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There have been several threads about the abandoned Dreamwave project and I thought fuck it, we should bring it over here.

For those that don't know, Killzone is a class based FPS game for the playstation two and 3. The gist of the plot is that humanity colonized a shitload of worlds, and one of them, Helghan, caused a branch off in human evolution. They're taller and stronger than most humans, but because of radiation can't breathe off-world and need breathing masks, pretty much making them look like the soldiers from Jin-Roh. They're also called bucket heads a lot.

All this being treated like trash has made the Helghast very pissed, and the government is overthrown. The new leader is all about vengeance after being treated badly by the rest of humanity. Hence, the events of Killzone begin.

Things to consider:

After many years of extreme hardship and brutal oppression under the tyrannical ISA rule over Vekta, Helghast are pretty fucking pissed to begin with over being treated as second class citizens.

Scolar Visari is pretty much Hitler. He also staged a really daring coup. Should get to that.

There really aren't any female Helghast shown. I don't know if you would be interested in that staying the same or what.

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people like killzone? LOL

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Yeah, that pic looks way too gay to be Killzone

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