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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

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378268 No. 378268
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>> No. 378291
Mods discussion only?
>> No. 378297
Maybe everyone is just happy with 4chan right now. Or no one goes to it anymore.
>> No. 378303
The past two days on /v/ have been great.
>> No. 378305
File 136927227245.jpg - (124.47KB , 600x446 , HABBEDING.jpg )
>/sp/ mods being even bigger cock hawks than usual
>random bans and deletions, everything except game threads and generals are likely to be deleted
>people keep trying to shitpost in retaliation
>boring generals with random shortlived splerg of shitposting
>everything is terrible and fun is no longer allowed
>CL finals are coming up

Mods (and flags) are truely the cancer of /sp/.
>> No. 378314
I'm not happy but the same complains still being valid months after months kind of ran me dry of complaints to make that aren't copy pasta.
>> No. 378508
File 136949401099.png - (45.26KB , 1050x299 , animu.png )
>> No. 378527
someone was saying how the tumblrettes would descend on /a/ with the new season of such and such a show, and I found myself thinking "how could more of a womans' touch possibly hurt those motherfuckers more than they hurt themselves?"
>> No. 378547
File 136953467993.png - (72.58KB , 260x315 , hjyserjteah.png )
Neckbeards and Legbeards mix like bleach and ammonia. It never made anything better.

They're right, though. Being a woman is great... provided you're attractive and between the ages of 16 and 22. It's a fucking hellzone in every other case. If I was a girl and I wasn't incredibly attractive, I'd want to kill myself.
>> No. 378553
>Neckbeards and Legbeards mix like bleach and ammonia. It never made anything better.
>implying mustard gas killing /a/ wouldn't make it better
>when everything is cleared and all the idiots dead, rational people can discuss anime

Quickly, someone find out the formula for killing /v/. I need it.
>> No. 378576
>They're right, though. Being a woman is great... provided you're attractive and between the ages of 16 and 22. It's a fucking hellzone in every other case. If I was a girl and I wasn't incredibly attractive, I'd want to kill myself.

Nope, not even then.
>> No. 378578
Not even if you're tremendously attractive because no-one will ever take you seriously. Plus 50% of people will just want to fuck you, the other 50% will resent you to some degree.
>> No. 378580
Has somebody told you that? Because you sure as fuck aren't talking out of personal experience.
>> No. 378586
I can understand your bitterness, but
> no-one will ever take us seriously
>100% of people are biased against women in some way or form
I think women like you are part of the reason we're not taken more seriously.
>> No. 378610
File 136962089395.png - (316.09KB , 863x485 , Rainbow_Dash_Sad_S2E15.png )
What happened to the old thread?
>> No. 378611
File 13696234194.gif - (1.86MB , 200x150 , WWE_2013-04-07_10_Careful-What-You-Wish-For.gif )

It got sent to Hell.
>> No. 378660
Of course I'm not talking from experience, I'm fat. I will generally be treated like ass regardless of how otherwise attractive I am. However, I do have eyes, ears, and modest observational skills.
>> No. 378691
Again, I understand your bitterness, but
>I do have eyes, ears, and modest observational skills.
>make a sweeping generalization about the entire human population
>> No. 378695
It was an exaggeration for effect, anon. I did not mean that if you are an attractive woman, exactly 3.5billion people will want to fuck you and 3.5billion people will resent you. Come on now son, most people don't need disclaimers to realise that sometimes people say things that aren't word for word literally true, even if they are bizarrely fixing for a pointless internet arguement.
>> No. 378720
It's not so much that as the implication that we're social pariahs (which we are in some places)
But I apologize regardless, both for my incompetence and aiding in derailing the thread.
>> No. 378730
So I was just thinking the other day...
I was lucky enough to be a contributing part of /co/ during its "golden age" of sorts, but left after I started to find it unbearable.
I feel kinda silly, but the thing that saddens me the most is the thought that future /co/mrades (god, haven't used that word in years) won't have the same community filled with creative energy to reinforce the enjoyment of their favorite series.
Or maybe that's the nostalgia.
I heard somewhere that /co/ was reforming, and I visited recently, but was met with nothing but waifu threads. Maybe I caught them at a bad time, but I feel that I would have been disappointed regardless of what I found due to nostalgia goggles.
>> No. 378768
Here's a protip: if you want a community to improve, become a part of it, and do your best to improve it. Don't beg for things. Do it yourself. Or else you won't get anything.
>> No. 378818
Well, I actually did participate regularly, and then did my best to "steer it in a better direction " to try and set something of an example on a regular basis for roughly two years after I began to find the place intolerable. My threads tended to be received positively, but didn't cause any noticeable impact, perhaps because they weren't good enough, or perhaps because of the changing environment and the newer posters not responding in the way I would have hoped.
Eventually, I realized it was eating up way too much of my time and effort to do it daily, and I visited less and less, until I stopped altogether--given how much time I used to waste, it could have been a blessing in disguise anyway.
Anyway, despite the point of this thread, my post was more out of feeling oddly wistful than wanting to complain.
>> No. 378822

Easy to say, almost impossible to achieve. Especially when 4chan is so much like the lowest common demeanor when it comes to niche interests.

I mean, the large groups behave just like kids on MTV would or something. Flavor of the month, everything is shit, we are smart, everybody else is dumb, rabble rabble!
>> No. 378830
> become a part of it, and do your best to improve it. Don't beg for things. Do it yourself.

curious to see how you believe this work in practice. You don't improve a nob of people by just acting different from them.
>> No. 378897
Flying against the swarm directly is often a losing battle. True impact is often lost to the masses, especially in one of the last great bastions of the Internets' "Id", places where nothing is forbidden and everything is allowed.

If I could put the best methodology, imo, into a single phrase, I think it would have to be "don't get angry". This is kind of about trolling, but it's also kind of about the fact that a perfectly legitimate conversation generally does devolve into a shit-flinging insult-a-thon. And we like that, as people, we like that emotional payment we get in the form of righteous indignation; somebody is wrong on the internet and I am winning the debate.

But it's not really about winning. Not here. Yeah I beat the other persons' points down into the ground and called them a fag and where does that really get me? Do they really ever stop and consider what I have to say when I do that? Or do they just resent me for dominating them in the fight? I'm still running in the special olympics here and my point probably didn't even come across.

Keeping your cool online is difficult. You can read so much stuff that is just stupid, ignorant, racist, misinformed, bullshit, and a half a dozen other words for "not technically correct". And that's just when you're arguing something that has a technical correctness, like a model specification. Arguments about ethereal things like Emotions or God usually devolve much more quickly.

But you can't really make anyone believe anything, you can only make them think. And that is best done by presenting a viewpoint they may not have considered before. Not angrily, not with hostility, but rather trying to explain why it is that you believe the way you do. Perhaps, if you do not insult your opponent, they may actually respect your tone enough to consider your viewpoint.

But it is not the kind of attitude I would attempt to stare down all the racists on /b/ with. Some fights are insurmountable, especially online where the most oft used weapon is undoubtedly "harsh language". Such change as that will have to come without from the posters' own personal lives before it will come from within, and it is rare that a paragraph has so moved a man that he has abandoned all his good hunting and drinking buddies that he will recant all his friends.

I think this is the best method; do not treat others' opinions as pure madness and nonsense, even if they are barking.
>> No. 378899
sage for longwinded pretentious bullshit
>> No. 378911
anyone else cant access the site from mobiles?
>> No. 378928
The waifu cancer must stop. Even mother fucking /ck/ is starting to have them. /co/ is now literally 50% waifu with people who actively shitpost and highjack threads that aren't waifushit. Fuck.
>> No. 378942
I can, but I can't turn off the quick reply function so I have to manually copy and paste the post number if I want to respond to something.
>> No. 378955
This is kind of a weird question but were you a Space Ghost thread person? I remember there was a period where there were some really great Space Ghost threads and the anon making them said he just wanted to improve the board and maybe influence others to do the same.
>> No. 378958
Well, I been a regular contributor for 3 years, and have nothing to really complain about. That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".

And if the site really downgraded, here is a question: does this place provide a good alternative? When I make threads here, nobody wants to post, because nobody cares. At least on regular /co/ there are a few people who might share my interests.

ALSO, I thought this was a thread about moderation.
>> No. 378961
>Some guy starts an ass thread and threatens to flip the table and delete it because of a few people posting Violet

>> No. 378965
>> No. 378978
>Well, I been a regular contributor for 3 years, and have nothing to really complain about. That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".
That's pretty interesting--perhaps it has to do with when each of us first went to /co/. Though I confess to possibly being under the influence of nostalgia goggles, I do remember that "golden age" to have a much higher standard for threads. I would take a break from it every now and then, but would still find it fun and familiar when I came back.
After this period ended, I remember coming back and finding it virtually unrecognizable.
But that just from my perspective.
I do feel that there has been a more than noticeable decline in quality, but I don't really blame any particular group of people for it. I think it's more that 4chan has grown a bit more in the public eye and therefore attracted a greater range of people, including younger teens. The time I visited recently, the board more closely resembled a youtube comment section than what I remembered.
But again, perhaps it's just my rose-tinted glasses of the old days.
>> No. 378981
There's a pretty reasonable explanation for that, being that as a shitty teen you tend to be more tolerant towards shitty teen posts. But as you grow older, not so much anymore.
>> No. 378995
Look who's talking.
>> No. 379024
If I had to guess, he probably wanted an ass thread, not a pedo thread.
>> No. 379035
It's not 4chan imo, it's the internet around it. 4 years ago, good place for content were rare and hardly populated. People would actually dig through tons of moonrunes blog to find goo art download it, then put it on 4chan for everyone.
Nowaday, we have tumblr, facebook and tons of pornographic aggregators. People don't have to dig, and when they find stuff, they use 4chan more or less as an ad banner to get people to get it on its original place.
The concept of "4channer" is now lost, since people are actually more emotionally linked to more socially rewarding places, and come on 4chan to feel a little bit more special and attract people to their place.
So in the end, the flow of data has been inverted. People used to go on 4chan to make discoveries, now they are just going there to get links for better sites.
>> No. 379042
I meant to say that it now attracts more teens, and not that I was a shitty teen. Although I was.
However, I got the sense that by being surrounded by people that weren't shitty teens, I gradually got assimilated into the culture. Whereas now, I get the impression the shitty part is no longer the minority, and thus the non-shitty part is what adapts to the shitty part, and not the other way around like I feel it used to.
My being a shitty teen may very well have been a part of it, but I'm fairly positive that the decline in quality has been real.
>> No. 379044

How is dis possebull?
>> No. 379052
/vg/ is only shit for people with shit taste.
>> No. 379053
So you're fucking retarded, we all know this already. Say something surprising.
>> No. 379070
Great comeback. You sure showed him up good. But no really, the quality of /vg/ depends entirely on the generals you frequent.
>> No. 379103
Thanks man, I thought for a long time which synonym of stupid to use.
And /vg/ sucks. A board of threads all acting like a board with all the memes and "culture" and clique mentality of it crammed in just makes it a quantum shit pile.

Sure, this general might be OK, and that game's generals are OK, but this is a lump average of the whole board and there's far more worst parts of /v/ there than there are good parts of /v/.
>> No. 379282
/pol/ are making a nuisance of themselves in /tg/. Nothing they can't handle, though.
I still storytime there just so I know that, for a few hours at least, there'll be one less crappy thread on the front page.
>That, and I don't believe all those stories about how *insert board of choice* used to be good. Even if they come from people "who were there".
Even when I first started lurking on /co/, there was this talk about "daytime /co/" and "nighttime /co/", and one was better than the other for some nebulous reason that I could never figure out.
>> No. 379286
Back in the day (waaaaay back) nighttime /co/ was about 50/50 North America/Europe. Most of the discussion around these hours was more mature/thought-out, in part because the board was slower and in part because the posters involved seemed to be older (and also less likely to be interested in most cartoons, topics were mostly about comics.)

IMO, back then "Daytime /co/" was still fine, but you were more likely to see multiple threads for the same thing on Page 1, spam, shitposting, stupid discussions, etc. Not nearly as bad as it seems now, though.
>> No. 379398
This also has factors in the "cartoons and comics should split" debate.
>> No. 379412
how is that a debate? it always comes in threads where people want to legitimate their shitposting by antagonizing the other half of hte board. Typically now it's about calling people who hate your favorite waifu cartoon "capefag" or people who dislike your comics "tumblr"
>> No. 379433

/tg/ can't handle anything. In fact, they propably ignore it, declare it board related, make a quest thread about it and try to shoehorn it into some Universe/stupid selfmade RPG.

/tg/ is like a time capsule ... nothing ever changes, deep down.
>> No. 379441
Mods are finally cracking down on cosplay threads outside of /cgl/. I hope this is permanent.
>> No. 379455
Word. Now they need to hit books about cartoons outside of /lit/, movies about superheroes outside of /tv/, video game music threads outside of /mu/, hur durpa frrrrrrrt
That's you. That's what's coming out of your mouth.
>> No. 379458
Not really complaining, but GUYS LOOK AT THIS:
>> No. 379462
>> No. 379507
Except all of those threads come without drama. And I also kinda agree with the movie threads outside of /tv/.
>> No. 379511
File 137059545968.jpg - (23.58KB , 300x323 , 1341472065998.jpg )
>anime n' manga vs toons and comics thread on /co/
>> No. 379567
they come with porn most of the time, and also cycle once finished even if literally nobody posted except the image dumper.
They are shitposting by nature.
>> No. 379597
File 137072282125.jpg - (30.57KB , 393x189 , tomoko_02.jpg )
I think it's time for me to stop going to 4chan. It's far too popular these days and filled with sexist drivel. Nobody contributes anything anymore, either.

It sucks to be a girl and see all this garbage, I know it's 4chan and it's to be expected occasionally, but it was never this frequent until recently.

All the spin-off boards haven't been doing too well either. The age of the anonymous message board is over, I guess.
>> No. 379603
File 137073245586.jpg - (41.26KB , 400x300 , ehh.jpg )
Well, it is summer. Even so, so long as people think there's no repercussion for their actions, they're going to spout asinine drivel they wouldn't otherwise (maybe). I realise that's a rather apathetic view of the internet, but aside from arguing with political wankers or whatever it is that personally ticks you off, there's nothing you or I can do. Your best bet for a carefree internet experience is to ignore the bad parts and cherish the good ones. If that means not visiting a site for a while because there's more awful bits than you can put up with, that may be best.
>> No. 379620
File 137079914036.jpg - (423.46KB , 2048x1376 , 1335259318156.jpg )
I'm also pretty done with 4chan. I only browse /toy/. There's a ton of shitposting and I'm getting sick of reporting it all because there's just so much. I'm not even kidding.


This was one of the more recent horrible examples. It's a bad thread to begin with but look at all the posts about /a/. This goes on in almost every thread about Japan-related shit nowadays. I always report it and hide it but it's getting to the point when I report so much of it in a thread I don't even feel like participating in it afterwards

I know this sounds like I'm someone who reports every little thing but I'm really not, there's just always a ton of these weird spam-y shitposts
>> No. 379629
Oh great. Janitors with personal vendettas are always fun.
>> No. 379630
Sad to hear, but fully understandable. These sites act as a draw for the horrible "id" of humanity, those terrible feelings and passions everyone keeps bottled up. Gazing into the spattering is generally not helpful, and only grants true vision in the most obtuse of senses. Looking at someones' pain made manifest is never a pleasant thing, and all the more unpleasant for being dressed up as anything more than simple pain.

It is a shame we would lose your voice but, it would not be so bad for you.
>> No. 379655
File 13708677943.gif - (2.55MB , 640x360 , 1359677164191.gif )
I told someone on /v/ he might be taking videogames a bit too seriously. I wasn't prepared for the shitstorm.
>> No. 379663
Could you link to the thread on the Love is Over archive?
>> No. 379689
Sorry I didn't really keep a bookmark on it. It was in one of those gaming "journalism" threads. I think the OP image was the Giant Bomb crew.
>> No. 379694
How come that every thread about a major superhero movie turns into a mini-/v/an? No, seriously, I go in there and be the tone and way of argument I think I'm on on /v/. Christ, why?
>> No. 379695
because most of those threads are viral marketers applying the ame recipe they use on /v/ to create a buzz.
>> No. 379708
And Super Hero movies are like the Angry Birds and Farmville of Comics.
With them comes wave after wave of newfag, casual, and moron claiming to be a fan of Marvel for a long time because they saw Dark Knight. Hilarious that you can't go to /tv/ either because they'll tell you from the other side of the fence to fuck off too.
>> No. 379770
File 137107805098.png - (98.85KB , 522x653 , Homr_cossc.png )
Not much /pol/ related, but Ukrainian IPs have been banned from 4chan for six months already. I'm afraid that I'll forget how to post until unban. Which will never happen.
>> No. 379803
What is even happening on /a/ right now?
>> No. 379805
Moot is drunk or something
>> No. 379810
File 137114408289.gif - (493.11KB , 490x273 , 1369409608798.gif )
>/v/ janitor deletes the only thread on the frontpage that's actually about videogames
>> No. 379827
File 137116608799.jpg - (15.88KB , 298x363 , 1143887001695.jpg )
/mlp/ is whining and trolling all over /q/ about the mods cracking down on their shit posting and porn
>> No. 379829
/co/ has become a maelstrom of trolling.
>> No. 379831
File 137117321165.png - (2.05MB , 1008x1484 , 1371172798555.png )
What did they do to this meme? Yeesh.
>> No. 379833
got banned again ;_;
>> No. 379860
sunburned to death. welcomed to Summer 4chan, were meme are a religion and board an excuse to be stupid.
>> No. 379951
Summer 4chan is a fucking myth. It's the same shit all year.
>> No. 379957
"summer 4chan is a myth" is a myth. Been lurking there 10 hours a day for enough years to see the difference. Basically everyday become as shitty as weekends, eliminating the few hours of actual discussion the place gets during working hours
>> No. 379967
File 137144373534.gif - (918.56KB , 245x154 , 1363310517187.gif )
>that one guy in /mu/ that spams every attempted sharethread with shitty Swedish gospel and nursery songs

How can one fanny fandango have so much cocking Swedish shit on his hard-drive? Where does he even find this garbage?
>> No. 379996

but moot himself has said that the traffic in the summer is largely same as it is in the other season
>> No. 380013
Lately I've been wondering if the increased level of shitposting during summer is simply because of the heat. Cranky, sweating people, letting their tempers get the better of them and venting their slightest frustrations.
>> No. 380017
Moot says a lot of things but isn't immune to prove his shit if he wants to be believed.
>> No. 380018
The increased level of shitposting is people getting upset over posts they don't like, then go blame the summer for it and start to shitpost because "who cares, it's summer anyway".
>> No. 380021

Perhaps, but in this situation, he still has a lot more credibility than you.
>> No. 380024
considering Moot average thread quality, no, really.
>> No. 380027
site offline. been a while
>> No. 380040
File 137159479480.gif - (0.97MB , 320x240 , 1368865930263.gif )
>You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Geez, I'm just trying to carry over an suggestion I made in a earlier thread
>> No. 380043
Is +4 randomly banning people as well? I posted a link that I figured was an okay site, and it banned me for an hour.
>> No. 380047
A: looks like it and
B: try the thread below this one next time
>> No. 380086
Is 4chan slow as shit for other people today? I cna't see a single picture it takes several minutes for small ones.
>> No. 380114
4chanX forced me to switch over to greasemonkey and now every 4chan related addon has completely stopped working. hell possibly all of the other ones too but i haven't noticed any of them not working yet yet

>> No. 380376
Haven't had Internet in a while, how was /mu/'s reaction to Kanye's new album Yeezus?

Please tell me it was as hilarious as a every other "big name" album drop, please.
>> No. 380382
>Man of Steel threads
>been a while since I've seen /co/ argue so hard about Supes
>> No. 380386
got a 1 day pseudo ban for "shitposting" because I said drawthreads are against /co/ rules. Which they are. Looks like a bad case of mods trying to keep the pace like he wants instead of like it's supposed to be. there's a reason we have like 3 draw boards now.
>> No. 380397
File 137216211472.jpg - (34.62KB , 554x439 , 1255023004900.jpg )
>post "I'm 12 and what is this?"
>3 months banned for being underage
I ain't even mad. That's hilarious.
>> No. 380399
Summerfaggotry is real. for the mods at least.
>> No. 380570
File 137229814678.jpg - (56.07KB , 1009x768 , 1363312850689.jpg )
>/pol/ since DOMA got struck down
Holy shit, you guys. This is just pure gold. Almost, key word almost, as good as election nights.
>> No. 380586
Would love to check that out, but currently getting nothing but errors, despite the status page saying everything is fine.
>> No. 380679
That's because people stop using it when the endless shit comes on. People come, people leave, traffic is largely unchanged.
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