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Mickey, Donald, And Goofy Adventure Cartoon thread.

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"Ducktales: 20 years Later" guy here. I reiterate: If this spawns any kind of 4chan project, I am perfectly willing to share blag-space for that shit.

Let's see if we can review what we've got from the original /co/ thread.

* Mickey, Donald and Goofy are adventurers working for hire, often for Scrooge McDuck

*Common antagonists are Pete with Mortimer and Gladstone as henchmen, Phantom Blot is the Big Bad and has a lot of weasels working for him.

*Cast is generally drawn from the General Disney universe, though also includes characters from the Disney Parks like Figment and Dreamfinder

*Blot is working to gain all sorts of magic power, culminating with trying to awaken Chernabog in the series finale. He steals Merlock's Amulet and the Sorcerer's Hat to accomplish this. Chernabog is Final Boss

Some more material copypasta'd from the /co/ thread

>Gladstone's luck will be revealed to be actually a CURSE that works by stealing other people's luck and exchanging it with bad luck instead: that's why anone going against Gladstone always loses, and no matter what kind of accidents or misfortunes he could suffer, Gladstone always wins something at the end.
In a final shocking revelation, Donald will discover that HE is the luckiest duck in existence, and during all this time, Gladstone has been stealing his luck to use it for himself. Lifting Gladstone's curse will be a punishment that will doom him to a fate worse than death: now he will be forced to WORK for a living, and if you know Gladstone, then you will realize that making him work like everyone else is a fate worse than death for somebody like him.
> Make Pete being an ex bad guy who reformed himself thanks to Peg's love and now he's just a dick. Nobody, not even Peg knows that Pete used to be a gangster, since Pete faked his own death as Peg Leg Pete and now he lives as simply "Pete", a not-so honest used cars salesman.
Then suddenly, the Phantom Blot returns and recruits Pete against his will. Basically, if Pete doesn't works for him like as in the old times, the Phantom Blot will expose Pete's former life to everyone: the police will chase him, his family will be destroyed, etc.
>This will be revaled in the final episode, where Mickey will discover that his old foe Peg Leg Pete and Pete the used cars salesman are the same person, and all the crap he did during the entire series was just to protect his family from the Phantom Blot's wrath..
>Max, PJ, and MAYBE Roxanne are 'babysitters' to a young Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Once in a while we get an episode detailing one of their adventures, maybe stopping the Phantom Blot from pumping mind control music during a Powerline concert.
>Live, onstage antics ensue. Like the I2I segment of A Goofy Movie, times ten.
>In South America, Mickey and Goofy are kidnapped by the Phantom Blot and his band of weasels to be sacrificed to an ancient and evil Mesoamerican God!
>Luckily, Donald managed to slip away: and guess who he happens to find?
>Episode #10: "The Three Caballeros Ride Again!"

>So, just to reiterate:

>Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have teamed up after years and years of being apart, and naturally, this means that years and years of each of their personal canons crash up against each other and mix together. The three characters are hired by various parties (Often uncle scrooge) to solve a problem that week.

>Their main rivals are another team made up of Pete (Who is either pure evil, or is just working for the bad guys to protect his family), Mortimer, and Gladstone, who are either amoral rivals to the M/D/G team, or are an outright evil counter-team. The big enemies include The Phantom Blot (and his Weasels), Flintheart Glomgold, and pretty much every villain to ever appear in a Disney short, comic, or Disney afternoon show with even a tenuous connection to the main Disney canon.

>The supporting cast appears to rotate every week or so, showcasing different characters and villains, from the old and nearly forgotten (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Horace Horsecollar's unaired show) to the Newish and nostalgic to our generation(Darkwing, Rescue Rangers Chip & Dale) to the often used and much beloved (Nephews, girlfriends, sundry others) to the beloved in other countries but seldom used up in the US (Paperinik stuff, Jose and Panchito). Villains range in much the same way. Essentially, the show mines 80 years of Disney history into a half-hour action cartoon.

>Finale involves Chernabog, the magic hat from Fantasia, and Merlock's amulet.

You forgot:
To reconcile Peg Leg Pete with Goof Troop Pete, he is revealed to have had a prosthetic leg all throughout Goof Troop.

So it's like Batman: the Brave and the Bold, but with Disney characters and an overarching plot?


Basically, yeah.

File: 124518739728.png-(213.96KB, 1174x666, Disney Adventure Show Episode 1.png)
Summary of episode 1 from the second thread that pretty much died as soon as some jackass decided to post Pete Time.

File: 12451883687.jpg-(76.17KB, 800x414, donald_haet_cobwebs.jpg)

Beyond Awesome. Can't wait to see you do some bad guys!

Do you need any references?

So awesome...Weren't there other drawings on other threads?

So. Did we ever pin down when this took place in regards to how old everyone is? Like, the boys, and Max and PJ and all that. I heard hums and haws towards the end of the first thread about the boys being college age and Max and PJ being past that.

I think we should keep Max, Roxanne, and PJ college age, maybe about Juniors. I lean towards keeping the ducks kids, but that's just because that's my favorite iteration of then.

File: 124519059084.jpg-(26.66KB, 450x423, donald_hot.jpg)
Eventually, I guess... Right now I'm just jamming, getting to know the characters and style.

I gotta say, the way you drew them here:
Really is pretty much perfect. Recognizable, in-character, but with just a bit of an edge to them:.

It would also be a good idea to keep the Nephews younger just because someone else on 4chan and Plus4Chan is already doing an "Adult Nephews" story. Keeping the Nephews younger will help to keep down too much comparison of this project with that one.

Go Drawfag go! I would join you, but alas, I have not a scanner with which to scan whatever I do, so anything I do will be MSpaint or Nothin'.

You know what I just realized?

How are we going to incorporate Minnie and Daisy into this thing?

My gut says to give them something that makes them travel the world, but not connected to the main group in any real way: like reporters or something.

OK, if anyone is still interested in this, I'm willing to contribute.

So we've got Phantom Blot as the big bad, Pete and his gang as rivals, and Chernabog as the Final Boss. What we need now are some villains of the week.

I could see Ben Buzzard working, but we need an angle for him. Maybe a bitter, small-time criminal.

The Mad Doctor, from the short of the same name, might work. It'd be fun to see him as sort of a maniacal anti-Gyro/Ludwig.

I'm thinking we should keep the supervillians clumped together in the episodes guest-starring Darkwing.

You thoughts, /co/mrades? Any more ideas for VOTW?

As someone who supports the idea of bringing Disney park characters into this, there could be a few Haunted Mansion based episodes that would allow for usage of some of the more malicious spirits as villains. Like the Ax Murderess Bride they've got now or the Phantom from the Disneyland Paris version (originally voiced by VIncent Price and one of his last roles though they canned that narration early on)

As far as introducing the Haunted Mansion into the show, it could be through a reintroduction of the Lonesome Ghosts. Like that they want to try scaring MIckey, Donald and Goofy again, so they invite them to the Haunted Mansion, only for some nastier ghost to ruin it.

Well, Just to be captain obvious: We can always match up the villains of the week with the guest stars of the week. Darkwing episodes will feature different sets of supervillains. Episodes where the group helps Scrooge McDuck would tend to include Scrooge's rogues gallery (Beagle Boys, Magica DeSpell, Flintheart, etc.). Episodes that feature the Rescue Rangers/Vanilla Chip n' Dale would feature Fat Cat and the like.

OK, I'm going to try and post some new episode summaries tonight. Here's what I'm thinking for the next few episodes:

Episode 2: "999 Lonesome Ghosts" Featuring the Lonesome ghosts and the Haunted Mansion.

Episode 3: Something featuring Ben Buzzard. Small-time, local adventure.

Episode 4: First "kids" episode: Max, PJ, Roxanne, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

File: 124561418116.jpg-(101.61KB, 750x750, mickey-blot-mindfuck.jpg)

Hey. Awesome


OK, sorry the next ep isn't up yet. I'll try to get two up tomorrow.

That said, I think I've found the perfect role for Ben Buzzard:

He's the shabby king of crime in Shacktown. He runs loan shark operations, petty crime rings, anything he can to suck the people there dry.

Just to be perfectly clear, what was the first episode? Was it just the pictures you've posted so far, or some sort of episode summary?

First episode:

Episode 2: "999 Lonesome Ghosts"
Opening, Goofy is showing off a present he bought for Max, a basketball. The trio get a call asking for immediate assistance. The address leads them to the Haunted mansion. The three enter, not realizing that someone else is following them, entering via the mansion's second floor.

It doesn't take long before the trio come under assault from the mansion's deadly residents, not the least of which is the Ghostly Bride.

Eventually, the trio find the ones who hired them: the lonesome ghosts, hiding in a closet, horrified of the other spirits. It seemed they wanted to give the trio a scare, so they used Leota's crystal ball to conjure up the other spirits. But they overestimated how strong the other ghosts were, and had to call Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in to help. The lonesome ghosts pledge to help Mickey and the group retake the mansion....
....only to flee moments after leaving the closet. Mickey and the trio are on their own.

The three manage to make it to the seance room, where Mickey reaches out for the crystal ball...only to be attacked by the Phantom Blot, eager to take the crystal ball for himself.

A struggle ensues, but is cut short by the appearance of the ghostly bride herself. Everyone flees, and it looks like the Blot managed to take the crystal ball.

Outside the mansion, however, he makes a startling discovery: Goofy switched the crystal ball and the basketball. The Phantom Blot shouts his frustration into the night.

Back at the office, the trio come to realize that Madame Leota, whose spirit resides inside the crystal ball, was never evil: she becomes the group's resident authority on mystic objects.

Finally, we see whatever happened to the mischievous Lonesome ghosts. They don't feel an ounce of guilt about abandoning the trio... but they're soon horrified to learn that they've been tailed by a trio of hitchhiking ghosts.

When the group does meet Darkwing are you going to take the tried and true path of superhero crossovers and have he and the Trio convinced that the other is guilty of some sort of wrong-doing?

Like, oh! On the first Darkwing episode have the trio go to investigate some crime committed by Nega Duck and attack Darkwing by mistake.

Uh. Excuse me folks but eh.. is any of this actually going to be written out? Like, not as just a summary? This is maybe the best idea I've ever seen come out of /coc/ and I've been insanely excited about it since I first started reading about it, but I'd really like to see it actually written.

I can't help but concur. Is the Drawfag still doing stuff?

File: 124650698668.gif-(9.71KB, 369x222, blot2.gif)
Summaries are about all I have time for, and even then it takes me forever. Sorry.

As an aside, I think I've got an interesting idea for the Blot: we make his daughter, the Phantom Brat, a main character. Everything I've read about her suggests two interesting ideas:

A) She's the only person in the world, aside from himself, that the Blot cares about,
and B) She dreams of becoming a big-time criminal mastermind like her father.


ITT: What Kingdom Hearts SHOULD have been.

Some more ideas as far as the final few episodes go

>Incidentally, an idea struck me tonight as I was assembling myself a sandwich and after I had read the Don Rosa story "Island on the Edge of Time":

>Gladstone has a single day of bad luck each year, his birthday.

>The series finale and final battle takes place on the day before his birthday, in the European countryside. Donald charges after Gladstone, only to be tripped by a branch. Gladstone runs. Donald gets up, shouting that Gladstone's luck will run out eventually. Gladstone taunts Donald as he keeps running. More and more things trip up and hurt Donald, but he keeps coming. Finally, Gladstone runs out of breath and is caught between Donald and a fence. Donald advances on him, and Gladstone wonders why his luck isn't doing anything. Donald points out that he just crossed into a new timezone: Donald says, "Happy Birthday, Cousin" rolls up his sleeves, and strikes the classic "Donald kicking ass" pose as he advances on Gladstone...


>The way I see it, the whole set-up of the episode is that Blot has finally gotten all the magic items he needs...but he fails to realize he's unleashing Chernabog. Mickey and the gang run to stop him, but through a bizarre string of coincidences (or perhaps set up by the Blot) they're confronted by every villian the show has had. All their allies are there, so the thing basically turns into a huge battle royale until Chernabog shows up.

Adding one more idea from the other thread before I go to bed.

>I've been toying with the idea of bringing in the Sage of Time from the Tapestry parade that ran at Epcot as a globetrotting Watcher type who foresees that the Blot's actions are slowly loosening the seals imprisoning Chernabog. Through the last season then, he'd provide information and assistance to the heroes, though often acting in a cryptic way. Both Dreamfinder and Madame Leota have some familiarity with him, sharing that same sort of supernatural background, though it's still really vague exactly who the Sage is. He only decides to actually lend a physical hand in things when it comes down to the final fight with Chernabog.

I fucking love this Gladstone idea, except for one thing. In the same story we find out Gladstone's Luck doesn't work on his birthday, He also gets it reversed so that he's lucky 365 days a year.

I still advocate using it (If only because it gives Gladstone The Villain an exploitable weakness) but it might be something we might need to explain.

I'm gonna bump this just once, but no more.

Sorry, I've gotten distracted by this Fillmore Noir thing that's taken off.

That said, I had an idea for Shamrock, Gladstone's nephew:

What if he HATES having good luck all the time? Like he wants to work for something, but he never gets a chance because fate hands it to him?

Dreamfinder's gonna be in this?! Fucking AWESOME.

Of course. He's been part of this project since like the first /co/ thread when I first suggested him and Figment for a role.

File: 124891131072.jpg-(88.43KB, 747x311, blot-3_5.jpg)
Bumping this thread in light of the "Epic Mickey" art that's come up today.

Would be neat to work some of these ideas into the project, like one of Blot's aims is to create the hellscapes shown in here using these chimeras. I mean, Blot already seems to be the Big Bad in this game judging from stuff like the graffiti in the city drawing and the black ink running down from the evil castle in the gallery.

Also, goddamn he's creepy looking here.

File: 125505984280.jpg-(31.02KB, 235x236, 1974_america_sings.jpg)
Bumping this because I had an idea.

Sam the Eagle. Musical Episode. Something ala The Music Meister episode of BatB, only Sam is a good guy.

I'd use it in Fillmore Noir, but...a lot of the characters' speech in that will be taken from Disney songs anyway. So, if someone wants to run with it, there you go.

so how do they beat Chernabog in the end anyway? besides Mickey's experience and Donald as the muscle, they don't have any special skills or anything to beat down a full blown demon, do they?

I think one idea was for Mickey to use the hat from Fantasia.

As well as some such nonsense about friendship or something.

Glad that link I posted gave you ideas.

That it did. In fact, the talk of Epic Mickey has given me a few more ideas...

Mickey is the youngest brother of a set of triplets: his older brother and middle child, Oswald the "Lucky" Rabbit, is a down-on-his-luck loser who's bitter and envious of his brother's success. Not quite rising to "villain" level, he still is always ready to harass his brother when their paths cross.

That all changes in the two-part finale to Season One, "Who Framed Oswald Rabbit". When Ben Buzzard looks like he's become the remains of the day, all the evidence points in Oswald's direction. Desperate, he turns to his brother Mickey for help, begging on his knees. Mickey, unable to turn him away, helps him escape Police custody. With the help of the whole gang, Mickey and Oswald race against the police and the REAL criminals to clear Oswald's name.

It turns out that Ben Buzzard isn't dead at all: he's teamed up with the oldest brother in a life insurance scheme, so that "Mama Buzzard" (Ben in unconvincing drag) can collect the large policy Ben's just taken out.

And the real mastermind? The oldest brother. The one who's hatred of Mickey and Oswald has driven him straight into villainy: Julius the Cat.

With Julius behind bars, Oswald and Mickey reconcile, and Oswald opens up a successful new nightclub, named in honor of his brother: The House of Mouse.

Some dialogue snippets I've come up with.

(Oswald is being led away in handcuffs as Mickey watches, stunned.)
Oswald: Mickey! Please! You KNOW I couldn't have done what they say I done! Please, Mick! I could never hurt anyone! All I wanna do is entertain people!

Please, Mick... please tell me ya believe me...

(Mickey looks conflicted a moment as Oswald stares at him with soulful sincerity in his eyes. Mickey glances around quickly, then trips the cop, helps Oswald up, and the two run for it.)

(Later, back at Mickey and the gang's HQ...)

Mickey: OK, Ozzie, if we're gonna clear your name, we have to...

(The door slams open. Donald is standing there. He looks PISSED. Lightning crashes behind him. He marches up to Mickey, livid, and finally stops inches from his face....then he suddenly slumps down, clearly exasperated.)

Donald: Darn it, Mouse, why'd you have to do this?

(Goofy enters. Donald begins directing him as the two tear up the apartment.)

Donald: Just the essentials, Goof! Clothes, money, toothbrush, that picture of us at Space Mountain...

Goofy: Thuh one where you're makin' that funny face?

Donald: No, the good one. Watch, can of beans, those boxers with hearts on 'em...

Mickey: Uh, Don?

Donald: Hang on a second, Mickey. Goofy! Don't forget the lamp! (Goofy holds up Aladdin's lamp.) No, the other one.

Mickey: Donald...

Donald:OK, Mick, we're gonna take you two as far as the trainyard, you get on the red freighter labelled "McDuck Shipping". It gets off in Mexico in three days, Panchito's agreed to let you guys stay with him and lie low until the heat's off, but you can NEVER come back to Webfoot County. No Duckburg, No Spoonerville, No Main Street, No nothing! GOOFY, I SAID JUST THE ESSENTIALS. TAKING THE BED IS NOT TRAVELING LIGHT.

Goofy: I thought thuh boxcar floor wouldn't be comfy.

Donald: Then just give 'em the mattress!

Mickey: Donald, we're not...

Donald: OK, OK, we know, we know, Oswald's "innocent". Now Say good bye to the city, say goodbye to the office, say goodbye to your girlfriend...

(Donald pulls Minnie out of his pocket.)

Minnie (dazed.): Hi, Mickey.

Mickey:Minnie....were you just in Donald's pocket?

Minnie:...I'm not quite sure...

Donald: AW, AREN'T THEY A SWEET COUPLE, IT'S SO TRAGIC THEY'RE BROKEN APART. OK, Goof, fire up the car, we got to get to the train station in about five minutes ago...

>this entire post

Punchy, you are the best namefag.

Aw, thanks Endpiece.

I really do like this series idea. Once I finish Fillmore Noir and P-O:TAS, I'll have to come back to this.


Bumping because I've finally started watching Darkwing Duck.

SO. MUCH. WIN. If we incorporate the DW world into this one, we're definitely going to have to see Negaduck and the Phantom Blot have some sort of power struggle.

A variation of World to Come would be a badass season arc. Rhyming Man has really impressed me as a Disney comics villain.

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