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Long-Term Projects

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13334 No.13334
Yes, really. We need people that can draw, people that could hack them in, and of course testers. We've already got a writer who says he's willing to do the routes (in fact, he's DOING the Caster route right now, via a series of choose your own adventure threads).

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Of course this is all assuming we can get some extra help. We might not, who knows.

You tried posting this idea over at the renpy place as well?
They have a forum for this kind of stuff, I think.

how do you even do the hacking?

The biggest problem I can foresee is that the CYOA is written in 2nd(?) person whereas VNs are strictly 1st person in most scenes. As a result, we get a huge leak of meta-knowledge and character interactions, particularly dialogue, suffer a lot.

Personally, I think Caster Route is better standalone as a CYOA, not VN. It simply doesn't fit the tone of VNs..


This one is better, its the full 5th thread.

It could be rewritten, the OP already said if he had the resources to put it in he would do it.

Well, yeah. Think of it as a rough draft. Things obviously need to be changed.

No idea, that's what this would be for, getting people who do.

kirikiri is fucking easy to hack. I'm sure takajew will even give you the tools.



Well really you don't even need to hack kirikiri, even though it's child's play. You just have to edit the xp3 or wherever it stores the script. kirikiri is just onscripter on steroids so if you know how to code that the rest should be easy. I'm sure takajew will tell you where the script is located, unless it's done with one of the patches, I didn't really follow the technical stuff.

This place is... cushy. I like it!

File: 124607216885.jpg-(99.58KB, 756x772, 1220149784517.jpg)
>who is takajew

It's good that Writebro's volunteering to rewrite a lot of the story, but that saddles him with a huge workload. Not to be insulting to Writebro, but one-person projects tend to eventually stagnate or die. Everyone's being way too optimistic about this. There was a Touhou VN project several months ago that had a pretty big staff and team of writers (pretty prolific ones on THP) and that died pretty quickly only to revive and die again. .

Optimism is wonderful though! Besides, this is /coc/, the entire point is recruiting.

Whats the thread limit here?

If people here bitch we could possibly take this to /writ/?

The virus VN that I was supposed to work on seems to have stagnated/died and I'm bored, I'd be willing to write something.

Well we kind of got ran out of /jp/ earlier so we're trying to pick a place to settle in. It's down to either easymodo or here.

Alright so we're settled on here. We'll keep the CYOA thread going and (maybe) gather staff for a (possible) project?

Bookmarking this page now. Awesome.

I'm just worried about a load of people volunteering and then disappearing a week later. The first successful /jp/ project would really be awesome, but there's a reason that we've never had one before.

It's probably best not to assemble a team or plan a project until the story is finished, otherwise things could get too stressful and the story will stop.

Fuck /jp/, we are anathema to them no, except when we want Tohou porn. We are now the Republic of Caster. Or something stupider than that.

what can we do if we want to mess around with the VN?

<--- willing to help

Also this.

No visual novel right now, though if someone wanted to get some info out of takajun that'd be cool. Right now, let's just enjoy the CYOA thread.


yeah, im just curious how it works

Then go ask away fetchanon.

I'd be interested in this. Might dick around with kirkiri a little for the hell of it.

Overreacting is only going to complicate things. Please don't pull stupid shit like this. Make your decision about everything after you've had a few days to think things through. We're all /jp/sies here and it'd be a bad idea to target our only definite common ground right now.

Sarcasm friend. Sarcasm.

And thank god, I thought we were /jp/edos all this time. /jp/sies is MUCH better.

Sarcasm is hard to pick up from text. My apologies.

Eh, happens. You know, say this actually happens and we get it in. What do you think would happen if Nasu ever saw it?

He'd probably find it hysterical. At least that's the impression I've always got of him.


He won't. He hates gaijins.



so what was the last choice we were debating on? go visit sakura?

But, he loves gaijin main heroines.

We died from that. We're going to the market now.

Visiting the slut got us killed by TA and turned into worm food.

I think shopping for breakfast won, though I'd rather go to the dojo.

File: 12460739932.jpg-(74.46KB, 800x600, Caster40.jpg)
I'll repost the last bit.

Everyone's asleep. You're worried about Sakura. With Shinji out of the war and hiding at the church you decide to pay her a visit and make sure she's ok.

You trek across town to the familiar hilltop residence. The journey takes less then twenty minutes. Its early, but you expect Sakura will be up. You ring the doorbell and wait.

"Can I help you young man?" an elderly gentleman asks after opening the door. He's very old and using a cane to support himself, his pale features and beady eyes looking you up and down.

"My name is Shirou, I'm a friend of Sakura's. I wanted to check up on her after the incident at the school yesterday and make sure she's ok."

"Ahh, so you're the Shirou I've heard so much about. I am Matou Zouken, Shinji and Sakura's grandfather. Please come in."

You follow him into the estate that you have not entered in over a year.

"It's good to see Sakura has people worried about her. She's feeling a little ill, but she's helping me with some chores in the basement. Let me show you the way."

You don't recall there being a basement to Sakura's house when you played here as a child with Shinji. Zouken leads you to a dark, narrow stone corridor. An odd smell assaults your nose.

"Please forgive us, but we had a problem with water getting trapped down and there's a slight smell. Watch your step."

You descend into the darkened basement with Sakura's grandfather. As you near the bottom, your blood starts pumping. Your heart rate picks up. Thump. Thump. Thump. Suddenly every hair on your body stands up. The smell is worse down here. It's too dark to see.

"I guess we could use a little light."

A soft glow illuminates the room. Your head spins. It takes a moment for your mind to register the scene before you. You see worms everywhere. Crawling on the floor. Crawling on the walls. Then you notice. Sakura is kneeling in the middle of the floor, her head low, hair covering her face. Worms are crawling over her, going under her clothes, exploring her body. You nearly vomit.

"Beautiful isn't it? I'm so glad you came by to visit us, especially without your Servants! What a thoughtful little gift!"

Quickly you raise your hand and go to use a command spell. "Caster come to me!" you shout. Nothing happens. When you look to your hand, you realize its gone. An involuntary scream comes from your throat. A sound. You look to its source. You see a man in black, with a white skull mask grinning at you. He holds your hand up for you to see. You back away and slip. You fall on your back. Suddenly worms swarm you. They bite you, tearing out chunks of your flesh. Sakura never moves. As you go into shock, the last thing you see is the laughing face of Matou Zouken.

Bad End.

File: 124607420192.jpg-(155.45KB, 1600x1700, 1222660887162.jpg)
I'd explore Sakura's body, if you know what I mean.

I`m doing an Ilya route if anyone`s interested.

I'm gonna pick this back up tomorrow with the "Go shopping" option. It was second place in votes.

I have some kirikiri2 knowledge, and can help out if you guys end up going in that direction.

The Ilya Route so far
I'm no expert on all the fancy stuff in the Fate world so there might be problems with that. It has a reasonable while left to go and I plan to edit it, so this isn't final.

File: 124607538146.jpg-(113.72KB, 500x509, 1230497750951.jpg)
Thank you so much for carrying on with this story.

I'll be checking back here tomorrow.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that thought about alternate routes in FSN. I actually fleshed out a whole series of routes a while ago that involved Joan of Arc being summoned but I never had the drive or courage to do anything with it.

Looks like it is easy as fuck, there's no real 'hacking' to be done since all the tools are available. Just dick around with the scripting and insert some stuff.

Wow, that's pretty damn good. There are some grammatical issues here and there and Kiritsugu's name is spelt wrong, but it's fairly plausible as a whole. I do have some grievances such as Shirou's reliance on Black Keys when he can trace infinitely-better Noble Phantasms, but the writing style is very close to Nasu's which I applaud you for.

Thanks. I did try to keep it close to Nasu's style, felt like it would be wrong if I let my peculiarities get in the way of the story. I had to make a lot of changes to get Shirou right, he's too simple minded for my style.

As for the black keys, I did that because of the part when Kotomine stuck assassin to the tree in HF and he couldn't move. I'm assuming that that's because of the key's themselves. I would think that's best for fighting against a servant. Like I said, I'm not an expert on these things. That, and I needed a reason for Kotomine to stay with him.

and my god, I can't believe I've been reading Fate/Zero and hadn't noticed it was kiritsugu, will fix

I believe Kotomine mentioned that the Black Keys can't score a fatal blow on a servant during his fight vs. TA. Normal conceptual weapons are really weak compared to NPs.

An A-rank weapon is only equal to a C-rank NP and Black Keys are way down the scale in terms of power relative to other conceptual weapons.

I suggest specifically reading through

for NP and other weapons-related stuff and then the rest of the wiki if you want really thorough coverage of the Nasuverse.

But sealed movement = disabled servant. I don't think you need to kill it if what you're after is the master. Furthermore at that point I don't think Shirou had any good weapons to materialize that would really help him against a servant.

Will look over that site still.

Caster route continues from where? Did we even have a vote after the dead end?

File: 124610317572.jpg-(117.98KB, 1280x1024, - 19024 caster fate_stay_night missin.jpg)
Second place was going to the market for breakfast ingredients, I think.

Wait, if Rule Breaker can reverse any form of thaumaturgy, shouldn't Gil's corruption by the grail be reversible?

i dont think gil is exactly manageable even without the corruption

Servants are perfectly capable of freeing themselves. They all have an innate resistance to most conceptual weapons because they're such high level spirits. True Assassin, who is weak as hell as a servant, freed himself in the VN. I'd imagine a stronger servant would be shrugging off the Keys like Arc did in Tsukihime. This is assuming that you can hit them in the first place since TA was only hit by pure chance after his NP failed to kill Kotomine.


I guess it depends on how much the grail corrupted his personality. I mean, he is supposed to be Chaotic Good, yet he's been eating orphans, and if Ataraxia is any indication of his 'true' personality then... maybe.

Then again I haven't read Zero.

He's still a douchebag in Zero

maybe we should make another thread on 4chan to let people know the caster stuff is here

Only once WriteBro comes back.
No point gathering them here now when there's nothing going on yet.

Anyone ever get a response from moot?

Yes, a year ago. No CYOAs on /jp/. Mods agreed. Moot is a faggot.

File: 124614446345.jpg-(37.69KB, 512x384, 1245609979578.jpg)
>>>the guy who created and maintains 4chan at his own immense expense is a faggot

...nope. Still a faggot.

Writebro here. I'm gonna start writing again on Sunday afternoon. I just had too much to do today. Check back tomorrow and there will be an update.

Writebro, you really need to adopt a tripcode.


But I generally hate tripfaggery. Must I?

It'll make it easier for us to keep track of your posts. If it really bugs you, you can stick to only using it when posting in your official capacity as Writebro, and then post anon other times.


File: 124614916029.jpg-(59.12KB, 504x348, 1236741133719.jpg)
A new faggot is born!

Look, why are you even here?

We're all hurt and dismayed by your accusations. brb, slitting my wrists.

Honestly, all you have to do to find his posts is to look for a thumbnail depicting Caster or another FSN character. It's a hell of a lot easier to detect than a bit of extra green text.

He only posts the Caster images when he's doing an actual story post. When he's answering a question or clarifying something, he doesn't use an image.

And to be fair, anyone can post a Caster image.

Point taken, but he might as well post a picture with everyone of his replies, perhaps of Great Teacher Lancer.

Even if others do post pictures, it is generally faster, at least in my experience, to use thumbnails coupled with blocks of text as markers for story updates while scrolling down the page.

Also, to turn your second argument around, anyone can use a tripcode too, yourself being an example.

Of course, there's no reason for him not to adopt both approaches, but by the transitive property of the internet, mine is better because.

Yes, but it is almost impossible (certainly it is more effort than any impostor would put forward) to get an exactly identical trip. And as there has already been an impostor in the past...

Anyone can use a tripcode, but it takes time and effort to crack a specific one.

It essentially IS impossible to crack one, if it's a secure trip. Secure trips differ from site to site because of a server-side stored value, and you'd have to first crack that value, THEN the trip.

File: 124615937674.jpg-(260.39KB, 800x600, Ilya.jpg)
You check the fridge. With Caster, Saber, and Rin here you've run low on food. Shopping sounds like a good idea. You can make an excellent breakfast to surprise your guests. It will do everyone some good.

It takes you ten minutes to walk to the familiar street where you buy groceries. While you're in the store you notice two unusual women dressed like maids. You pick out several various candies and treats. With so many women in the house it's a good idea to have some sweets.

As you exit the store you notice a girl in purple staring at you. You study her unusual western appearance as she approaches you.

"Hello onii-chan."

"Hello" you say, unsure what to say back to this young girl. Should she be wandering around by herself?

"You're wandering around without your servant onii-chan?"

Your mind freezes for a moment. Without your servant? She couldn't possibly mean Caster. There's no way this little girl could know about that.

"You're Caster's master, so where's Caster" she asks you after seeing the look on your face, confirming your worst fear.

"How do you know about that?"

"Because I'm Berserker's master onii-chan! Don't worry, he's sleeping right now so I won't kill you. I'm Ilyasviel von Einzbern, and you're Emiya Shirou right? You can call me Ilya" she smiles innocently.

You're stunned. This innocent looking little girl is a master. She giggles as she looks amused by your expression.

"I'm going to the park to play. Do you want to come with me onii-chan?"

You're stunned by these revelations. Who knows what else she knows or is capable of. You...

Decline and head home with the groceries.
Accept and spend a little time with her.


I said I wouldn't post until Sunday, but I said screw it and wrote one to let you know I'm still writing.

[x] Accept and spend a little time with her.

Because Ilya.

Go to the park. Since we've had an Ilya encounter, we might as well raise some points.

☒ Accept and spend a little time with her.

Go to the park, Ilya didn't kill us or try to take us home....yet. so it is a good idea to get more points with Ilya.

you never know how much you like the 4chan addon until you don't have it huh?

Hm. Ilya didn't try to kill us but... she could just as easily do her Care Bear Stare of Paralysis when she's tired of playing.

Let's get back home to the harem.

Accept and spend a little time with her.
Here's hoping we have a "Use Command Spell" option of the worst happens.

This got me thinking... Can't we get Caster to break our contract and reform it over and over for infinitely replenishing command spells?

File: 124616988915.jpg-(70.64KB, 566x800, 1239786891749.jpg)
If that was possible, Masters who used up their Command Seals could just reform contracts with the Servants they just had. There's probably some Nasuverse rule that says you can't do that.

[x] Go with Ilya

Whats the worst that could happen?

I mean, besides a horrible death.


Incoming inevitable Caster/Saber save you from the castle.

[x] Accept and spend a little time with her.


Bad case scenario is she takes you home, and Rin and co will have to come save you. Otherwise it's a friendly chat with your imouto (sorta).

File: 124622092590.jpg-(74.51KB, 453x600, Ilya1.jpg)
What could spending a little time with Ilya hurt? Its broad daylight in a populated area, neither of you have your servants, and she looks innocent enough.

She smiles as you head to the park. When you arrive she sits on a swing and motions for you to push her. When you get behind her and gently help her get started on the swing, she smiles and looks happy. After several minutes she starts to talk.

"I'm glad you came onii-chan. I wanted to meet you before I had to kill you" she smiles as she says this with her child like innocence.

You're shocked by her words. How could this little girl be so callous?

"Why do you want to kill me?"

"Because onii-chan you're a master, and I'm after the Emiya family for Kiritsugu's betrayal. I'm going to kill him too."

Her words cause your blood to freeze. Betrayal? What betrayal? What could your adoptive father possibly have done to warrant such a thing, let alone you?

"But why do you want to kill masters? All you have to do is defeat the servant do you not? Why would you want to harm people you don't have to?"

"I guess that's true onii-chan, but that wouldn't be any fun! The Einzberns want to make sure there's no way we can lose this time, so eliminating everyone is the simplest way to insure that."

Its cruel. You suddenly realize that the Einzberns have groomed this little girl to be a remorseless killer. It makes you angry. How could they do such a thing?

"But why do you want to kill Kiritsugu?"

"Because onii-chan, he's my father. He betrayed my mother and cost the Einzbern's the Grail in the 4th War. He's a bad person."

Shock. This whole conversation has been one shock after another. Her words make your head spin as thoughts race through your brain. Voices startle you out of those thoughts. Its the two oddly dressed women you saw at the store. They're calling Ilya's name.

"Sorry onii-chan, Sella and Leysritt are looking for me. Berserker will wake up soon too. Will you come back and talk to me tomorrow?"


Tell her you can't
Make no promise

Make no promise.

Also that's a bit too casual with the revelations.

Ilya's childlike like that. I'm pretty sure in FSN she was just dropping bombs on Shirou like that.

Not in Fate she wasn't.

Oh well. Lots of stuff is different.

True, it just seemed kind of... breezed over. Oh well, this is just a rough draft.


Its been awhile since I've read it now, so I don't remember every detail. In one of the routes didn't she just come out and say she wanted to kill him and Kiritsugu out of the blue while they were talking?

[X] Agree
We probably need to

Not so much, she did it a bit in HF.
You should save the Kiritsugu revelation for the next meeting, I say.

Make no promise

Making no promise is the best way to go.


Why the Ilya hate?

No hate, we just might have something better to do tomorrow then meet the devil loli.

☒ Agree

I can't see anything bad happening
Besides having your head chopped off and kept alive for constant suffering, I mean

Sounds fair. Make no promise.


Why wouldn't you? This way, she's kinda let you know she won't kill you YET. Getting more and more on her good side is good, so you'll get her on your side. And you can also find out more about Kirtisugu.

Tis this time close.


I'm at heart an Ilya fan, but I probably won't win this battle.

I'd like options, so I'm gonna say no promises.

No reason we can't bring Caster and/or Saber with us next time, eh?

I don't think Ilya would like that.

If we can do that, I'll go with agree. If we can't do that, then I'm going with making no promises.

I'll say 'agree'. Even if it leads to a Bad End, I'm curious to see what kind it leads to.

Make no promises. There's no reason to tell her yes or no.


It looks like 6-6 unless I'm blind. Someone make a good argument one way or another, going to order some dinner then write.

There's one guy that made a conditional vote.

Well, think about it like this.

If we show Ilya more affection, she'll be less likely to kill us. If she ends up growing fond of us, that's good for us, right?

Not meeting up Ilya can result in Ilya getting angry at us.

I don't think Caster, Archer, and Saber can completely bring down Beserker as Caster is currently weak without much energy, Saber draws from Caster and is therefore also weak, and Archer could only kill Beserker 5-6 times with his Reality Marble.

We're best off not getting Ilya mad until we can find a proper energy source for Caster.

Agreeing to meet tomorrow is in character for Shirou (he is never cautious and extremely overly trusting). Saying you won't meet tomorrow will obviously piss Illya off. And while Caster / Saber may not be up to par in handling Berserker right now (Saber probably is since she hasn't used Excalibur yet this round), that can always be remedied by mana transferring.
Seriously, if I were Shirou, my Servant's mana would be through the roof.

Agree, but bring Caster and Saber.

I was going by the idea that Caster's just fine. Although Shirou is not a strong magus, he's more of one then Kuzuki. True, she isn't sucking energy from the people of Fuyuki.
I may be wrong, but Saber's stats under Caster should be as good as under Rin. Is this too powerful for the FSN universe? I dunno. I don't remember exactly how it all worked when she had both Fake Assassin and Archer in UBW and could handle them both.

At the risk of giving anything away, just some food for thought as I ponder...Lets say we make Caster a little weaker then normal and Saber about as strong as she was with Shirou as a result. Even if Caster can't spam her powerful spells, she'd have her fuckawesome buffs, which she has already shown she can use on Shirou. Theoretically she could just cast the same spells she cast on Kuzuki on Saber to make up the difference.

But would those buffs increase Saber's regular attacks over A rank? Because if they don't, Beserker won't take any damage. And since Saber doesn't have that much energy, she can't beamspam either.

Yes. That said, agree has won, though some think that bringing the servants would be preferred. I agree, but it's far too intelligent for Shirou to do.

Also I'm 90% sure that Caster would want to molest Ilya.


If we go by being Saber being as strong as under Rin, I'm pretty sure that's enough to hurt Berserker. That's at least A rank, if not A+ isn't it?

Excalibur is definitely A+ rank. What I mean is her regular, Invisible Air. Like if Saber whacked Beserker with her sword.

There's no doubt Caster+Saber can find a way to harm Berserker, and take a few of his lives. The only question I'm asking myself is if they can currently create a sustainable offense to burn through ALL his lives. But enough banter, give me about 15 mins to think and write.

Sure thing, I'd rather have my route than argue and have no route.

The problem with a lot of what I'm seeing here is that Caster's not going to be as strong under Shirou as she was as Kuzuki's Servant, as odd as that sounds. The reason she was so strong in F/SN was because she had the Ryudou Temple as her lair, and was basically square in the middle of a huge flow of mana -- and she could take more from pretty much the entire town besides. Without a base in Ryudou, she's actually probably a fair bit weaker than we saw of her in-game. Which means yes, Saber is probably about as powerful as her Servant as she was with Shirou, if not a little weaker.

Which just means we need Shirou to use his projection to even the odds

Since Rin's on our side (ie. Not trying to kill us right now), Caster could ask to use her family's leyline. It'd help a bit, at least.

So... wasn't writebro going to post about an hour ago?

EKSUCALIBAH is A++ ranked and therefore should go right through God Hand. The rank of the NP determines its attack rank. Even Fate Shirou, who is useless, was able to cut through Berserker's arm with Caliburn. Hitting Berserker with Invisible Air, however, is futile since IA is making contact, not Excalibur. Saber would have to make her sword visible in order to fight.

Excalibur should take down more than half of Berserker's lives at once as it's a superior NP to Caliburn and the original copy of itself(ie. not projected). It's a ridiculously strong NP and it took out Rider's Pegasus, which had a dragon's level of defense, and cut through an entire city in FHA. Anywhere between 8-10 lives would not be unusual. It seems overpowered because it is overpowered.

Caster's rain of light should also knock off at least one life as it's equivalent to Rin's mass jewel attack if concentrated. The problem is that God Hand would probably gain immunity to it after the first death as the spell lacks the same degree of "mystery" as Saber's swords. Rin can follow up with an attack of her own. Even if the attacks aren't fatal, they are effective and should slow Berserker down. Caster also has a shield spell equal to God Hand according to Fuyuki Wiki, and that'd come in handy too. We can also Rulebreak Ilya when Berserker's occupied since her spells are easy to nullify with Caster.

Archer can just spam swords and Broken Phantasms and I see no reason why he shouldn't be able to pull a Gilgamesh on Berserker. At the very least, he can take off six lives like he did in Fate. Shirou/Archer can project Caliburn for Saber's use which takes off seven lives. Use Caliburn first as it's low-cost and follow up with an Excaliblast.

Our team is hugely overpowered. Three servants working together will steamroll anything, barring a few exceptions, and Berserker is too busy being Berserker to be able to do anything except smash people with his swordaxe. He doesn't stand a damn chance without Nine Lives to counter with.

Even Caster and Rin are removed from the equation due to lack of mana and vulnerability, there's more than enough firepower to take out Berserker.

tl;dr We're going to win. Losing would require a gigantic fuckup.

I can't believe I spent half an hour researching and typing this up.

> actually recognizing the fact that Caliburn is canonly stated to be inferior to EKSUCALLYBAH, and not treating Caliburn as some sort of ubersword that makes it look weak by comparison

...Anon, I think I love you.

People still aren't taking into account Caster's lack of mana, though. The way she is right now, she doesn't have bucketloads of mana to throw around the way she did in UBW route. She'll have to be a lot more conservative with her mana, and so will Saber by comparison. I think the best route is probably Unlimited Blade Works plus EKSUCALLYBAH.

Besides, one thing you have to remember is that Berserker serves the purpose of 'dangerous nigh-undefeatable foe' for the story. All thoughts of pure strategy and the like aside, he's probably not going to be defeated this early regardless of our team, so thinking about how overpowered we are now is kind of moot.

In addition, since Kotomine gave Shinji Gilgamesh, it's entirely possible (unlikely maybe...) for a True Assassin/Rider/Lancer/Gilgamesh/Kotomine/Sakura(?) team-up. I mean, Kotomine was all pro-life in Heaven's Feel and etc.

And that's not counting:

A: tactics
B: we're just getting started

actually Berserker serves as Worf, but we don't have the mana to sustain him so best not to fight anyway

File: 124625081462.jpg-(247.93KB, 600x852, CasterSaber.jpg)
You want to know more about this little girl and her connection to Kiritsugu. She says she wants to kill you, but she's been nothing but friendly so far.

"Alright, I'll stop by tomorrow."

Ilya looks happy with your decision.

"Alright see you tomorrow onii-chan." After walking a few steps away, turns back to you with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Be careful if you go out at night. That's when Berserker and I come out to play."

It takes you a few minutes to walk home with your groceries. When you arrive you get a bad feeling. You stop and look around, then shrug your shoulders. You're home now, what can possibly happen?

As you enter the house and take off your shoes you see Caster and Saber waiting for you. They're smiling, but there is an unsettling glint in their eyes. They approach you silently.

"Shirou where were you?" Caster asks.

"Yes Shirou, where did you go?" Saber smiles.

"Oh I went to the store to pick up some groceries."

They smile at each other and come closer and closer until you're pinned against the wall.

"THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE ONE OF US WITH YOU!" they scream in unison.

"Shirou, that was incredibly stupid! You could have been killed by another master or servant!" Caster lashes into you with her words. "If you die, Saber and myself will disappear from this world! In the future, please be more sensible. You are NOT to go out without one of us accompanying you. If you do, well then" she pauses to smile. "We'll have to punish you."

You gulp. Somehow that doesn't seem pleasant. Out of the corner of your eye you notice Rin watching, smirking as the two women lay into you.

"I'm sorry Caster, Saber it's daylight and I didn't think anyone would attack in broad daylight."

"Shirou, you may think others would be honorable or reluctant to leave witnesses, but with magic there are ways. Just don't do it again."

It is then they notice the bag of food and treats you picked up at the store. Saber's eyes light up.

"Shirou, what is in the bag?"

"Ingredients for breakfast. I wanted to cook something special for everyone."

Saber's stomach growls softly. "Well in that case, if you cook something really good, Caster and I may forgive you."

It's a bribe they want. You head to the kitchen and cook. Again you are amazed at the amount of food Saber can consume in a single sitting. Caster and Rin calmly drink tea as they have long since finished her meal, watching in amusement. At this rate you're going to have to go back to your part time job to afford the boarding costs. Despite that, seeing everyone happy at the breakfast table gives you a feeling of satisfaction. It feels right.

After breakfast Rin excuses herself to go back to her house. She claims to have plans to prepare. As she leaves she reaffirms the truce.

"I won't attack you as long as you don't attack me. Tell Caster I said thank you for the advice."

What will you do today after breakfast? You...

Lounge around and catch up on some TV.
Check up on Sakura.
Practice in the dojo.

Sorry, Writebro ate some bad Wendy's and just spent an hour on the toilet. My asshole feels like its on fire.

>Lounge around and catch up on some TV.
That's a little too laid-back for Shirou, I think.

>Check up on Sakura.
I think the chances of us getting Wormed again are higher than us getting Rider, so, no.

>Practice in the dojo.
That's probably what Shirou would do, so this. He hasn't had his ass handed to him by Saber enough yet.

I admit I lol'd, sorry bro.

Anyways, [X]Practice in the dojo.

Time to get those Saber points.

>In the future, please be more sensible. You are NOT to go out without one of us accompanying you. If you do, well then" she pauses to smile. "We'll have to punish you."

Yeah, but, as I said in:
Would Shirou, Caster, and Saber, in their current condition, be able to take on Gilgamesh, Rider, and True Assassin if it came down to that?

I'm not giving away what would happen if you chose that option. Just know you won't be going alone like the last bad end.

Practice in the dojo. This isn't Sakura Route so we don't have to worry about relationship points with her, and TV is too... un-Shiroulike. I suspect we won't meet up with Caster while in front of the TV, either.

Although, I could see her kicking Shirou off the TV so she could watch daytime J-Dramas

Let us try Sakura with servants. Rider hunting!

[X] Practice in the dojo.

I'm a Saberfag btw

I vote for Sakura. Worst case is a fun BAD END post and Gil-sama telling us what mongrels were are and how to fix our stupid shit.

Besides, this writefag doesn't seem like the type to have the same choice give us the same result at two different times.

[x] Lounge around and catch up on some TV.

Hopefully we'll get more Caster action, and maybe she'll teach us more magic.

Let's go with Sakura. We might be able to get Rider AND kill off all this Heaven's Feel that's encroaching on the fun. Which is to say that we'll brutally slaughter Zouken and.... well maybe we could keep True Assassin just for the sake of having him.

File: 124628676390.jpg-(124.20KB, 278x829, 04.jpg)
There's nothing wrong with a bit of Heaven's Feel... Like a bad-ass fight at the end of the route.

Fight for Caster's honor!

It's not in character for Shirou to accept someone with a nature like True Assassin.

Bah, any scene that doesn't involve Ilya or Kotomine is rather uninteresting. On the other hand the Kotomine scenes in HF are some of the best scenes in the game. UBW is still the superior route though.

Practice in the Dojo

Sakura is a slut and does not deserve any love.

>Lounge around and watch some TV
Even though I love Saber, the whole point is that it's a Caster route, right?
And even if we don't meet Caster doing that, I just wanna see OP write a post about Shirou watching television.
Also, Rin left :(

Writebro mentioned that he could see her kicking Shirou off so she can watch soaps.

That said, I vote Sakura.

I vote practice in the dojo, Shirou needs some practice before he can ever even think about surviving in Sakura's house.

This isn't a Saukra route, so we don't need to visit her. Plus, high chance of meeting Grandpa Zouken.

The most Shirou-like thing would be go practice in the dojo. And that's for Saber points.

But...I'm gonna go with TV. Shirou will most likely watch news, so he can hear the latest what's going on, and most likely hear about a Rider attack or even Ayako in the dumpster again.

Be a man

Watch TV

Go to Sakura's house, we might get Rider, and TA and Zouken are no match for us. There's a SLIM chance Gil will be there, but I'm thinking that Gil and Shinji are probably running around and victimizing people right now.

Lounge around and watch tv.
I'd love it if Caster wanted to watch some soap or something

If we go to Sakura's house after Caster and Saber laying into us will we end up taking one, or both of them with us to her house?

....No, I'm forgetting about True Assassin. even if we could take on Rider and True Assassin without Gilgamesh being there we are in severe danger ourselves, we are facing a Assassin servant class after all.

I guess dojo? tv could be Caster or just some useless thing but dojo would always be Saber.

Rider probably won't fight us since she's back with Sakura.

I vote Sakura.

Yeah but that doesn't really change that True Assassin is there, right now he is one of the most dangerous to us even though with Saber and Caster we pretty much win against any servant but Gilgamesh and perhaps Berserker, True Assassin is still one of the most threatening as all it takes to beat us is to kill Shirou, and that is what a Assassin does best.

if we can just face True Assassin alone we should win as Caster could protect Shirou against any attempts to kill him while Saber defeats True Assassin, but if both the servants are fighting and Shirou doesn't know projection yet then that is most likely gonna be a dead end.

In the unlikely event that it IS a dead end we just reset and go with television. If it isn't a dead end there's a fair chance we can recruit Rider.

O Writebro, Writebro, wherefore art thou, Writebro?
Deny thy work and refuse thy job
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my updates
And I'll no longer be F5ing this thread

File: 124631087461.jpg-(87.65KB, 560x732, CasterSaber1.jpg)
You decide to practice in the dojo. Continuing with your daily routine seems like a good idea in face of all of the changes the last few days. You stretch for a bit before starting your exercises. Soon you're alerted to a presence.

As you look over you see Caster and Saber watching you work out.

"Care to practice with me a bit Shirou?" asks Saber.

You nod your head and watch as she grabs a shinai and sets into her stance. You do better this time as you manage to avoid her first strike with a quick parry. Before you can react to her next strike her shinai is at your neck. At least you managed to block one. It's an improvement from yesterday.

"We have a long ways to go Shirou" Saber says as she starts over. Caster watches you with a smile for some time before heading back to the house, leaving the two of you alone.

Practice continues for hours. Saber's teaching is paying off. She shows you how to move your body, how to block, and different sword moves. Each time she beats you she tells you how you were open to her attack and makes you practice defending. Soon you start a conversation.

"No wonder you're named Saber. You're so good at this" you state the obvious.

She smiles a little at your compliment before attacking again. Then it hits you.

"Saber, whats your name? I know Caster is Medea but I just remembered I don't know which Heroic Spirit you are."

"Perhaps it's better if you don't know. That way no one can force you into telling them my name and reveal my secrets" she frowns and looks away. For some reason you suspect there is more to it then that.

"What do you mean Saber?"

"Each Servant has their own specialties and secrets from their past life Shirou. You've seen Caster's Rule Breaker. To gain knowledge of a Servant's identity gives you clues as to how to beat them."

"Does Caster know your identity Saber?"

"Yes" she looks away, not wanting to hurt your feelings. "However, it would be extremely difficult for someone to get that information out of her if she doesn't wish to relinquish it. It would be easier for them to target you."

You think about her words. Saber is worried about you being vulnerable. You have an idea.

"What if I get stronger? Will you tell me your name then?"

Saber ponders for a moment. "Shirou, when you can land a hit on me I will tell you my name."

She's obviously trying to motivate you. Your determination fuels your training. By the time you call it a day you haven't managed a hit, but you've learned a great deal. Sometimes you can even make her take half a dozen moves to beat you.

Afterwards you cook an excellent meal and share some time with Caster and Saber. Both of them are amazed at the treats you've bought.

"There's nothing like this from where I came from" Caster says. "It's heavenly."

Saber agrees as she takes another piece of chocolate. You wait until it becomes dark outside and most of the city is empty. You...

Go out and search the city.
Go to the shed.

Go out and search the city with Caster and Saber. Maybe we'll meet Lancer or Rider. HAHAHAHA yeah right. There's a Berserker fight to be had.

Yes its me, just forgot the trip

By the way, the hardest part of actually writing one of these isn't battle or eroscenes. Those are actually easy. It's writing the everyday life stuff without making it boring as shit.

Well you're doing a good job at it so far.

I vote shed.

We're Shirou, we have to do dangerous things at some point. Let's take Caster and Saber out for a midnight stroll.

Well if Shirou learned something incredible from Caster in the shed then he'll be more useful in battle.

But I digress, let's have an adventurous stroll tonight.

Go to the shed.

We need Caster to teach us some magic. Maybe we can actually learn about projection this time. Since you know, Shirou isn't going to know about projection from those few words Archer gave him.

This seems like a good time to ignore Ilya's advice, Go out and search the city.

I like that little part about if he could land a hit on her she will tell him her name.

I have the strangest feeling that if we go out we will face Berserker, whether that is good or bad I don't know yet. with Saber having a good amount of mana now we may be able to beat Berserker but do we want to chance Saber's identity and that we have two servants to be revealed yet? most other masters and servants only know we have Caster.

If we go to the shed we would likely meet with Caster, the sooner Shirou learns projection the better..

Hm... for some reason I want to vote go out and search the city, who knows what may happen.

File: 124631730236.jpg-(115.60KB, 1280x720, 1238553737401.jpg)
>>>Implying we'd prefer to kill Berserker over capture.

shed motherfucker

Let's go for a walk. In the moonlight.

Well the thing is.... even with Caster we will not have enough to have Berserker as a servant, even with a magus created to be that monsters master if she let him go he would eat through her mana pretty quickly.

Berserker is asleep most the time, I'd guess it is to keep him from using too much mana. with Shirou as a master and with no leyline I don't think even Caster would be able to make use of Berserker.

then there is the thing about him protecting Ilya, even when he was Dark Berserker he stopped his swing so he could protect Ilya. if we want Berserker we would likely need Ilya, if we have Ilya then it would make sense for her to be Berserker's master so that Caster and Saber could both still be effective.. but then there is the thing of getting Ilya to cooperate with us even still being a master.

the best outcome is if we get Ilya to be the fate Ilya she was after Berserker was defeated... but do so without defeating Berserker. but how can we manage to do that?

1. Sneak into the shed
2. Fap to memories of Caster
3. ????


File: 124632071326.jpg-(440.90KB, 818x1200, 23.jpg)
I have an idea, though there are some problems with it.


Let's go out into the city. We haven't met Lancer yet (though Berserker has a higher encounter rate), and Rider might still be running around.

Going out is MOST definitely Illya encounter, and she will fuckin kill you.

Go to the shed. Perhaps now we can FINALLY get some magic lessons.

File: 124632111235.jpg-(228.24KB, 496x700, 1238622492535.jpg)
We've gotten a bit of melee training, now for the magic training. Out to the shed with us!

Nyet! We wasted the afternoon on training. We have a city to derp around in.

We more than outmatch Berserker on paper. Let's hit the town.

[X] Go to the shed.

Shirou doesn't really have much motivation to go scouting in the city at this point. If there was a shadow running around like in HF or if someone at the temple was draining people of energy, sure, but as is I don't think he has a reason to take the offensive. Shirou is much less likely to actually seek out masters to attack unless he has a very good reason.

Go to shed.

It's about time we make a thread about this back in 4chan for the fans that got left behind.

I say we do it tomorrow afternoon so they can join the voting process.

Everytime Writebro shows up (speaking of which, where'd he go?) an ad thread gets posts on /jp/ by one or more of us.

Janitor would delete it in a matter of minutes. Your better off making a Caster dump thread with subliminal advertising.

I vote we go to the shed. Caster time is nao.


This looks like its split so far. Does this mean author's choice?!?! *ponders*
Sorry for the slow replies, I never did make it to work today, and I'm never eating at Wendy's again.

I wonder how many unique posters are actually following this. Hopefully it isn't just like 5 people

I wonder that myself

File: 124636665038.jpg-(120.49KB, 278x829, 12.jpg)
I've posted a couple of times, but I'm not samefagging it up here. I generally only post once per decision, only sometimes with a Caster pic.

Castko is so cute ; ;

[x] shed.

Shed is winning out barely. I'll give it a bit before I start for the day.

+1 for shed.
More Caster is always a good thing.

That's what Shirou would do too I think, and we need Caster's assistance to familiarize with projection.


Shirou is already going to be meeting Ilya tomorrow so no real reason to seek her out at night unless Shirou wants to attack her, which I doubt that, or try and prevent Rin and Ilya from attacking each other, which could be possible though Rin and Archer will probably be able to detect Berserker long before they get attacked.

What day is it in the route? Shirou should be getting kind of suspicious about Sakura's condition since she didn't contact him today.

File: 124640285984.jpg-(274.22KB, 800x600, Caster9.jpg)
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I'll have to save the epic fight scenes for another time then. I understand you all just want to see Shirou get laid by Caster again. Shed wins out!

You decide to head to the shed. A little practice won't hurt. Thanks to Caster's words you've made slight progress. However briefly, you managed to tap into your magic without inserting a completely new circuit. You grab and old broken clock and sit down. Relaxing to clear your mind you then start focusing on the item to practice reinforcement.

"Trace on"

You can see the lines inside the clock, and single out the weaker ones. Slowly you let your magic flow from your hand into the item. You don't wish to force it and break the item like last time. When you've felt you've strengthened the item enough you open your eyes. The clock doesn't appear any different on the outside. You pick it up and smack it against the floor. It's like hitting the ground with a rock. The clock remains completely intact. Success! For the first time in awhile you are completely successful at reinforcement.

You look for another object to reinforce to see if you can repeat the process. While looking, you remember Archer's words. "if you can't defeat something, then imagine what can."

Imagining what can. "Projection is the next step up from reinforcement" he said. To create something out of nothing, that is projection. It's more difficult and inefficient compared to reinforcement which uses an already existing object. Why not try it?

"Trace on."

You think of an object to create. You picture Archer and his twin swords. Their memory is still fresh from yesterday. You see their shape, their size, the small details in the hilt and blade. You concentrate on making those two swords. You feel your magic flowing from you. When you open your eyes, you see a replica of Archer's weapons. Its not perfect. You can see slight physical imperfections. As you admire your work, the blades suddenly shatter and fade from existance.

"That was very good Shirou" Caster's voice is head behind you, startling you. "You managed to reinforce both the clock and project a pair of weapons." Caster smiles as she walks towards you. "Can you guess why they broke so easily?"

"Does it have something to do with my memory of the weapons Caster?"

"Close, very close. Tell me, what did you think of when you projected them?"

"I pictured their shape, size, the physical details."

"Nothing else?"

"No" you answer honestly. Honestly all you thought of was the physical characteristics.

"Shirou, it isn't that your memory of the object was 'wrong', it is that the memory of your object is incomplete. There is more to an item than just the properties you can see with the naked eye. Tell me a little bit about this 'Trace On' magic."

"It lets me analyze an object. I usually use it to see inside broken objects and reinforce the broken parts to make them work again."

"Try to go a step beyond that" Caster says, pulling out her Rule Breaker and holding it in front of you. "I have a theory about your abilities, so try this. Don't just analyze the physical attributes, look deeper and try to analyze the methods and properties behind the item. Try it on my Rule Breaker, see if you can make a better reproduction then those swords you made earlier."

You nod your head and focus on Caster's blade.

"Trace On."

You slowly see the details start to emerge. Not just the peculiar shape, but other small parts that make up the whole. To take in all of the physical characteristics and look deeper. How it was made. The magic behind its creation. The weapons purpose. Slowly but surely a copy of Caster's Noble Phantasm appears in your hand.

"Very good Shirou" Caster says as she takes it from her hand and examines it. "There's still a few slight physical imperfections, but it's empowered with a touch of magic too. Not enough to be effective, but it's a start."

"Thank you Caster. You're a great help. I don't know if I would have figured that out on my own" you smile at her.

"It's Medea. When we're alone I'd like for you to call me by my real name" she smiles back.

"Alright then Medea. Thank you."

"We still have a little time Shirou, let's practice it a few more times before we go to bed."

You nod your head and the two of you continue the lesson. After a few more attempts and explanations from Caster you decide to call it a night.

Play the music for max enjoyment.

Caster checks the room. She sees Shirou sleeping peacefully. She smiles softly before heading out into the city. She walks for a long time, until she's on the other side of Fuyuki. She pulls her hood tighter to protect her from the cold and thinks to herself in the calm night. Her mind is badly conflicted.

"He's nothing like Jason. Why did he have to be so kind and innocent? Why did he have to take such care of me, risk himself for me, and ask nothing in return? If he knew what I was about to do, would he hate me?"

Caster is lost in thought as she stops outside of a factory. Inside is a few dozen workers on the late night shift. She continues to talk quietly to herself.

"I know it's wrong and I don't want him to hate me, but I need more mana if we're going to win. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I found a place that I feel happy. I can't let anything ruin that. I have to do what's necessary, for me, and to protect him. Shirou provides me with some mana so I'll just take a bit, not enough to cause damage, but enough to get me to get me to full strength."

Caster starts to cast her spell. Inside, the men start to feel weak, and slowly collapse. As she absorbs their prana and her senses heighten, she becomes aware of a presence behind her.

"I see. So you're absorbing energy from them to boost your powers Caster" a man in blue says as he steps forward, holding a red spear.

"Lancer" she hisses, throwing up a magical shield just in time to block one of his swings.

"What do you say we play for a bit?"

--End Intermission--

You awaken with a start, covered in sweat. Something's wrong with Caster, you can feel it.

"Caster!" you call out.

Saber runs into the room dressed in her battle attire, sword drawn.

"Saber, where's Caster?"

"I don't know, she was here a bit ago."

It hits you. She's not here in the house. Your heart rate picks up. She must be out in the town. This feeling, is she fighting?

"Saber, we have to go, Caster is out in the city fighting."

Her eyes go wide as you race to the door and put on your shoes before running as fast as you can towards the city. Saber matches your speed, and grabs you, picking up speed as she holds you like a child.

Time slows to a crawl as you wonder how she's fairing in battle. It seems like an eternity, but with Saber's speed it only takes a few minutes to cover the ground it would take you twenty minutes to traverse.

"I can feel her, we're getting closer Shirou" Saber says as she speeds into the other section of Fuyuki.

As you come out from around the corner of a factory, you see it. A man in blue with a spear fighting with Caster. She's floating a dozen feet in the air firing blasts of magic as her opponent avoids them makes jumps to try and stab her with his spear.

"Lancer" Saber says and puts you down, drawing her weapon and charging. You watch in awe as the blade is invisible, a fast moving current of air surrounding it. She closes the distance quickly. Lancer senses her and shifts his attention to the greater threat. He parries her strike and jumps back into position with amazing speed.

"Saber" he says with a smirk. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Lancer, you cannot win. I will defeat you here."

"Is that so? It looks like its two against one." the man known as Lancer steps into position, his features becoming beastial with blood lust. "This should be an entertaining fight!"

Lancer charges at Saber. He closes the distance quickly, and slashes at her. Caster is not doing anything, and you realize why. At the range they're at, she risks Saber getting hit with her magic. She watches intently, before starting to cast a spell.

Lancer makes a move on Saber, swinging his spear at her midsection. She returns with a cut aimed at decapitating him, and then she realizes her mistake. It was just a feign. Lancer darts around her and goes for his true objective Caster, who has no such weapon with which to defend herself. You start to run towards them. Just before Lancer can take a stab at Caster, Saber jumps and makes a swinging cut at his back, forcing him to twist his body and parry her attack.

The two clash hard, the force sending them a dozen meters apart as they push off one another. Lancer smiles. It's perfect range for his spear. His weapon glows red as he holds it for a throw.

"GAE BOLG!" he shouts as he tosses his spear at Saber. It's like a streak of light as it soars at her with amazing speed. Her eyes widen as she tries to block and sidestep the projectile. It's not enough. Lancer's spear buries itself in her chest. Saber uses her weapon to support herself as she pulls the spear from her chest with one hand and flings it away. She coughs up some blood.

"Damn, I missed? I can't believe it" he smiles. "I'll just have to throw it again until it pierces your heart."

"It's going to take more then that Cu Chulainn" Saber says bravely, readying her stance. You can tell she's in pain.

"Tchh, so you figured out who I am. Now I really do have to kill you."

Lancer taking the time to talk is nearly a fatal mistake as Caster chooses to unleash a devastating blast at him. His body manages to evade the main brunt of the explosion, instead of hitting him dead on it hits his arm. When the smoke clears you can see it looks badly mangled.

"I got careless" he grunts, making an amazing leap to pick up his spear. "I don't think I want to take on the two of you with one arm. We'll finish this another time."

Lancer quickly retreats. Both you and Caster go to Saber's side.

"For you to avoid Gae Bolg like that Saber, that was truly something" Caster nods. "Lets get home and take care of your wound."

Saber nods and stumbles as you walk. You walk up to her and put her arm around your shoulder to support her.

"Thank you Shirou. Normally this would be healed already, but his spear has some sort of effect."

"At least we know the identity of Lancer. His wound is at least as severe as yours, and he'll need a day or more to fully heal that arm."

The three of you walk along towards your house. It's a good thing its late, as the outfits of Caster and Saber really stick out. When you arrive Caster tends to Saber while you wait in the other room. When she returns a few minutes later you look to her for Saber's condition.

"She should be fine by morning. I'm able to provide her the mana she needs to heal the wound. It's a difficult one to heal, but not for the two of us. It's late, you should get to bed."

"Alright. Caster, what were you doing on the other side of town?"

Her eyes go wide at your question. It seems she hoped you'd forget about it.

"I thought I felt something strange. I went to investigate. If anything had gone wrong I could have used a command seal to summon Saber. We can talk about it tomorrow if you like. Right now its important you rest."

You nod and go to sleep. When you wake up, you cook breakfast for the three of you. Thankfully Saber is just about fully healed. Afterwards, you remember you promised you'd meet Ilya in the shopping district. You...

Blow her off and practice.
Take Caster and Saber shopping and then meet her.

Damn, that was a long update. That's more detailed then before, and showing you the possibilities of this project. I skimmed some stuff, but thats pretty much the way it would go, only with more detail.


Very satisfying update this time Writebro.

We practiced enough yesterday already, take Caster and Saber to meet Ilya.
Hopefully it won't end in bloodshed though.
(Albeit if there's an option to leave them alone at home, I vote on that, Ilya used to charm after the second arranged meeting, not after the first, so I think she wouldn't try it this time)


Also, is that even a choice? Take 'em shopping and go meet with her obviously.

Meet Ilya, preferably alone. Ilya was nice enough not to threaten you with Berserker the previous day, Shirou should return the favor.

Go shopping, then meet with Ilya.

> You are NOT to go out without one of us accompanying you. If you do, well then" she pauses to smile. "We'll have to punish you."

I don't think even Shirou is dumb enough to piss them off AGAIN.

Practice is boring, let's go shopping! Oh, and meet the demon loli.


That's pretty much all he ever does.
I'd vote for going alone, but if there's no other choice then
Take Caster and Saber shopping and then meet her

Let's go shopping with Caster and Saber, then we can go meet Ilya.

Sorry, Writebro, but I'm calling bullshit on the powerlevels.

Death Flight Gae Bolg pierced through six layers of Rho Aias, each layer being equal to a fortress wall in addition to having the attribute of being impenetrable to spears. It also happens to explode after impact, so missing the heart doesn't really matter. Saber should be dead.

[x] Take Caster and Saber shopping and then meet her.


Because it killed Saber when they fought at Shirou's house, right?

Because it was thrown at Saber when they fought at Shirou's house, right?

Death Flight Gae Bolg is very different from Death Thorns Gae Bolg.

Things like that can easily be changed if its that big a deal. If not, lol magic.

Shopping, Ilya.

Go meet with Ilya of course.

...though taking Caster and Saber isn't really a good idea, breaking your promise with Ilya is even worse.

I'll go back and change it so that he uses the reverse causality bullshit then.

Let's meet Ilya, but bring along Caster and Saber. We don't want the Care Bear of Death to rape us after all.

Take Caster and Saber shopping and then meet her.

You gotta keep your promise with the master of the most powerful servant. Barring Gil of course.

[X] Take Caster and Saber shopping and then meet her.

Writefag needs a little help with daily life scenes you'd like to see. The battles and ero is no problem. Anything in particular you'd like to see that's in character?

Cosplay shop scene where Caster forces Saber into a bunch of different outfits and Shirou just kind of stares.

File: 124641463441.jpg-(99.04KB, 850x598, CasterSaber2.jpg)
This kind of Cosplay?

I wonder how many more days this route is going to take to finish.

If you want short non descript posts, a day or two. If you want long ones like the last one, maybe 2 weeks? I lost count, but we're only on day 6 I think, and shit's gonna heat up fast.

Shopping with Caster and meeting Ilya! ...oh, and I guess that blonde chick can come too.

Something with Caster and Shirou on some sort of date would be funny. Maybe taking Caster to see her first movie, or to the boardwalk/carnival. Or Shirou trying to teach Caster something like archery or cooking.

I was thinking of "cute" more than bondage, but whatever you think you can make funnier.

Don't the VN routes usually last like 14-16 in-game days total?

Maybe once they get to know each other a lot better. Otherwise, just cute cosplay like the other anon said.

Also, shopping date with Caster and Saber. Maybe Ilya will get sick or something and not show up (I could only hope.)

If you put Taiga and Sakura together with Shirou, Rin, Caster, and Saber, the scenes should practically write themselves.

Also, mealtime.

>Hoping Ilya gets sick
> :(

Remember there's HF elements. You know Ilya might* be important

*I haven't honestly decided yet.

Someone's gonna correct me but I think FSN routes run from like 2/2 to 2/14 or 2/15

But Taiga is in the hospital and Sakura is being wormslut at the moment.

I could play up the expectations of an older woman I guess, since Medea was royalty, married to a hero, and had children of her own when she was alive.

Well then basically you're locked into the HF-esque scenario of not very much cute.

Unless you're looking for a few scattered scenes ala Rider not wanting to be tall etc.

I just had an amazing idea. Don't know if I'll finish another update tonight though.

The way I see it, we can murder Zouken and TA fairly easily pretty soon. As for Sakura, we'll think of something (though as with all non-Kotomine or Rider HF elements I suggest termination).

I like Kotomine FAR too much not for him to play a role in this story.

File: 12464161006.jpg-(79.47KB, 650x527, 1236612554218.jpg)
I'm one of those fags who doesn't like Ilya so much, sorry for the facetiousness.

Zouken isn't easy to kill, and we may not even find Assassin if we go looking for him. He's pretty good at hiding, and they don't need a permanent base.

It really hinges on exactly what Sakura and Kotomine are doing at the moment.

As do I.

Inb4 Shirou goes out with Caster and Saber and sees Dark Sakura and Rider fighting Shinji and Gilgamesh, where they go to help only to have TA sneak up and stab Shirou.

UBWesque route w/ Servant collection is the ideal.

I can't let you have Rider in this route
That's what the secret Rider route is for

I'm just thinking that even if we think we have a very strong assortment of servants at the moment, we shouldn't underestimate our enemies. Assassin can still easily kill Shirou if we get reckless (unlikely that even Avalon can reverse the effects of Assassin's Noble Phantasm), and Gilgamesh has proven that he can rather easily dispatch Caster at any rate, while being practically impossible for Saber to defeat in her current state.

Well yeah, but that means our collection remains incomplete!

Wait, in that route would we still get Caster, she just would be the focus? Maybe Fake Assassin too?

As long as it doesn't involve Saber Alter/Dark Saber I'm for it.

File: 124641716314.png-(196.83KB, 999x1400, 07.png)
I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Caster of all people can conserve mana with Saber. After all, she's one of the ones that can put her in power save form!

Just to clear up some minor details.
1) Caster and Saber know who each other are and what their abilities are. Was kind of done offscreen but hinted at a few times.
2) Caster and Saber know about Avalon inside Shirou. Remember when Caster used her magic on Shirou and left in a hurry, and that little intermission a ways back when they talked about why he healed so fast?
3) Caster just started draining energy from people. Combined with Shirou's supply she's at full power at least for now.

I'd prefer a Caster route without a huge harem. Saber is fine enough as it is. Also I'm hoping for some sorta good end for Archer, where he doesn't hate Shirou.

I haven't played HF yet mainly because I'm too lazy to download it, but I assume we can get a similar Shirou abandoning hero shit to keep a happy life with Caster.

Goddam writing this out makes me feel like a faggot

Rin is a given in any route though.

The question is, are we a bad enough dude to become a part of Rin's harem?

Become part of HER harem? Pff. We're a tightly-packed ball of GAR just waiting to explode. We'll have Rin hanging off our leg like a chick and a barbarian on a cheesy fantasy novel.

Sorry, I'm not seeing it.

I think currently Rin is more GAR than Shirou. Also, it's best not to underestimate her.

I have eight words for you.

"King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?"

Alright, actually now that I think about it, I realize that example is really unclear about what I'm trying to say.

Yeah, Shirou starts off as lame and not-gar. Every route is the same. But by the end of every route, he mans up and becomes awesome - UBW in particular made Shirou into a badass.

So by the time this route's over, I fully expect Shirou to be walking awesome.

File: 124645600687.jpg-(130.29KB, 476x680, 1238029168848.jpg)
B-but... Aww. (You could off Saber and let us get Rider instead sometime near the end...! But that's too HF-ish, I suppose)

As for the cosplay idea, it'd be amusing if Caster dressed Saber up as (or Caster/Shirou were able to alter (hahah) Saber's personality sufficiently enough for her to dress up as) Saber Lily.

Shirou was always GAR. Jeez, he manages to hold off Lancer with a rolled up poster long enough to accidentally summon Saber.

What HF did to Saber is part of what made me hate that route.

You mean how he abandoned his ideals to save one cock loving worm whore?


Oh sorry, I though you said Shirou, my dyslexia is getting to me again.

Oh so you DO hate it WriteBro. I thought I was the only one in the thread that did. ...Well I'll admit that my main gripe with it is also offing Saber, but there's also the immense amount of Worf Effect getting tossed around with relation to the shadow (say for example offing Lancer and Gil like that) or True Assassin (eating his much cooler fake counterpart).

Scans fucking where?

I actually like Hassan. He's good at what he does, being an assassin. He definately has his uses, they just aren't straight combat.

Yes, but EVERY servant is good at what they do, Hassan is the only one isn't also an interesting character (well, Berserker might also be an exception, but he's got the whole loyalty thing going for him).

That's because he's only in 1 route and even then the only time he gets any real screentime is beating up Shirou and fighting Kotomine.

File: 124647118357.png-(178.16KB, 985x1400, lovelydays_001eng.png)
Why I think Rin would make a good assistant for Caster.

Since we're talking routes now (which is my fault, so I'm gonna own up), I'll go ahead and admit I'm only playing through Heaven's Feel now (I'm near the end, just saw NINE LIVES BLADE WORKS, shit was so cash).

Heaven's Feel has a few awesome moments, but unless the next day of the game redeems it somehow, it's going to be my least favorite route of the three. The only thing I really like about it is all the Rider, and having Kotomine finally get a moment of awesomeness. It's too GRIMDARK for my tastes otherwise. UBW is still my favorite route for many reasons, but Fate is a very close second favorite because I am a romanticfag and an escapistfag, and very often have a thing for the 'main female protagonist'. Saber's as close to that as F/SN gets.

HF will be a distant third at this rate. :/

Right there with you. HF is very much the love it or hate it route of the game. There's a few scenes of it (plus the roles Kotomine, Rider, and Ilya) that are almost universally considered awesome (Sparks Liner High, Mind of Steel, and Nine Bullet Revolver for example), but everything else about it is hotly debated. It's pretty much a fandom war between UBW and HF as two which is the best route.

Sparks Liner High, True Assassin vs Kotomine, Nine Bullet Revolver, and the last fight are the only high points of HF. Everything else is pure shit.

What about Mind of Steel?

I like Mind of Steel, but it would be so much more effective if it was Shirou who decided to stab Sakura.

So... how about that update?

I'll try, but shit's pretty busy here today and probably again tomorrow. People want their loans to close before the 4th.

i actually liked the fate route best since that's the only one saber got saved in.

That's UBW, where she stays with Rin in the good end.

Been playing a little more.

Holy shit, Sparks Liner High.

Enjoy the last good ending of the game.


That's not really UBW, though, since you never really find out what Saber's story is about, and she just ends up killing her wish for the sake of everybody, instead of accepting her life and all that stuff that happened in Fate. So I assume even though she's still around, she still carries all the burdens she did before.

Alive with a burden vs. letting go of the burden and going back in time to die after finding someone she loves. That's a tough call.

I am working on the next update guys, but I'm actually doing stuff where I have to concentrate on the task at hand. Will try to get it out soon.

Part of the reason she sticks around is to find out why her "path" was wrong, as Archer told her it was and so Saber figures that Shirou might eventually be able to tell her why one day.

I almost hate to say this, but I found the final fight between Shirou and Kotomine in HF significantly less awesome than Kotomine vs. Assassin or Fate Shirou vs. Kotomine (with Realta Nua added scenes).

Actually, I felt like a lot of the fights in HF (bad ends excluded) were held back because of the shitty limitation they placed on Shirou with Archer's arm.

Finally finished HF. Man, that was a grimdark damn route, but I think the true ending may actually be the least bittersweet and most hopeful of the three routes.

Resist the urge to be a HF loving fag. Real men choose UBW or Fate.

Oh, trust me, UBW's still my favorite route. A hopeful, happy ending doesn't excuse a depressing, grim route. matter how much Rider the ending contains...


HF Normal End is best HF end because Sakura ends up sad. You should watch it just to see Sakura never find the man she loves again.

>>>Implying that anything in Heaven's Feel whatsoever is less bittersweet than the UBW Good End. Which isn't bittersweet at all.

Get all the Taiga Dojos and endings, see awesome bonus scene. Also if you have the latest Realta Nua patch installed you'll be able to watch the Lost Episode if you see all regular endings.

She is heavily implied to be burden free in the Good End, and even in the True End faces things like she did in Fate.

The UBW "Good End" was really, really forced, to be honest. Same reason I didn't like Arcueid's Good End in Tsukihime. Sure, it was what I wished could happen, but it just seemed too... it didn't fit. It would've taken a lot more story work to make it fit.

Out of Continuation of the Dream, Brilliant Years, and Return to the Spring, RttS is the least bittersweet end, I think.

I don't have this. The version I have is, AFAIK, regular F/SN translated, just with the voices from Realta Nua hacked in. Tell me more?


Adds in extra CGs from RN (though currently only to three fights in HF) which greatly up the GARness, and the latest version adds in a translated Last Episode (which is pretty much a Saber Good end).

Goddamnit, remembering all this makes me rage all over again that Saber didn't have a real good end until RN came out.

Being part of Rin's Harem isn't a good end?

Also Last Episode still has a bittersweet taste too it. Not NEARLY as much as Continuation of the Dream or Brilliant Years though.

Will this work on the version I have?

so if i want to edit/hack fate, what do i do? i'm still interested, but starting at zero here. but i love fate and want to mess around with it. i just need somewhere to start and get going from there.

also re: UBW, i only got the true end, not the good end, but i didnt see anything to imply that she had come to peace with herself. she destroyed the grail, thought about sticking around, but realized shirou already had rin, and faded away forgotten.

If you ask Takajun over at Mirror Moon, he can probably provide tools that take it apart FOR you.

Hm, I don't think the UBW Good End is any less forced than the True End. The main difference is that Saber isn't like "well I'd stay but Shirou has Rin" because you get more points with her.

If you think about it, Saber really has no reason to disappear in the first place. It's not like spending more time in the present era is actually having any effect on what's going to happen to her eventually, but she still might enjoy it.

Just watched Last Episode.


Anyway, back to Caster Route stuff! We're way offtopic. :(

Go watch "All the Evils of this World" and "Nine Bullet Revolver," again. There's a third one but I don't remember which one.

Not a lot to talk about on Caster route until we get another update.

Just to let you know I'm still here. I am postponing updating until tomorrow. I have off, so expect probably two long updates like the last one.

File: 124664329655.png-(1.98MB, 1440x900, caster.png)
So, while we're waiting on the 'bro to post... I find きゃしゅたー (Caster's minigame from Fate/Unlimited Codes, Cashooter) pretty fun. I can only get to the second stage, though.


Wouldn't it be nice?

File: 124667906613.jpg-(47.61KB, 450x636, Caster60.jpg)
Heading out to meet Ilya sounds like a good idea. You did promise her afterall, and what kind of man would you be if you blew off a young girl?

You quickly wash up and put on some warm clothes before calling out to the two servants staying with you.

"Caster, Saber, have either of you ever been shopping in the modern world?"

"No" they say as they look at you quizzically.

"Well then, lets go out and find some normal clothes for you two to wear. I also have to meet up with someone."

Before long you're back in the shopping district. You pass the park and look to see if Ilya is there yet. Seeing no one, you continue on your way to a women's clothing store. When you step into the boutique both Caster and Saber's eyes light up at all of the various types of clothing. They quickly disappear into the many aisles, searching the racks for items that catch their attention.

While you're wandering around like a fish out of water, you can hear them talking. You try not to eavesdrop, but you can't help it with how loud they're talking in the nearly empty store this early in the morning.

"Saber, you should get this. It'll accentuate and enhance your bustline."

"W-w-what do I need that for?" you can hear the embarrassed reply.

"How about this skirt? Combine it with the top and wear it to battle and maybe we won't have fight the other servants, just seduce them."

"C-caster, what are you saying?"

"Oh don't tell me you never used your female charms just a little bit to get what you want Saber."

"Are you forgetting who I am and how I lived my life?" you hear Saber say back incredulously.

"Well yeah, but it's never too late to learn right? Besides, I'm sure Shirou could appreciate my taste in clothes."

You begin to think shopping wasn't the best idea as Caster is really into picking out outfits. You're suddenly afraid of what will happen if they catch you within hearing distance so you move to the front of the store.

It takes them awhile, and they call you when its time to check out. You wince when you see the bill. This trip is going to put a serious dent in your savings. You'll have to work plenty of hours to make it up when the war is over.

Several stores later you pass a toy and costume business. Caster is visibly excited.

"Shirou lets go in here" she says, dragging you and Saber into the store.

While you're inside, you see a man hawking the various costumes and wares of the store. You're all attracted to his sales pitch. He shows off several outfits to you, before showing one to Saber.

"Here miss, with this you can be a genuine European knight! Hack and slash with this light but sturdy plastic sword! Look like a king and crush your foes while leading your people to glory!"

"N-no thanks" Saber mutters as she walks away with her head down, suddenly looking extremely depressed.

"What about you miss?" the salesman points to Caster. "With this costume you can be a genuine witch! It comes complete with a robe and witch hat, a long funny plastic nose and makeup, and a spellbook to enslave men and carve a path of magical destruction through the land!"

Suddenly you feel a chill. Caster isn't moving, clenching her hands tightly into fists. Every instinct you have is telling you to slowly back away before you get caught up in whatever is going to happen. Of course, this is your servant Caster, and no harm should come to you if you try to diffuse the situation. It's your duty to make sure your servant is alright.

"Caster, are you alright?" You say, gently placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Shirou" you hear her growl through clenched teeth. "Not now."

This is bad. Something the man said has pissed off Caster. You've never seen her angry like this, and you have no desire to see what calamity will unfold if you don't do something. You decide to be bold, and change the subject.

"Hey Caster, lets check out the toys and stuffed animals over here, alright" you smile, praying that she doesn't hurt you.

She glares at you a moment before giving a sigh and following you over to the toys section. You notice Saber's attention is completely taken by a stuffed lion. Caster herself rather amused by the various games and action figures. In particular she's laughing at an action figure of some ancient greek hero.

It's a nice change of pace from the battle last night, seeing a relaxed Caster and Saber exploring the world.

"Alright, I have some money left. You can each pick something if you like."

Saber immediately clutches the stuffed lion to her chest while Caster browses a bit more before settling on a card game.

You pass the park after leaving the store. There sitting alone on a bench is Ilya, apparently waiting for you. You...

Send Saber and Caster off to another store while you talk.
Take them with you and let them meet Ilya.

>>14149're giving us a choice.

before it was take them with us or meet a dead end, but giving us such a choice after already knowing and accepting that taking them to meet Ilya would be a bad idea...

I'll keep with it. possible dead end aside, I'll stick with taking them to see Ilya.

Meta-knowledge Salesman-kun sure is a great troll.

[x] Send Saber and Caster off to another store while you talk.

We don't want Ilya to feel uncomfortable or intimidated, do we? Common sense is for bad Onii-chans.

Who said it was the dead end? Maybe not meeting her simply led to Gil killing berserker and slashing her eyes out again or whatever I thought of. Honestly having them there or not will simply change the conversation a bit.
Isn't he though? Admit it, its a plot device Nasu would use.

Take them with.

Guess I am just thinking too much of what nasu would do, but not keeping your promise with Ilya seemed like something that would lead to a dead end.

I can't really think of it in a non-nasu/Shirou way.. but I guess I'll change my vote to send them shopping and meet Ilya alone, not really a option Shirou would choose but it is something I would.

Send them away and approach Ilya.

While Caster and Ilya never ever interacted with each other, I can only imagine something uncomfortable if that's ever going to happen. Additionally Saber's insistence is also something which we don't want to show Ilya while she still has Berserker.
Otherwise if the situation goes in the direction of HF (which seems so, judging from the Zouken bad end), she ain't going to sacrifice herself to save us, when we pissed her off by making her argue with Caster/Saber.
Unless she has Berserker with her (which she probably don't being daytime and all), I reckon we shouldn't complicate Saber/Caster into our relation with Ilya.
Just send them away somewhere, and hide from them while we chat.

Part of me REALLY wants to say 'meet her with Caster and Saber', but even Shirou would think that's a dumb idea. Try to send them away.

File: 124670091755.jpg-(126.79KB, 278x829, CK55.jpg)
Lessee. Well, unless Ilya forces Berser-CAR to wake up and wreak havoc in the middle of the playground, there's not much she's going to be able to do if she doesn't like Caster and Saber hanging around. And seeing as how Shirou let Shinji get away, they'd probably know that there's no way he'd kill or attack Ilya, so....

[X] Take them with you and let them meet Ilya.

I'm curious as to how Ilya and Caster interact, so take them with you.

Personally, I think this iteration of Caster will see her like Saber sees lions: hug target.

Send Saber and Caster off to another store while you talk.

You have to be a good Oniichan to your imouto.

That's pretty much my feelings on the matter too, so let's go with meeting her along with them.

>Take them with you to meet Illya.
Shirou has little to no concept of why it's a good idea to conceal one's servants. Plus he always wants everyone to be together. On a personal level, I pretty much raged every time Shirou went to talk to Illya alone, or did other dangerous stuff alone.

Take them with you. Saber and Caster have no real reason to just go window shopping when Shirou has no money.

>Take them with you.

[X] Take them with you and let them meet Ilya.

Let's do the sensible thing for once, despite how out-of-character it may be for Shirou.

Dammit I can't decide. If Shirou goes alone, Ilya might eye-rape him and we get the whole rescue thing. Plus Saber and Caster might also get pissed taht we went off alone again. If they go together, Ilya might not like that...

Imoutos before hos, bro.

[x] Take them with you.

Take em.

Let's take our waifus to meet our plush toy imouto.

Take Saber and Caster with us.

File: 124685349929.jpg-(152.31KB, 278x829, CK61.jpg)
A day without writebro posting is like a day without sunshine... Like a Caster without her Souichirou-sama (in that, we need him more than he needs us, heh).

Berser-chibi is entirely too adorable for his own good.

And once more, we go without. at this rate we'll never be done with the rough draft.

If it as Writebro who was supposed to meet Ilya she'd have gone to his house and murdered him by now

I hope this wont end up like SDM: LA.

>I hope this wont end up like all attempts to create original content.

You hope this won't end like what now?

Is anyone making Caster threads on /jp/ still? I'd still be doing them (I also made this thread AND all three of the original FSN "theoretical route" threads, plus was the one that got him to start in the first place) but I got hit with another persons CP ban and am stuck out of 4chan until Sunday.

tl:dr Is anybody still advertising the thread/reminding writebro + rambling about project origins

Little tough to do that now, 4chan's being DDoS'ed.

that scarlet devil mansion novel thing? i thought that was still going strong?

I should probably know what this means, but I don't. Info?

Directed Denial of Service attack. Basically, some asshole gets a bunch of computers to bombard a server with traffic and overload it. It happens every once in a while with 4chan, it seems.

It's almost daily.

I was on vacation, and I'm losing motivation because I know no matter how well I write the route, finding someone to do art for it will be next to impossible. I don't even know if TakaJun would give us the tools to do it.

At this point it might be better for me to just write a proper fanfic somewhere so that I can use spellcheck, review and edit etc.

NOO! We'll find someone to do the art for you, and we can ask TakaJun. Even if he won't give us the tools, we've already learned that KiriKiri is easy to hack, we can probably find a willing hacker. Just don't give in yet WriteBro! We'll put the admonster out on DeviantArt and stuff. In fact, I myself know an artist that might be willing to help.

Why I jumped to that when there's a drawfag board here I'll never know. In any case, there's a thread on the drawfag board now.

At some point we're going to have to do away our identity as anons for the purposes of this project. At the very least emails will be needed if we're going to get this shit off the ground.

File: 124701872856.jpg-(131.85KB, 800x572, Caster_by_CovertSphinx.jpg)
I can do digital art. I'm in

I told you I knew one! Out of her mind, but she can help.

I figured I would be able to reuse quite a bit of art from the game, but it's still gonna require a good 20 new artwork scenes (some of them H scene). That's a daunting task, especially with how long it takes to make 1 good digital art. Are you really up to it as 1 person?

Does anyone know what sprites Caster has? I think only a handful, and all in her mage outfit. That's the biggest issue (unless FHA has a ton of them to canabalize, which I've seen from screens does have a few). Saber of course has plenty.

Writing is the absolute easiest part of this project. Of course, people with vast knowledge on TM powerlevels can correct the stuff thats way out of whack (like earlier when I forgot there was two attacks for Gae Bolg).

WriteBoss, remember that the thread is only the rough draft. We have PLENTY of time to get more artists to help her, as well others that can do sprites and animations. There's no need to feel rushed in any manner.


I'd rather NOT be the only one but I can at least try a hand to do what I can.


I know an animator that might be willing to help. Along with possibly one or two more artists

File: 124702619770.jpg-(85.98KB, 640x480, Self Portrait.jpg)
Hey, a friend referred me to the project. I can do art, digital work, and some basic animation. My animation is kind of rusty, though. Thanks.


I vouch


I think you mean "Distributed".

Also, I hate to be a wet blanket, but ITT we demand things of writebro as if he is obligated to do this story rather than, say, doing it out of his own goodwill.

File: 124704005249.jpg-(139.46KB, 278x829, CK46.jpg)
(Ilya-hating fag here)
As much as I'd like to be able to help on the artistic side... I can't draw and I can't program.... I could lolProofread/Edit, if it became necessary.

Same here, I can't draw or program or whatever, but I'm sure I could be of some help with the editing of the script etc. if it was needed.

We have two plans:
1. We hope that the finished project will allow him to put up with our whining.

2. We've upgraded him yes again. He's now WriteBoss. Congrats WriteBoss, you are now cooler. On the internet.

File: 124706799456.png-(141.67KB, 249x555, キャスター私服03g(中).png)
Well, doing a simple google search on "Fate Hollow Ataraxia Sprites" immediately gave me a link to a pack of Ataraxia Sprites, Caster included. And she has quite a few sprites to, 151 to be exact.

I've repacked it with just the Caster sprites for convenience.

So yeah, finding artists/sprites is FAR from impossible. If you can keep plugging away at the script WriteBoss, we can handle everything else.

Yeah Writeboss, you just keep up the good work and leave the rest to us.

I'll fullfill the role of a "fan".
Wooo! Good job! You can do this! You are making the world a better place! etc. etc. Haha
Seriously though, I can't do much of hacking and drawing but you have my "sword".

File: 124716877671.jpg-(56.00KB, 449x464, gimli.jpg)
And my axe!

File: 124716881733.jpg-(88.12KB, 454x600, legolas_logo.jpg)
And my bow!


Alright I'll update tomorrow at work. I'll just pretend that I'm getting paid to write VNs like Nasu, instead of working.

Those sprites in normal everyday attire look good, now we need 1 or 2 in school uniform, just because.

Nasu started at Doujin work. Just saying.

File: 124726852187.jpg-(99.18KB, 778x550, 673d46b9de528a768cab1bcd3004f11f.jpg)
Alright, we're back on track, and got some workers!

Now let's review our goal gentlemen. For those who don't remember, <<<this is our mission statement.

It's interesting that given how shitty Heaven's Feel overall is compared to UBW and even Fate, the special effects are much better and more plentiful in Heaven's Feel.

okay what happened D:

I'm beginning to wonder if the writebro is all he was cracked up to be. It'd really be too bad if he just abandoned the project like any of the other 1,000 projects that happen on the Internet.

Nah, the original route was finished and then the author dropped it some time ago. I raged.

So I'm assuming this thing is officially slayed?

No update in a week usually means it's gonna go downhill fast...

Unfortunately, I think so.
A sad day..

It's too early to give in now! We've got artists, we can get hacking tools (someone is going to have to get ahold of Takajun on IRC though). Even if Writebro gives in there are other writefags.

I really just want the rest of the story written. The hacking thing and actually creating the route doesn't really matter to me.

Go to Illya on your own.

Really, Illya wants alone time with her onii-chan and in no way would want other people, let alone women, be there as well.
Not to mention bringing them along is saying Illya can't be trusted. Even if that IS true, in Illya's eyes it's an insult.

I'm with this guy. This story needs to be written.

File: 124759807765.jpg-(19.61KB, 512x382, nevergiveup.jpg)
I, for one, hope Writeboss starts writing again. ; ;

Jesus, it's starting to look like a bridge got dropped on him.

[x] Send Saber and Caster off to another store while you talk

Just so you guys would notice, there is another CYOA happening:

Go alone

This has changed a lot. There were a lot of people pushing for harem route when it was on 4chan and most of the choices here seem to be "lol I'm idiot Shirou" rp'ers making choices instead of it being CYOA.

Most people still are, it's just that we're trying to go about it in a Shirou-like fashion.

He'll come back. We'll be like Hachiko and wait for him.

Fuck that bitch. And fuck you for mentioning her bitch ass.

In case he doesn't ever come back, is there anyone else who'd be willing to pick this up?
I'd do it, but I don't think I can do CYOA style, let alone try and imitate Nasu.

It's kind of drifted away from CYOA. It plays more like an actual visual novel. Or it did anyway.

File: 124771520694.jpg-(16.78KB, 250x250, berserker mug.jpg)
While you're waiting on this writer to return, why not check out the other F/SN CYOA? I'm the fella who did the Lancelot one from about a month ago. I'm doing a second playthrough, and this time we're aiming for the "Angra Mainyu route".

Please come and join in...I'd really like more participants.

It was a nice dream guys.
But a dream's all it was.

It's time we woke up.

No, just a Toyota Tercel

This is part of the problem I'm facing and why I'm kind of stuck. At first it was humorous with funny bad ends but now its gotten really serious. Since my last 5 or 6 updates have tried to be serious I actually have to sit and think things through rather be write an amusing "lol dumb shirou" story.

Well, people are free to use any of my ideas if I can't motivate myself to continue. We'll see.

Sweet mother of mercy, he's ALIVE! But you were hit by a car man? And here we were bitching.

You don't have to get too serious. Most of us here just like reading the story I think

File: 124787668055.jpg-(22.76KB, 478x468, 1247787425649.jpg)

File: 124787792914.png-(51.47KB, 875x880, 124715480564.png)
I'm... so glad I kept checking back.


I'll save that for when I do "Rance ends up in the Nasuverse"

Good to see you back WriteBoss. Update today?

Make it as serious or non-serious as you like. If you're worried about quality, remember this is only a rough draft.

Not so much of a raw draft as is its a simple fanfic. Now lets get on with it shall we?

Ok, if you aren't good at cute scenes, have someone else writer them. Or write them out. If you are having so much trouble then change it so that the devil loli starts a fight and we MURDER HER. Anything to get this moving again!

Come on boss, don't leave us hanging!


Do want.

God damn it WriteBoss, WHERE ARE YOU?

I'm the writerbro from next door doing the Lancelot thing (finished now anyway).. I've been asked to take up the Caster Route...You want me too?

I'll just say from now that I have a fear of spoiling what he had planned, but I'll take this in a direction I think would be best.
Example, not deeply involving Zouken and Sakura-Grail. I think that would only come about with Sakura as interest ie. Heaven's Feel only.
Main antagonists will be Kotomine and Gil.
Don't expect a happy harem ending with Saber, Rider, Caster, etc. This is the CASTER route.

If your content with that, then I'll do it.

As awesome as that sounds I for one would prefer you focus on one of those other projects you mentioned.

Especially the reworked Bazzet and Rin/Luvia routes. That just sounds plain delicious.

He already said we wouldn't get Rider anyway. Can we still keep Saber?

Other than that, I'm good so long as you don't do something crazy like kill Rin or Taiga.

Just an FYI Zouken IS around and summoned True Assassin, as we saw in a dead end some ways back.

You're welcome to write. I just had a bitch of a time figuring out how to plausibly make what I want to happen occur. We could always do it round robin style, you write something I write something. Might be more fun that way.

Wait... but... you... WHERE WERE YOU?

That does sound more fun. We can tag out by events. I just request you do the every-day stuff like shopping and cooking and whatever. I can't do that crap. Always be happy to do a fight scene though.
Will you be able to finish this bit with the Illya encounter?

Sorry, I didn't remember that Zouken summoned True Assassin. That's actually fine cause I love True Assassin. But I really don't want to involve shadow/Sakura.
Zouekn will fail before the shadow can devour any servant, and True Assassin can go to Kotomine. Or maybe even Rin. Or, desperately needing a master, he ends up with Souchiro. We'll see how that flows.

Great, we have two guys that are awesome at fight scenes, h-scenes, and general plotting. And they both say they can't do the everyday scenes.

On the other hand HASSAN KUZUKI TEAM HOLY SHIT. Sunset Heroes can be their theme music.

I'm fine with that, myself.

I did have something set for Dark Sakura. No I didn't finish the bit with Ilya. The everyday crap is my problem too.

What? I thought you said you HATED Heaven's Feel. Were you doing it for the sake of All the Evils in this World and All That is Good in This Life?

It's really your thing, so I won't interfere with Sakura then.

I did hate Heaven's Feel. I hated the execution and plot, not the characterization.

At least it had the best final boss rush. Other than that and a few bad ends, HF really was the worst route.

That's the only true great thing about HF. It's the revealing of Angra Mainyu and you get the epic final battle with Kotomine.
Apart from that, Zouken is a good mastermind villain, True Assassin is awesome, Nine Lives Blade Works is insane, and even greater than that is Dark Saber fight. Overall HF has the best action.

My favorite is still "Well, how about it, King of Heroes? Do you have enough swords to beat me?"

Every once in a while, I'll load up my save file just to read that fight. It's good stuff.

I'm posting a genderbent story where you play a transfer student. I posted a link in the Lancelot thread, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to pull in more potential voters, right?

And so it dies. Yet another casualty in the never ending /coc/ cycle

Actually, the writer is still here. He's stated that he's having trouble with an Ilya scene. For weeks. And now we've got two of them that can't do it.

Dunno what writer has planned.
In my opinion, Illya would be pissed you didn't trust her, resulting in minus Illya points. I'd write something of her just leaving. May result in her attacking that night or something.

But it's not my call. I'm continuing my thread, doing a Caren route now. So I no longer have time to take this up. If he wants I can't help out now and then though.

Lily Star writefag here. I'd also be willing to help out, should the request be made.

YES PLEASE! If you, Lesboss, can do the everyday happy interaction scenes, maybe WriteBoss will actually get back to work again!

'Lesboss'? I guess I'd get branded with a name sooner or later, heh...


Lesboss? If you know FSN and feel like doing an Ilya scene, go for it.

I'll give it a shot, since I need to wait for more votes in my last story post. (I think I drove some people away by changing Berserker and Lancer, eheh....) I'll tabulate votes and get started on it once I get some sleep.

Amusingly, Lily Star has a Caster Route, too. Of course, that'll be a long time in coming.

Okay, looks like we're taking Caster and Saber with us to see Ilya in the playground. I'll try my best not to mess anything up, continuity-wise.

File: 124950261978.jpg-(255.97KB, 753x1063, d098eb06a6f734719bcc2ff17113171c329c9976.jpg)
I don't know how much Ilya would open up with Caster and Saber around (especially with the Kiritsugu/Saber/Ilya/Shirou connections). If I messed anything up, Writeboss can retcon whatever he feels like. And, re-reading this Route makes me realize how horribly formatted Lily Star is. Oh well....
Caster and Saber were both pretty mad at you yesterday when you went off by yourself, they probably wouldn't go for the idea of shopping by themselves. There's no other choice, then....

"Let's stop here for a bit, there's someone I need to talk with." You walk into the playground and greet Ilya with a smile. "Good morning, Ilya!"

Ilya's expression brightens when you approach her, but when she sees the two Servants with you, her expression saddens and she looks at the ground. "I guess you had to bring Caster with you today, didn't you, Onii-chan? After what I told you yesterday..."

"It's not what you think! We were just here shopping, right, Caster? Saber?"

You turn to the pair to back up your reasoning, but are instead greeted with stares.

Caster berates you, "You were out by yourself yesterday meeting with another Master?! You lied to us!"

"Shirou... You don't trust us at all?" Saber says, holding her stuffed lion tightly and looking at you angrily.

You panic, not wanting another argument like last night. "It's not like that! We ran into each other and I spent some time with her. I mean, if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it already, right?" You don't dare tell them about her plan to get revenge on you for Kiritsugu's betrayal, at least not right now.

Saber and Caster both grudgingly agree with your excuse. You turn back to Ilya, who's moving dirt around with her foot. She looks pretty hurt that you didn't come alone.

"I'm sorry about that, Ilya. Do you want to play for a bit?"

Ilya looks up at you and happily nods. She runs over to a swingset and sits down, and you walk behind her and push her. Caster and Saber watch the two of you having fun, seemingly not caring at all that you're both enemies in a Grail War. You glance at Caster and see that she's smiling warmly at you. Saber doesn't seem to want to trust Ilya at all.

Once Ilya's finished with the swing, the two of you walk back to the bench. You sit down next to Caster, and Caster picks Ilya up and sets her on her lap.

"I cannot say that I approve of interacting this much with another Master," Saber warns. "At least, one we know so little about..."

"Your name's Ilya?" asks Caster, as she wraps her arms around the young girl and pointedly ignores Saber.

"My full name is Ilyasviel von Einzbern, but 'Ilya''s fine." At this, Saber turns and looks at Ilya in surprise.

Caster looks to you. "And Ilya's your little sister?"

It's a little complicated to explain, but you feel that you should at least tell them. You owe them that much. "We're brother and sister, but not blood-related," you tell Caster.

Ilya nods in agreement. Saber stays oddly silent, you wonder why she's acting so strangely.

"So... why is such a cute little girl like you a Master?"

"It's because I'm from the Einzbern family. We have someone fight in every Holy Grail War," Ilya replies matter-of-factly. "We didn't get the Grail last time, but there won't be any mistakes this time. Berserker and I will make sure of that."

You're not sure exactly what you should say. If you bring up the wrong thing, you'd either hurt Ilya or anger Caster and Saber. You're sure you'll find the opportunity to tell them soon.

You and Caster steer the conversation away from the Grail War and have a pleasant casual chat with Ilya. Caster seems to adore the little girl.

The conversation is interrupted when Leysritt and Sella show up. "Wow, time went by a lot faster this time!" Ilya exclaims. She hops off of Caster's lap and motions for you to lean over so she can whisper in your ear. "It doesn't matter what you tell them, you're all going to die anyway." Again, you feel a little dizzy hearing such a cold statement from her.

Ilya runs over to her maids, but she turns and waves. "I'll see you all again soon!"

Wow, that was pretty close to what I was thinking, except I would've added Ilya teasing the servants a bit.

and it continues...YAY!

Yay more!

Thanks =) I tried to emulate your writing style as best I could, at the very least for the sake of appearances.

Holy pants, an update! And a good one!

But, um... what're our choices now? D:

I left that to Writeboss to decide. Hopefully, my post will help jumpstart this route.

Needed more little touches like Caster fixing up Ilya's hair, but otherwise awesome.

Also: God damn it WriteBoss your everyday cute scene has been written for you so GET BACK ON THAT HORSE!

I was more concerned with keeping up continuity and not botching the characters, but.... yeah, it could've used some extra detail here and there.

File: 125010889663.png-(175.53KB, 281x583, Caster-mad.png)
Caster does not approve of the next part of her route taking so long!

File: 125065851459.jpg-(382.33KB, 579x898, 12483879156.jpg)
I'm just going to go ahead and say RAGE THREAD.

File: 125065863358.png-(920.86KB, 640x1132, 124830919632.png)
>taking so long because you couldn't write a scene
>the scene is written for you and you still do nothing

Now, now... Maybe Writeboss got sick or something. Maybe he got a really bad case of writer's block. I mean, I'm as guilty as the next person about wanting another part written, but posting ragefaces won't make him write any faster.

Hes a fucking faggot, thats what. He can go back to browsing /jp/ and posting his sugoku kawaii idols with the rest of the scum, that fuck.

NOT HELPING. Guys, we need to remain calm. He was providing this for us out of the goodness of his heart. We don't know his circumstances, so let's not get angry. Besides, we've still got Yuri Routes, Lancelot Routes, and if he ever delivers his promises of Killer7 homages, Lancer Route while we wait for Writebro's hopefull return.

I saw this at the top of /coc/ and got excited for NOTHING.
Sigh. Still >>16933 and >>16835 are right. I'm sure he'll come back...One day...Right after the full version Katawa Shoujo comes out.

>Right after the full version Katawa Shoujo comes out.
But not before DNF release.

You know, maybe we should send an expedition back to /jp/, see if he's even still alive.

It'll just get reported immediately.

We could disguise it as an image dump.

I think that was tried once... I can't remember if the janitor deleted the thread or not, though.

WriteBoss was pretty much only doing this out of boredom, and has most likely moved on. Perhaps advertise on /jp/, and maybe even /a/, for a potential new writer?

File: 125185831565.jpg-(122.78KB, 278x829, CK51.jpg)

It could be possible that, if !!EwMTD0AmVj-boss and I get done with our own routes Hahahahahah...., we could collaborate on this one. But, well, yeah. I have a bare minimum of three routes to finish writing, and he keeps coming up with new ones to do. =d

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm out.

Long-Term Projects Official Stamp of Denial. Its done.

File: 125319731647.jpg-(38.12KB, 800x600, 751230351934307922472.jpg)

We've still got another Writbro working away. THIS IS NOT OVER!

>That was my story. After it left 4chan I started losing motivation and the plot got kind of fucked.
From the man himself in a /jp/ thread.

We need to haul him and Lesboss back to finish their stories, goddamnit!

I take it there's no reup of what was here?

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