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So, I like Fire Emblem, and I like some of the aspects of Wesnoth, Final Fantasy Tactics, DragonForce (I think, the tac rpg in the old sega smash pack cd (Sega emulator disc you could buy for your computer). So I started making my own, that will be playable as a tabletop or computer game.

At this point I'm about ready to start asking for c&c on what I've got, and as eager as I am to get into the fluff I'm trying to delay that until I get at least the base functionality down.

And this seemed to be the best place to do that (tgchans /disc/ board moves to slow, 4 and 7 chans /tg/ are too summer/troll to do this reliably). So I guess I'll post what I've got as I get it transfered from my binders to my computer... starting with my next post. If theres no interest after my first dump'o'stuff I'll stop bumping.

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File: 127303365463.png-(19.06KB, 886x764, elements and nature.png)
The system itself will be a D5/10/% deal, and I have a vague idea of how its gonna work, right now. the D5/10 part will govern most of the level-up shenanigans, and the D% combat. Since the system part is in its early infancy Ill get off that though and on to things I'd like some feedback and ideas on.

To the left is how most magic will work. Magic is gonna be divided into three types "Elemental" (think Avatar: The Last Airbender), Mind (psychics and mysticysm) and straight up "Magic" ("its magic, I dont have to explain shit")

The wheel on top of the image is how Elemetal Magic will favor things, the lighter shades represent good/nice uses, the darker the opposite; the outside position being the predominant force for that element. The wheel, moving clockwise starting top-center is Fire, Nature, Earth, Air, Water. Black arrows favor their point of origin (fire burns nature, ect...) blue-gray arrows favor the more powerful caster/spell/environmental bonuses (a stiff breeze can extinguish a fire or whip it up into an inferno, and what counts for a stiff breeze in a forest isn't even considered that much on a windswept plain). Every species will have a natural aptitude for (2?) elements on the wheel.

Phsychic/Mentalism is a bit of a stump for me, I was kinda thinking gypsy meets the Mesmer class from guildwars for this variety of magic... but nothing stuningly defining for it either.

Plain old magic will work just like that, magic. The only catch being that anything it creates ignores the laws of physics (magical fire keeps burning without fuel and can ignore alot of what water can do, lightning w/out currents ect) so if an Elementalist gets ahold of some of this...
(the pic has a brown background to create less eyehurt)

On the bottom I have good and evil, since you could consider god-powers for paladins/shadowknights and monks/priests/ect a type of magic. For religion I know I want two numerically balanced pantheons, 5 members in each, each deity having a "patron" element (naturally their good/evil persuasion of that)... but I'm at a stump as to names, domains, ect.

The Species will be Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Lizardmen (Lacerta) and Catmen (Felixsians), this is what I've got for basic stat leanings and overarching personalities.

(The stats being Strength, Toughness, Wisdom, Intelligence, Agility, Speed, and Skill)
(A "+" represents an extra 50% gain on levelup stacking (++ = 10), a "-" 50% less gain nonstacking (-- = 2.5 (10 -5 then 5-2.5)
Humans: no stat bonuses or weaknesses
no elemental preferences, rather a leaning towards light/dark as a whole.

Elves: Ag +, Spd +, Wis ++
T --, Str -, Int -
Prefer Nature and Water
One of the "chaser" races, they have extremely long lives (1000 or so years), and take full advantage of this in their pursuit of perfection. They typically live in the "beautiful" or "desirable" natural locales (forests, beaches, meadows, ect). Taking full advantage of their long lives they will wait hundreds of years for perfection to happen for them (an elf wants to make the perfect spear, he plants a bunch of trees and tends them to grow perfectly straight for the shafts, finds the purest ore he can for the head, ect). Generaly have an air of superiority about them.

Dwarves: T++, S+, Int+
Ag--, Spd -, Wis -
Prefer Earth and Fire
The Other "chaser" race, dwarves live long lives but not as long as elves (500 or so years). They find perfection by tearing it from the jaws of the world (where an elf would tend the trees to grow perfectly, a dwarf would clear-cut an entire forest to find the right tree for the haft to his perfect spear, and refine his ores for months to obtain a the purest steel possible). Living mostly in mountains and beneath the earth, or as merchants and smiths in human cities Dwarves are normally cantankerous and rowdy, they like a good brew and a good fight.

Orcs: S+, T+, Spd +, Wis +
Int--, Ag --
Prefer: Nature and Earth
Sometimes called the children of the wilds, Orcs live a short 40 years in extended multi-family groups called clans. They feel all of their emotions unfiltered and at full force, so are generally free-living and easygoing. They tend to live in the"less desireable" biomes (swamps, ash wastes, tundra, ect) and will zealously protect the usually fragile environment they live in. They seldom make anything permanently, simply intending for it to last them as long as it needs to. They seldom go to war, but when they do they do it as a clan. The strong emotions associated with war almost always "spoil" the clan, setting it on a path of war and destruction for generations to come. Since most others never see orcs unless they are being attacked or raided by a warmongering clan the whole species has been labeled as such, most scholars and learned folk see a wargoing orc clan as a great loss and a sad moment for the world.

Lacerta: S+, T+
Prefer Nature and Fire
The Lizardfolk are a cold-blooded longliving (as 1000 or more years on average) race, usually lizvng in small, traveling communes. Since their activity is so tied to the temperature they tend to talk very little during the daylight hours, as warmth means productivity., and the cold means forced inactivity. Very hard to find dispite their massive size, it is said that one will never find a Lacertan tribe unless it wants to be found. Most communes have a complex set of unspoken laws and rules that all are expected to know, when the group agrees on something it becomes law, and all will act upon it. Stoic, quit and either stubborn or obedient (depending on their station in life)

Felixsians: Spd ++, Ag++
T-, Wis--, Sk -
Prefer Nature and Air
The catfolk are nomadic and solitary by nature, doing as they wish when they wish it. Most people learn that you can always count on a felixsian to fullfill a contract, but you can never count on it all being fulfilled at the same time, or within a time-limit. The Felixsians usually live as long as humans, and have near photographic memory; however a few are known to live 700 or more years. Most members of the species are naturally drawn to what they are most skilled at, although they are known to leave that trade for something they "feel like trying" at what seems to be the random drop of a hat to others.

well, thats about all the setting stuff I've got aside from political groups, but as the tabletop version (which is probably gonna come first since I need to get my codeing skills up before I do the more plot-dependent pc version) will be mostly ignoring that and be set in a blank slate type region on the map (has areas where all the races can be found, and is made up of hundreds of warring city-states and feifdoms, new ones rising and falling constantly).

Next I'll have some completed class trees and skill families (melee and magic are done) and that will be what I've got done to this point.

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