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File 138407122920.jpg - (63.63KB , 640x480 , HNI_0059_MPO.jpg )
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So while I was in Alabama this chuby little robot jumped me. I think it had robot mange, or something. Anyway I took care of the body so I'm left with head now. Now does anyone know how to cook a robot head?
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>> No. 387308
Speaking of prostitution...

>> No. 387658
What's that, big brother? You're currently sort-of dating the woman your ex-fiance assumed you were having an affair with?

Why, that's exactly the sort of thing to mention in front of family, especially given that it's Christmas Eve tomorrow, and you only called off your engagement three months ago! The fact that you said in front of Mother, who's still trying to get over the fact that she won't have a daughter-in-law, is really wonderful!

File 138320950525.gif - (2.85MB , 330x224 , whyyy.gif )
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>doing NoFap
>Goal: 90 days
>still have 24 to go
>and I thought Australian internet was slow

>/pco/ exists
>and boobs are being posted there every day
>and... and a fair portion of those are cat boobs
help me

I know two of you here do this shit. Let's talk about something.
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>> No. 386887
It means you need to drink more water. Like a lot more.
>> No. 386939
uh, hydrate, you disgusting person
>> No. 386983
Got about eight days under my belt this time around (last was about a 2 months back at 20 days) now due to my drive going down to about nonexistent. Its like I just couldn't be bothered.

File 137877595518.jpg - (30.96KB , 369x400 , politician[1].jpg )
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New thread because the old one had to be nuked from orbit.
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>> No. 387110
Pollution by non-native chemicals is still the number one problem facing the environment. Everything else takes a second seat, and the majority of other problems stem from it. It's not arbitrary or "cartoon villain" shit just because you've never heard of a major environmental problem, we've been feeding our livestock hormones without proper regulation and it's been devastating the environment (which again is still a problem even if you haven't heard of it), and there are far more humans than livestock, we are everywhere, and we are much harder to regulate.
So far the issue is being kept in check by three factors:
1. Currently it's prescription only, so it can't really be overused, and it limits the percentage of population that uses it.
2. The human sourced pollution is localized to urban regions of a few developed nations (~12 million women in USA, <100 million worldwide)
3. Other sources of pollution are localized to plants and farms in these nations.

If you make it OTC it's harder to justify any regulation, even among farm animals or industrial runoff, and other nations will follow suit. Imagine if the three billion people in Asia looked to our model and decided it's a good idea to control their birth rate with hormones or to pump their cows full of milk producing hormones?
I'm not overstating things when saying that global unregulated use of hormones and hormone mimicking compounds is dangerously unwise. Since all vertebrates depend on estrogen as a sex mediating hormone it has the potential to make all higher animals and many plants that depend on them simply stop reproducing. It would be on par with the late Devonian mass extinction... and that's just with widespread use of estrogen, not even including many other hormones and steroids which could become popular.

So in summation, we should be phasing out the use of hormonal bir
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>> No. 387194
Okay, so it's affecting the environment simply through general run off? That makes much more sense. When you use the example of someone specifically buying things to dump them, that actually sounds ridiculous. The concept of unregulated usage affecting the environment simply through existence makes more sense in terms of scale and viability. The idea that a few nuts just dump shit like that is what is cartoon villainy, and when you portray it like that, it's hyperbole to say that that is the problem.

File 138548974497.png - (92.63KB , 500x500 , Muh soul jem.png )
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First field is your name, toolbars is your birthday.
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>> No. 386779
But how will you know it's your egg then!?
>> No. 386786
Just wait for it to hatch, then it should be pretty obvious.
>> No. 386794
and its appreciated, really.

File 136571751396.png - (630.49KB , 640x842 , John Googleman.png )
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>> No. 383783
File 137805015656.png - (414.56KB , 1280x720 , 127507873135.png )
>> No. 383784
File 137805380924.gif - (2.51MB , 300x167 , malreynoldsragequit.gif )
>> No. 386617
File 138500873951.png - (222.45KB , 503x490 , sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.png )

File 138438224782.png - (16.03KB , 371x322 , untitled.png )
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This is the last thread on +4 before we all dissolve into nothingness

what do you post???
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>> No. 386427

thats it
>> No. 386461
Knew it.

I also carry meat in my underpants.
>> No. 386523
So that's why they say "beating your meat ”

File 138478874313.jpg - (647.94KB , 1920x1200 , Music-equipment-1920x1200.jpg )
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Do you like music? Do you make music? Do you want music that sounds like music that you like? Do you want to talk about music? This is the thread for all of that.

What are you listening to, plus4?
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>> No. 386511
Thanks for the input and suggestion!

I know I could use some better quality soundfonts.
While I love nice, authentic sounds, I'm also a fan of some chiptunes pieces, which can be impressive despite the limitations of not having a very diverse set of timbres.
While my stuff is far from 8-bit/16-bit style pieces, I was a bit more curious as to what I could improve on in terms of harmonizing, structuring, transitioning, conveying, etc. with what I have.

But I absolutely would like some more sounds, and if getting more would help with the mentioned criteria, then I would be happy to get them.
I shall definitely look into REAPER. Maybe Ableton too, as I've heard good things about that.
>> No. 386512
Not a problem. It would have also fit in /diy/. Check out the other boards when you get a chance. :) (Just know that pco/coq/cod are promotion boards.)
>> No. 386513
I've been coming here for a long time, just not much in the past two years and I never really went anywhere other than /baw/, /pco/, /draw/, and /dw/ (when it still existed).

File 13829343862.png - (440.25KB , 686x446 , ballz.png )
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Have an image you always wanted to post, but never got the chance to?

Well, you can finally live out your dream.
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>> No. 386228
>> No. 386230
File 138402575985.jpg - (43.43KB , 319x443 , image.jpg )
>> No. 386243
File 138406948295.jpg - (110.73KB , 640x480 , HNI_0001_MPO.jpg )
tfw teddy burr

File 138083872759.jpg - (83.00KB , 938x704 , 6a19826b-9981-4f3b-89e0-f26a2d59038e[1].jpg )
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Last time, on Speak Your Mind: >>384187

>sell a bunch of stuff on eBay
>six people have had their items for weeks but not left feedback
Come on, people, I left feedback for all of you. I'm not expecting Tolstoy, a simple positive feedback with "No problems" is more than sufficient.

And I put a lot of effort into my packing. I don't just stick a CD into a padded envelope and hope for the best, that shit gets some TLC.
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>> No. 386220
That guys face sticks out to me as off, I think at least mostly because of the lips. Unless that's actually a tattoo or something. Lips typically don't wrap around the cheeks so far, especially if they're slightly pursed around something, like a cigarette.
>> No. 386226
It's not bad, just looks like a doodle. A painted doodle where someones trying real hard to turn it into something better than a doodle.

>'it looks whack because of perspective, detail, arm position on right figure, body position of left figure...'
>'you really suck at nothing specific just all things in general, need to practice doing more drawings and spend more time on each individual piece'
>> No. 386249
All this fuss about the Youtube/Google+ integration reminds me of the biggest caveat of social networking sites; they serve no purpose for anybody not already using them as extensions of their personal lives. So of course being forced to use a social network you won't use to do something as simple as comment on a video is going to get people angry.

That said, apparently certain channels are disabling commenting because linkspam has become a big problem with linking enabled.

File 135060476667.jpg - (4.20KB , 460x307 , 14th_Cent_Sword.jpg )
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Do you guys have any stupid old inside-jokes that only you and your old friends would get/find funny?

For me, "I want to be Mr. Gold"
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>> No. 385924
Cut your hair and stop worshiping Satan.
>> No. 386015
File 138326273247.png - (723.17KB , 775x767 , SSS_SONIC12.png )
We'd sometimes send this picture to each other as a response to things
>> No. 386116
File 138370208479.png - (34.65KB , 511x410 , gidings me.png )
Congratulations on creating what is fundamentally the most unfunny and masturbatory thread imaginable.

Really, good fucking job.


File 138323600774.jpg - (41.70KB , 369x500 , 1358190136919.jpg )
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Halloween thread.

Post some creepy shit.

<html>Elisa Lam Videoyoutube thumb
>> No. 385998
That's what >>385559 was supposed to be for.

File 138226343918.gif - (495.05KB , 500x375 , jckdsuF.gif )
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So, how did your fandom change you? Bonus points if you don't mention fetishes.

>in a show-related chat room
>is a relatively small fandom
>talking about life and shit
>one starts talking about aspergers
>three of five admit to having aspergers/autism, with the show or cartoons being an obsession

>about a month or two later discover im an aspie

also, fetishes.
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>> No. 385962

I think as soon as you're a fan of something, you're in the fandom.

There's no rule in the book that says all parts of the fandom are alike. Trying to separate yourself on those grounds just seems silly. The idea here is to acknowledge that people are individuals and that no group of people ever represents the ENTIRE fandom.
>> No. 385965
See, I always took "fandom" to mean "fan community." I wouldn't think being a fan would necessarily make you a member of the fan community.
>> No. 385972
Yeah. I'm a fan of Digimon, but I don't interact with the fandom at all. (Used to, many, many years ago.)

File 138141386073.jpg - (905.93KB , 2048x1536 , C7081C23.jpg )
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Hi, i from Russia. I want speek with we.
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>> No. 385613
It seems our russian friend is мертв , _,
>> No. 385614
Aw dang, we chased away Vanya?
>> No. 385937
In soviet +4, shit post YOU!

File 138241270729.jpg - (491.72KB , 1936x2592 , real life troll face.jpg )
385756 No. 385756 hide quickreply [Reply]
Let's have a thread where we post RL people who make this face the best.

I think I found a real gem here.

File 137379534957.jpg - (472.41KB , 800x721 , Rage_Mage.jpg )
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I feel like we could use a new rage thread.
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>> No. 382691
Eat him and use his bones to make a totem of some sort.
>> No. 382702
Part of me wishes I could, but I've always been the kind of person who wanted to impress their parents. I don't have another...parental unit-type thing to ask for advice, but as unhelpful and un-encouraging as mine are, I know I won't get another set of biological parents, and people have chewed me out because I have any issue at all with them.

I think he favors my sister because she went into a similar career as him, but with all the bitching he's done about his job throughout my lifetime, I figured he was trying to encourage me to do something else.
>> No. 385548
File 13817377682.gif - (769.62KB , 216x144 , douchebag.gif )
There was a rage here before. It's gone now. >>382228 sums it up pretty good. But I feel the need to vent again because this is just getting stupid. Why do I only have the current choice between living with one asshole with a personal grudge against me (simply for existing, basically) and another asshole that's been causing problems for the family for 15+ years now? There's really no way to stand up to either of these assholes, and even avoiding them isn't a guarantee that conflict can be avoided. And no, I can't go anywhere else right now, not permanently. But this is driving me nuts and I'm sick of it.

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