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File 138354960425.png - (314.30KB , 897x480 , Lotus Prince let's go crazy.png )
386089 No. 386089
Due to it being in public domain, Disney decided to make a sequel to the Bible.
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>> No. 386095
The increasing prevalence of efficient automated workers and manual labor shifting towards poorer countries due to globalization leads to a massive labor crisis.

Oh wait, that's actually happening. Carry on.
>> No. 386097
Trying to quantify human experience (focusing on inflicting or alleviating suffering) into an approximately measurable unit. Right now I'm calling it a "hume." A million or a billion humes is one human. These aren't things that can be directly traded, but acts can remove or generate humes in someone. Ending a life means destroying a million humes. Cutting someone off in traffic takes five destroys five of their humes. Giving a homeless guy some soup generates 50 humes for him, but costs the giver 5 humes for their time/effort.

Not sure in the final goal for this, right now I'm just mulling on it. Probably some sort of relativistic system; like, murdering a person makes the killer bad, but being an asshole to a million people makes the asshole just as bad, and being a fascist dictator, controlling lives without actually killing anyone (directly or indirectly), is far worse than either. The point is how many humes you destroy or generate in others, not how many you have yourself.
>> No. 386099
So, it a bit like a unit of karma, just more specific. I like it.
>> No. 386100
File 138360776562.gif - (799.05KB , 200x189 , 1365173636990.gif )

Jesus Christ everything I've known is a lie.
>> No. 386103
In a very simple sense, I suppose; however, you cannot give or take humes, and it's not a system with some sort of equilibrium. That's why I refer to generating or destroying humes. Going back to the soup-homeless guy example, the act of the homeless guy getting (and subsequently ingesting) the soup generates 50 humes for him, regardless if it cost the giver 5 or 500 humes to do the act.

It is possible for all parties to have humes generated in a situation. It's possible to generate humes in one's self through acts that destroy humes in others. It is possible for all parties involved to destroy humes. Humes can be generated or destroyed through no human interaction (such as weather, or meteors.) These are not something that can be transferred.

One possible use of this would be to give a time-frame an objective "measurement" of if it was a good period or a bad period. (Total humes from all living persons from area in question)/(Population of area in question) = Hume Ratio, and the closer this is to 1 the better the period. It may be possible to have a Hume Ratio above 1, but I haven't though it out far enough to know whether or not it would be possible to have a negative Hume Ratio.
>> No. 386141
I just realized that the Humes idea would actually be really useful in this whole healthcare debate if I can fully flesh it out. People use different metrics like wait-time, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc. for their own purposes. If that can all be boiled down to an objective number for comparison, it might change a lot of minds. That's a tall order, though.
>> No. 386144
Even if you could pull it off, it immediately would run into the problem that any standard of measurement that becomes a measure of success for social policy immediately stops being a useful standard of measurement.
>> No. 386147
File 138379990599.gif - (1.72MB , 300x400 , 1379117793899.gif )
>quantifying human experience into relative units

I'm not sure I can dig on this because all human beings have a different experience, central to their own viewpoint. Overcoming such bias is often the biggest issue with making others understand a point of view. Breaking it down into relative points of experience that are only generated or destroyed doesn't really capture the spectrum of experience, more it trivializes unique experience, possibly more than it should.

To contribute to thread, recently I realized that an incredible amount of the difficulty that societies have in generating actual understanding can possibly be summarized using video game reviews.
>> No. 386150
> I'm not sure I can dig on this because all human beings have a different experience ... Breaking it down into relative points of experience that are only generated or destroyed ... trivializes unique experience.

I'm with this. Sad to say, but stats like these are the kinds of things that can justify genocide. It's okay to bomb Afghanistan flat because the Western standard of living is higher than it is over there, and it will improve it more by making sure all the terrorists are dead.

Millions will die, but mathematically speaking, humanity will be better off.

Quantifying human experiences of joy and suffering is a job for a villainous computer overlord, not for the rest of us.
>> No. 386152
Let us not discuss crazy ideas, but simply post them. Post them, without the fear of next poster not liking what you just posted.

This was not an order, but a humble suggestion.

>> No. 386157
Have multiple standards, choose one at random to apply at the end of each year?
>> No. 386533
I see ads for testosterone increasing drugs, but why not testosterone lowering ones? I mean, testosterone increasers are likely so popular in part because of men who feel inadequate and want to blame it on something, but wouldn't a drug that gives you an excuse to say "Wow guys look at me, I'm so manly I'm at the upper limit of tesosterone levels, and actually need to be held back a bit for my own good. Makes me seem cool and dangerous, right?" would also sell pretty easily.
>> No. 387092
Stealth bomber toilets. So that there is no splashback when you pee.

(this hasn't been done, right?)
>> No. 389015
In the year of 2030, the world "rainbow" will be copyrighted by the Gay Corporation.
>> No. 389017
it doesn't need to happen, just put down a couple sheets of paper in the water before you piss and your problem is solved
>> No. 389068
Automatic doorknob sterilizers for public places. They could easily be adapted for other frequently touched, rarely-washed surfaces, like the buttons at street crossings, or gasoline pumps.
>> No. 389078
that could be doable with ultrasonic sterilization
>> No. 389093
File 139147751849.jpg - (35.10KB , 468x273 , labmeat.jpg )
I've been trying to come up with a name for lab-grown meat that isn't 'lab-grown meat' and isn't just 'beef' because the FDA won't allow that sort of thing.

Virgin Meat sounds too biblical, Meht sounds too dumb, and Sci-Beef sounds like its trying too hard. Maybe we should just put quotations on everything so the paranoid among us can automatically tell with meat stores to fear for viruses and mind-control whatevers in the "Chicken Nuggets".
>> No. 389095
Ethical Meat. (Or "Moral Meat" if you want something catchier.)

I don't mean that our current meat is unethical (entirely; certain portions could be), and I consume plenty of it myself, but a big push reason that vegetarians/vegans abstain is because they see the slaughter as unethical. Many omnivores may still have slight concerns about some practices, if only in the back of their mind, and this would alleviate those as well.

It would have a big push back from traditional meat processors and such, but they're going to object to lab-grown meat anyway because it threatens their way of life.
>> No. 389097

Cruelty free beef.
>> No. 389100
How about just calling it meat from whatever animal it's cloned? It has the virtue of being technically correct. The best kind of correct.

Can't say it's free range though, that would be lying.

>Cruelty free
I'm assuming he wants this sold across normal supply chains, in which case you might want to avoid attacking the entire farmed meat industry.
>> No. 389101
Clean meat, maybe? I think maybe it also has to imply a name people like for regular meat too, or they need to co-opt a name for it. Or something that completely hides the meaning, but gives some hints if you speak latin or greek or french. Dead languages and stuff.

Stone sounds nice, very earthy and good even though it has nothing to do with the process.
Stone Chicken
Stone Pork
Stone Salmon
Fatty Stone Tuna

Hey, then you could make a Stone Soup!
>> No. 389104
Curated Meat?
>> No. 389107
Purest Beef
>> No. 389111
Less discussion, more crazy ideas from your head!

Disney will buy Google.
>> No. 389117
Uses Google's already acquired AI and Robotics firms to create actual Android Mascots, even the princesses.
>> No. 389129

Google will (eventually) buy the RIAA, if just to head off all those goddamn music-based DMCA notifications.
>> No. 389136
More likely: Google already secretly controls RIAA and Disney
>> No. 389137
I thought everything was already owned by General Electric?
>> No. 389138
>General electric
Switch the letters around
>Google corporation
>> No. 389197
File 13917207591.jpg - (78.03KB , 634x478 , brutus.jpg )
I wish we could domesticate bears.
>> No. 389198
It's actually possible but in order to start doing it you need to capture and contain hundreds of wild bears. And that's a bit harder on nomadic societies.
>> No. 389242
File 13917995768.jpg - (63.47KB , 582x480 , 1258166664377.jpg )
I don't know why. But I keep getting this crazy idea to eat my roommates.
>> No. 389261
Erotically, Angrily or for Sustenance?
>> No. 389286
File 139184973674.gif - (607.17KB , 300x222 , 1269557608662.gif )
I dunno. I just get this feeling that they are wastes of space and would be better as a pizza topping. Or in an omelette.
>> No. 389292
but then who pays rent?
>> No. 389299
File 139188323849.png - (192.97KB , 352x288 , 1376666998446.png )
Thus why this is a crazy and bad idea.
>> No. 389314
Eat only one. Then assume their identity in order to go to their work to get money for rent. If you assume the identity perfectly you can even date their bf/gf.
>> No. 389574
Was watching an Olympic hockey game (I think USA/Slovakia). At one point, while there was a struggle for the puck behind one of the goals, and a player ran into the referee. He wasn't really islowed down much, but sometimes a referee really DOES impede the game.

So, you know those wires they string across football stadiums that have the cameras hanging from them? We totally need to suspend the refs from those, too. They can have little remote controls connected to motors on the wires to direct where they go. The television viewers (and most importantly, the players) won't even SEE THEM!
>> No. 389683
File 139263735870.jpg - (123.44KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
...damn, nice. As a club soccer referee, I do not know what my true opinion of this is.

>crazy thought
The main reason people have morals is a natural instinct so that they don't get fucked over by the rest of society.
You hurt someone? They will retaliate and hurt you.
You steal? The guy you stole from beats you up.
You kill? The dudes family and friends will destroy you.
You fuck an underage? Their parents will fucking spear you.
>> No. 389852
What about a car where the driver sits in front alone, and then it can have one or two rows behind it. Then, when the driver wants, they can disconnect the front of the car from the rest so they can drive around the city and get far better gas mileage. The "cabin" part would have some storage space, of course, for grocery shopping and the like Then if you have to carry a lot or extra people or stuff you just back it into the "CARapace" (hahaha) and off you go. You could even have multiple carapaces fit the same "head" so that you have more options (assuming you have a good place to store them). A truck one for hauling, a seated one for people, an enclosed one for light hauling, a hot tub one...

Kind of like those campers on the back of trucks that you can lift up and drive the truck out, but a more general approach.
>> No. 389873
I kinda disagree. You know how most people have an "ouuuuch that's gotta hurt" cringe reaction when they see someone get kicked in the balls and the like? Mentally healthy people won't go around kicking others in the balls without a good reason because of that.
It's not really fun watching someone suffer from what you cause, unless you're fucked up in the head.

Not saying fear of comeuppance doesn't play a big part, of course. For every number of people wanting to do the right thing, there's always THAT one faggot.
>> No. 389929
There is a (theory? people say it as a fact) that dopamine is the bodies way of saying 'remember this' or 'this is important'.

tl:dr, what I just said
>I like to refer to dopamine as the “save button” in the brain. When dopamine is present during an event or experience, we remember it; when it is absent, nothing seems to stick. There are actually some regions of the brain that increase our motivation and interest in activities. Often referred to collectively as the reward center, the regions are activated by dopamine. And the more motivated and interested we are in an activity the more dopamine is released and the better we remember it. The reward center helps us to stay focused and repeat activities that were reinforced through positive outcomes – whether it is finding and returning to a location where good things happened in our life or just remembering interesting information.

And, as some of you will know, orgasms give people a large dopamine rush. So why don't people masturbate during school and university to help remember important information?
>> No. 389938
Well, masturbation itself does not lend well to studying or remembering things. Dopamine is released by a "circuit" within the brain that, when activated, releases dopamine, and they've found that this happens at very miniscule levels, and arguably more often than humanity has ever encountered before now in history. Facebook updates have been found to activate this circuit. Things like the hit markers in Call of Duty activate it. Even things like the constantly changing nature of the "frontpage" on a board like /b/ probably activates this reward circuit. In a certain respect, all that is needed to activate this "circuit" is novelty, or new experience, which, we have in spades these days, even if that experience is actually somewhat limited to media. It helps with memory, yeah, but dopamine is actually more about pleasure than just memory.

The big problem with your supposition is that study, and real work require extended periods of time without this dopamine release, or at least any release associated with the work itself. In order to really solve complex and difficult problems, you need to be able to hammer away at them for long periods of time with no real dopamine reward received for working on them. The instant gratification of masturbation does not technically contribute to extended memory or whatever your study material is, because you're not studying, you're masturbating. However, it can be an effective dopamine release after extended work sessions, especially at the end of a work day as a method of winding down. I'm also not certain whether simply increased levels of dopamine in the brain are correlated to enhanced memory or if that effect is merely temporary for the periods of time the dopamine is actively being produced. The main point would be that masturbation itself is masturbation, and your takeaway as far as studying would not be good for actually remembering shit, imo.
>> No. 389944
dish meat
>> No. 389949
Best posts, hands down.
>> No. 389961
And, according to >>389929, you need
>repeat activities
So even if someone is able to masturbate to equations in the first place, it won't help them unless they masturbate again during the test...

This reminds me of an article I read a year or two ago that is probably related: it said that caffeine can improve one's capacity to remember, but only if you were ingesting caffeine again when you were trying to remember. So if you drink Dew while studying, you better drink it while you're testing.
>> No. 389968
I really wanna make a game utilizing the engine from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, without the N64's severe data limits, but I can't even run simple codes. Maybe I should post this in the other boards and see what happens?
>> No. 390005
I've honestly never heard of anyone jumping on a project like this unless they shared the interest. A lot. It'll be faster to learn how to code and/or amass money and hire someone to do it.
>> No. 390006
Maybe buy a couple of twitter shares at the NYSE and go slowly.
I've only bought some small stock in my own country, but it wasn't tough at all so I dunno bout the US.
>> No. 390007
>>390005 Well the idea appeared to me while first going through the Henry campaign. My approach was that; it's older tech thus easier to get help, and the N64 has decent horsepower. Though it's moot in hindsight, since the N64 isn't really user friendly, and I lack any capacity to study its inner workings. Besides the techincal issues, I've got nothing for a plot or characters, other than some chicken scratched notes. :/
>> No. 390249
The best way to do drugs is to go to a rehab centre and claim to be addicted to a drug of your choice, and request they wean you off it. You can now take it legally, and due to the small and gradually reduced dosage, you will not get addicted or overdose.

I mean, you will be in a rehab centre and shit, but legal drugs.
>> No. 390318
Spoiler because hardcore (and impossible) porn.

Okay, so we have Woman A, Woman B, and Woman C. Woman C is smaller than the others for whatever reason. Woman A and B lube her head to toe, and then Woman A lies down on the ground and Woman C slowly climbs into her vagina until fully enveloped.

What I've just described is your standard unbirthing scenario.

BUT. What if, after C is inside, A and B start to trib, and as they do so C slides inbetween them, like some kind of living double-ended dildo, going from one birthing canal to the other, just passing back and forth, not returning to one until fully contained in the other.

>> No. 390321
File 139451472996.gif?spoiler - (2.54MB , 800x450 , myfacewhen.gif?spoiler )
>> No. 390323
File 139451677682.jpg - (42.46KB , 640x480 , _Anime__Utena__E01__029141.jpg )
>> No. 390324
File 139451752294.jpg - (95.77KB , 1051x314 , 1234241837125.jpg )
>> No. 390343
I warned you.
>> No. 390349
What if halfway through she can't get a good grip, so she's tugging and kicking as hard she can, but she's actually ended up stuck on the two girls' g-spot so it gets even harder and harder to climb while it's so slippery and squirmy so she has to kick and pull harder, eventually biting down to get any sort of grip on the walls to start climbing
>> No. 390358
I really hope if there's an alien invasion that the aliens are made of meat and they are edible. Can you imagine going to war with food?
>> No. 390360
Humans are edible. It's just extremely taboo to eat one.
>> No. 390373
Marvel Comics make a comic about safe sex aimed at teenage girls. The basic plot is Black Widow talking about contraception to X-23 and Miss America, because those are the only young female characters that most people care about.
>> No. 390447
File 139490438099.jpg - (625.54KB , 1500x743 , 1394410325643.jpg )
If I saw Satan, Lucifer, Death or just about any big 'u gonna get dead' figures of religion/mythology, I would try to ask them for a little chat to ask them about them themselves, how accurate the lore about him. Basically expunge as much information about his existence would confirm or deny. Hopefully I can do this if I'm not paralyzed with fear or my eyes are bleeding just for looking at him.
>> No. 390459
Some of those are more about punishment and spite rather than actual death though.
>> No. 390483
File 139497621039.jpg - (246.81KB , 971x730 , Texas.jpg )
Given that Texas is so populated and yet smack-dab in the middle of nearly equally long drives/flights for anyone to get to Florida or California, I'm really sort of surprised we don't have a Disneyland.

Yeah, I get we're traditionally Six Flags territory, but half those parks went under, they went bankrupt not too long ago, and there's so many damn population hubs that'd go to it, not to mention the weather being so consistent. Hot, sure, but consistent. My guess is it's not seen as a vacation hub though, and so it doesn't get people in the 'lets go and stay there for a week' idea that Disneyworld gets, and they're still trying to fund stuff in Asia.

If it was being made, I'd probably follow the same six nations things Six Flags sort of did, but just kick it up a notch. The Americana and France stuff is easy, but I guess the Mexican and Spanish appeal's a bit out of Disney's general focus, unless we brought out the Three Caballeros again, maybe?
>> No. 390484
File 139497732182.png - (878.72KB , 1017x702 , the-three-caballeros.png )
>The Three Caballeros
That works, have the under-lying theme be Donald is given bigger jurisdiction over Disneyland Texas, but then Jose and Panchito come in and add their flavors to his park. Main Street USA is generally unchanged, as is Fantasyland, but Tomorrowland and Liberty Square get sort of a South American Epcot boost with Jose covering all the culture and history of this generally unexplored region of Disney's view. Panchito however gives an excuse to do some more crazy roller coasters to match Six Flags intensity and also use all those Marvel franchises they got.
>> No. 390487
I kinda want to make an indie game spoof, that starts with pixel art, 8 bit music and is about an author seeking refuge from civilization in a quiet mountain town and then slowly turns into hot-blooded action with HD sprites, combo meters and a whole lot of WUB WUB.
>> No. 390503
I often wonder what the breaking point for our technology will be when we're so advanced that we find it's cheaper to make robots than hire people, and how the market will adjust to more and more industries and job sectors not needing this surplus of people, and trying to figure out what the hell to do with them all.
>> No. 390507
Hahah, I'm NOT going back to texas even for some nationality-friendly disney action after all I got yelled at me.
Mexican-focusing anything in Texas? Hoo boy...
>> No. 390508
This is going to be the Autonomy Age, and it will be either glorious or ruinous depending on how humanity prepares itself.

Keep touting "free-market" capitalism--where "free market" means that the only government regulations are those that are put in place by corporations--and that everyone needs a degree and six figure job to be worth anything? Revolutions the world over, fire and brimstone. It will eventually calm down to the "peaceful" end, but we'll lose about half the world's population due to starvation and war before it's all over.

Realize that we have far more people than we do necessary work the world over, that it's okay for people to just not work, but that everyone should be picking crops or trash at some point or another (be it from their own garden or a field)? Glorious relaxation, a world of artists and tinkerers where people only have to work more than 5 or 10 hours a week if they really want to. There will still be those who rise above, mainly the engineers and science folks, as progress will continue because people want it to, not because they want/need money.

All of this is coming. Robots can already have tremendous dexterity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0wmys8n6kw) and will eventually be able to mimic full human motion, useful in things that require fingers (such as picking crops!). Once 3D printers become a mature technology, they will replace a huge array of manufacturing, first at the smaller levels but eventually at the larger as assembly lines incorporate these so that the plastic is built around the innards. Then it's about printing metal and other materials (carbon fiber, anyone? http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/18/the-worlds-first-carbon-fiber-3d-printer-is-now-available-to-order/). Self-driving cars will greatly reduce the demand for personal automobiles as people can just join "car clubs" and order cars to come and pick them up. This will reduce demand for road construction/repair.

"Oh, fast food will be a safe haven from humans; too complex for robots," someone will say. I respond, "Haha, you wish." http://momentummachines.com/#product http://wonderpizzausa.com/ And why even bother with mini manufacturing lines? http://3dprintingindustry.com/food/

Right now we're about 1/3-1/2 way through the information age, I reckon, which replaced the Assembly Age (and the Industrial Age before that.) Once we hit that last 1/8 the Autonomy Age will begin in earnest, and then, after the dust has settled, the Artificial Age (focusing mostly on AIs, but also artificial living areas on the moon/Mars.) Then we can start having robot butlers.

tl;dr Capitalism will destroy capitalism.
>> No. 390509
In addition, Africa and South America are the best poised to come out ahead if the Ruin End happens. Right now much of those areas are still far behind the rest of the world, but if they can get their shit together they'll have a mostly-blank slate to build from and can build amazing societies that avoid the pratfalls that current 1st world countries have worked themselves into.
>> No. 390520
Personally, I'd like to get a job, save up some money, start a business, and set up a system wherein robots act as assistants to artisans, allowing them to make their goods at lower cost while still producing higher quality results than you'd get from traditional mass production methods. I figure productivity is already more than high enough, so economy of scale will be effectively redundant in the sense that it won't provide as much of a commercial advantage in the face of market saturation.
>> No. 390545
The problem is that eventually, the concept of doing any sort of work that isn't creative on some level may simply evaporate. We already have espresso machines that can make the drinks faster and more accurately than any human. The only reason that they haven't completely replaced waiters and waitresses is because people still prefer to see a human face on their menial labor. Which was always funny to me: people want people to serve them cups of coffee but a lot of them are technophobes who would distrust the much more accurate machines but don't feel like enacting societal programs to give those servers a fair wage.

But the thing is we may eventually come to a point in human society where menial labor simply isn't needed. There's so much stuff we can just roboticize that we may come to a real breaking point in society where we cannot give jobs to everyone.
>> No. 390546
See, that's what I meant by having a system were people make things as artisans with robot assistants. Find ways to put enough creativity into various everyday objects that it seems personal enough for people care if it's being made by people or not. Might also be good to make companies organized as cooperatives, though for some reason my attempts to research that business structure only brings up businesses that focus on less creative work.
>> No. 390548
That's an issue, but the greater issue is that there may come a point in human existence where we all have 3d printers standard to our homes. Transmetropolitian actually imagined a dishwasher-sized machine called a "maker" that could use nano-machine disassembled garbage to create almost anything, ostensibly based on designs from the 'net. Of course, there's going to be a long way from here to there. The issue is that, with the rise of technology, and the distribution that more tech allows us to have, it means that there may be a kind of time limit on every tech based job that we have going now.
>> No. 390927
File 139619640993.jpg - (267.92KB , 964x594 , please us.jpg )
Outraged by The Phantom Menace, Star Wars fans storm George Lucas' house, and take him hostage. Their demands: to allow them to make their version of the prequel, the way they want it to be.

Their demands are met, and Lucasfilm agrees to produce a fan-written Episode 1, making it officially canon and retconning Phantom Menace.

SO, what will the fan-written story be? HARD MODE: you have to please every fan.
>> No. 390942
File 139625337959.jpg - (28.22KB , 344x387 , 1376686055956.jpg )
>TPM released in 1999
>> No. 390943
There's a YouTube video up by some guy, I forget his name, but he has suggestions for that, and he convinced me pretty well that he was 100% on the money. His main deal was that the prequels should be Obi-Wan's story rather than Anakin's, and that Anakin should already be a teenager when they met.
>> No. 390949
I dun goofed. 9 is so close to 7 on the keyboard.
>> No. 391169
I wonder if teaching kids shorthand in middle school will help with lecture classes in the future.
>> No. 391170
I'll try it on my nieces and nephews and get back to you in 20 years.
>> No. 391185
The whole "Heartbleed" security controversy is one big conspiracy to get access to as many passwords as possible. As you change your precious passwords, THEY will know...
>> No. 391502
When old people lose their teeth and become incapacitated, could they be breast fed? Would breast milk help at all vs a feeding tube or other liquid diet?
>> No. 391505
Considering they weigh about 15 to 17 times as much as a baby, the amount of breast milk they would need to consume would be outrageous.

...and probably undigestible, as you can only process so much lactose in an hour.
>> No. 391553
File 139893033883.jpg - (48.53KB , 595x627 , 1332847367.jpg )
People who leak confidential info get fucked over by their governments or have to go hide forever. According to media, the NSA (etc.) can track almost any practical way a person could give the leaked information to journalists. So why don't whistleblowers find a terminally sick or suicidal person to release the information for them, so no-one has to get fucked over by their government?
>> No. 391559
Breast milk stops being nutritious after a certain age, like when the kid is a year old or something. There was a big kerfluffle against PETA for suggesting people breastfeed or even have alcohol instead of using cow's milk and people were like no because the child would get malnutrition.
>> No. 391586
Rooftop concentrated solar power: Build a housing development with mirrors on the roof that direct light to a big central generator. Make it mandatory that alterations to the house not cause severe/ongoing interference with the mirrors, but also share revenue/electricity with homeowners.

Votefunder: A Crowdfunding site a bit like Kickstarter, but instead of having one campaign, an indecisive group puts up several at once, but only the one that collects the most money gets funded. Would likely end up serving an entirely different purpose than Kickstarter, but I think it could be useful for resolving arguments in development and production, in that if groups disagree enough on what constitutes fun they could just see what design decision people are more willing to take a chance on.

Spammer Terrorists: Spammers messages are more numerous than ever, and using increasingly explicit images over time. As can be told from seeing the new board it's also apparently targeted to this site or something. I posit that some force sees Plus4chan as conductive to freedom and is attempting to stifle it by posting spam that slowly gets worse and worse until it either forces Annonex to join the Google captcha botnet or reaches a point where Plus4 ends up being unbearable to anyone not acclimated via gradual introduction, at which point said forces would report the whole site and its regulars to people who would crack down on them. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY SAVE US AND PLUS4 FROM IMPRISONMENT AND DESTRUCTION? I suspect it'll likely involve captchas or getting more mods, though. Maybe cyperpunk general or /g/ in general could think of something. Like maybe some OpenID-based system where you solve a bunch of captchas once and then get an account that can get re-used in a bunch of places. By the way, would I have to get a trip to be a mod or janitor here, or could I be all quiet about it like 4chan janitors?
>> No. 391590
New staff position: Counter-terrorists.
Like janitors, but their only job is to delete any bots/cp ads. There should be at least eight, all from different timezones, who just delete botspam whenever they see it. Abuse of power (deleting other stuffs without mod permission) is a demotion and a ban.
>> No. 391602
Buyer's Remorse Power
You can take any material item you've ever owned, and waving your ability over it, that thing you had is transmuted into cash in your hand, worth the amount you paid for it, while rewriting time so that you never had it in the first place. The paradoxes mostly sort themselves out, as long as you honestly can't think of a big life-changing reason you bought this thing or not, it won't throw a curveball at you.

So, if you ever buy something very expensive, then get bored with it, but know it was only of real worth to you, you can use this power to get your money back and lose the thing for good. Using it on a personal computer or a car would have much greater effect, but if you bought a new DVD boxset and you finished it, you use the power and get your cash back. You still remember watching it, but now you live in a world where you never bought the DVDs. Not a big thing, but just enough that there's always an option for dosh.
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