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File 139866440276.jpg - (168.17KB , 1161x884 , Ntripfaggotry.jpg )
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So when is Anonex going to BRING BACK /N/?

Come on /baw/, I know you guys love us really.
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>> No. 391521
File 139871473217.gif - (80.68KB , 200x210 , 1364442160401.gif )
>> No. 391529
The entire news scene has changed so much since 4chan put up /pol/, now the vitriol and trolling amaze even me.

Fuck I want to go back to the simpler times of pro-china trolls.
>> No. 391532
I get the feeling /pol/ was meant to be a containment board to stop people from talking about politics on the other boards, but it ended up just generating a bunch of shitty political memes that just made shitposting about politics that much easier.

File 138184245684.png - (266.15KB , 508x650 , 2spookies.png )
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We need a new spooky thread, especially since Halloween is coming up soon.
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>> No. 386027
That is pretty scary, actually.
>> No. 386029
I watched the bulk of the Hammer Films horror marathon on TCM, then went to work for a couple hours at a haunted attraction, then I came home and feasted on candy while watching a Vincent Price marathon. Peppered throughout all this were various Halloween videos on YouTube.

A Halloween well-spent in my book.
>> No. 386033
I was reading spooky urban legends (and a few true stories) at Snopes and got the shit scared out of me when my phone vibrated and rang and I didn't recognize what the noise was.

I got a good scare on Halloween, so I guess my time was not wasted.

File 139368586764.gif - (31.50KB , 505x490 , mukraine[1].gif )
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>The upper house of the Russian parliament unanimously approved President Putin’s request to use armed forces in defense of Russians and Russian interests, anywhere in the territory of Ukraine.
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>> No. 391476
Pootin pls.
>> No. 391478
The vid shows a family of two being murdered. Well the woman is just beaten on screen, might be lucky to get off with rape.
>> No. 391500
>family of 2
It's called a "couple." Your handlers really should work on your English FSB-kun.

File 135211125523.png - (223.43KB , 666x918 , ritts_halloweenie.png )
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You know, I have to ask.

Why is Moot still banning this stuff? I mean, I get not wanting it on an SFW board, but furry drama is dead. The ban serves no purpose any longer, and every other major 'chan board changed their rules years ago.

Why the hold-out on Moot's part?
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>> No. 388032
I would assume it's that the one playing at being a cat doesn't actually believe s/he is one.
>> No. 388034
File 138871520367.jpg - (66.72KB , 496x650 , Beach80b.jpg )

I blame Gadget. Also Minerva Mink. But chiefly Gadget.
>> No. 388036
Did develop a bit of RR fetish would get in for zip on Gadget. action.

File 133549844443.jpg - (18.07KB , 454x345 , mariowow.jpg )
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A little immature humor never hurt anybody.

Rapunzel 2008youtube thumb
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>> No. 388010
200- Ѧsh Learns X-actly Y he needs The Patchyoutube thumb
>> No. 389827
I am the only one posting
A Magnificent Story Narrated t…youtube thumb
>> No. 391230

File 134841387591.jpg - (51.70KB , 468x317 , sky-garden.jpg )
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ITT Your ideal dwelling.

for me it's all about the green.
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>> No. 390860
Are places like weburbanist, inhabitat and the like still worthwhile when it comes to architecture porn? It's been so long since I looked at the stuff on a regular basis.
>> No. 390861
File 139594253655.jpg - (68.94KB , 397x600 , tumblr_n1v19khkUB1sa2dh7o1_400.jpg )
I'll see what I can find.
>> No. 391184
All depends on what kind of wood. Each species of tree has wood with its own unique properties. Lignum vitae resists rot to such a degree that it was commonly used for fasteners and nails on ships. However, that very same wood is so dense that it sinks in water faster than Macaulay Culkin's career in the mid-90s.

File 139488909646.jpg?nsfw - (89.85KB , 467x700 , fetishes.jpg?nsfw )
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My main turn on would be reciprocity, like orgasm for orgasm type thing where people are taking care of each other. Major turn off is guro, how the fuck people can even look at that is just uncomprehensible.
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>> No. 391136
Is this just a fantasy or is there actual porn of this? I mean, 34 is a rule, but really?

I'm mainly disgusted by my mild transformation fetish because transformation scared the shit out of me when I was young. Even in kid's shows. Also, I'm a furry with an irrational dislike of amusement park mascots, and became attached to a character only after thinking someone was gross for liking them. I have good reason to believe I am attracted to my own disgust.
>> No. 391138
> stuff stolen, being beaten up, head cut off by carted, kidneys stolen, heart ripped out in an ancient azteca ritual to appease the dark ones, forced to work off a debt as a mule with drug tits or kidnapped for ransom

Go to Cuba, man. The island is a pretty safe place for tourists (no, it really is), is actually a prety nice and interesting place to visit, and there are tons of good looking girls. Back in the day you could get yourself a 8/10 for a whole night for almost nothing, shit was insane. Things have changed a bit, but it's still a pretty good place for sex travel.

And yes, I am talking out of experience.
>> No. 391139
File 13970463454.jpg - (55.27KB , 226x179 , 1322673733785.jpg )
plz stop

File 136390762596.gif - (836.46KB , 320x180 , Reality2k.gif )
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Jee golly, I am so exited!
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>> No. 390989
File 139646842260.gif - (0.97MB , 250x208 , HI BEAR.gif )
>> No. 391049
File 139675647725.gif - (2.70MB , 328x190 , [dandy intensifies].gif )
>> No. 391065
File 139681660181.gif - (459.52KB , 360x272 , 1390460494179.gif )

File 139336635232.jpg - (121.82KB , 397x600 , 1300448172343.jpg )
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For your health.
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>> No. 391012

>> No. 391013
At first I thought my life was in danger. Then I realized it was just Oreos. Phewww.
>> No. 391798
I should be studying

File 137283399973.jpg - (71.39KB , 401x500 , a male human being.jpg )
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Are you practicing anything? Do you want to? Are you interested in studying? This is the thread to talk about the body, the mind, the block, the sweep, and the arm lock.

To avoid shittiness, please no:
1. "my style >> your style"
2. "traditional styles are shit MMA FTW"
3. See 1 and 2

Shall we?
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>> No. 390668
Party crashing in general only tends to work if you know the people holding the party, unless its' a sufficiently sized rager. This is doubly true for dudes, where having some random guy show up, especially on the arm of some hot girl that one of the hosts were trying to hit on, is seen as being a pain in the hosts ass.

That said, it doesn't take much to freak out when backed into a corner and resort to biting and aiming for the groin and generally being bigger and scarier than you are. It's pretty effective against chump change who don't really know shit themselves and went in expecting a simple beatdown, not a panicked opponent who could seriously gouge an eye or inadvertently cause some other kind of grievous bodily harm by knowing nothing of what he's doing, merely acting out in any way he can to disabuse the larger opponents of the notion that he's easy pickings.
>> No. 390689
Or could have to do with gangs or cliques.
>> No. 390895
File 139606237696.jpg - (549.43KB , 1936x2592 , büüke.jpg )
So I bought this. A VERY valuable read.

File 137464246046.jpg - (28.43KB , 500x300 , Sweet-Dreams-500x300[1].jpg )
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Dream thread, post your dreams.
Old thread: >>281812 (last two and a half freaking years)
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>> No. 390795
What does it mean when you don't remember dreams, but every so often something happens that seems like you dreamed it but then get this overwhelming sense of dread because whatever came next it was bad... and then nothing happens?
>> No. 390799
Your brain worries, your life is repetitive.
>> No. 390808
Dreamed I fucked not one but two dogs. Most vivid dream I can recall having in months.

File 13810713759.jpg - (41.62KB , 500x358 , babby.jpg )
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Hey guys. It's come to my attention that many of us are pretty depressed much of the time.
So, ITT stupid little moments that put a smile on your face, regardless of how insignificant. Or they can be significant. It's all good.

I'm not making this to criticize the depression thread or anything having had an extremely treatment-resistant depression for over a decade, I'm no stranger to depression myself, and I understand the necessity of venting periodically
I just felt it could use a counter-balance of sorts.

Anyway, my sister just sent me this.
Funny Japanese Sushi Commercialyoutube thumb
Idiotic, but it helped.
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>> No. 390335
If you want it to be an embeddable video, remove the s from https when posting.

How To Cook Like Heston S01E01 Beefyoutube thumb
>> No. 390340
I meant it >>390335
>> No. 390561
File 139514545217.jpg - (355.65KB , 845x1003 , image.jpg )

File 135190255578.jpg - (43.04KB , 480x720 , samantha wright is always topical.jpg )
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Or maybe 3. I'm not sure. Point is the old one is 9 posts away from autosaging, and not really worth reviving.

I finally snagged a gym membership and went for the first time today. I did it all. Flies, incline presses, bicep curls, rows, back extensions, hamstring curls, leg presses, and at least two other things I can't remember the names of.
And then a half hour of jogging uphill.
Everything is pain and there is no beauty in the world.
Post more motivation since all the pics in the last thread are gone forever.
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>> No. 390238
>go for some goddamn walks and hike around town
"But Anon, why do you need to walk out of direct line of site of the house for more than five minutes? I get scared!"
>> No. 390365
As of right now the only thing I'm taking is protein powder.
I'm looking to start taking creatine.
I currently take my protein shake post workout, in addition to mornings and evenings. Should I take both creatine and my shake post workout, one after the other? Or would creatine just be a suitable replacement for my post workout protein?

Also, what kind of supplements do you guys take? I'm not taking any pre-workout supplements as I tend to react very poorly to stimulants.
>> No. 390435
So fucking glad winter has ended and I can finally return to jogging outside. I never fully acclimated to machines and sometimes using the indoor track at a gym has felt...stupid, for lack of a better word. I've always been alone while doing that.

File 139457741270.jpg - (162.41KB , 845x1036 , 1s1692e0_wizardchan_1365670706073.jpg )
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Do you think, porpoises, kind of look like, you know, melon kidz?

File 139342534359.png - (441.74KB , 600x1024 , Screenshot_2014-02-21-21-22-35.png )
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Honestly the only thing bothering me now is hat I can't go down to California to see my probably dying grandfather because of BULLSHIT
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>> No. 390043
The stranger made fun of Jethro Tull the other week man I would've sent an angry lteer to the editor if it wasn't there fucking stranger I swear I wanted to put that on my okcupid like bitch if you aren't down with Tull i ain't even dtf later
>> No. 390056
fuck yeah one day of solid effort, but i got a really interesting and pretty girl's contact info and she's the one who wants to meet up.

still got it.

anything to assist with the transition of not caring about other people's opinions as much as i do jesus romance to me is like heroine and i'm trying to create my own methadone
>> No. 390094
Ugh I am just ugh I wow I hey awe some

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