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File 136605585340.jpg - (418.80KB , 1632x1224 , 1365808622962.jpg )
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Hey, if any +4 regulars live in Boston or went up there for the Marathon today: hope you’re safe and sound.
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>> No. 377427
Oh fuck I think I'm developing lactose intolerance.
>> No. 377430
Autosage hit, new thread >>377393

File 136746245789.jpg - (28.99KB , 301x300 , Totally_Krossed_Out_album_coverart.jpg )
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>The Kids who started the wearing of the clothes Backwards. Surely his wings are UPSIDE down too! :)

File 136565912852.png - (350.91KB , 2465x1667 , meme_faces_by_nyrow-d4xmo9u[1].png )
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/baw/, at what point does a meme become impossible to tolerate? I would say it's after it goes down a few stages of the trickle effect. So long as it never goes down too many tiers, I think length of time is actually unrelated.
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>> No. 376927
> In classrooms the women piss on the non-arabic/turkish women for dressing like "sluts" (not wearing headcloth or wearing pants).
Yeah I see women in veils (even a couple full body ones) around my uni all the time and it's really fucking creepy. You can practically hear them judging you whenever they look at you.
>> No. 376928
Sounds paranoid.
>> No. 376932
It's not paranoid if they often do so vocally, as you'd know they do if you've ever been to a Uni with a lot of their types running around.

File 128717981041.jpg - (40.20KB , 1000x667 , inception_4.jpg )
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Dream thread. Post some dreams.

Most recent dream I had involved me Googling an image for the cover for Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills." It was a skull with tusks surrounded by by fire and, for some reason, it was too overwhelming for me to look at. I don't know how to describe it. It just filled up my vision and I couldn't stand it.
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>> No. 375555
I dreamed I had an extra 60bux I could give to a friend. Waking up to find it never existed devastated me.
>> No. 376930
Never thought I'd have one, but I had one of those sex dreams. Except I wasn't really having sex, it was like I was at a sex carnival. It was filled with girls in hooter's clothes, and there was a specific booth for every position and fetish. They served decent food too, and there were different contests to win a girl of your choosing to have your way with for the next hour.

The weird part is this happened twice in a row. I visited it one night, then the next night I came back with the weather being different.
>> No. 376931
I had a dream that a friend I liked was a siamese twin, and they took turns blowing me and making me grab their three boobies. They were bickering about who'd get the first load when I woke up.

To say that I had an awkward boner afterwards would be an understatement.

File 136512908184.jpg - (52.35KB , 300x300 , facebook_logo_cross_out_300x300.jpg )
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A discussion with a friend earlier got me thinking about this. It seems like everyone and their dog is addicted to the damn site these days, but surely there must be some better alternatives for those of us who can't stand Facebook. I'm surprised they don't really seem to have any major competition yet. Yeah, there's Twitter and Tumblr and such, but they kind of suck too. Livejournal may as well be Deadjournal, except I think there actually was a site called that. Myspace is a wasteland, and for the better, since they were worse than Facebook. I don't think Formspring caught on all that much, and they were only so-so. What else is out there?

Oh and this is what some people apparently think of us anti-facebookers.

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>> No. 376474
why are you here
>> No. 376479
What the hell do you know, Murray? You're bald.
>> No. 376483
To read a close knit community's thoughts and opinions, occasionally adding in my two cents via snarky comments & observations.

File 136623836685.jpg - (73.44KB , 1024x768 , gumballtruth.jpg )
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I go banned from /co/ two days ago, but I had no idea since I almost never post. Until today when I tried to post it again.
>> No. 376397
There is a thread for this, you know.
>> No. 380681
File 137239973463.png - (258.35KB , 2354x2500 , that fucking ball.png )
because it was a gumball thread. I've been banned many times for shit which isn't even against the rules.

File 136366883981.png - (36.10KB , 280x280 , don-t-date-robots-blk-txt-mens-std_design[1].png )
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File 136569257287.jpg - (160.67KB , 1028x738 , femisapien.jpg )
Or wait,is that a swimsuit? I just presumed otherwise since I figured she wasn't waterproof.

Also, here's another version >>376122 since I have it.
>> No. 376124
File 136569369665.gif - (315.08KB , 160x120 , 1331097539059.gif )
For some reason I'm pointing out that "version" makes it sound like another version of the same picture when it is another drawing of the same class of robot, despite what I meant probably being obvious.

While I'm doing that, have a Fireball Drossel gif
>> No. 376303
FT (Female Type)
Female Type Part 1youtube thumb

File 136333108873.jpg - (56.85KB , 387x475 , url.jpg )
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We're Back Baby!
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>> No. 376380
Fans terrify me. Deeply. As in actual fans. Not dudes that happen to like something and might defend their tastes in a silly internet argument. I mean people who like something (or someone) way more than is healthy.

File 136506850575.jpg - (35.43KB , 310x336 , 1364751487371.jpg )
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>You scored -85. 100 and above is considered privileged.

I'm holding this over you all forever.
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>> No. 376142
To the new version of the Privilege Checker page: Check your javascript privilege.
>> No. 376224
so privileged i shit glass ceilings
>> No. 376252

I'll work harder. I will get that 100 one day.

File 136573885526.jpg - (839.36KB , 5076x3544 , stalinchurchill[1].jpg )
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ITT if we had the internet throughout history

>only the Britfag fails to look dignified
How typical.
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>> No. 376179
File 136579794910.jpg - (36.34KB , 409x409 , 1364960885730.jpg )
>needing to look dignified
>> No. 376183
When a filthy Bolshevist and an American are topping you, you're really failing to represent us properly. Next thing you know he'll be letting India go.
>> No. 376243
File 136592133758.jpg - (98.05KB , 699x669 , I really want them to release Tropico East Asia.jpg )
Hey guys! We brought Democracy to Korea using Twitter!

File 136516718937.jpg - (102.58KB , 976x685 , It's a dark day_.jpg )
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Oh god I have a single piece of celery in the morning but otherwise I eat NO GREENS.

So food thread, what do you all like for yer greens?
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>> No. 376087
No, but your system will cool slightly from the introduction of the ice water, and the body has to burn extra calories to bring it back to the normal temperature.

There's a reason that American soldiers stationed in cold weather areas have Cold Weather MREs with almost twice the calories of normal MREs. The body has to burn more calories to stay warm than cool before you reach the temperatures beyond hope in either direction.
>> No. 376089
Shit, the military's site about MREs seems to be dead/down. I actually find this kind of stuff interesting, and it helps that I was taught about it (albeit briefly) while training to be a cook in the army (fuck did I hate that job.) MREs tend to have between 2000 and 2500 cal per package, depending on the meal; three of these make a day's "rations".

MRE Cold Weathers (MCWs), on the other hand, are between 4100 and 4500 cal; once again, three of these make a day's ration. Aside from the extra calories, these also differ from MREs in that the meals are more resistant to freezing (so no soup-ish meals) and contain extra beverage powders (essentially Gatorade drink mix to be added to a canteen to help with hydration).

I doubt they have the cappuccino or pudding mixes, though...
>> No. 376093

but cold weather is where you burn the calories, nothing to compare with a glass of cold water. you don't enter a fever everytime you eat some ice cream, because the body will get his temperature back from his normal consumption, it will just evacuate less ot if until the temperature is reached.

File 136467597815.jpg - (16.00KB , 348x367 , aboutu1[1].jpg )
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How many languages do you speak and which ones /baw?

English doesn't count.
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>> No. 375770
If English doesn't count, then only some Russian and Japanese.
>> No. 375771
basic spanish with some ability to recognize other romance languages and latin
>> No. 375973
I know enough French to get food and lodging and to find directions in any francophone country, and maybe talk a little bit about comic books, but not much else.
Thanks to a terrible relationship, I also know just enough Mandarin to know vaguely when I'm being made fun of but not enough to respond in any meaningful way.

File 136500217183.jpg - (126.98KB , 720x480 , 47.jpg )
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Anyone else here feeling nostalgic, or like you're just living a weird-ass dream that you want to wake up from?

Sometimes I wish I could go back 10 years and prevent my life from turning into this psychotic mess...

p.s. First time here, well met everyone.

(Pic unrelated)
>> No. 375875
File 136519811623.png - (252.18KB , 496x352 , 541564654645.png )
well if you had said 7 years instead of 10, I would have assumed that this post was actually my subconscious trying to wake me up from some traumatic coma or something, because I've been getting that feeling strongly for the last 3 months now.

File 136120423076.jpg - (13.97KB , 320x303 , giant brain grope.jpg )
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So /baw/, I'd like to work on becoming a big brainy smart smart instead of a dumb brainy dumb dumb. And unfortunately tumblr doesn't come up with intelligent boosting information as frequently as I'd like.

Sure, I could google this stuff, but I trust you random internet strangers enough to ask for your opinion on which sites are the best for educational betterment and self study. Anything you guys use to learn more that costs nothing is great for me.
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>> No. 375020
This post generated much better results than I expected and I expected good results.

Guys when do we open our own Watchtower and start solving world problems?
>> No. 375662
so I'm just gonna leave some sites that have helped me the most. betterexplained is my personal favorite when it comes to math (and some programming and business), and if you're not interested in math at all, it might still be wise to observe his methods and try to recreate and apply them to what you are interested in.


Scott Young is a blogger that posts a whole lot of articles with theories he has about methods of learning/being productive. you might get the whole ~gimmicky self help~ vibe from it, but he actually has some interesting ideas/exercises in his free ebook that you could at least skim. he also has a youtube channel and looks eerily like ryan gosling.


and for languages, here's duolingo, which doesn't seem to be very well known, but I got more out of it than 3 years of high school french or 1 of college german, so.

>> No. 375800

File 136483515128.jpg - (32.92KB , 300x355 , april-fool.jpg )
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hey list all the April fool jokes you find
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>> No. 375782
So this is still up, and while it was amusing for a short amount of time, it's pretty much a cesspit worse than /b/ right now.
>> No. 375784

I think that's the point. I don't care how many containment boards 4chan gets, as long as they keep the shit off boards I like.
>> No. 375794
Pretty much. Every few months open some new stupid board there; the trolls will go 'FRESH MEAT' and most will leave to rag on that for a while, as everyone else stays on their respective boards and they become slightly better for a bit.

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