, I'm a frequent poster and I never see it happen unless a thread genuinely derails or isn't on-topic in the first place. So just going by personal experience my first thought is to question the person whose post quality I don't regard very highly in the first place. And I'm still not entirely ruling out personal blog posts or a lack of lurking first happening in those threads, to which you might be somewhat blind as they're more common and accepted on plus4 and /co/. The /a/ mod I know is one of the best mods around and if your threads were genuinely on-topic, I wouldn't go blaming him. It might just have been a janitor who doesn't frequent the board regularly and blindly deletes threads that get reported by butthurt anons who don't like the anime/mangu discussed.
>> No. 381283
The entirety of /a/ is devolving into some shitty fucking /a/ vs /v/ meta discussion because of Watamote right now, with trolls exploiting it to the fullest. Goddammit, this was not the right time to read up on Inari Konkon.
>> No. 381295
Today, I realised that I won't be finishing my Star Trek comic storytimes until at least some time next year.

Feels pretty damn ambivalent, man.
>> No. 381502
/pol/'s gone hog wild and is on all of the boards.

I really need to quit going there.
>> No. 381514
Figured this would be happening.

I'm going to stay on a corner of 4chan that people don't go to. No, I'm not saying where.
>> No. 381570
File 13738310902.png - (142.15KB , 1024x369 , Screenshot_2013-07-14-14-39-57-1.png )
>Get ban for a day from /v/
>For talking about vidya

>> No. 381571
>Get ban for a day from /v/
>For 'core v casual baiting'.
Fixed for likelihood.
>> No. 381577
File 137383268522.png - (50.48KB , 439x497 , Screenshot_2013-07-14-15-07-05-1.png )
Aftermath at /v/ is funny as fuck right now.
>> No. 381607
What was the ban reason?
>> No. 381610
File 137386125630.jpg - (77.34KB , 397x576 , 1370538938243.jpg )
>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was too low in content
>> No. 381612
Being Jumpman?
>> No. 381761
Seriously, what's with assholes trying to make "autistic" into an insult? It seems to be the go-to insult on 4chan.

Is it a reddit thing? Because it sounds a lot like a reddit thing.
>> No. 381762
Goons, actually.
>> No. 381810
Haven't been back to the motherchan in a while, but thanks for the head's up.

The text boards?

It's been around for a while. Before that, it was "assburgers" (aspergers). And remember, they've been appending -fag to everything and using *n----rs casually for ages now. So taking all that into consideration, I'm not sure why you're surprised when it comes to 4chan. "Autist" is just one of the current popular slurs. I'm not saying it isn't bad, but really. It's 4chan, what other explanation do you want?

I usually don't censor words, but I still refuse to type that one.
>> No. 381813
>> No. 381858
Hey, that's a very racist term, young man! They prefer to be called Vocal and Persistent Productivity Encouragers. Show some respect!
>> No. 381883
File 137419671415.png - (23.87KB , 728x90 , basement.png )
I have to say, moot's new advertisement system is pretty effective.

Advertisers really know their target audience on 4chan.
>> No. 381892
Tumblr is apparently adopting a sitewide policy of hiding posts tagged "lesbian", "gay" and "bisexual" from its search engine, which is downright nefarious, but perhaps it will help shut up those 4channers who always whine about it.
>> No. 381893
Wait what? I can't stand the tumblr SJ brigade either, but that's just... WHAT?!
>> No. 381894
More actually to do with advertising on the site, apparently all the good shit is still poison to advertisers (like, why? Porn is the most ubiquitous thing on the net, at least in the "dark" regions). tbqh I never found the sj crowd to be any worse or better than the 4chan crowd, they just have a different flag to advertise their lack of lives.
>> No. 381895
Yahoo! owns tumblr now, and will likely be clamping down on a lot of stuff over the next year. This is only the start.
>> No. 381897
I didn't know Yahoo was still a thing.
>> No. 381899
That's fucking bullshit.

Another nail in the coffin for Yahoo, then. I'm already thinking of shutting down most of my e-mail accounts after their latest "upgrade" fiasco.
>> No. 381928
Maybe they'll ust shut it down like they did with Geocities.

...You know, I never really got that.
>> No. 381942

So Tumblr knows people got pissed and they're trying to assuage fears in order to prevent a mass exodus of users.
>> No. 381943
>4chan complaint thread
>we're talking about tumblr

>> No. 381948
That tumblr thing wouldn't be a problem if modern internet wasn't just a small set of unavoidalble sites overshadowing 99% of the rest of its content. I mean, It's sad that the world would literally collapse if google went to disapear. that wasn't supposed to happen with internet very concept. But centralisation of power + user conditioning made it more or less a glorified interactive TV channel.
>> No. 381953
>It's sad that the world would literally collapse if google went to disapear
Speaking of which. I've wanted to switch for a while now. How's DuckDuckGo?
>> No. 381960

Once you get the settings just the way you want, it's a fairly good search engine.
>> No. 381972
So a Korra thread just ruined a persons life over a shitty cam leak of the first episode.

So /co/ has that going for them now.
>> No. 381984
For all I see people just dig into his personal record, which, while of bad taste, didn't change much of his current life.
>> No. 381998
Weren't there some implications he might be a pedophile from his criminal record?
>> No. 382004

What happened? First Scooby, now this. 4chan is on a (shit) roll.
>> No. 382006
/co/ is currentlly a waifu board where half of the threads are about posting your waifu and trying to "win" that imaginary "flavour of the month" title.
I issed the days I could discuss a show and not discuss the porn of the show
>> No. 382010
When were those days? Surely not in the last 5-6 years.
>> No. 382019
File 137452457067.png - (367.40KB , 1024x2664 , 137450943291.png )
All of this for a shitty cam rip of the Korra season 2 premiere.

I really need to go somewhere else.
>> No. 382036

4chan needs more mods and janitors. I know, stating the obvious.
>> No. 382086
I miss the pre catalogue era that actually let threads die. There's nothing to get from an undying threadq that already have more than 200 posts and keep coming back because "bump for my waifu". 4chan used to be a fast paced image board. Now it's just a slow anonymous blog.
>> No. 382107
I wish we didn't have 500 post count threads. Even 300 was too much. Catalogs are needed to curb that mentality that nothing beyond the front page exists.
>> No. 382112
posting is down. Frustrating as fuck
>> No. 382250
File 137487170862.png - (404.51KB , 1024x2888 , 1374869125313.png )
So /co/'s at it again. This time harassing a person who was decent enough to post rips of Gravity Falls a day early.

We're basically animals now.
>> No. 382264
Just remember to always be a nice poster. Never follow the shitposters' example; never jump on the hate bandwagon.
>> No. 382268
I thought those threads were largely a circlejerk of pedophiles anyway? That's what it looks from a quick glance.
>> No. 382282
They are which makes their claim of "punishing criminals" even worse. Fuck, complaining about leacks when you get every episode on streams or 4chans anyway is really fucking pathetic. But GFG is lost cause. It only stays because mods never read generals.
>> No. 382288
File 137498137241.jpg - (15.51KB , 369x357 , 1276307903602.jpg )
I wish posting a banned website twice didn't get me 1 day banned. Serves me right for not noticing the warnings.
I'm suppose to be working on a Homebrew with /tg/ today.
>> No. 382447
I know it's mostly bored white boys massively overreacting to other people slightly overreacting, but sometimes there's the odd post that seems downright sinister. Like there's some far-right movements that discovered 4chan as a platform to strongly influence those bored white boys and slowly ween them into more radical doctrines.
>> No. 382449
I miss the time 4chan would use nigger and jews irnoically, and not to win an actual internet fight.
Especially in boards like /co/ or /ck/ or anything that isn't /b/, /v/ and /pol/
>> No. 382451
File 137536513697.png - (886.39KB , 2400x2056 , 1375298513982.png )
Have you guys seen this current debacle?
The users are revolting hard against the mods and they even got a disgruntled ex-Janitor to help out with info.
>> No. 382463

The used to be tongue-in-cheek jokes. Not mature, mind you, but you didn't have anyone trying to dump a bunch of wrong and uncited images to prove something.


Still waiting on someone there to provide actual proof.
>> No. 382471
It's all over Sportschan
>> No. 382472

Does sportschan have stuff that's not easily replicated? Because I can go shop up some fake evidence right now.
>> No. 382473
Fine, disbelieve. Jesus christ it's like you've got an agenda or something.
>> No. 382477

>Showing some skepticism is the same as having an agenda
>> No. 382478
File 137539328826.jpg - (14.00KB , 300x150 , Untitled-1.jpg )
Well have a look for yourself. He seems entirely legitimate.
and no one on /q/ has done anything but delete threads and images. They were handing out 30 days autos for uploading any of the pics or links he's posted last night. I even got 14 days just for posting this:
>> No. 382481

Well that's the thing. I don't want "seems legitimate", I want "is legitimate"
>> No. 382490
You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe... whatever you want to believe.
>> No. 382491

I don't "believe" anything. I'm asking for appropriate evidence to support claims other people made.
>> No. 382492
There is an ineluctable quantity of faith to these accusations which you either possess or deny.
>> No. 382510
>The users are revolting hard against the mods

o noes they will occupie 4chan now!
Seriously, do people actually believe they can do anything? 4chan is still a private place, not the middle fo the street.
>> No. 382525

Think logically about this. They can shitpost until it becomes even more unbearable.

And don't anyone think about greentexting my post. It can always get worse. Actually, maybe if it gets shitposted enough, we'll get some "nazi" moderation. Hmm.
>> No. 382527
It turns out most of the mods are from reddit and thus not qualified to be Nazis under the Nuremberg Race Laws.
>> No. 382580
even more unbearable by your standard, maybe. But I have enough ears of 4chan, especially pre-captcha 4chan to know this place is impossible to drown in shitposting. Even at the worst time of Kimmo's spambots people were still coming and able to have discussions if they wanted it.
Of course the userbase was slightly different than today. Less blogs and "muh feels" faggotry back in the days.
>> No. 382589
Why there is so much anime on /co/ nowadays?
>> No. 382596
File 137556571091.jpg - (8.89KB , 206x239 , rf hmmm.jpg )
Somebody been making a lot of furry threads on /co/ today. What are they trying to achieve?
>> No. 382597
>> No. 382599
>> No. 382605
File 137558148514.png - (332.18KB , 1366x768 , Untitled.png )
Seriously!? Fucking seriously! I just got banned on all boards for posting this (pic related).

Granted it's only a few days but what the fuck. The opening line "Fuck your fancy CNC's" is obviously tongue in cheek. I wasn't actually "trolling" or "flaming" people who use those machines, I just thought it was an amusingly snarky way to open up a "metal work done by hand tools" type thread in /diy/. Just figured that people who like to "Do it Yourself" would have had slightly thicker skin than say, wet rice paper. Guess I was wrong.
>> No. 382660
File 137575493014.png - (465.17KB , 831x999 , rf Kitty hey.png )
Okay, now I am convinced: /co/ needs better mods/janitors/whatever they want to call themselves. Good threads keep getting deleted left and right.
>> No. 382672
we don't need 5 fucking AT thread talkback after each episode.
we don't need "look at this youtube comment it makes me mad let's be mad together
we don't need OMG dobson blocked my DA 2 years ago let's have a daily dose were we hate him together and sometime wish he was dead
we don't need waifushit. fuck raven thread, fuck furry threads. fuck PG threads.
we also don't need 3 fucking threads about OCs and /pco/ and "specific general about that OC"

/co/ is the fucking city dump of the site now, everybody makes threads about whatever they want even when we already have specific board for it (fuck you cosplay and drawfagottry in particular)
>> No. 382673
>we don't need 5 fucking AT thread talkback after each episode.
Threads talking about a new cartoon episode in a cartoon board? Unless you mean at the same time, but these just happen I suppose.

>we don't need waifushit. fuck raven thread, fuck furry threads. fuck PG threads.
Threads about comics/cartoon characters...

>we also don't need 3 fucking threads about OCs
Board mascots or something? Because threads like this can end in comics being made.

>hating on drawfagottry in general
>> No. 382768
>Threads talking about a new cartoon episode in a cartoon board? Unless you mean at the same time, but these just happen I suppose.

That happens with every popular show.
>> No. 382769
>Threads talking about a new cartoon episode in a cartoon board? Unless you mean at the same time, but these just happen I suppose.

That happens with every popular show.
>> No. 382770
Actually, no, it doesn't. It's AT trademark for years now.
That and launching shitstorm every time a media reference them without their approval, like MAD did and more recently, futurama.
It's like dealing with fucking kids whenever that show enters a thread.
>> No. 382780
>no it doesn't
you mean doesn't fucking know what /co/ is like, do you, anon?
>> No. 382848
>furry threads getting deleted are a bad thing

If anything, posters like you need to be banned. Permanently.
>> No. 382909
File 137622724079.png - (117.72KB , 300x293 , rf Costanza approves.png )
>Let's ban half the material the board was created for!

Somebody should call the retard store; they're running out of you.
>> No. 382925
>captcha not loading on my phone
>cant ask what's up because captcha's down
>cant google it because Chinese internet hates google today for some reason
Anyone know what's up?
>> No. 382934
Sometimes captcha is not loading for me either. It is directly related to google.com, and from what I understand, the site gets hacked into every now and them. Google provides the captcha service.

All you can do is want.
>> No. 382961
>half the material

You are also one of those people who think anthropomorphic = furry? Any of the -day threads are for wank material purposes. But hey, you are hardly interested in anything that doesn't feature anthropomorphic characters to obsess over, right? That's why you hardly show up in anything that doesn't feature them.

>Somebody should call the retard store; they're running out of you.

I did, but they said they have enough of you for now.

Typical of you, instead of coming up with something on your own, you need to copy others. You still think that image macros of outdated memes are the pinnacle of comedy. .
>> No. 382967
Don't even bother with that chipmunk fucker of Mr Twister. He's a hardcore furry in fulll fursecution mode, he will never admit being wrong even in the middle of a porn image dump.
>> No. 382975
>you are also one of those people who think anthropomorphic = furry
Maybe I am Amid Amidi in disguise?

I love you too :)
>> No. 382978
>Attempt to make controversial board better via /q/
>> No. 383018

Moot is drunk again. Goddamn
>> No. 383025
Aww man. I actually wanted to discuss anime and manga.
>> No. 383044
It's not like regular /a/ is really better for that matter.
>> No. 383053
File 137645708933.jpg - (98.27KB , 613x409 , 1376245960169[1].jpg )
I find it odd that Moot was the one who posted this.
>> No. 383063
I know it also depends somewhat on your time zone, but I found /a/ to be a pretty good board unless you want to discuss Big 3 or the fad of the season (SnK for example).
>> No. 383114
What's with /v/ and Kojima saying he isn't gay? The /v/'s been exploding about this shit and really why does it matter?
>> No. 383137
It doesn't. But, we need something to bitch about. The man responsible for snake's glorious stealth-suited ass claiming he isn't gay will suffice.
>> No. 383138
Have you considered the possibility that he's bi?
>> No. 383139
Have you considered the possibility that he's bi?
>> No. 383174
Either post quality is the lowest it's ever been or I'm just getting too tired for this shit.
>> No. 383279
depend of the boards. /a/ does ok because Japan doesn't take much breaks in Summer. /co/ and /v/ however are dying from starvation.
>> No. 383338
So are the boards down?
>> No. 383339
>> No. 383340
looks like it.
>> No. 383359
>Get banned for three days for posting an article that criticizes Nintendo's Wii U strategy
>"Flagrant fanboyism threads are not allowed"
>Meanwhile there's a "PS4 WINS AGAIN, XFAGS GO HOME" thread on /v/

Top lel.

Here's the thread I made that got me banned.

>> No. 383377
>Gumball thread deleted

But why? Might have been the original OP who saw no reason for it after the episode.

Why do Win-O-Threads attract so much shitposting? It's probably the 2nd biggest shitpost focus after Homestuck General, at least on Wednesdays.
>> No. 383387
Shitposters just want good threads deleted. And mods are too lazy to ban individuals or delete individual posts.

To put it blunt, mods are letting the terrorists win.
>> No. 383394
co mods are biased and if you arent in a thread hey like like Korra or AT you are disposable
>> No. 383408
File 137720910094.jpg - (119.62KB , 1379x788 , a minus girls.jpg )
I like anime though.
>> No. 383411
Not as much as you like to keep whining, though. Now, I get that that's the point of this thread and all. But if you're that deeply offended by anime with girls in them, why even bother visiting /a/? There's already /cm/ and /y/ to fit your needs. Oh, and tumblr, obviously. Just stick to those.
>> No. 383413
Be mad somewhere else, this is the bitch about 4chan thread and your butthurt is not up for consideration.
Why go to /a/? Like I said, I like anime.
So here I go, instead of saging or shitposting in threads I don't care for, I hide them, like everyone like you says one should.
What does it get me? Continued evidence that /a/ fucking sucks and all it's 'good' for is waifu spam and pathetic wannabeotakus to argue, agree, and jerk off.

Though, in its defense, there's a One Piece thread about the concept of Smiles and a Junji Ito thread no collapsed on the second page. At least it's something not based around feelings for cartoon preteens, even if it is shonen and 2spooky.
>> No. 383414
You expect /a/ to be something that it never was and never will be. Just cut your losses and find another community, that's more to your tastes. That's all I'm suggesting. And I'm obviously not the one with the hurt feelings here, as evident by your little emotional outburst there.
>> No. 383431

>type some text
>this is an emotional outburst

Uh, okay. And to stop you from making a dumb comment, no I am not him.
>> No. 383433
Yeah, my little emotional outburst, oh how I'm demeaned by your belittling adjective. And even if it were, no one with sense will feel bad when called out on a perceived emotion on the internet.

Anyways, I came to whine about 4chan and did, waifu apologist aside. I'll be back next year to do so again, since it apparently will never be anything I like. Which is anime that can stand on the legs of creativity and quality without the crutch of waifu tucked under a shoulder.
>> No. 383446
File 137726823468.jpg - (279.86KB , 367x551 , 05 (5).jpg )
So /co/ is pop culture now? Because i´m tired of the anime, /tv/ and video games stuff.
>> No. 383447
/co/ is waifufags, softcore fetishes and bitching about tumblr.
>> No. 383466
File 137730058767.png - (122.96KB , 322x256 , rf creepy locomotive consider the following with t.png )
If the board is not good enough for you, you can always leave.

Just saying.
>> No. 383475
Why so defensive? Don't like the smell of your own shit? Shouldn't you be masturbating to gay squirrels anyway?
>> No. 383477
>> No. 383480
File 137733666728.jpg - (17.27KB , 280x339 , yourebothgoddamnedretarded.jpg )
>> No. 383491

Why are you saging a sticky
>> No. 383543
>> No. 383629
A 2 Queens thread have been invaded by trolls.

I haven't seen so much butthurt since the Great Enema Invasion.
>> No. 383631
What did you expect from /co/? People don't even post in threads they like anymore, they just sit in threads they hate and try to get a rise out of people and then blame the threads they just got through trolling as the reason why /co/ sucks.
>> No. 383637
That makes more sense than anything I read in a few days.
>> No. 383644
Having an idiot comes to tell people to stop discussing it because it's not happening in his thread killed the thread on birth.
It's a prime example of why general threads are bad. It make people believe they are actually in charge of the content and they indulge them to boss people around like they own the place.
>> No. 383706
>who is DJ Orwell and why should he be banned so hard

I don't like bitching tripfags, especially not the ones who who really seem like they need to get out more, but goddamn
>> No. 383724
holy shit 4chan is incredibly shit these days. Even usually calm boards or calm thread subjects are shock full of both people being extremely aggressive and dropping "niger" or death wish at the shittiest reason, and people with no skin at all ordering anybody not clapping at their thread to leave "or else".
Is it the last days of summer and the stress of the new school year that makes people retarded or what?
>> No. 383755
File 137789975552.png - (11.47KB , 139x321 , it pretty much is.png )
>Kate Beaton thread
>It only takes two and a half hours for people to start "discussing" how she dared to complain about sexist douchebags that one time
>> No. 383775
She did receive some sexist comments, but the example she used was not sexist. Kate came out on twitter and basically said her example may not have described the comments she actually gets.

Hence the whole brouhaha.

Although i love how people on /co/ took it and ran with it so far, thought the topic would be exhausted by now.
>> No. 383781
The topic is exhausted. The hating autist, however, aren't. See also : Preston thread, or how a DA nobody can become an annoying hourly dosed hate meme because someone was originally raging that he cblocked his DA comments something like 3 years ago now.
Mods let those threads live so people think it's part of the board culture and just keep it alive forever.
>> No. 384386
So I posted a thread that was similar to a thread that had been deleted, and now apparently I'm perma-banned for "ban evasion".

What the fuck?
>> No. 384387
So I posted a thread that was similar to a thread that had been deleted, and now apparently I'm perma-banned for "ban evasion".

What the fuck?
>> No. 384394

First off, go talk to a mod on 4chan's IRC channel

Second, why did you remake a thread that got deleted?
>> No. 384402
idiots like you will never be missed.
>> No. 384418
I haven't been able to access 4chan in hours, all my tabs keep timing out. But the site isn't down, though.

Does anyone else have the same problem, what's going on?
>> No. 384486
For all the reasons to rightfully bitch about 4chan, y'know what I fucking love about the site?

The fucking banners. Seriously, they're the best part of 4chan.
>> No. 384490
I'm not digging too many of the new ones, but there are a few gems here and there.
>> No. 384645
/pol/ is permeating more and more into the other boards.
>> No. 384663
So you can no longer post any kind of URL without getting flagged for spam? That's fucking retarded.
>> No. 384666
File 137942880452.jpg - (450.93KB , 768x512 , 06 (6).jpg )
> Cooldown period goes from 30s to1 min.
Good thing I storytime comics by chapters.
>> No. 384712
File 137952301190.jpg - (149.58KB , 747x300 , what.jpg )
>Make a storytime post
>Cooldown timer is 1 minute
>Make a reply to another post on another board
>Timer upped to 4 minutes
>Try to post again when 4 minutes is up
>Get this

>> No. 384714
I don't get it. Is moot actually trying to transform 4chan into a blog or a forum? 4chan only appeal always was the fast posting rate and short lived content.
>> No. 384721
Is it me or has /co/ become more furry?
>> No. 384726
>> No. 384741
it's been like that since some furry artist "won" the "flavour of the month" contest with that fucking dumb lamb. They came for it, and stayed, and now every month they spam furries to "win" again.
>> No. 384742


this lamb thing was over months ago, it was JUST a case of people hopping in for the novelty of it(great old cartoon, nostalgia, first whyboners, drawfags taking the chance to get attention, bored otherwise useless people coming up with OCs and EU and working out stories, usual /co/ fare) but after the second month everyone understood that there was nowhere else to go, everyone who was doing something about it moved on.

however some shithead keeps spamming her pics in every thread that shows up with an animal theme(suggestive or otherwise), inflating them with replies and attempts at counter-spam and giving the illusion that they would otherwise flourish, making these posters make them more often out of spite. because /co/ just can't ever stop taking b8.

if these muttday/bunday/herpetuesday threads just died off naturally from being what caturdays were in their worst moment(they're not much better right now either, which is simply not being from complete drought of new content), that is, endless reposts and a waste of server space, they'd realize they're not working out, whether they are in the happy ____ day or not.

it's like they're trying to simultaneously get the spontaneity of the old occasional thread and the scheduled constant stream of content and conversation, not understanding that they are in direct conflict.
>> No. 384743
Fuck's sake, moot, seriously?
>> No. 384749
>/q/ is gone
>4chan now a wall of shame showing bans

I'm not sure I like where neo4chan is going.
>> No. 384750
>but after the second month everyone understood that there was nowhere else to go
Leggy threads were deleted even faster than caturday threads were at the time after about two or three days of her existence. If anything, people got tried of her threads being deleted and moved on. Leggy was only spammed only in Nessie threads and the reptile threads.

>if these muttday/bunday/herpetuesday threads just died off naturally from being what caturdays were in their worst moment, that is, endless reposts and a waste of server space, they'd realize they're not working out, whether they are in the happy ____ day or not.
They fail because unlike Caturday, they don't have multple fanbases making art during the week to repost in the threads when Saturday rolls around along with the artists that made Caturday possible in the first place.
>> No. 384753
File 137959675899.jpg - (325.77KB , 630x493 , 01 (3).jpg )
>Go to report a post
>Can´t, "You are banned"
>For a post in a board I don´t visit, much less post
>A 3 day ban in February
Estamos bien y vamos mejor, eh, moot?
>> No. 384754
>Cooldown timer is 1 minute
>/q/ is gone


>4chan now a wall of shame showing bans

I'm okay with this one.
>> No. 384755
>4chan now a wall of shame showing bans
>I'm okay with this one.
Same here. This should have been done ages ago.
>> No. 384760
it serves no real purpose since the visible bans are cherry picked. It also kind of prove the point that some board are simply not moderated, like /co/ while others gets super zealous moderation despite being slow as fuck.
>> No. 384761
File 137962593642.jpg - (319.53KB , 1074x946 , co board culture in a nutshell.jpg )
Contest, yeah. more or less.
>> No. 384762
/q/ needs to come back. I don't care how shit it got, it was a place to dump all the meta-discussion that plagues so many boards on 4chan. I might have to e-mail him about that one, because now retards have more of an excuse to post meta threads on their respective boards.

I like the ban wall. I've actually made it a habit of leaving the window open and coming back every now and then to hit F5. It's funny to see these bans sometimes, and it's also good for people who don't believe 4chan gets any moderation. It was probably done to shut us (I've lightened up on my "mods don't do any work" stance in the last couple of months due to a better understanding of the system) up about it.

On the other hand, I dislike a ban wall because a few times I've scrolled through and saw people posting shit just to get banned. I saw a guy on /sp/ saying, "there's no /sp/ on the ban page. let's fix that" or something to that extent. It could lead to some shitposting, but we'll have to wait to see how much.
>> No. 384778
> It could lead to some shitposting, but we'll have to wait to see how much.
Any and everything on 4chan leads to shitposting. Put in a report ability? Shit posting and spam the report queue. New type of sage? Shitposting.

It doesn't matter how good or bad a change is, people will go apeshit on the boards when it first occurs. Hell, even when it doesn't, like that rumor long ago of 4chan requiring passes to view images, people will shitpost.
>> No. 384794
the ban page seems couter productive. People are already getting banned on purpose so they can evade and post their "trophy" screenshot about it, and overall it shows everybody what board is monitored at the moment so they can shitpost everywhere else.
Some bans are actually pretty fucking retarded too, so it will bite the mods in the ass soon at this rate.
>> No. 384824
>Bans for advertising don't actually show the ban

Makes sense, because otherwise you'd do that job for them. Still feels odd when every other banned post is displayed.

Users that it make it obvious they are trying to get on the public ban list should be banned without the ban appearing there.
>> No. 384851
File 137980296932.gif - (24.78KB , 150x170 , s20040309.gif )
What if one day moot decides to turn 4chan into a place like the Something Awful forums? Would you give moot your money so you can stay on 4chan?
>> No. 384852

He would never do that. But as far as your hypothetical? FUCK YEAH I WOULD.

I don't see most ban evading shitposters throwing out more and more money just to continue to shit up 4chan, so I'd be fine with a monetary paywall.
>> No. 384853

If I had ten bux, sure. A paywall would probably be the best thing to happen to 4chan in ages.
>> No. 384862
I never liked that "business model"... one of the main reasons why I stayed away from SA. You pay up and you could be banned for the slightest things or at the random whims of a mod. Heck, IIRC someone can pay another 10 bux to get you banned without reason. And the only way to get back in? Another 10 bux.
>> No. 384863
No, it was a paywall that caused SA to stagnate, the same would happen to 4chan. Not to mention it'd go directly against the 4chan ethos.
>> No. 384870
>> No. 384873
Having watched the /x/ of old burn away under a tide of relentless /b/tard bullshit, with no meaningful mod intervention until long after the ashes were cold, I have no faith in 4chan's moderation, and never will. They let an entire board once full of decent content be utterly destroyed, and it's never recovered. Maybe the accusation that the 4chan mods don't do anything is an unfair statement now, but the reputation is certainly well-earned.

Even when they are being active, their aim is often shit, and it feels like the harder they try, the worse it gets.

Ahahahaha, fuck no.

The 4chan "ethos" seems like it's been gradually morphing anyway, and I can't say I like wherever it's headed.
>> No. 384876
stagnate? SA is dead and burried under their ego forever. When was the last time you heard of a meme or a community event from them?
4chan is heading there anyway. People prefer to reblog instead of creating content. And the very concept of "board culture" is just an excuse to block changes so people don't have to update their meymeys folder anymore.
>> No. 384891
I'm really missing sage
>> No. 384892
Sage still works, it's just invisible now. It doesn't show up in the email field after you've made the post. They did that to stop people from using sage to go "GRR, I DISAPPROVE".

I don't know what exactly that's supposed to change, considering saging typically goes hand-in-hand with some vitriolic comment in the post.
>> No. 385044
File 138047368260.png - (48.27KB , 783x540 , 1380427758297.png )
sage is still useful on the imagedump boards where people may want to post in a thread that has already reached its image limit without bumping it back to the front page. Then there's the percentage of /jp/ who have adopted 2ch's protocol for using sage. So the people who do use it for the reason it was created can still do so, and the people who use it as justification for shitposting may or may not be more discouraged now.

And speaking of /jp/, thanks for telling everyone to raid it moot
>> No. 385049
4chan: The 10th Anniversary Panel Livestreamyoutube thumb
>> No. 385090
File 138060871156.jpg - (164.42KB , 1287x599 , asshat.jpg )
It's a birthday party. Everyone is being silly.
>> No. 385245
4chan is hella slow today.
>> No. 385264
File 13810926261.jpg - (44.16KB , 568x298 , not a hivemind.jpg )
I guess that's because Captcha™ does not work for many others, and not just for me.
>> No. 385310
File 138119164679.jpg - (1.79MB , 3083x3002 , 1381190935393.jpg )
>> No. 385318
I saw some posts about this on the other boards as it was happening. But I was too scared to see just how deep the rabbit hole might go. I don't regret this decision.
>> No. 385365
File 138137335179.png - (96.98KB , 959x643 , Untitled.png )
Does the mod think I'm the Fairly Oddparents shitposter or something?
>> No. 385381
>Thanks for the drink, /co/
>What's for breakfast, /co/
>these type posts every day
Why? I don't blame the mod for banning you.
>> No. 385382
you are shitposting and avatarfagging in top of htat, be lucky you didn't get a permaban like you actually deserve, shitposter.
>> No. 385384
File 138139920368.gif - (297.22KB , 343x322 , 1381260615047.gif )
Might wanna take another look at when the ban expires and use spell check before spitting out angry replies
>> No. 385389
File 138140975219.gif - (965.27KB , 500x330 , laughard.gif )
I got permabanned from all of 4chan because someone used my IP to request CP.

God herself wants me to get off the internet and live my life.
>> No. 385393
And you will not be mourned.
>> No. 385418
Looks like 4chan is frozen today. Been a while.
>> No. 385421
File 138148489117.png - (56.65KB , 1349x767 , 4chan feedback.png )
The hell is this?
>> No. 385422
I guess they get those questions alot
>> No. 385423
I browse /s4s/ so much I can tell when /b/ is raiding because the quality actually goes down

Think about that for a second. The quality of a board dedicated to gets and "funposting" goes down when /b/ tries to post there.

That's pretty sad.
>> No. 385424
>browsing /s4s/ at all

Seriously, why hasn't moot shut down that cesspit already?
>> No. 385426
Is 4chan down for anyone else?
>> No. 385427

Any board on 4chan that's a cesspit needs to remain on 4chan more than any other board. Also, /s4s/ had some interesting culture for about 5 minutes.


Can't post at all.
>> No. 385430
4chan is kill
>> No. 385443
It can be down for almost a day sometimes. A site as big as that breaks periodically.
>> No. 385461
That's what /b/ and /r9k/ are for.
>> No. 385464
If moot keeps this up. people might actually stop coming to 4chan.
>> No. 385487

Mootykins made 4chan into the most hype social networking site ever, it's filled with normalfags in need to feel "edgy" these days. The only posters he's losing are 4channers, but those never advertised his site so he doesn't care
>> No. 385494
>never advertised his site so he doesn't care

...did he ever need to advertise the site? I thought money was always an uphill battle for 4chan, but the site itself seemed to always be fine on word of mouth, drawing more people to the sit does not make it get more money.
>> No. 385513
> drawing more people to the sit does not make it get more money.

since there is ads banners, it does for a while.
>> No. 385516
But most of the ad banners, at least the ones I've seen, have been for 4chan itself (rules, faq, etc.). And this is using Chrome where I don't have adblock installed. It's hard for moot to sell advertising because no one wants to associate their products with much of 4chan, and the really big ad companies like Google AdWords ban sites with porn. (A short discussion I had over e-mail with moot in 2007 shows they were suspended for "click fraud" as well.)

While I can't find the source, I recall that porn companies were interested in interstitials (full-page ads that cover up the content until you click close or a timer hits 0; see the likes of Forbes or Fakku for examples), but moot is dead-set against those because they're so fucking annoying.

I wonder how he's making out on the 4chan Pass thing.
>> No. 385523
Today /co/ is better than it was 2 days ago. Even last night it was pretty good. That makes me happy.
>> No. 385526
Don't worry. This soon shall pass.
>> No. 385547
It must really be shit if it catters to you amongst any other namefag.
>> No. 385569
Looks like someone got off the edgy side of the bed today.
>> No. 385700
File 138223398078.png - (96.26KB , 1366x768 , well shit.png )
I've been naughty
>> No. 385706
File 138224565827.jpg - (123.75KB , 600x450 , 132331713231.jpg )
You get what you deserve.
>> No. 385710
If most schools give out graduation year shirts with your last name and graduation year, this means a few million Asians have '04 Chan T-shirts.
>> No. 385728
Oh, I do love it when /v/ enters its "game too hard for gaming journalists" state of denial. It happened with The Wonderful 101 (even though its average score was favorable) and now it's happening again for Sonic Lost World.
>> No. 385738
The amount of shitposts on /co/ has risen by 20%.
>> No. 385798
the guy who posted shredded moose webcomics on /co/ under spoiler got banned 3 days
meanwhile all the "hey guys let's sexualize little girls and post pics of them half naked" are rampant

I can't help but think mods aren't even trying to hide the only rules there is playing favourite with what make them hard and what doesn't.
>> No. 385802
On 4chan, spoilered NSFW stuff will still get you banned. Also it's probably less that the mods are playing favorites and more like more people are reporting you than they are the other stuff.
>> No. 385804
File 138262208822.jpg - (155.35KB , 752x528 , Screenshot_2013-10-24-08-35-42.jpg )
Didn't realize I got impersonated after asking why a non-/co/ thread was on /co/. Eh, could have been worse.
>> No. 385814
/co/ is getting progressively more awesome. Not necessarily "better"; just awesome.
>> No. 385826
How so?
>> No. 385829
It's getting out of control. Content gets posted (without deletion or bannings) that probably wouldn't fly before. That may not be a good thing, but whatever comes out of it, we are in for quite a ride in the upcoming year.
>> No. 385830
I've been seeing threads get deleted.
>> No. 385839
Jesus Christ, madoka movie spoilers are everywhere, saw one on fucking /ck/ earlier
>> No. 385841
File 138282489980.jpg - (18.26KB , 255x423 , 1364711069451.jpg )
>view ban page out of bordem
>/t/ 1 - US Licensed Content
>Pacific Rim torrent in the OP
And yet they have win-o threads at /co/, a board dedicated to DDLs, AND torrents. When did they start caring about anything illegal other than shit like CP & dox?
>> No. 385843
When they started receiving serious DMCA notices.
>> No. 385844
Just got banned for 3 days for posting horrible stuff. It's so exciting!
>> No. 385845
What was so horrible?
>> No. 385846
A horrible image. Nice to see mods do their work sometimes.
>> No. 385862
File 138285433463.png - (177.61KB , 1190x350 , underage comics and underage cartoons.png )
Could've posted in the screencap thread, but it just belongs here more.
>> No. 385866
Next time do it with a mod approved show like the kids for Korra. Mods play favourite and you can say all the pedophilia propaganda you want in those threads. GFG is also toxic enough so mods don't even read it those days. You can go fairly wild in the details there as long as your rape victims are twins.
>> No. 385867
Not sure where you are going for there, but I just posted a silly image.
>> No. 385888
File 138292661536.jpg - (258.39KB , 793x524 , 1375645095134.jpg )
>server not found
>Try Google cache
>404. That’s an error.

...dey dead?
>> No. 385917
I would like to take this opportunity to thank to mod that banned me for one day because of that one James Joyce scat letter. I knew it was probably against the rules but I did it anyways. It would have been nice if you deleted all the femnazi/MRA bullshit and banned those guys as well.
>> No. 385936
Mods are in full "this is my boar post things I like" mode these days. got banned for ironic shitposting, while several pedo threads were flourishing on /co/. It all revolves around their tastes, the rules don't exists.
>> No. 385944
> It all revolves around their tastes


It's impossible for mods to delete everything, not to mention people report what bothers them the most. Stop shitposting. If there's a thread where people are having a nice conversation and you decide to come in shitposting, don't be surprised if you get mass reported by the people in the thread that aren't being raging jackasses.
>> No. 385950
you use shitposting exactly like nobody should, aka just defining what yu don't like. Really sad.
>> No. 385958
>you use shitposting exactly like nobody should, aka just defining what yu don't like.

Actually I'm using it to define what you were doing in that thread: shitposting. And for the record, no I don't like shitposting. But that's because it's shitposting.

So why don't you tell us what you were so unfairly banned over? I suspect you're going to attempt to make it seem like you were banned for difference of opinion when in reality you were being shitty about sharing your opinion.
>> No. 385963
> I'm using it to define what you were doing in that thread: shitposting.
are you for real?
At least my point stands more than ever now. You are just using it as a "I win" buzzword with no real definition except you don't like it.
>> No. 385968

I like how you didn't answer my question.
>> No. 385973
Why do you even believe I was banned? You are so confident in your stupidity it hurts.
>> No. 385974

I asked you a question first, bruh.
>> No. 385979
File 138318501659.png - (76.73KB , 1154x180 , so many fives.png )
So this happened.
>> No. 385982
Wait I'm confused here, aren't you the one who said to be banned for "ironic" shitposting?
>> No. 385993
no. why would you even believe that?

ironically enogh, I just got banned for shitposting because I dared to tell bee and pussycat was a shitty show and mods just can't accept it cause Pen ward and its crew is literally God in their eyes.
>> No. 385994
File 138323562886.jpg - (110.44KB , 350x377 , 1337721178688.jpg )
See the pic?
Thats you, thats how dumb you sound!youtube thumb
>> No. 385999

Well thank you for confirming that you're a shitposter.
>> No. 386006
>Currently 0 unique user posts.

Pretty much all popular 4chan boards except /r9k/, and they're not far off.
>> No. 386007
a discussion board isn't supposed to be a hivemind. You are the one getting all mad to the point of shitposting stupid macros and youtube links. And sucking mods cocks there will give you no karma you know.
>> No. 386008
Not acting like a shithead =/= hivemind
>> No. 386023
File 138328504377.gif - (1.55MB , 300x159 , 1381125707509.gif )
>see ban page, "Global 8 - Complaining About 4chan"
>apparently posting anthro pone in /mlp/ is bannable
>/q/ is gone yet worthless-ass /r/ is still there
>people are still incredibly assmad over ponies and cartoon animal designs because it reminds them of furries
>Still no support for cool shit like Webm & APNG
>dat fucking increased post timer and barely readable capthca
>filesize for GIF animations are still capped at 3mb
>can't discuss certain games and hardware without every other faglord calling you a shill
Man 4chan keeps getting shittier by the minute. I'd probably be gone completely had it'd not been for /vr/, /m/, and the daily japanese threads at /a/. Sometimes I wonder about creating a chan site with features similar to plugins like ExSauce, & 4chanX but native to the site.
>> No. 386026
File 138328973930.png - (114.28KB , 1366x768 , Untitled.png )
You can't even post creepy phone numbers in /x/ anymore without mods thinking you're trying to start a raid or something. Also, it's been over a day and my plea hasn't been reviewed yet.
>> No. 386028
I think mosd are right to ban you there. It's like saying "I'm 123. You will get banned cause it's not mod's work to verify what you post. This is an anonymous board, what you post is taken at face value.
>> No. 386031
Because your conversation seems to have started more or less with
>> No. 386112
Actually having a level-headed discussion about rape as a storytelling device with people using properly thought-out arguments. On /a/. Huh.
>> No. 386113
I give about 17 minutes more tops.
>> No. 386120
File 138371348435.jpg - (77.07KB , 477x303 , Screenshot_2013-11-05-22-38-47.jpg )
I don't know how I got this reputation, but it amuses me so.
>> No. 386123
hmm. I may have lsot myself in that thread. I was indeed banned that day, but somehow forgot since it was a 3 day ban on a computer I don't use all the time. also not sure why the fact I got banned ened up as an argument about how terribly moderated is /co/ at the moment. You won't be able to post any of the waifushit and general circlejerks anywhere else on 4chan without a quick deletion and a ban if you try it again. It's like, nobody really know what this board is about. nowaday if you can link something to the third degree to a comic character you are good game for a thread, even if the core is about actors, music, cooking, animals, toys or anime who all have specific boards.
>> No. 386124
No, it kept being a very pleasant thread. The rape stuff wasn't really the main topic. It just kinda came up, because Wolf Guy was mentioned. In the end we just kinda agreed that rape can very well be handled right (American History X, Berserk), but that some people just don't like those type of stories, because they don't like characters feeling weak and completely helpless, since they're looking to manga for escapism. And that most of the time rape ends up being trivialized and pornographic because of poor writing.
>> No. 386130
I heard the main character just keeps getting raped, wtf
>> No. 386132
>well handed rape

... ok, this is not the thread for it but wtf.
>> No. 386134
The main character, Guts, gets raped once as a kid, which makes him weary of human contact and behave like a wild animal, murdering without remorse until he meets Griffith and his Band of Hawks to whom he ever so slowly warms up to, until he finally makes friends and even falls in love for the first time with the female soldier Casca. However, Griffith who helped him on his way back to recovery betrays the Band of Hawks and sacrifices them to demons and rapes Casca in front of Guts as a gruesome show of power. Guts and Casca survive, but Casca was so traumatized that she's lost all her memories and reverted to a child-like state. Now Guts is on a quest to kill Griffith and get Casca's memory back. But the manga brings up multiple times that getting Casca's memory back, might not be what she wants and that Guts's quest might ultimately be entirely selfish and bring more suffering to everyone.
>> No. 386143

Berserk handles rape really well in places - most notably Guts' childhood rape and the effects thereof.

It also uses it rather tastelessly and casually for shock device in other places. Pretty mixed bag.
>> No. 386146
That's about as good a thing you can say for it as a narrative device. Things is, it's almost never a good narrative device, especially since there is a distinct portion of people (not just for this topic but in general) who dislike anything that makes them feel remotely negative. In some stories it works but they aren't ever happy stories.
>> No. 386177
File 138385981699.gif - (2.89MB , 224x166 , 1379285787147.gif )
Idle thought, feel free to disregard.

4chan's /m/ has been divided for a long time now between "real" mecha and "toku" which is the word used for stuff like Sentai, Kamen Rider and Ultraman. The non-toku people would rather the toku people not be there but all complaining about the matter gets deleted. The toku people aren't particularly crazy about the arrangement either. The issue was around when Moot did his great rearranging, fracturing /v/ with his mighty hammer to make the godawful /vr/ and so forth, and he chose not to address it, meaning he most likely never will.

Maybe a toku board here would take some of the pressure off? The community has enough oomph for two ongoing generals plus scatterings of sub release threads, etc, in an otherwise slow, anime-centric board. The numbers would probably be about right for a plus4 board.

I wouldn't say it's needed; we've worked out an uneasy status quo. But I'm willing to bet it would be very much appreciated.
>> No. 386179
You could just link them to /jam/. I'd think any fresh blood is appreciated at this point. Or we could really let this board die. Just hope they won't be off-put by the tripfag hugbox that is /baw/.
>> No. 386195

Besides tokusatsu, where do they get their mecha from? Just anime or anything else?
>> No. 386198

In theory anything, but in practice all they talk about is gundam, neon jello evangelist, that one with the drillls and... whatever that one show is that has a guy named Lelouche.
>> No. 386203
>refresh the ban page, because going there every few hours and looking at the bans is a "hobby" of mine
>See off topic posts, gets, and other general shitposting getting a one day ban

C'mon mods, step that shit up. I know some of these shitposters don't know how to ban evade, so make that punishment stick. Send someone away for a week or two the next time he posts a "tfw no gf" thread. The ones who don't know how to ban evade are going to think twice before they decide to shit up the board.

Not to mention 1 day bans get reset pretty fast. If you get banned for a day right before midnight, you can resume posting in a few hours.
>> No. 386218
I will never understand how people are so hell-bent on earning hipster cred on an anonymous message board.
>> No. 386236
>> No. 386253
Seriously though has 4chan's /pol/ so contrarian to the core that they think being christian is edgy?
>> No. 386256
Nobody on the internet knows what being a Christian even means. All that "religion vs. atheism" bullshit is just a bunch of kids posting stuff they read about in Wikipedia 5 minutes ago.
>> No. 386258
>implying half the Christians today know what being Christian is
'Thou shalt not steal' my ass

That reminds me: what is with avid Christians who honestly hates Jews? It makes no sense.
>> No. 386263
I don't think that is a problem. Fuel shortage is a problem. Nuclear bombs are a problem. Deforestation is a problem. Parents not having time for the children is a problem.

A couple 'christians' hating a couple 'jews' is not a problem. When you get a bloody war, with people dying, then will that be a problem.
>> No. 386264
I never said it was a problem; I just don't understand it. Also, the Holocaust.

But you are right, all the basement crusaders and armchair atheists are douchebags anyway. Debating about religions, while if done properly (cough) can be entertaining to both parties, it is most often useless, stupid and mean.
>> No. 386266
>useless, stupid and mean

99% of 4chan right there
>> No. 386274
Haven't been on /co/ for quite a while. Jesus, people aren't kidding when they say that place is overrun by tumblr.
>> No. 386290
File 138422184469.png - (19.34KB , 759x199 , Screenshot_44.png )
Is there any particular reason you need to enter a captcha to see your ban status now? I know for posting it's supposed to cut down on spam, but I don't see the point for doing it for seeing bans.
>> No. 386299
>'Thou shalt not steal' my ass
Met a guy who doesn't even watch episodes of old cartoons on youtube, apparently.
>> No. 386301
File 138424413824.png - (763.15KB , 1280x720 , 4chan mod's summon sign.png )
>The non-toku people would rather the toku people not be there but all complaining about the matter gets deleted. The toku people aren't particularly crazy about the arrangement either.
People STILL bitch about toku in /m/?

Seriously? /vr/ was the best thing to happen to 4chan in a long time! what's so bad about it? other than not being able to discuss 6th gen consoles.

>Maybe a toku board here would take some of the pressure off? The community has enough oomph for two ongoing generals plus scatterings of sub release threads, etc, in an otherwise slow, anime-centric board. The numbers would probably be about right for a plus4 board.
Honestly, I'd think it'd be best to get more people who are fed up with the current state of 4chan to come over here. We'd have more traffic but not to the insane level of 4chan where shitposting outweighs actual discussion. I'd be nice to implement 4chanX like features to make the place better to post and discuss as well.

I hear this a lot. Elaborate.
>> No. 386305
Just go read some threads and compare the global attitude of posters with the rest of 4chan. The complete obcession with having general threads for everything whould be a big hint to begin with.
>> No. 386315
>Just go read some threads and compare the global attitude of posters with the rest of 4chan.

That doesn't answer his question, and it's honestly a bit of a cop-out answer.
>> No. 386319
File 138428601193.gif - (42.71KB , 782x277 , Untitled-1.gif )
I think moot must be reading cookies for bans now because I recycled to a new IP and tried to post and caught a concurrent sentence for ban evasion. Very sophisticated and I'd bet the captchas have something to do with it.
>> No. 386321
Have you ever considered the fact that janitors and mods false flag as real people with their demands for generals because it makes their job easier? They did it on /q/ all the time when it was open. Spooky showed us.
>> No. 386322
I don't know what "edgy" means to people but as a /pol/ regular I can tell you there's nothing positive about the Abrahamic faiths in their eyes; nor should there be.
>> No. 386326
>They did it on /q/ all the time when it was open.

No they didn't. There were a few members of the moderation staff that posted on /q/ under anon, but that's hardly a sizable number of the moderation staff. Not to mention your post doesn't make sense because if they were part of the moderation staff, there's no reason to "false flag" anything.
>> No. 386328
To get the plebeians to go along with it by masquerading as one of them. There's a big difference between the reception an authority figure trying to instill change gets and the one for someone masquerading as a commoner proposing a destructive idea innocuously via peer pressure.
>> No. 386329
1. That's not going to work on 4chan, where everyone wants to shit on everyone else and their ideas.
2. 4chan moderation staff doesn't have to (and frequently will not) bend to the will of the users.

That's not to say that some things can't change, but there are some issues that moot has put his foot down on, despite the fact that people complain anyway.
>> No. 386330
Nevertheless the push to generals was documented as being caused by the mods; not real people.
>> No. 386332

You got a citation for this?
>> No. 386334
Check it out
>> No. 386335
Point out specific posts, while keeping in mind that moderators only have limited power in regards to this apparent "false flagging"
>> No. 386336
It's not even worth my time. The point is that the "tumblr influence" on /co/ is vastly overstated. The only thing they're guilty of is pushing Marxist multiculturalism into every discussion; especially in Frozen threads where it's really disgusting.
>> No. 386337
>>386274 here
The reason I said is because I got shitposted to death for using the word "rape" jokingly in a thread.
>> No. 386340
>unironically using the term "cultural marxism"



>I'm not going to take the time to properly make my argument.

Well alrighty then.
>> No. 386342
It's not ironic. It's a serious problem that you shouldn't be joking about and I really don't care whether or not you believe me about the mods. Tumblr is not the cause of generals. The staff is the cause. Fuck off about it already.
>> No. 386343
>Make claim
>Don't bother to argue it properly
>get mad when you are laughed at for it

>> No. 386344
You can't read one thread.
>> No. 386345

Nor can you, given the fact that you presented it and didn't want to point out what was special.
>> No. 386346
>got shitposted to death
Define "shitposted"? Sounds like you might have been the one shitposing.

"rape" shitposting sent generals/fandoms to hell on /co/, you should know better. If they've had enough of it, that's an improvement.
>> No. 386367
> Sounds like you might have been the one shitposing.

Is this really necessary that everytime someone post there, you have one smartass trying that whole "lol no it was YOU that was the problem" routine? It already doesn't work on 4chan itself, but there it's just fucking retarded.
>> No. 386368
Really? I'm not that guy but seriously, when you can't even make an off-color joke on 4chan somethings wrong. Now their tumblr witchhunt is fucking annoying but seriously it's 4chan. You don't get to be politically correct there and you shouldn't have to be.

Also, /v/s practically unreadable. Want to talk about shitposting central. Console wars just made /v/ worse for it.
>> No. 386369
/v/ is as good as it has ever been in my opinion.
>> No. 386370
/v/ was still bearable before 2008.
>> No. 386371
It's bearable right now. Before I got banned yesterday I was having the best of times there; and I've been on 4chan for 10 years.
>> No. 386376
/v/ is fucking awful now.

2006 was the beginning of the end, when the current (well, past now, I guess) console gen kicked off. The board slowly gravitated towards stupid flamewar bullshit (and since it was allowed to fester for so long, people think it's what /v/'s "culture" is supposed to be like).

Around 2007 is when the "/b/ with vidya" really started to kick off, and that bullshit persists to today. It's better now than it was just a few years ago, but it's still pretty bad.

Also, the unhealthy amounts of "stop liking what I don't like!" lead the board to shitting over everything. And the worst part about it is the shitty community. Because it's up to them to stop acting like /b/tards and shitting up everything, it's never going to stop.

Honestly, a big problem with a bunch of 4chan boards is that people look at it as "the internet's toilet" as opposed to an imageboard. Not every board on 4chan is /b/.
>> No. 386377
I stopped comming to /v/ the day wow threads stopped being bannable offense. It didn't miss, for a montht he place aws full of "look at my characters", "hey what if /v/ had its guild xD" and other blizzard cocksucking general. Thenthings calmed down until tortanic happen. I think that's where things finally died for good. Peolpe were so happy to rage together they made it their only board culture.
And apparently now console wars are back. Dunno how it even happened considering what /v/ used to be. Poster really changed over the years there.
>> No. 386395
It is but when Consoles release and every minor thing happens /v/ is hysterical. One guy had PS4 issues on a stream. He was a retard and didn't know how to fix it and revealed personal information. Then an hour later he fixed it and /v/'s in full shitposting mode. Like fucking why is this acceptable?
>> No. 386416
It's the modus operandi for most of 4chan's boards. Unadulterated rage and misunderstanding are rife, and they really push the culture, especially when encountering things people deeply disagree over.

/v/ was over for me when /vg/ became miles better at what /v/ was supposed to discuss. /v/ and /b/ are so built on trolling and on deliberately being assholes to each other that they don't even bother with anything else. Now I can actually go to a Halo thread, or a CoD thread, or a WoW thread, or almost any other game and I can take part in asshattery devoted solely to that game, without the thread getting shitposted into oblivion.
>> No. 386417
Watch and be amazed.

>> No. 386425
That 404 sure is amazing.
>> No. 386430
Anyways, the actual link:

Read (past tense) the article. Cracked writers are so cute when they think they are smart (and totally not writing b8 for a troll website).
>> No. 386431
>cod, halo, wow

oh yeah and you are totally oblivious to why you got "trolled" when wanting to talk about the vidya. makes perfect sense...
>> No. 386432
It happens with every game, that isn't /v/'s current "underrated" darling.
>> No. 386436

Half of /v/ doesn't even know *why* they dislike those games. Not to mention it's irrelevant. /v/ doesn't know how to mind their own business and they also frequently shit up any thread they don't like.


Also this. Then when a game gets popular on /v/, it starts to get shit on again. The site is awful.
>> No. 386438
File 138464640426.jpg - (33.45KB , 450x368 , 1164453231031.jpg )
50 Korra threads in /co/
>> No. 386448
Yes, it's annoying having to sift through threads you have no interest in. Fortunately there's the hide thread function now, so you can just minimize the umpteen threads and go about your business. Do there need to be that many threads for the show in the first place? Probably not, but you can still just hide them and then either contribute to a thread you do like or start one of your own.
>> No. 386457

Not him, but if people are posting that many threads, it fucks up the flow of the whole board, catalog or not. That type of posting also pushes threads off the board for no real reason.

I don't know if his number of 50 was hyperbole or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's accurate.
>> No. 386460
I counter 30 before I simply left. those weren't discussion, it was people copy pasting posts from the dead general and reposting them as new threads. It was sad but it seems to go with the Korra fandom.
>> No. 386475
I think I am starting to see a pattern here. Every time something becomes massively popular, such things happen. Hungry trolls are attracted by the smell of a feast.
>> No. 386477
File 138472382338.jpg - (227.30KB , 1681x828 , jizz golem.jpg )
I'm not proud I made this thread. But I'm glad I did it.
/tg/ can still be pretty great at times.
>> No. 386480
I think "Jizz Magician" is funnier.
>> No. 386526
I really miss /q/
>> No. 386550
>unions are inherently statist

nah son, I'm fucking done
>> No. 386552
You're done with /pol/ NOW, in late November of 2013? That's quite some endurance.
>> No. 386691
File 138537852736.jpg - (32.43KB , 300x460 , gd1.jpg )
I´m fucking bored of the morons that with the "4chan was made to talk about anime" go posting said stuff anywhere.
>> No. 386694
each board has its shitposting of choice. /co/ can't shut up about fetish threads that are supposed to be board related because the pics are comics and cartoon illustrating the fetish, despite people really not talking about anything than how sweaty from arousal they get from said fetish.
>> No. 386697
Are you talking about people talking about anime on other boards or just people talking about stuff that might be slightly anime-related or even just Japanese and lose your autistic shit over it? Because there's a difference.
>> No. 386705
What's with all the really vocal furries on /co/ lately?
>> No. 386706

I swear there's a post just like this in this very thread from months ago.
>> No. 386711
flavour of the month ironic meme gone wrong. now that the sheep "won" once, they invade the place every second half of the month to "win" again. And of course, being furries they get massively butthurt and vocal with shitposting tendencies whenever the board dare to tell them to fuck off.
>> No. 386712
File 138547698350.png - (153.59KB , 330x327 , 1373974192188.png )
>have a quick simple question about a game, that wasn't commercially or critically successful enough to warrant attention
>might as well ask on /v/
>question gets answered quickly enough, see thread about D&D games
>thread is relatively civil apart from the mandatory edition wars with a bunch of nice fa/tg/uys
>one guy accidentally mentions a member of his group is female
>thread is overrun with MRA shit-for-brains and only a handful of fa/tg/uys is trying to hold out in complete disbelief over this social retardation at display until ultimately giving up
Just... wow. It finally occured to me. /v/ is a giant circle-jerk of THAT GUYs. It explains so much.
>> No. 386714

>4chan is a giant circle-jerk of THAT GUYs.

>> No. 386715
Nah, /tg/ is pretty chill and, depending on the show/manga, some parts of /a/ can actually be pretty relaxed, too.
>> No. 386734
File 13855454206.gif - (1.89MB , 300x200 , family guy.gif )
>banned for posting a gif of a dog pretending to be hurt
>citing global rule 3

I'm done 4chan, you can eat a fucking dick.
>> No. 386735
Maybe you should head to IRC instead of bitching here.

And really, that's an honest mistake to make. Don't expect everyone to bother watching the entire gif.
>> No. 386736
got banned for complaining the shitty composite waifu threads are becoming annoying and spill all over the board. and then today someone got banned for posting a fan comic, despite the board being invaded by DA level OC shit like said composite waifu for weeks.
somehow I doubt any of the mods that go on /co/ have ever read anything else than palcomix.
>> No. 386739
File 138555442410.jpg - (255.90KB , 687x810 , Nine4.jpg )
As in OP asking "would you buy a Jump style magazine", because, apparently, OP never heard of the word "anthology", despite comic anthologies being older than pamphlet-format comics.
>> No. 386759
>and then today someone got banned for posting a fan comic
If it is what I think it is, he was advertised, and it's a rape porn comic, which apparently he spams from time to time. And gets banned.
>> No. 386765
> spams from time to time
That's not how spam works. the hourly doses of familly guy and simpson threads are spam. a comic that comes maybe once in a month isn't.
considering the posted page wasn't porn there was no real reason to put in on pillory like that except having mods enforcing their taste once again. It's not more fetishy than the composite waifu craze, the daily fat fetish or blatant pedo threads that flourish on /co/ all day every day. I just hate when 4chan plays favorite like that.
>> No. 386767
I didn't use it very often, but it was quite handy at time. A few months ago, Cloudflare was making the site very slow for a lot of European users. If I hadn't seen the threads on /q/, I would've thought the problem was on my end.

I'm also not digging the new ads on red boards.
>> No. 386790

This thread got deleted. Why.
>> No. 386791
Because it was an off topic generic thread, not relating to comics or cartoons. Now, if it had asked what comic/cartoon things people were thankful for, then it would be on topic.
>> No. 386792
Every year on Christmas/New Year each and every board does a holiday collage and sends it to the other boards. That is off-topic as well, and yet mods let it slide.

I call bullshit.
>> No. 386805
I didn't mean spam as in "rule-breaking spam". Also, the one page was left after mod intervention, I think. I recall the thread being quite different after it became a sticky, a lot of other users' reaction posts were missing. So maybe that was the redone thread. (You could notice all the "based mods" reactions on the sticky, right after OP.)

From the catalog, I haven't seen so many (blatant at least) fat or pedophile threads. But by all means, report the pedo threads on sight as well, /co/ can always improve by getting rid of those.
>> No. 386841
Oh my.
>> No. 386869
I used the word "confuzzled" and was told to get back to reddit for it.
I don't... wat?
>> No. 386870
File 138607100457.jpg - (32.42KB , 599x463 , That's some romulankey shit right there.jpg )
>sys.4chan is down
>status.4chan keeps telling me it's not

Right in the middle of my storytimes, too...
>> No. 386871
4chan status don't work for shit since the cloud is up, it's always working from its point of view.
>> No. 386872
Long downtime is long.
Especially since it happened at a low point of the site, where most board are shit and not even worth reading while waiting.
>> No. 386873
I managed to make one post, but my second post didn't go through.
>> No. 386874
Just managed to make a second post, and I've seen a few others as well.
>> No. 386916
For whatever reason there's been a huge influx of new people on /a/ lately. Not that the quality of posts has been particularly high before or anything, but Jesus Christ...
>> No. 386919
How can you even tell? How do you know this isn't "le ironic shitposting" that /a/ likes to do?
>> No. 386929
Because "le ironic shitposting" is not something /a/ likes to do. You're thinking of /v/. You probably only ever go to /a/ for the Big 3/SnK threads (much like most of /v/).
>> No. 386933
>Because "le ironic shitposting" is not something /a/ likes to do.

That's a good one. Tell another.
>> No. 386936
Posts you don't like =/= ironic shitposting
>> No. 386943
Well it's a good thing I'm not talking about "posts I don't like"

Don't know where you got that idea
>> No. 386957
File 138628933642.gif - (931.58KB , 450x337 , 1386006891743.gif )
Got banned from /co/ for trying to make a thread out of this gif
>> No. 386961
Why where you trying?
That doesn't seem to have anything to do with /co/
>> No. 386962
>Because "le ironic shitposting" is not something /a/ likes to do. You're thinking of /v/.
Uh not him, but I've seen that on /co/. I've even seen a former user admit it.
>> No. 386965
File 138630721021.jpg - (27.79KB , 480x480 , deathclothes.jpg )
Goth girl Death is /co/ related
>> No. 386967

Post more context next time. You didn't just leave the image there without any text did you?

Aside from the fact that mods are global and may not be as familiar with a board's particular "culture" (I mean culture in the sense of actual, literal on-topic posts), I wouldn't have guessed you were trying to make a thread about Death either. What you posted up there is just a gif of a Goth girl.
>> No. 386970
Honestly, aside from her skin and hair, she doesn't quite match up.
>> No. 387037
File 138659812024.jpg - (66.96KB , 650x500 , IMG_0022b.jpg )
The idiots trying to make Godzilla /co/ are at full force today.
>> No. 387038
File 138659988374.png - (510.62KB , 380x750 , tumblr_mwydtsOGPc1r5dzczo1_500.png )
Godzilla is /co/, what are you talking about? He's half of IDW's comics, plus back when I used to go there Godzilla threads were one of the things that were consistently enjoyable.
>> No. 387073
File 138664223429.jpg - (254.46KB , 900x1362 , godzilla-marvel-01-01.jpg )
And there's been two different animated series, one based on the classic Godzilla, and a series that followed the events of the American remake. Plus, Godzilla's presence in comics isn't a new thing either.

So yeah, anyone who says Godzilla isn't /co/ relevant doesn't know shit.
>> No. 387074
File 138664242436.jpg - (474.29KB , 1440x2214 , 22.jpg )
Plus Half Century War is fucking incredible.
>> No. 387076
Stokoe is my waifu.
>> No. 387083
File 138664433429.jpg - (1.19MB , 1280x1968 , 11.jpg )
That's a great waifu.
>> No. 387168
File 138685286666.jpg - (1.49MB , 2575x3383 , E_ Pike 01- 051.jpg )
The movies; or does /co/ have to go the /v/ way of anything with a comic can be posted.
Can I discuss the life of Juan Antonio Lavalleja (El Tony), or talk about the Matilda II tank?
>> No. 387206
Just post the comic in every thread like the Pacific Rim fags did and you are golden or make a fake email claiming you can post like the Digimon fags did.
>> No. 387209
So now that /v/ is already completely assimilated into /pol/, looks like it's now /a/'s turn. Fucking great. Now that it's ever so slowly becoming a hub for far right extremists, I might just be able to finally let go of this terrible site.
>> No. 387212
>people who disagree with me are political extremists!!

You will not be missed.
>> No. 387214
Your post is decidedly retarded because politics have no place on the anime board.

Then again, I shouldn't expect much from someone stupid enough to sage a sticky.
>> No. 387215
I've seen people attack any number of opposing opinions with "you're [a member of my opposed political group]", to the point where memes from 2006 supposedly make you a "/pol/ invader" or "SRS agent".
Don't participate in that idiotic trend.
>> No. 387216

Yeah, okay.

Meanwhile dipshits try to derail threads (and sometimes post straight up not board related shit) with dumb stuff that belongs on /pol/.
>> No. 387217
If a thread goes from discussing the show to "right-leaning white people are statistically proven to be more intelligent and better for society" because a black character is mentioned, there's something going on.
>> No. 387218
>If a thread goes from discussing the show to "right-leaning white people are statistically proven to be more intelligent and better for society" because a black character is mentioned, there's something going on.

Exactly what I meant when I said that politics do not belong on the anime board. And I guess by politics I mean "What /pol/ is for"
>> No. 387391
Toonami ratings threads don't normally devolve into shitposting, do they?
>> No. 387408
I do hate the SRS bullshit but every time I go to a sight and see SJW whiteknights I am reminded of what bullshit is that a bunch of college educated white women get to talk about privilege when they are in a position most people around the world would kill be in. There are actual issues dealing with minorities and SJW tumblrist are making it worse rather than better.
>> No. 387409
*non 4chan site
It's late. Sorry.
>> No. 387412
How about you do something about it then, rather than whine about the "whiteknights"?
>> No. 387423
>I am reminded of what bullshit is that a bunch of college educated white women get to talk about privilege when they are in a position most people around the world would kill be in.

I don't know what you're talking about in particular so I'm not going to press it, but this particular brand of knowledge is stupid. Being in a position of privilege does not mean you don't get to speak out for people who are not privileged.

It's like saying I shouldn't talk about people starving somewhere just because I have food in my fridge. What kind of sense does that even make?
>> No. 387429
File 138741400177.jpg - (58.69KB , 400x302 , 1212326343969.jpg )
Well I've tried everything and I can't get past the ban evasion cookies. I think I should leave 4chan since my posting is considered shit there.
>> No. 387442
My issue is that they are doing it on a broad blanket basis when it's not true. Unless you are a specific type of White male, that is unless you are rich, athletic, and straight, you have less privilege then some of these women. My problem is that they tell people to check their privileges without checking their own because they feel as women they are in a worse position than a white male who is in poverty when this is just not the case. Before you can call someone else on privilege you should check your own. More importantly what exactly does this do? There are ways to promote equality without being deranged and shoving your agenda where it doesn't belong. There are appropriate ways to do it and this isn't it. They also do nothing of importance. All it is are people who don't really want to do anything and doing everything wrong. There's actually being a gay activist, woman's rights activist, an activist in general. And then just bitching about something on the internet and not doing anything productive. Which I know is ironic but I'm not trying to actually change the world in any way though for people who actual do fight for equality I give them props. At the same time, I don't want all this bitching on the internet and I'd like to enjoy my videogames and comics in peace.

Do what about what? If I go on 4chan and say that not all brands of feminism are bad I get some approval but most people go ballistic and or decidedly ignore it. If I go and call SJW on their hypocrisy I get banned from the from because it's the hip thing to promote. It's garbage all around.
>> No. 387456
I would advise not to take that crowd mentality too seriously. If you'll recall, that was the exact mentality that really divided 4chan, over and over again over things like furries, raiding, pedophilia, etc.

I actually see this as something of a positive aspect as previously, the internet was primarily the dominion of men, particularly white men. And that affected the culture and the outlook. I agree that the "armchair feminist" is not really conducive to anything but the crowd-sourced harassment of individuals, but the upside is something not exactly perceived by a lot of guys on the other side. There are actually girls to talk to now, as opposed to girls being a myth or second-citizen users. We're actually getting more varied people in the discussion now and the discussion is a little richer for it even if the same old dumb shit keeps happening.

I imagine that might matter less if you came from a real life to the chans though.
>> No. 387673
>try to start a gay/beefcake thread
>get banned after three worksafe posts for "posting trash outside of /b/"
>meanwhile foot fetish and straight shota threads are still up
I'd understand if they took those kinds of threads down too but this is just ridiculous.
>> No. 387681
/m/ is fast becoming one of my favorite boards.
>> No. 387753
File 138795867326.jpg - (14.88KB , 300x356 , 1220815729174.jpg )
My resolution for 2014 is to get the hell away from 4chan after almost a decade of wasting my time on it. I recommend you all do the same.
>> No. 387755
that is what the job and my tablet are for. being mobile and productive. No 4chan just happens because no shows on to talk about right now. blasted hiatuses.
>> No. 387789
Can't. Only place on the internet where I feel at all comfortable discussing anything.

And of course there's the weird porn.
>> No. 387793
There's some guy who's been shitposting on the (slower) board I hang out on for the past couple of days.

Really, I should feel sad for someone who has nothing to do during the holidays than to shitpost on slow 4chan boards.
>> No. 387842
you won't do it. There's no alternative for any of the boards that isn't a maymay infested circlejerk run by dumbfucks for dumbfucks. No matter how bad a board gets, the anonimy at least ensure thatafter a day or two, the page deletion will flush the sit away and you can start over without people just shitposting because they hate your name/avatar/a post you made 5 month ago like in every other online forums.
>> No. 387844
>you won't do it.

Do what
>> No. 387970
File 138857262763.png - (26.30KB , 871x140 , wat.png )
>type b in address bar
>autofills boards.4chan.org/co/catalog
>> No. 388003
I remember those toilets... *shudders*
>> No. 388046
I'm German and I find these toilets weird. They seem to be mostly present in the south. I've seen them like twice up here in the north and both times it was in a restaurant bathroom. Maybe they're actually easier to clean or something.
>> No. 388053
I was actually talking to someone about this recently (can't remember who or where, though) and the idea of the *splat* toilet bowl is that you can check your feces for problems, which was useful in older days when there are more food-related issues, but these days is not.

I doubt it's easier to clean, because any matter that stays on the bowl dries out and becomes stuck far easier.
>> No. 388084
got pseudo banned 15 minutes for "pol outside of pol", despite posting about transgender and nothing about politics. generic message or are mods actually that stupid and ready to spread the pol boogeyman themselves for anything they dislike?
>> No. 388085
There are genuinely people who admit to having discovered 4chan via /fit/ and the feels meme. Jesus Christ, as if we'd need anymore evidence that the board is overrun by jocks and idiots by now.
>> No. 388090
lol now the 15 minute ban is a 3 day one. gotta love mods teamwork, if one is more offended than the others he can just add more and use a shitty excuse because they don't need to justify to moot for 3 day bans.
SJW are literally running the place now.
>> No. 388097
>SJW are literally running the place now.

When you word it like that, I get the feeling you were shitposting and are now just butthurt about being banned for it.
>> No. 388105
>jocks AND idiots
sorry couldn't resist
>> No. 388112
So 4chan broke on toonami night.

>> No. 388115
I hope it happens every Saturday
>> No. 388121
I hate it when 4chan dies during week end.
>> No. 388122
I got a 3 day ban for posting a thumbnail sized nsfw pic, but it only lasted half a day.
>> No. 388123
rip on RIPs 4hcna
>> No. 388124

4chan is kill

so what am i supposed to do now?
>> No. 388125
Use this one or one of the many other chans
>> No. 388126
>4chan status page
>everything green

As useful as ever, I see.
>> No. 388194
File 138912215176.png - (128.39KB , 976x532 , uhhh what.png )
I managed to use 4chan for years without recieving any bans, then 2014 comes along and I've already been banned twice.
The first time was something I can understand, but this just baffles me.
I was posting some screencaps in a Dave the Barbarian thread and at one point responded to a question someone had asked me. Apparently that one moment constituted as 'using an avatar'. Jeez.
>> No. 388198
I'm convinced not a single mod or janitor actually cares about /co/ theme, so they just hoover the place from time to time and ban based on appreances, without even understanding the thread subject
>> No. 388221
Mods have been ban crazy since November and then moot put out cookies or something that stops you from ban evading when you reset your IP or use a proxy. I've tried blocking cookies and deleting cookies but cannot get past them so I don't go on 4chan that much anymore.
>> No. 388259
Damn they're really buttpained about what they think is avatarfagging.

Sounds about right, at least for most of them.
>> No. 388262

janitors are always swayed easily by loud majorities and mods are global and only give a shit about the boards they like. which is none of what i like.
>> No. 388268
>janitors are always swayed easily by loud majorities

[citation needed]
>> No. 388293
I think they don't do it on purpose, they jsut avoid big 500 post generals that are long and tedious to read and analyse to see who's shitposting and who is just having fun. the only come in those crowded place if the report list lead them there, and they will only take the post as a single thing out of context. efficiently making general threads the best place to shitpost.
>> No. 388299
Is it just the threads I've seen, or is /co/ filled with more wannabe trolls and shitposters than /b/ over the last few days?

And I don't mean people who disagree with other people, I mean people just calling everyone else faggots for no reason.
>> No. 388306
People has been using /co/ as a sfw /b/ for a few months now what with all the daily waifu grids, daily /soc/ grids and meta threads. We even have some guy making "post your Tumblr" threads.

I wish thread banning was a thing, at least the type that I want.

- Guy makes off-topic thread
- He gets standard ban
- everyone who responded gets muted for a hour
- get muted 3 times and you get banned for a day

Problem is it would require better mods than the ones we have
>> No. 388308
File 138944869016.jpg - (2.16MB , 1182x1560 , Tapa Fierro Lucas N.jpg )
It´s the expansion of the /b/ mentality (no discussion, only throwing memes at each other; posting the SAME thing EVERYDAY), that slowly but inextricably, is killing the site (see /v/ /sp/ /tv/ /pol/).
>> No. 388310
>the new captcha

Guys I think I might be a robot, this is haaard.
>> No. 388319
>all the goddamn m/n/r 's and i/l's
So, it isn't just me.
>> No. 388328
>We even have some guy making "post your Tumblr" threads.
At least that makes sense on /ic/.
>> No. 388350
I saw some guy on /tg/ offand comment that one post took him eight tries. My old goal of quitting 4chan seems so much more achievable now.
>> No. 388351
>upload failed

wtf 4chan this is a new one.
>> No. 388354
File 138955150983.png - (144.50KB , 820x470 , Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1_27_37 PM.png )
Are you srs
>> No. 388357
File 138955202276.jpg - (261.00KB , 500x651 , a shitload of cats.jpg )
The offending image in question.
>> No. 388359
People like report caturday threads and mods like banning the people who make them. I wish they go this hard on off topic /a/ and /v/ threads and these waifu and /soc/ grid threads.
>> No. 388361
Some people just don't like fun.
>> No. 388364
Or they just don't like your type of fun. Mods/Janitors seem to have it out for certain threads and pictures of characters while others seem to get a pass while posting similar if not worse pics.
>> No. 388365
File 138956217367.png - (880.49KB , 1920x1300 , mods are fags.png )
You mean like this?
>> No. 388369
It would help if I knew what got deleted, because I see two legitimate threads there (the one that seems to actually be discussing Thundercats as well as the guy who's working on his comic)

The rest...yeah, what the hell.
>> No. 388370
>sonic and Nicole

I don't know, the mods just pick them off as the like. Maybe the other ones sank before pissy mods/janitors saw them?
>> No. 388392
This happens because mods and janitors never actually stay on /co/ for more than a dozen minutes. And they wont carpet ban when a page0 is full of shit because they would have to explain things to Moot. So instead they ban one or two things then call it a day, go somewhere else and ignore the fact that 99% of the banned people evade and create the same thread in the minute.
>> No. 388408
>Go on /tg/
>Somebody wants a casual game that isn't vanilla Catan
>Suggest Alhambra and Star Trek Catan
>Somebody asks me if I'm trolling

... Huh.
>> No. 388424
This is 4chan, when people ask for something they actually just want to be validated or play a "know your maymay" game. Actual answers that aren't in the board culture check list will be discarded.
>> No. 388428
>finally some story time I'd like to read
>thumbnails crash and never loads

o for shit sake, why NOW
>> No. 388429
/pol/ now declared Magic the Gathering "jewish propaganda" for not being historically accurate with their fantasy world based on Greek mythology.

The counter-counter-counterculture train keeps rolling.
>> No. 388438
Not to mention they're completely wrong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aethiopia
I've seen some of those idiots already spill over to /tg/ when Theros first came out.
>> No. 388453
File 138977086955.png - (16.50KB , 465x240 , ██████.png )
This is how we roll.
>> No. 388457
What does this mean exactly?
>> No. 388464
ok this is annoying, am I the only one unable to open thumbnails?
>> No. 388529
Judging from no responses for a few days, I'd say yes. But that happened to me several times. Whatever is causing it is almost always on the user's end.
>> No. 388534

It's a __________________________
>> No. 388538
it's weird though since the rest of my internet works flawlesly.
Any plug in known to fuck up 4chan? I suspect Avast antivirus but it would be weird to just do that to 4chan
>> No. 388544
The best thing to do is experiment by disabling everything one at a time, and testing whether it affects the situation. I can understand an anti-virus being retarded enough to think 4chan images are worth blocking (you know, with /b/ and all)
>> No. 388612
Christ, at least bronies acknowledge that they're breaking the rules, /pol/ expects you to thank them after they derail a thread.
>> No. 388633
/pol/tards have been the new bronies/furries for quite sometime now. Any attempt to point out that they should take politics and whatnot to their own board (not even that you disagree with them, but rather that the topic of discussion belongs elsewhere) is met with hostility. And 9 times out of 10, they think you're offended by what they say (when in reality most people don't care about your opinions on liberals/conservatives/whateverthefuckelse and want said discussions to go on their appropriate boards), nevermind that this is 4chan and that anyone who has been there for a week has probably been exposed to gore/guro/lolicon/real cp/racism, etc.
>> No. 388634
/pol/ is too easy to blame at time. /co/ has become especially touchy these days and whenever someone points something about its opinion about a character gender or the use of sexuality or minority in a work and everybody that disagree with you will just tell you to go back to /pol/. The happy merchant spam was annoying, but the counter "stop talking about social issues, /pol/" backlash is just as bad.
>> No. 388636
Well if /pol/ is the new furries/bronies, the people who bitch about them has to become the anti-bronies with everything that title implies like responding to every /pol/ post or freaking out over reaction faces.

/co/ apparently has became the battleground yet again about this because so many crossposters from other boards (mainly /v/ and /tv/) come there. Plus there is this whole thing about /co/ = Tumblr because /co/ is not hating women, gays and blacks like other boards.
>> No. 388638
> Plus there is this whole thing about /co/ = Tumblr because /co/ is not hating women, gays and blacks like other boards.

The funny thing is, /co/ was like this long before tumblr became a "thing". I don't know what it was about the board, but /co/ was always a lot more mature when it came to gays, women, and minorities. Maybe it's because comics have long featured these groups? I don't know. It was a good time and I liked it.

Any time someone on 4chan calls someone a "SJW", I just roll my eyes, because 9 times out of 10, it just means "This person isn't acting like a /b/tard". Chalk it up to 4chan's desire to run everything into the ground, I guess. SJW lost all meaning, right up there with words like "hipster"
>> No. 388647
Some people just use 4chan as an echo chamber, and since they can't deal with not everybody agreeing with them they chalk it up to some outside influence with malicious intent.
>> No. 388658
There's a shit storm brewing about redwood being a mod or something I don't fucking now.
>> No. 388659
That's been going on since 2012 and it's picked up steam again for some reason
>> No. 388661
/asp/ is the only good spot I have found on 4chan.
>> No. 388669
>that anti black spam on /co/

That's just sad
>> No. 388806
File 139078859010.png - (120.64KB , 1366x768 , 6.png )
>get banned for trying to start a RLM on /tv/

I don't know what 4chan mods are doing anymore
>> No. 388808
File 139079244961.jpg - (16.57KB , 305x420 , Gloria Swanson not amused.jpg )
>somebody creates a mouse thread on /co/
>not a fap thread, an honest to God mouse thread
>OP asks everyone "please no fluffy porn"
>a few perfectly innocent (for 4chan) posts follow
>I join by posting about 7 purely board-related images (stills, GIFs, etc)
>threads gets deleted in a few minutes

Great job, mods. Great job.
>> No. 388813
File 139079600811.jpg - (112.49KB , 400x400 , tumblr_kze4dj5wQT1qa47jgo1_400.jpg )
Mice are cute but don't live very long and all the ones I had were mean little bastards.
>> No. 388819
File 139084509190.jpg - (7.69KB , 200x252 , 1362246902309.jpg )
>complain about 4chan in anyway
>receive ban
>/q/ was the only place you could complain about 4chan and it's long gone
>> No. 388820
Man, cut that shit out. At least once a week I have to deal with threads almost being derailed because some whiny git has to complain about moderation.
>> No. 388841
Or maybe you are posting in threads that have barely anything to do with the boards and people react normally but you are too stuck up into your shit to even bother.
>> No. 388844
>Or maybe you are posting in threads that have barely anything to do with the boards

I don't post in meta-threads, homeboy. And I don't see how this makes sense as an argument. Threads that aren't related to the board's subject don't belong on the board in the first place.
>> No. 388845
>/pol/tards have been the new bronies/furries for quite sometime now

More accurate than you might realize. There is a considerable overlap between "bronies" and "/pol/tards", mainly people who see "feminazis" behind every corner and consider any form of disagreement "censorship".
>> No. 388870
File 139097359486.jpg - (61.44KB , 640x480 , i upgraded your cat.jpg )
WTF, first half the thumbnails don't show, and now it's all of them. I went through this with another *chan that decided to monkey with its source code for no good reason aside from trolling visitors.
>> No. 388875
I'm the original guy to complain there. tried to disable everything or browse 4chan on another browser with no success. Are you French? I suspect my ISP to just cut the bandwidth from 4chan like they already do for Youtube. Really my last guess at the moment
>> No. 388905
File 139106042146.jpg - (28.23KB , 555x560 , doge not want.jpg )
No, I'm rat cheer in Tick's Ass, USA. Just came from 4chan a moment ago, looks like everyone else is posting away like there's nothing wrong. I was wondering if the problem is in my set (Seamonkey on Ubuntu). I may just hang out here until this blows over.
>> No. 388953
>Seamonkey on Ubuntu

Heavily advise checking with a different browser. That could be the whole she-bang right there
>> No. 388958
File 139115361182.png - (182.63KB , 365x335 , rf cat consider the following.png )
Was /co/ ever love? Cause for the past 2 years it has been mostly b8, never forgive, and never forget.
>> No. 388960
It certainly felt that way in 2008.
They introduced me to Watership Down, Plague Dogs, the works of Richard Williams, the old Little Nemo comics, a lot of webcomics, and Clone High. And all without much argument.

It was nice, or at least I could ignore the shitposts and trolling or whatever they call it these days.
>> No. 388964
depends if the day and hour. Also recently the whole ironic racism, ironic pedophilia, ironic sexism and ironic animay derail are out of control. Probably because by being ironic so long, they finally attracted non ironic people to sustain the shit seriously.
>> No. 388965
It wasn't love, it was tolerance. We had a unwritten rule that you could have an anime thread only if it derails a shitty thread. We still bitched about anime threads, furfags, and was dailydosed with was is considered today to be SJW/Tumblr shit and /pol/ shit. The problem is when people confused tolerance with acceptance and how people came here (4chan) for trolling rather than because there is no where else to go for unbiased and unfiltered discussion.
>> No. 388973
File 139120408870.jpg - (49.35KB , 704x441 , pretending to be idiots.jpg )
Oh, you mean this?
>> No. 389013
File 139131258020.gif - (920.59KB , 245x245 , biodrone3.gif )
running a longterm gen on vg almost makes me wish you could mod your own threads. this feeling doesn't stem from trolls and shitposters, but instead from those lazy assholes who ask the same goddamned questions in every single new thread even though you can basically guarantee it was answered about seven posts above it (and a few posts above that, and probably a few posts above that too).
>> No. 389044
hell no, thread moderation by user would instant death of 4chan. maybe you should try to mail moot and ask to be a janitor yourself, but making general threads even more circlejerky through self moderation is a clear no-no
>> No. 389045
I know it would generally be a terrible idea, that's why I said "almost".
>> No. 389062
Sounds easier than getting mods' attention to take care of shitposting, though, which is the biggest problem with generals.

Your comment is about 3 years late though, probably more.
>> No. 389066
I dunno anymore. Sure felt like it, though.
Thanks to old /co/ I'm the person I am today, thats for sure.
Old /co/, Wall-E and LSD.
>> No. 389074
File 139140333216.jpg - (15.00KB , 283x281 , why kitty.jpg )
MFW dolts keep "improving" things.
Tried Firefox and the thumbnails are all there. I had a similar problem with Fchan, but a browser upgrade took care of it, so I'll just chill for a while.
>> No. 389083
Is it me, or is 4chan X's latest update a complete load of balls? It's a complete crapshoot as to whether I can post in a thread, and if I can it's another crapshoot as to whether it lets me see my latest post...
>> No. 389089

Yeah, it's been fucking up for me too. I can't figure out how to fix it.
>> No. 389094
Tell the devs and hope for an update that isn't complete balls.
>> No. 389112
File 139149771954.png - (322.49KB , 1196x924 , dual-advert.png )
I was bored & noticed this while on /co/ prime.
>> No. 389156
Has 4chan been slow as shit for anyone else? Images take forever to load and sometimes never do.

Every other site is working fine for me, so I don't think my internet is the problem.
>> No. 389165
It went down for me about an hour ago.
>> No. 389366
File 139196924663.jpg - (19.10KB , 104x178 , 1325573472761.jpg )
aaaand IDs are back /b/.
>> No. 389367
Captcha vanished on me about 30 minutes ago. I think 4chan X has had another bad update, but I could be wrong on that.
>> No. 389375
It doesn't appear to me even when I use a different browser. Moot definitely cocked something up.
>> No. 389405
read the news. He made captcha appears only when people type text to reduce the bandwidth usage and apparently their complexity since google apparently increase their complexity as you keep asking for them without solving them.
>> No. 389415
Wasn't it only a few weeks ago that the news section was telling people to stop complaining about the Captchas being difficult because there was nothing they could do to make them easier, and it was completely random? Ha.
>> No. 389427
File 139209358026.jpg - (61.19KB , 590x448 , hungover skwerl.jpg )
Pic: MFW I *have* to tinker with my computers to get them to actually do something or other.
I wound up pulling the original HD and replacing it with a larger one, and re-installing everything, with the result that all of the thumbnails show up again in Seamonkey. Now if I could only get Ubuntu to get over its haet for Youtube videos...
>> No. 389432
Man, all this genuine fucking racism on /v/ is making me sad.
>> No. 389433
I don't find them especially simpler to be honest. Still blobs of letter from time to time that need to be refreshed, and still those horrible number sequences.
>> No. 389434
I'm just glad I can have a few threads open without having captchas constantly refreshing in the background tabs, since that could make the whole browser freeze a second or so for the image to load each time. Also happens when its on the same tab, but it's less likely to refresh while I'm typing if it waits until I start typing to load.
>> No. 389485
>get banned from /v/ for trying to make a thread about video games and the freezing cold

Well fuck you too
>> No. 389490
Did you make a dumb comfy thread?
>> No. 389532
>making a thread on /v/
your first mistake
>about video games
That was a foolish suicide, man.
>> No. 389540
cripes looks like"rights" tumblr finally found the Frozen /co/ threads and /pol/ won't leave now that Ms.Marvel is out.
>> No. 389542
>> No. 389558
hey, even privileged upper class white people deserve a board you know. We already had one for the mentally deficient with /mlp/ and one for gays with /lgbt/. The future of 4chan is in socially separating people so you know you aren't anonymously posting with people you don't like.
Now to wait which one will be next :/grl/, /blk/ or /hisp/.
>> No. 389564
I meant more of a
>getting financial advice from 4chan
thing but okay
>> No. 389565
File 139238496685.jpg - (97.41KB , 1066x800 , Nine-video7.jpg )
moot went full retard.
I thought the generals were for that [/irony].
>> No. 389587
File 139242658463.png - (87.47KB , 532x235 , 3k get.png )
I got a Get there. And was promptly banned for 10 days.
>> No. 389589
ahaha you dumbass
>> No. 389657
Trying to start up a new General on /vg/ is pretty taxing.
>> No. 389668
>tfw now on thread #32 without killing myself

So proud.
>> No. 389685
Either moot changed something or NoScript got more aggressive, but I'm suddenly having a hard time getting through it when posting.
>> No. 389694
File 13926675576.jpg - (39.79KB , 640x480 , 1383367310637.jpg )
>tfw I can't discuss The Dice Tower on /tg/ without one asshole constantly harping on about how Tom Vasel is a giant hypocrite for not liking the theme of Chaos in the Old World.

That review was almost 3 years ago, you dumb shit.
>> No. 389718
Somebody please tell me the reasons why stream threads are not allowed on 4chan.
>> No. 389726

It's my theory you can blame people like the guys who run joowz as they would frequently go to off topic boards (/co/ and /v/), post about a DBZ stream, then bump the thread constantly with low-content posts.

Now, not every person is a shithead with their streams, but it's probably easier to just crack down on everything. It's a shame, because there have been fun streams (one guy streamed King of the Hill over 4th of July weekend one time. He got through every episode that weekend) but you also get people like the joowz shitposters.

So in short, thank spammers for that one.
>> No. 389727
This is a pretty poor policy, though, especially since moderation tends to tell people that porn is ok of you post links to the external sites all the time. so stream getting some some of special rule make few sense.
>> No. 389880
File 139317544054.png - (6.45KB , 286x286 , 1196087477695.png )
>tfw you will never become a 4chan janitor
>> No. 389882
People who actively want to be janitor/mod are often times the people least fit for the job. Which is why it's such a pain to look for them and moot doesn't do it very often.
>> No. 389886
I want to be a janitor. I just want to delete off topic /b/ shit when I see it instead of waiting for a mod to look at my report.
>> No. 389890
Doesn't seem that hard to delete threads which are basically 100 variations on the phrase "lolniggers" or people discussing each other instead of something board related like literally anything else.
>> No. 389907
>4chan supposedly has new janitors
>the place is worse than ever in many boards

let me guess, some board didn't get new people at all, right? Especially /co/ who is breaking its records of waifushit threads.
>> No. 389910
Are you talking about the most recent round of applications?

Because those people won't be given the job for like 6 months. They don't get hired in a day.
>> No. 389934
Yeah, this. They have to decide who to pic and they have to do training and shit.

I swear, is anyone else getting timeouts every other day?
>> No. 389937
You might not like them but those waifushits are still on-topic. A janitor's job is not to shape the content of boards to their liking, it's deleting spam, nsfw and only blatantly obvious off-topic posts. You know, rule violations. Not "stuff I don't like".
>> No. 389939
Most waifu shit isn't on topic. Especially when it derivate nearly all the time to fetish discussion instead of comic or cartoon discussion, and people start posting porn links, real people and why they are currently masturbating at the moment. It's even worse when those faggots highjack normal discusions with "lol no fuck you here's muh waifu from the show image dump".
>> No. 389965
Not all of them are. The push for every day of the week to be themed around indulging /co/'s fetish hivemind is just irritating. "Hey guys here's an obscure reptile woman who appeared in one episode of a 90s cartoon, now let's talk about races from roleplaying games and post cropped porn from e621 while talking about how perfect our non-human girlfriends would be." I admit they act as a quarantine to keep those same posters from other threads but I feel shitty for even acknowledging that things are at that point, that one person's interests are another person's leper colony.
>> No. 389983
But what if people just want to delete off-topic and low quality posts?
>> No. 389984
>tg fetish thread about Dexter up with hundreds of posts
>endless cheesecake threads reaching max image limit
>get banned after making a beefcake thread with five posts in it
I wouldn't care if they were trying to get rid of any objectionable material on /co/ but I find it odd that those are the only kinds of threads that they delete on sight
>> No. 389985
>tg fetish thread about Dexter up with hundreds of posts
>endless cheesecake threads reaching max image limit
>get banned after making a beefcake thread with five posts in it
I wouldn't care if they were trying to get rid of any objectionable material on /co/ but I find it odd that those are the only kinds of threads that they delete on sight
>> No. 389997
because mods consider /co/ their personal porn stash. If they fap, it stays, if they don't, you leave.
>> No. 390010
File 139350543617.jpg - (63.35KB , 453x660 , vauqero.jpg )
They just look at the report backlog; i.e.: no reports, no deletion.
>> No. 390016
Yeah no, too easy to say people don't report, when people who complain, like me actually report more than they post.
>> No. 390057
File 139364433586.jpg - (87.59KB , 640x488 , image.jpg )
>R34 threads in a nutshell
>> No. 390062
File 139365430063.png - (186.69KB , 1013x512 , Screenshot 2014-03-01 at 12_08_56 AM.png )
Sasuga /v/
>> No. 390068
jumpman why do you post stupid threads on 4chan then post in this thread

anyone with eyes can see why that got you banned

if you want to post news, then post it, but don't but that stupid, "why can't /v/ X" thing at the end of it.
>> No. 390071
I honestly don't believe what I said could be considered flamewar bait (didn't thrash any console, nor declare supreme victory for PS4), but alright.
>> No. 390106
>this console is going [better than other consoles]
I don't go to /v/ and even I know that's a stupid thing to post. The only possible route for the thread is bashing or arguing.
>> No. 390227
File 139409055456.jpg - (247.71KB , 848x1280 , 1387485594607.jpg )
>Post this on /v/ responding to thread about vidya women
>Say "But i like crows feet and such"
>Banned for rule #1 "Offtopic posting"
Oh you're right. Sorry i took attention away from all the "Now that the dust has settled" threads and all the fucking sales threads about PS4 breaking records and being an abysmal failure all at the same time.
>> No. 390299
File 139442239421.jpg - (18.75KB , 220x288 , 1359170293729.jpg )
>Marina Matsumoto
>> No. 390306
I just noticed there's a "cam and meetup" board now. And I windered why all boards were under a wave of extremely annoying namefags...
This is just disgusting.
>> No. 390308
how new are you and what does that have to do with the rest of the boards
>> No. 390313
File 139448859638.png - (179.67KB , 1208x509 , Screenshot 2014-03-10 at 4_54_13 PM.png )
How is this "Participating in or instigating a flamewar?"
>> No. 390314
>reads title of your thread

are you stupid
>> No. 390315
Did you read what was written in the post? That's was the general message: the Xbox One was being seen by the public as the "uncool" system to own, because of MS fucking up its image, weaker hardware, and Kinect. Pre-orders for the PS4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight was beating the Xbox One version 4 to 1.

Full thread here:

>> No. 390333
>That guy spamming the same 3 porn piccs on /co/ over and over

It's extra sad cause with captcha weknow he's not a bot but manually does it every 10 minutes.
>> No. 390348
File 139458474883.png - (3.74MB , 2700x1500 , body_care_and_grooming_by_vanheist-d51cfhm.png )
It kind of irritates me how much /co/ gets all weirded out by wanting to top or dominate anything.
Oh sure, we'll talk to death about the cutesy shit we'll do to monsters and furry stealth posts, but suddenly I'M the crazy one for not wanting some communion wafer of a sub, and actually want to top a girl who's bossy and beefy and could actually fight back?
Why does male sadism freak everyone out?
>> No. 390350
Well I can't give you an answer for everyone, but in my case the main problem is how difficult it is to tell when you're dealing with the sort of sadist who wants a partner who is fully on board with the sado-masochism thing, who uses a safeword and doesn't do anything that his partner's GENUINELY not comfortable with, and the kind who is just hateful and wants to actually hurt people who don't want it.

And obviously, when you talk about your fantasies, you don't mention all the normal domestic stuff like agreeing to safewords and having frank talks about where either person's boundaries are, you just talk about the "exciting" parts--the domination and the inflicting of pain. Which is fine--no one else talks about that sort of thing when they talk about THEIR fantasies. No one who talks about their three-way fantasies talks about searching for someone both of the normal partners trust to bring into the relationship and agreeing beforehand how they're going to address the situation after the threesome is over, after all. But with sadism, your fantasies sound a lot scarier to someone who doesn't hear that stuff--it makes you sound like a person who's a danger to other people.

So what I'm getting at is: if you're a responsible BDSM guy, I've got no problem with your fetish at all. That shit's between you and your partner, and wouldn't be any of my business even if I *did* object. But when I'm hearing from some nameless, faceless internet goon about how bad he wants to hurt and debase another human being (or whatever, if we're talking fictional characters), the empathetic side of me is always going to object to that, and begin to fear that real people might be in danger.
>> No. 390351
I guess. It could be my explanations, I get a little less restrained in my descriptions when I talk outright fantasy. Gogo's not a real character so my more aggressive parts of the fetish don't require real restraint. I'm not so empathic about her as I would be a real girl. A girl I had more of a real relationship it more pops up with just having a sense of control over stuff that has more social barriers and normalcy to just do yourself. Hairbrushing, teethbrushing, sitting her down and exploring her face methodically, the "I don't care that you're not comfortable with it, I'm having fun so be quiet" sort of control. Of course there's pre-determined consent to all of that and any sort of real BDSM we try.

With fictional girls though, I don't feel a need to go 'well I gotta get her consent'. She's fake, there's no rules, why not just get wild? Rape and actual fighting for sexual control don't need consent from a fantasy on paper, so why get all concerned about a drawn figment? Maybe that's it, I already decided none of these people are real, so any real rules about what you can and can't do to them in fantasy are silly.
>> No. 390352
If I had to guess, they're just not that fucked up in the head? Not considering these "rules" as something inconvenient and stuff.
>> No. 390355
Maybe you should just stop shitposting in /co/ about your weaty erections, it would stop the board from being the pure shit it actually is. I'm fucking tired of being unable to read anything else that neckbeards erection reports in a board supposedly about comics and cartoon. It's all about what make you hot and who you want to fuck these days. Fuck you and your kind.
>> No. 390367
I kind of get that, that's sort of the reason hentai initially appealed; they're not real, therefor there's more of a variance, and you don't have to worry so much about the particulars. Which is kind of the appeal of porn, and regular porn made me feel weird at first because I wondered how those girls got to where they were.

But now I'm kinda with >>390355
For every "How do we make such and such a show better?" thread, it seems like there's like 3 or so "muh dick", "would you eat her farts?" or "Lion-o should've ended up with Wilykit". And I know it's 4chan and all but like, the dudes who are actually really seriously into that are really fucked up. No topic too taboo, but if you are stockpiling CP and Loli, you got fucking issues, man, the least of which is the Party Van. It seems like that's scaled down as of late but there's still some of those motherfuckers, and a lot of the general opinion is just to let it be. Still, that shit takes over something like the Thundercats reboot threads and it's like "go outside for a year and don't get on a computer you motherfuckers"
>> No. 390374
I keep getting a time-out error on sys.4chan yet everyone else seems to able to post just fine.
>> No. 390380
>> No. 390383
dang it moot I need my dose repair that shit already
>> No. 390385
You guys could always stay here.
>> No. 390386
Nobody but me is playing the games I want to talk about on here. And even then it takes a week for an answer.
>> No. 390389
Is it just me, or did /co/ got... 30% better during the last few days? People seem... nicer. And less ironically sarcastic.
>> No. 390397
It's you. ended up with 100 post hidden on average just because of the shitty fetishshit, waifushit, and >greentext trop threads. /co/ has nothing to talk about these days. And it's not the fault of the medium for once, it's just, people are now only comming there for their boners, and their boners aren't interesting subjects to talk about
>> No. 390404
Did 4chan freeze again?
>> No. 390406
It appears the Posting server took another shit. Time for moot to buy some more hamsters.
>> No. 390409
I just got an image of moot hounding on hamsters in like 20 wheels going 'FASTER! FASTER! WE NEED YOU TO GO FASTER!' and his mom's like 'Chris, honey, are you doing okay?' and he's all 'MOM SHUT THE DOOR I'M TRYING TO GET MONEY FROM THE INTERNET!!!"
>> No. 390437
I never hide threads; just ignore what is just there to annoy me.
>> No. 390498
Sometimes I get reminded that 4chan is also a haven for seriously fucked up people that are genuinely not right in their head.
>> No. 390598
Does anyone know what the autosage terms are in /b/?

For example the word "shota", prevents your thread from being bumped even on /b/.
>> No. 390610
I doubt there's such a thing or people would post the list in every thread they dislike and make the place a mess. I know I would, it's more efficient than waiting for mods to work.
>> No. 390613
There is and it only works if it's in the OP post. I know furry is one of those words because it's site wide. I doubt you will get a list of them just like you won't get a list of banned sites to link to or insta-ban words.
>> No. 390642
File 139538288732.png - (123.32KB , 863x574 , mods are cunts.png )
The mod on /co/ is a cunt and really hates Leggy threads
>> No. 390645
>only 3 days

lazy mods, you had a full handful of cancer cells at hands and handed up aspirin to the patient. Extermination is the only answer for that furry spam shit.
>> No. 390699
no it only works if the word is in the OP's post
>> No. 390851
R.I.P. Oculus Riftyoutube thumb
>> No. 390866
Where did that money come from? Facebook is living off bank loan for years now.
>> No. 390881
IPO, dude. They raked in a shit ton of cash. Though the way they're blowing it all by paying egregious amounts for companies means they will run out sooner than later unless those purchases start paying for themselves (highly unlikely.)
>> No. 390937
I wonder if bans on /v/ being permanent sometimes at random would make people more careful.
>> No. 390945
Bans don't amount to anything.
>> No. 390946
For some.

I'm curious as to how many people on 4chan have static IPs or don't know how to reset a router. It might improve things a bit.
>> No. 390969
File 139638151563.png - (96.57KB , 579x170 , you keep posting that shit.png )
And yet nobody bans Frozen spammers.
>> No. 390974
That person totally deserved to be banned though. Do you really think more misogyny threads are really a good thing?
>> No. 390976
>do you think
I didn't think. I didn't think at all. I was just complaining about Frozen spammers not being dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.
>> No. 390980
File 139641433751.png - (13.48KB , 315x144 , 1396384487460.png )
This year's April's Fool is hilarious!
>> No. 390982
File 139641449779.png - (8.34KB , 302x79 , captcha.png )

>I didn't think.
Yeah, that's you in a nutshell most of the time.
>> No. 390983
Ouch! You really burned me there, bro.
>> No. 391034
I didn't go on that day; how do you complete them? Or do they all go though?
>> No. 391035
Man I hate week end 4chan, I really wish minimum ban time was 8 days so all the shitposting kids wouldn't just not even notice they were banned from week to week.
>> No. 391045
You put your mouse over the captcha and it showed you the real one.
>> No. 391082
When will :^) finally result in an auto-ban? It's only used by shitposters.
>> No. 391091
4chan doesn't do wordfilters anymore (^:
>> No. 391094
>> No. 391110
well at least it's a good way to filter and ignore people. nothing ever funny or interesting came for post with that smilley.
>> No. 391130
/rs/ IS DEAD, LONG LIVE /rs/!

I'm not as sad about this as I would be if /rs/ was shut down 2 years ago, back before I discovered /t/orrenting. I remember when MediaFire died I was surprised /rs/ didn't leave with it. MF was more-or-less the only source on /rs/ that was 'reliable' or stayed up for a considerable amount of time.
>> No. 391132
/rs/ is shit now so I don't care if it goes. I'm pretty sure close to every rapidshare link is down. I went do download old X-Men comic packs the other day and couldn't find a damn thing.
>> No. 391146
File 139706619233.png - (104.97KB , 1024x381 , Untitled.png )
/g/ is really defensive about Linux. My thread managed to bait over 200 angry replies before it got deleted, lol.
>> No. 391148
Errr... is it wise to leave your IP for everyone to be seen?

In other news, got banned for 2 days for a completely fair reason.
>> No. 391150
The MOST you could do with an IPv4 address is give the general location of where you live. When you browse the web you are giving your IP address out to every website you visit. Here's mine in text:

Here it is again in case you missed it

The only time it would be a problem is if you're a complete retard hosting a home server with ports open.
>> No. 391153
Okay then.
>> No. 391233
its been what, two weeks since webm was implimented and i've already seen enough

what is this, 2013?

posts for it to get annoying
>> No. 391237
Got banned for no reason. Apparently talking about how dumb Linkara is /b/.
>> No. 391238
Okay, here is a rhetorical question: why should ANYONE get banned from /b/?

I mean... since when did those people have standards?
>> No. 391240
No I mean talking about Linkara on /co/ is considered /b/ related behavior.
>> No. 391243
If you talk about a person instead of its work I can see why you got banned, especially if you went full retard and called it a nigger shill or whatever shit is cool on /pol/ at the moment, which is usually the case with that infection of hate threads on /co/.
>> No. 391244
I didn't really say anything about the guy. I just posted the link and made some snarky comments. I guess I'll keep that in mind from now on.
>> No. 391250
File 139758429671.png - (58.20KB , 1363x665 , 1.png )
I got this on /co/ for asking if someone can repost an image I found on foolz. How is it /b/ garbage?
>> No. 391251
File 139758440535.jpg - (3.19KB , 125x125 , 1397573229228s.jpg )
The image was this
>> No. 391258
>Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.
>> No. 391261
I can't see what's going on in the image because he posted a thumbnail, but unless it's lewd, it's fine on 4chan.
>> No. 391263
That's the same message I got from posting that Linkara thread.
>> No. 391265
/rs/ is officially gone now
>> No. 391282
a Wuffle webcomic thread got killed.

the drawthreads are being targeted now.

something smells fucking fishy now.
>> No. 391289
File 139771301063.gif - (5.85MB , 325x182 , American foreign policy.gif )
The maximum image size on 4chan is now 5MB's. I don't even remember what the old max was or if this is even a recent change and I didn't notice it for years. gif related, its bigger than 5MBs.
>> No. 391293
Not really. /co/ has new janitors now or the old ones are stepping up their game to keep their jobs. Oddly enough a vampire waifu thread remains standing after the rash of deletions.
>> No. 391309
Is anyone else experiencing Captcha issues? I start typing up a post and the Captcha never loads up, making it impossible to post.
>> No. 391311
I'm having the same issue. It's a relief that I'm not the only one, at least.
>> No. 391313
File 139779259172.gif - (1.11MB , 564x640 , 1397791820094.gif )
Moot fucked up the captcha. So now you have to do this to make a post
>> No. 391314

I like it better this way because it's probably slowing down the board and stopping *some* shitposters.
>> No. 391329
Or you could just enable java, like it says in the picture...
>> No. 391331
/tv/ obsession with The Dark Knight Rises has reached a new height.

>> No. 391332
File 139790984648.jpg - (952.28KB , 813x1061 , ninee 007.jpg )
A new batch of /b/tards found a new board; forced memes ensue.
>> No. 391339
>security check to access the new boards
Eh I wasn't that interested, anyway.
>> No. 391351
If you mean for plus4chan, I apologize; we get a shitton of spam and I'm testing various security settings.
>> No. 391352
Eh, nothing to apologize. No offense, but personally I just wouldn't bother if I have to write you a love letter and a captcha to enter the site, is all. Just yesterday some russian chan or whatever was asking the same.
>> No. 391354
Ah, MySQL connection error. We meet again.
>> No. 391362
File 139803158893.png - (268.57KB , 586x451 , 1398026183440.png )
Goddamn comedy gold
>> No. 391365

Fun fact: That email has more instances of the word "fuck" than both Scarface and Menace II Society combined.
>> No. 391388
File 139815456428.png - (101.37KB , 980x527 , ban.png )
Yeah well fuck you too
>> No. 391389
that /tv/ janitor, man

i just want bane threads
>> No. 391410
Is posting down and for what reason is posting down?
>> No. 391411
hello fellow refugee

4chan was infiltrated seemingly by an Australian.
He was shitposting as moot all over.
So he "hacked" moots' admin account so to speak. A lot of it was comedy gold. He revealed a board /j/ which was janitor mod only.

After the situation became somewhat less extreme, mods and janitors went full damage control, banning literally anyone who fucking mentioned the incident. Like me. It's weird.

So now 4chan has just been frozen until they figure out who got moots' info or whatever.
>> No. 391412
hello fellow refugee

4chan was infiltrated seemingly by an Australian.
He was shitposting as moot all over.
So he "hacked" moots' admin account so to speak. A lot of it was comedy gold. He revealed a board /j/ which was janitor mod only.

After the situation became somewhat less extreme, mods and janitors went full damage control, banning literally anyone who fucking mentioned the incident. Like me. It's weird.

So now 4chan has just been frozen until they figure out who got moots' info or whatever.
>> No. 391413
hello fellow refugee

4chan was infiltrated seemingly by an Australian.
He was shitposting as moot all over.
So he "hacked" moots' admin account so to speak. A lot of it was comedy gold. He revealed a board /j/ which was janitor mod only.

After the situation became somewhat less extreme, mods and janitors went full damage control, banning literally anyone who fucking mentioned the incident. Like me. It's weird.

So now 4chan has just been frozen until they figure out who got moots' info or whatever.
>> No. 391414

Jesus fuck I'm sorry

I have no idea how that was posted 3 times
>> No. 391415
Don't worry about it.

Just delete two of them.
>> No. 391416
>A lot of it was comedy gold. He revealed a board /j/ which was janitor mod only.
Gonna need saves of that, sounds pretty relevant.
>> No. 391419
Tried already
I never touched my password but it says it's wrong

And archive.thedarkcave.org has an /int/ archive

The guy made a lot of threads.
>> No. 391420
is this the end?
>> No. 391423
Would it be so bad if it was the end? You can't talk about anything on their proper boards except whatever the hivemind dictates is ok. /pol/fags, SJWs and trolls pretending to be them shit up countless threads and now "casual racism" on 4chan is a thing of the past. People don't lurk moar. People don't even attempt to find out what things are before asking for sauce, they don't even use GIS. We can't have 4chancup threads because of advertisement but constant Youtube celeb threads are ok.

Maybe it's time for 4chan to die off.
>> No. 391428
Or maybe it is time to realize that all communities, digital or not, go through phases of shit. And you either stop complaining and wait it out until it gets better, or lose your patience and leave.

Here's the catch though: if you chose the second option every time, you won't be a part of any community.
>> No. 391431
then how about "general imageboard" community

many are a lot alike
>> No. 391432
File 139828765355.png - (1.36MB , 3588x2108 , 1398256156317.png )

To be honest, I'm quite amazed at this sticky, makes m00t sound pretty reasonable. Though I'd like to see what else they discuss.
>> No. 391436
After being back on and working for a while, 4chan seems to have disabled posting once again
>> No. 391447
There aren't two imageboards equally good. Most are terrible, and the ones that are not, are not interchangeable.
>> No. 391479
>many [communities] are a lot alike
>There aren't two imageboards equally good.
He wasn't saying that.
>> No. 391501
Apparently I got banned for excessive server requests. Sorry, people who were reading my storytime thread on /co/!
>> No. 391506
I don't think that's even a bannable offense.
>> No. 391520
This was deleted. THIS was deleted.

What was wrong with this thread?

>> No. 391524
Looks like waifushit + furryshit, I think the whole board is getting fed up with your personal blog about getting erection at animals.
>> No. 391526
All of us, or just Twister?

But seriously, waifu threads are stupid. Talk about the whole show, or don't make a thread on /co/ because it's gonna become a porn/cheesecake dump and get deleted sooner or later.
>> No. 391528
Great, my storytime thread went into autosage. I'd be okay with it, if I knew why.
You'd think so, but I couldn't post for 8 hours. Not so bad... except I was in the middle of a storytime thread.
>> No. 391533
I think moot gave /co/ the system that is on /b/ where you can not bump your own threads. That pretty much kills any storytimes that isn't popular, unless the OP changes his IP address after he makes a new thread.
>> No. 391538
Are the archives dead?

>> No. 391539
Nevermind. It's back up.
>> No. 391541
It's quite funny that the erection you were talking about does not even happen during "those" threads.

Although you have your right to not believe me. [/spoiler]LOL[/spoiler]
>> No. 391544
>all those unreadable llmlmlmnmnml + ink blot captcha

did something change today or what?
>> No. 391556
File 139894675225.jpg - (114.91KB , 478x630 , 01 (15).jpg )
So it isn´t just me that got about 3 readable captchas and then it was quantum cryptanalysis time?
>> No. 391564
Maintenance time are back? What the point of having a fucking cloud?
>> No. 391566
File 139903774351.png - (524.21KB , 1083x697 , 1398945707577.png )
4chan mod's literally from tumblr.

What's this thread for anyways?
>> No. 391567
(I've posted here abefore but my reply dissapeared, i hope this doesn't end in a doublepost)
Goddamnit /co/mandres
I know the moderation is terrible on /co/ but those posts aren't even on-site.

Check https://www.4chan.org/faq#whoadmin if you need help.
You should also probally ducttape something for him.

If that fails we might just be beyond salvation.
>> No. 391570
That pedo shit is against general 4chan rules. Only allowed on /b/.
There might be problems with that mod, from what I heard, but this one is a positive point about him. Suck it.
>> No. 391573
How can one man be so wrong and uninformed?
>> No. 391577
Mods are global and Redwood also mods /a/
>> No. 391582
Since when has Redwood been a mod? Going to require some actual, factual evidence because people have been claiming he was a mod and that mods were biased around him or some other shit for years now.


And I don't understand the significance of this image. The ban and post dates don't match up.
>> No. 391588
You missed the huge shitstorm 2 weeks ago when some Australian hacked 4chan and got into moot's account. He leaked a bunch of screen shots of /j/ (see >>391432) and the mod/janitor IRC.

>> No. 391589
I'm still not seeing it. What am I looking for?
>> No. 391593
File 139923804546.jpg - (119.16KB , 1024x622 , 4ClnCYM.jpg )
mod/janitor names
>> No. 391594
File 139923809735.jpg - (138.45KB , 1024x874 , NXfUBWR.jpg )
mod/janitor IRC
>> No. 391595
After the "$2y$10$"...are those just the trip codes or the passwords that generate them?
>> No. 391596


That other image still doesn't make sense, I think, because if Redwood is now a janitor, it had to have happened somewhat recently.

Also, whatever it's worth, I can't say that I mind fetish threads being removed. 4chan has boards for that, and /co/ isn't one of them.
>> No. 391601
I miss when /co/ liked shit.
>> No. 391604
I feel that's applicable to the whole internet. Remember all these geocities fan shrines? I mean they were terrible and all, but that shit hardly exists anymore. Everyone's a goddamn cynic these days and the internet is turning more and more colorless and spiteful.
>> No. 391606
I think you can blame the lack of fansites on things like free hosting sites shutting down or people moving over to blogs or whatever.

That being said, you have a point on people being positive about shit. There's a definite balance to maintain here. You don't have to show unwavering support to everything, but the idea that everything is shit and everything coming out will be shit is annoying.
>> No. 391608
>I think you can blame the lack of fansites on things like free hosting sites shutting down or people moving over to blogs or whatever.

Those sites were so messy, but you could tell people put a lot of heart into them. Found some really obscure stuff on those.
>> No. 391611
This is something I noticed about other people and myself as well:

The less of a life you have, the less you make real achievements IRL, the less you do actual positive work, the less productive you are... the more cynical and apathetic you become. Your mood is directly linked to how much you achieve IRL. It doesn't has to be a job, just some work you do each day. It doesn't matter what work that is, as long as you're busy doing something productive.

Basically, all the grumpy cynics on the web do not have lives.
>> No. 391612
>Your mood is directly linked to how much you achieve IRL.
yeah, no. Most people are extremely happy and proud to be unachieving consuming devices. And people who do great aren't especially more happy because most of the time they don't benefit from it directly anyway.
>> No. 391621
All the perpetual slackers I know became grumpy with age. Sure, there must be exceptions, but as a rule inactive people become cynics eventually.
>> No. 391631
Was 4chan always this bad or did it became a repository for human garbage only recently?
>> No. 391632
4chan was always a repository for human garbage but with that Chanology thing, the rise of Reddit, and other things like /b/ vs ponies, 4chan has become more popular. And popular means more people and more people mean more idiots, assholes, and whiny entitled bastards. And on top of that, many of the old guard has left and these new people tend to act like the Jerry Springer audience.
>> No. 391633
garbage changed with time, tough. Most people today consider aggressivity "garbage", despite it being a stapple of 4chan for half a decade. Same with memespam and stupid shoops. What people consider good was garbage not even 6 month ago, and is likely to become garbage again in 3 month.
>> No. 391637
I'd say it's recently.

I don't ever remember people going off on /pol/ tangents about blacks, jews, women, and gays back in the day. The jokes were there, but it wasn't this constant "derail everything and look at these charts" bullshit that persists today.

Also, whatever it's worth, that shit was mostly contained on /b/.

And you also have this new generation of Anons who try to treat 4chan as the wild west of the internet, a lawless place where literally anything goes. Now while 4chan is more liberal with their set of rules than other websites are, it's never been this complete "lawless" territory as people try to think it is. I assume this is part of the reason you have so much rampant shitposting and people posting things on the wrong boards intentionally, despite the fact the only two things you can't post anywhere on 4chan are CP (due to it being illegal) and pony porn (due to drama). There's a place for most (legal) things on 4chan but people are determined to put them in the wrong spots.
>> No. 391644
/v/ is in full homophobic mode today with the press rightfully slamming Nintendo over their terrible response on homosexuality in Tomodachi Life.
>> No. 391646
I'm gay and I don't think it's terrible at all. I think it's the most sensible way they could've possibly responded. You expect them to add such a feature for western releases outside of Japan?
>> No. 391647
File 139952099214.jpg - (99.77KB , 640x960 , BnEir66IgAEOuTO.jpg )
I respectfully disagree. Phrasing it like gay people don't like fun or how they're trying no to make a statement with the game (when excluding it is making a statement) isn't the best way to handle it. I know the matter is mostly out of Nintendo of America's hands, but they didn't really handle the situation right today.

And considering Nintendo said they're looking into Western trends to appeal to the outside market, adding gay marriage as an option would be nice. If they could pump out cash to censor games, then they could throw in a few more to add stuff in.

The whole situation is just a painful reminder how conservative and out of touch Nintendo is.
>> No. 391648
>(when excluding it is making a statement)

Excluding gay relationships in games is making a statement now? I thought that was just the default way of doing things.

The issue isn't Nintendo, but Japan itself. It's one thing if it's a game made in America, but in Japan, same-sex relationships are *very* frowned upon. This is the same country that treats women like total objects. It WOULD be making a statement and inviting controversy from their own country if they did this, and I don't think Nintendo is in any position to do something like that. Yeah, maybe they dance around the issue by saying "We just want to make fun games" like usual, but it's true. Changing the status quo when you're a Japanese country is a scary thing to do.
>> No. 391650
>I thought that was just the default way of doing things.

Therein lies the problem.

Hypothetically, could they have just gotten some Westerners to code it in and let it be in the NA version of the game? Keep in mind I say this as someone who doesn't know much about the game aside from what I've read and also someone who didn't help code it.

Also, yeah I ain't surprised to hear that about Japan. That place is pretty fucked up for a country of its status.
>> No. 391653
I think the problem is that options are options, and people should get in massive butthurt mode every time a game doesn't have an option they want, being relevant to recent life heavily mediatic and artificial buzz like gay marriage is jsut bad imo, it's like complaining a game from 2 years didn't have a gangnam style option.
>> No. 391657
So am I the only one to get a white screen after posting or something?
>> No. 391658
did your dumb ass just compare gay marriage to an internet fad
>> No. 391696
Jesus Christ can we get some new janitors for THIS site? /baw/ is littered with CP bullshit now.
>> No. 391736
the buzz around it was just that. Nobody was giving a shit before, and it's still a dying institution for straight people, but at the moment they involved gay people, peolpe acted like hipsters discussin a recent cape movie and pretended their whole life depended on it. The amount of slippery slope and non sequitur argument it generated was closer to a /pol/ thread than anything else. And now nobody gives a shit anymore because the buzz is over and the TV told people the new hotness is Ukraine and Russia.
People don't have values or opinion anymore, they just want to fit the current buzz to be cool.
>> No. 391739
Are you that same gay retard from the other thread a few months ago that projected his dislike of marriage to all other gay people?

Getting similar retard vibes from you.
>> No. 391740
>are you
>on an anonymous board
>as literally your only argument to insult people online

ok retard, too much internet for you, get the fuck out for a few years until you drop your balls.
>> No. 391741
>ok retard, too much internet for you, get the fuck out for a few years until you drop your balls.

Haha, you should calm down. Also, I didn't see an answer in your post.

>as literally your only argument to insult people online

Also wat
>> No. 391742
File 139966773478.png - (97.73KB , 685x325 , BnOHYsTIIAId125.png )
What Nintendo should have said in the first place.


/v/ will /baw/ about Nintendo caving into SJW and all the other boogeymen they created, but Nintendo did the right thing here.
>> No. 391746
/v/ being whiny little bitches? Surely not!

But yeah, I'm tired of SJWs being the boogeywomyn for every asshole who struck out in high school, or thinks GLAAD are totally a bunch of fascists for not wanting to be treated as second-class citizens.
>> No. 391751
Looks like moot just took down 4chan for the last time.
>> No. 391752
4chan is hell of unstable lately.
>> No. 391754
really? damn, I missed it.
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