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File 137001953490.jpg - (2.67MB , 1600x1600 , Level 100 Thwomp Rage.jpg )
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The mark of the beast, brought to you by the company of retards.
>> No. 378980
this shit is oooooold, i wrote a freshman paper on it and that was nearly a decade ago

File 13674465576.jpg - (17.79KB , 402x402 , Sigmund-Freud-9302400-1-402[1].jpg )
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We're going to give this a shot, since a vigorous discussion derailed >>375124. A (mature) discussion on sexuality, fetishes, "feelings", etc. Discuss yours, ask questions about others, advice, etc.

This is not an image dump. Examples (of legal content) are okay, but only when necessary and remember to use the NSFW image when it applies. Mark links NSFW when prudent. No need for explicit details. Global rule 1A applies heavily.
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>> No. 378854
File 136986647723.jpg - (55.83KB , 964x844 , 1366406687747.jpg )
Have you taken your pills today?
>> No. 378855
>It's about BEING right, not about doing WHAT's right.
You're slightly insane aren't you....
>> No. 378857
This has gone a bit off track. Also, auto-sage has been hit (or would have in a post or three) so I'm going to call this thread to an end. If someone wants to make a follow-up thread about the topic, go ahead--for the most part this thread worked out well, it's just the nature of threads to derail more the longer they get.

(But no more discussion about pro/con use of slut/whore/etc., because it's just one guy using a different dictionary than everyone else.)

File 134837052571.jpg - (483.86KB , 1280x1006 , theminttu_meetthemedic.jpg )
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Right now in class, we're reading "The Godfather", and being it's one of the many movies I've never managed to see/I haven't read the book, I'm going into this almost completely blind for the first time (barring the two scenes that have been parodied to death). I like it so far. (Didn't realize the first sex scene would be so early on, though. That was a bit of a shock.)

I'm hoping to get back to the two novels I'm reading on my spare time once we're done, being Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and John Patrick Lowrie's "Dancing With Eternity". Anything Neil Gaiman writes is pure gold, and I like how it's an extension of the "Crossover Of The Gods" idea he explored in one of the "Sandman" stories (Volume 4 of the trade paperbacks, I believe).

I admit to reading Mr. Lowrie's book originally because "oh my god, the guy who plays Sniper in TF2 wrote a book", but...damn, it's actually really, REALLY good. Scenery porn everywhere. If you like body augmentation and furry/scaly aliens, you'll probably adore it.
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>> No. 377553
As Gatsby is being released, I took some time to reflect on the book and how it was one of my favorites in high school.

It shaped my decision of never wanting to be a petty rich person, or chasing after things I know I could never have.
>> No. 377845
>>read fanfic
>>I ship X with Y, but fic writer ships X with Z instead
>>Z is horribly out of character and you could just as easily replace all instances of Z's name with Y and it would be identical

I can tolerate it if you ship differently than I do, but if you write Z identical to Y, there's no point. They have totally different appearances and personalities in canon, show me how their relationships would differ. Convince me X would be better with Z than Y.
>> No. 378786
I did not expect the Dexter novels to have so much food porn.

So many Cuban pulled pork sandwiches and crullers.

File 136938543975.png - (5.62KB , 200x166 , 128206853814.png )
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youre nobody. youre not special. youll probably never amount to anything. your importance is ultimately nil. nobody cares

and thats ok

go and be free
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>> No. 378605
everyone is simultaneously underutilized and out of their depths at all times. i don't hold that against anyone. the important thing is you choose to live in a way that suits you and not be a little bitch about it.

so yeah. by my standards, you're good people, even if you're a huge wanker.
>> No. 378606
>even if you're a huge wanker

right, what have i done this time?
>> No. 378607
post on plus4chan, regularly update with silly shit on tumblr, get boozed out with friends regularly, strapped for cash and still go for it... wait that's me.

that wasn't a negative judgment. that was me saying you have fun for the hell of it and that isn't a bad thing. sorry if it came off as me picking on you for something.

File 136800218975.jpg - (27.72KB , 317x238 , 84SQd2iqTn685kfdtbvug5h6o1_4006.jpg )
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>> No. 378588
I had a dream last night.

>an old female friend has invited me over to her country
>she casually makes a move onto me
>we cuddle and kiss
>we are cool with it
>then some guy who lives with her comes in, starts to cry and shuts himself in his own room
>a second guy comes in, he looks pretty pathetic
>while my female friend is doing something, he shows me a box
>in that box are photos from my female friend getting jizzed on, fucking other guys, being a general slut
>that guy tells me she posts that shit on a blog named freak vampires with some twist or something
>somehow fermale friend disappears and the pictures get stolen by a nigger
>i chase him down to some office complex which kinda looks like a yard sale
>for the remaining dreamtime I collect the fucking pictures so my female friend doesn't have to live through the shame and humilation

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 378630
p standard really

wanting to feel sexually desirable
wanting to feel like other men dont measure up
hero complex

File 136709566383.jpg - (36.98KB , 500x333 , putin-topless-horse[1].jpg )
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How do you feel about Russia, /baw/?
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>> No. 378325
You want names of each weapon?
>> No. 378333
I want more than the same tired 'WE STOMP STUPID YANKEES ON SMALLER BUDGET, YES?' cold war level absurdity. Suppose any of that were true, who exactly is determining the equivalence or superiority in performance here?
>> No. 378359
nice strawman, if you actually re-read my post you'll find i still think russia is second best. but they -are- second and they -did- get there far cheaper than anyone else.

File 136882567555.png - (306.80KB , 500x500 , fragezeichen-m├Ądchen.png )
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u know when u really need to poop, but instead clench ur butt and hold the poop there for a while?

how does it make u feel?
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>> No. 378116
If that makes you feel like you're going to cum, maybe you should try anal stimulation.
>> No. 378137
im not a faggot its just a weird feeling
>> No. 378164
File 136910116483.gif - (2.66MB , 350x262 , 1361140066676.gif )
>implying liking anal stimulation makes you a faggot

File 136890987427.jpg - (63.13KB , 363x410 , 160283_v1.jpg )
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Hey guys, how's it hanging?

We're having a most beautiful springtime. I almost broke my foot. Everything is going really swell, when I really look at it.
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>> No. 378065
File 13689328263.png - (6.86KB , 191x234 , 127334859551.png )
No, comrade, don't go, I will miss you. ;_;

There's not very much activity here to begin with anyway, we can't afford to lose more people.
>> No. 378072
Awh. Well that sucks. The place is already lacking in cool people and I'm not helping matters...

...we can talk on facebook i guess
>> No. 378076
Farewell, and good luck!
I'll see you on fblandthing!

File 136808334450.png - (56.12KB , 805x795 , Anon.png )
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I'm curious as to how many anons regularly post here versus namefags/tripfags. Please post once ITT if you've been here more than a month and don't have a name, nor plan to get one anytime soon.
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>> No. 377826
Anon because of crippling anxiety issues.
>> No. 377855
>> No. 377869
I'll occasionally namefag when I'm trying to communicate with particular people who know me elsewhere also. But I usually stay anonymous.

File 136855768386.png - (350.15KB , 700x791 , 1360984294139.png )
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Bad: Kids mess with an autistic boy who wanted to be friends with them. Worse: Then they blew his fingers off with a bomb


pic unrelated
>> No. 377781
The main burning question is this: Why are the other two getting away scot-free? They should be tried as accomplices.
>> No. 377784
So much for those anti-bullying campaigns.
>> No. 377786
Ju-... wow. What the dick, Earth. Why.

File 134753620443.jpg - (197.51KB , 432x562 , tumblr_m7zrc3Qu1L1ql2603o1_500.jpg )
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ITT: Childhood toys you can remember.
Bonus points if you still have them.
Sex toys don't count.
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>> No. 366522
File 134797420281.gif - (82.12KB , 504x394 , shredder.gif )
>> No. 366532
Of course I do, they were some of the early ones, I had all the early ones. For at least 5 years all I asked for birthday and Christmas was TMNT and gameboy games.
>> No. 377763
File 136853433718.jpg - (67.00KB , 508x345 , MMPR_toys_10_big.jpg )
All the images in this thread are gone. D:

Thought I'd revive it with this. I had/have so many Power Ranger toys.

File 136824249291.jpg - (15.67KB , 225x228 , 1346017745644.jpg )
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I got something I really need to talk about here.

I officially think this whole country has gone way too far, fell overboard, went underwater, drowned, was eaten by sharks, shit out on the sea floor, picked on by a crab, got that crab caught in a trap, had the crab cooked, had the remains eaten by someone, that someone died, and then their flesh was stripped and the skeleton was put up for display in public. Let me explain.

I live in the north. Like north north. Not Washington north, but above Anchorage in Alaska kinda north. Needless to say it's pretty fucking cold up here. I wear 3 layers and a coat, a hat, and gloves most days if I go anywhere. Everyone is walking around looking like they gained 50 pounds trying not to fall over on all the ice. I was pretty sick of my face literally freezing some days so I went to a department store and picked up a balaclava with a cool design on it. It works wonders, it's neoprene or some shit, breathes but doesn't make me cold. I started wearing it alot and everything was great.

Recently, I needed to go to my college campus alot, so I went and walked down there one every day or so and shut myself in a corner of the library or the lounge trying to get lern't. Two week go by and nothing. A month goes by and suddenly I get a random visit by the cops. Out of the fucking bluest, just sitting there reading and listening to some shitty pop music on Pandora, 3 in the afternoon. One of them asks me if I read the news this morning, and of course I haven't because local news is a fucking joke. He borrows my laptop and goes to the local news website. Somewhere on the top blurbs is "POLICE SEARCHING FOR MASKED MAN". He points to the balaclava I took off a bit ago and threw down on the table. Shit got mind-numbing after that.

He said that the local preschool labeled me as a threat. They saw me near the school for almost a week straight walking by and "going near the woods".
Lemme explain you a thing:
The school is on the way to my destination. It's plop on the side of a major street. Public access center across from it and a bus stop further down. Hundreds of people walk by
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 377741
want it or not, you've got to make this known for what it is outside of a fateless anonymous site.

not because of what happened to you but because it's happening at all and that shit should not fly. if only once, -once- these kind of fuck ups got amended and people had precedent that they can ruin a fucking life by yelling terror-wolf at anything they can...

then maybe we could move on as a society.
>> No. 377742
Again, leave them to their own devices. They are backwards and want to stay that way. Until reformers appear amongst their number, getting involved does nothing. Give them some money in exchange for what goods they DO have, but otherwise keep our hands out and focus on fixing our own domestic issues and stabilizing our allies. Why waste time, money, and people in Afghanistan when we could be putting money into say, Chile?
>> No. 377744
THERE ARE REFORMERS. There are people in the middle east who have an interest in their countries not being so fucked up. Most of these are normal people, it just so happens that we pick the opposite of whoever's in charge, usually because whoever's in charge does not want America to help them because American help is fucking awful. Yes, we do go against some awful regimes. The reason those awful regimes were in power in the first place is because they actually kind of made the country run, and the guys we grab to place in power are the equivalent of taking redneck whackjobs out of the woods and dropping them in a seat of power.

Betcha Chile doesn't really give a fuck about our help either. They'll take our money, sure, but they don't want us in the fucking country, doing our usual bang-up job. This isn't just about giving help where it's needed; this is about our whole attitude about "help", at home and abroad. We're leaving all the countries we went to arguably just as shitty and possibly more fucked up. And in 20 or so years, I'm sure we will all have the chance to be re-shocked when another wonderful offspring of this abusive fucking relationship blows something up in another extravagant and pointless waste of human life.

File 136496020897.jpg - (123.79KB , 620x340 , kim-jong-un-generals-us-mainland-strikeplan-reveal.jpg )
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That wacky Russel is up to shenanigans over in North Korea, and unfortunately Doug and Carl aren't around to set him straight. So off we go with the will-they-won't-they tension and "i-i-it's not like we want to annex you" tsundere bullshit again.

Will Russel launch his magic missile in little miss Park's face, or is he just begging for food or some shit? Put your North Korean speculah here /baw/.
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>> No. 377308
I want to help. But I have no idea how.
>> No. 377732
Aaaand the potential pandemic alarm has sounded.
>> No. 377738
The one in the Middle-East and Europe?

File 136013255786.jpg - (52.75KB , 341x450 , army.jpg )
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Last thread: >>372500
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>> No. 377699

No the only false flag operations is the one the Israeli and Turkish governments is trying to push on the Americans people into going to war in Syria.
>> No. 377730
There's a possibility that guy was being sarcastic.

File 136348251396.jpg - (125.17KB , 494x338 , florian_cardboard_corolla_1.jpg )
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hey i just remembered something anonymous image boards are good for

talking about the most truly terrible or awesome things that we do except no names.

so give us all your best or worst. i need these. because of reasons.

picture don't matter.
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>> No. 377452
All you can do is answer those questions honestly at this point. Tell the class, are all your actions pure and true?
>> No. 377454
When I get into a fandom or decide "I'd like to be friends with that person", it's because I like it, or because I like them. I could do things just to be popular, but I've always decided against them.

I only started questioning my motives because other people questioned them. I only thought I was stupid when other people told me I was stupid.
>> No. 377455
Then you know. Good job. Get a gold star.

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