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Long-Term Projects

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14727 No.14727
1st Story:

2nd Story:

I'll post a link to the Third story when it's archived. If you guys want, I can also post the stories here. I also want your guys input on characters you want to see, so don't be shy there!

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Here are the illustrations various /co/ artists posted for the first story. They are made of win and awesome.

File: 124780537618.jpg-(54.81KB, 800x600, 1246687818728.jpg)

File: 124780544382.jpg-(141.68KB, 800x600, 1246688584742.jpg)

File: 124780549844.jpg-(175.04KB, 952x800, 1246688854038.jpg)

File: 124780718373.jpg-(123.17KB, 800x600, 1246689295079.jpg)

File: 124780723622.jpg-(288.66KB, 952x800, 1246690021287.jpg)

File: 12478072665.jpg-(89.49KB, 800x600, 1246691221807-1.jpg)

File: 12478073285.jpg-(322.69KB, 952x800, 1246691674289.jpg)

File: 124780736917.jpg-(40.23KB, 800x600, 1246691893949.jpg)

File: 124780741435.jpg-(30.15KB, 800x600, 1246692400812.jpg)
The big henchman reveal in #1.

File: 124780745733.jpg-(218.89KB, 952x800, 1246693009033.jpg)

File: 124780753420.jpg-(324.40KB, 952x800, 1246693722358.jpg)

File: 124780941987.jpg-(41.53KB, 800x600, 1246693905288.jpg)
Last one so far.

Also, here's a list of shows that the story encompasses so far, and how.

Fillmore!: Main characters, setting, Flava Sava in #2 as one of the main antagonists, and Sonny shows up as a henchman to the big bad.

Recess: TJ has taken on a large secondary character role, Mikey bites it in #1, Rest of gang is supporting cast, Grotke and Prickly are both part of the X Middle School faculty, Randall in #2 as a main antagonist, and speaking to the big bad in the prologue to #3, the Ashleys are members of the Red Robins, Lawson is a henchman to the big bad.

Pepper Ann: Cast shows up as supporting characters in #1 and #2.

Weekenders: Major Roles in #1, Supporting Roles in #2.

Doug: Doug shows up as a reluctant henchman in #1, Roger is the main antagonist of #3.

Proud Family: Penny plays a big role in #3 as Roger's girlfriend, who he abuses.

So Weird: Annie, Fi's replacement shows up as a henchman to the big bad in #3.

The Buzz on Maggie: Randall keeps insects as twisted companions. His favorite one is a fly named Maggie.

I've also got plans to incorporate Jake Long and Hans Rotwood from "American Dragon", Kim Possible, Fi from "So Weird", Scott/Spot, Leonard, and Ivan Krank from "Teacher's Pet", and Agent Rick Dicker from "The Incredibles".

I'm also toying with the idea of using Ned from "Nightmare Ned", and Lewis/Corneilius from "Meet The Robinsons", as well as including references to "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers" and "WALL-E".

....Jesus Christ, that's a lot once you type it out. Anyway, anyone got any characters you'd like to see?

Can't think of anyone else that would really fit, you've pretty much nailed all the bases. The only one I can think is Phineas & Pherb but there a bit young and recent.

Shoot, I forgot them. I've got plans to use them as a one-off gag if nothing else.

I really hate to throw these kids out there, but... What about the kids from Rocket Power?

inb4 Squid beefed it.

Not a Disney show.


I love Fillmore. Will get around to reading these.

I'm actually toying with the idea of doing a Nick counterpart to Fillmore Noir with Dib. More X-files than Detective, though, and Dib's style of narration is a lot more edgy, paranoid, and not nearly as smooth as Fillmore's. If people are interested, I'll work on it.

Also, just a head's up, going to be away from my computer for about a week.


Fo' serious? I thought they both went in on it. Oh, well. Damn, it's been a long time.

That was a pleasant surprise. I had thought you scrapped the whole thing when you broke down in the middle of writing the crappy version. That bummed me out for a while because I was the one who told you to stop making internet references. A valid point, sure, but I felt like it tipped you over to "I'M SO SORRY YOU GUYS I SUCK BAWWW".

But now the guilt is over. Fillmore Noir is back. Good times are here again.

Doug should be the bridge between this and your Dib fanfic.

Here's something.

Kim possible...framed. For what we don't know. Surprise us.

Nah, it's no big. I was just tired and suffering from gastrointestinal distress and devolved into full-on OMGDRAMA mode. I actually thought up a different way to do the Nick story, making it more a straight up "Brave And The Bold" type thing starring Danny Phantom and Jenny "XJ9" Wakeman, but I'm going to put that one on hold: I want to work on this and Punch-Out!!: The Series some more.

OK, bad news. Big computer problems. Will probably be next week until I can get next part up.

File: 124952882493.jpg-(159.26KB, 800x526, Fillmore_by_theartrix.jpg)

Fillmore: Special Victims Unit?

"Morpheus and Trinity: The Early Years."


Gonna finish some "Punch-out" first. After that, look forward to Fillmore Noir #4 and a short "test" story. After that, MIGHT launch Nick adventure story, might work on Fillmore Noir and Punch-Out!! some more. Your thoughts?

Working out on too much projects.

You're spreading out your interests too thin. You could've had a weekly hobby of writing something for /co/...kinda like storytime threads.../cept yours are texts instead of pics.

And the fact that you'll be doing it once a week can keep it "fresh" and "interesting", but also stable...

But that's just me.

...You know what you are?

Absolutely fucking right.

I need to work out a solid, concrete schedule on this.

Well, THIS is a bit of bad news. I just moved, and my ISP is being blocked from 4chan. Someone in my building was spamming.

I've sent moot an e-mail. Not sure what else I can do...this does not bode well for Fillmore Noir. Anyone have any suggestions?

Proxies. Otherwise, more proxies....

If nothing's happening, look into a resetting ISP connection...a friend of my has one of those and she says it solves most of her problems...

I know nothing about Proxies.... I guess worst case scenario, I move it here and make a thread about it on /co/ from someone else's place.

Anyway, my plan right now is to finish the current season of "PO!! TAS" (since I've got the rest of the season basically plotted out) then return to this.

So long as I'm on here, let me ask you guys a question: Fillmore Noir started out as this weird, pseudo-parody...but I'm having so much fun with Fillmore, I'm thinking I might take it in a different direction. I've always wanted to do a Disney LoEG type thing, and Fillmore and Ingrid strike me as interesting POV characters (not to mention fun to write). I've got an idea that could, potentially, tie in with every single thing Disney's done, and if you guys would read it, I'd LOVE to write it.

I'll post some more ideas and some test writing either tonight or when I finish the great Tiger episode of "PO!! TAS".

Bitch, please. You could write Kingdom Hearts yaoi and we would still read it just because it says "Punchy" in the name field. It could end in a BEL-AIR and we would still read it.

And here you are teasing epic crossovers like we might not be interested. Stop playing. I was there when you dangled the plot for Fillmore Noir 4 behind that spoiler tag and I'll be damned before I let you get something like an IP ban get in your way.

And sign up for that newsletter for more proxies. In closing, you should make cheesy titles for the acts. It's Fillmore after all.

I think you've made my day.

OK, I'll look into Proxies, but there's a good chance they're verboten here: if they are, I'll just keep posting here. Either way, I'll post some ideas once I've posted the Great Tiger episode of "PO!! TAS".

As for titles...

1. Fuming Rage?
2.The Art of Crime?
3. I have no idea.

As for the titles for the REST of the storyline in progress...

4. :A Lesson... in FEAR.
4.5: Canidae.
5: Forgotten Service? Might not be over-the-top enough, I'll work on it.
6: Graduation: Up A EVIL.

Also, one more thing...

>" body is moving all on it's own!..."
>Riku grinned deviously. "At last, my little Sora...I'll have what's mine." Riku grabbed Sora's shoulders, shifting him about. "Now just...just sit there...I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air."

File: 125194099731.jpg-(27.76KB, 352x354, fillmore_determined.jpg)
OK, I know I said I'd do the Great Tiger episode first, but I had a brainstorm, and I wanted an excuse to write the same scene from three different viewpoints.

Consider this a preview of the Fillmore-injected Disney LoEG. I'll probably spin this off into a full story down the line, so if you don't want spoilers, you should turn back now.

The set-up here is that Fillmore, Ingrid, and Fi Philips are all on Pleasure Island in the present-day. There, they encounter The Coachman: who, by all laws of nature, should be long dead.

"Oh, they never come back..."

You give me a set of eyes, I can tell you all about that person: who's a stoner, who's a victim....who's a predator.

See, there are all kinds of predators...but they all got that glint in their eye. I can see it in bullies hustling the... "effeminate" guys. I can see it in the bitter, broken teachers who pick on kids to feel big.

But this island...the broken windows in rotting wooden frames. Kegs of beer long since rancid, ruined by their rusting taps. Crumbling sculptures of lemons and candy, the paint long since worn away, revealing the cold stone beneath...

This island houses a different kind of predator. An awful, awful kind of predator. Something inhuman.

And I'm looking at him.

" BOYS!"

File: 12519413103.jpg-(58.46KB, 479x338, ingrid_onthephone_surprised.jpg)
"Oh, they never come back..."

Photographic memory, like any gift, has a catch. A downside. A caveat, if you will.

When elements from happy, innocent memories find themselves twisted and perverted into something unholy.

Like this. Rosy red apple cheeks, from the first time I met Santa at the mall, age 4. Here, framing a horrible, wretched, rigor mortis grin.

A brilliant brownish-red that I saw in a photo once, at Age 5. A Fox.

Here, a dirty, stinking scarf, the fur worn by age...and fleas.

A soft, comfortable red blanket I used to sleep in, age 8. Here, a rotting, tattered piece of material hanging on a skeletal frame that shouldn't exist, hastily repaired with various patches....

Like the brown one. A soft, friendly cat I met at age 7, it's skin ripped off and sewn here.

Or the other brown patch, the darker one. Ripped from my memories of visiting a farm at age 5.

Donkey Hide.

" BOYS!"

File: 125194166449.jpg-(24.18KB, 700x534, SoWeird201Medium_cap62.jpg)
"Oh, they never come back..."

I've been getting WAY too acquainted with death recently. I've seen zombies. I've seen ghosts. And I've seen people who've had their lives extended long beyond what they should be.

I've even begun to pick up subtle differences: Zombies, you see, well, they smell like rotting flesh. That's a no-brainer (Pun not intended.)

Ghosts tend to have a different smell, kinda minty, accompanied by a chill in the air and a slight twinge of unease.

People who've had their lives extended...that's a different call. Depends on how it was done. Met one guy once who cut a deal with...let's call it an unsavory force in the universe. Couldn't hide the smell of brimstone OR the looming shadow that followed him.

Meet another guy named Jesse Tuck. Nice guy, drank from a spring or something. Could never age or die. Friendly enough, but what gave him away was this sense of melancholy that hung over him, this unshakable sense of isolation, of stagnation.

Well, that and his fondness for Victorian era slang.

This guy, though...he took the prize. Nothing was right about him. His eyes, sunken into his skull (which, by the way, his skin barely clung to...except his inexplicable apple cheeks). The way he shuffled...not like a zombie, not like a human...something horribly in between.

And the SMELL. After him, rotting flesh would be a relief. No, no: he donkey. Donkey hair. Donkey feces.

Donkey blood.

All of it older than I am. The air around him seemed to twist and decay, as though the world itself was trying to warn us that he was too awful, too wretched, too inhuman, too unholy to exist.

" BOYS!"

Scary so far.

But the PoV options still doesn't change the vibe. Which is a good thing here. As in all three of them are thinking "wow, this guy's CREEPY"

If there's anymore of that, maybe we can start seeing the divergences of thought process. But so far, that one spam of words is insufficient.

Nice prose, though.

Thanks for your thoughts, man. I can't wait to get back to this!

A thought:

The first time this trio meets it should be up against something supernatural but purely believable given the right context. Fillmore thinks it's a prank, Ingrid thinks it's a science project, and Fi knows it's a Monster From Beyond. Fi's expertise in this one scenario makes her invaluable and allows her integration into the investigation to appear less forced.

Fillmore was right all along.

Hmmmm. The idea has merit...

Problem is, I'm worried that might completely discredit Fi in Fillmore's eyes. My original idea was to leave it ambiguous, Fillmore drawing his own ideas, Fi drawing hers: and the truth is never COMPLETELY revealed.

Of course, the flipside is, it could cause Fillmore to write Fi off...causing tension when he's thrust into something truly supernatural. I'll have to think on this a bit...

By the way, the IP ban on expires this Friday. Maybe you can finally post episode 4 on /co/. Thank God somebody was using it for something other than cp.

I'm going to go ahead and stop talking in spoilers.

I'm actually not sure if my building allows proxies or not: and, much as I love /co/, I'm not about to risk being kicked out. I might just keep posting them here.

Of course, the problem with that is, part of the fun of Fillmore Noir is the instant reactions and minor cliffhangers that come with the story and watching people react. I might have to think of a way around that, maybe teaming up with someone here to post them on 4chan, I don't know.

Why don't you just ask if you can use proxies?

Just checked, it's verboten. Oh well.

Say, /coc/, since the series after "Fillmore Noir" ends will incorporate the larger Disney universe, do you all have any characters you'd like to see? The more obscure, the better!

Also, can anyone think of a better name than "Disney's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"?

Meh. I'd rather B:BatB way. That is, Bats is the main guy and some random guy tags along.

In this case, Fill and Ingrid are the two leads here and the third provides the variety.

But that's just me. You can go anywhere you want.

Maybe...I WAS worried my initial cast Fillmore, Ingrid, Fi, KP, Ron, Cornelius "Lewis" Robinson, and Milo Thatch was too big. If I just make them recurring secondary characters instead, that will help things out a bit.

Incidentally...I still want to try and post a thing on /coc/ a week, and I'm having trouble on the next episode of "P-O: TAS". I might post something here instead this weekend.

The title needs to capture the full scope of Disney's creations, both animated and live-action. Disneyland Noir?

As a side note, I want to see where you can go with current Disney franchises. Perry the Platypus can be every bit as hard-boiled as Fillmore, and Doofenshmirtz would make for a phenomenal bad guy amongst a rogue's gallery of psychos. You don't have to go digging through So Weird and Pinnochio for inspiration. Pass the grimdark around.


Maybe on the name. Let's definitely keep that one in mind.

As for current franchises, don't you worry: they're going to form a lot of the backbone of the series. I'll probably go into more detail about this either later today or later this weekend.

I hadn't thought about Perry the Platypus much beyond a few plot points, but you've given me an idea for him: he's hardboiled, but the story is never told from his perspective (since he never talks in the show): so all we have to go on is the viewpoint of other characters.

As for Doofenshmirtz...I'm definitely going to have some crazies in the rogue's gallery, but for Doofenshmirtz, I was thinking of making him head of a team of comic relief villains, the Ferociously Atrocious and Insidious Legion (or, F.A.I.L.), along with Frugal Lucre and Gyrus Kringle (from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go).

Also, a note: I'm officially crazy. I decided it would be a good idea to make the new story as faithful to series continuity as I could. Now, for a lot of series, this isn't a problem: Fillmore, for example, isn't that heavy on continuity. I'd just started watching Gargoyles so I figure, "Hey, let's get some o'that up in here."

Jesus Christ, what I've gotten myself into. Long story short, I need help. Mostly on Gargoyles, but also Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, and W.I.T.C.H.

OK, had an EXPLOSION of ideas for the series in the past few days. Soon as I post the next episode of "P-O: TAS", I'll share some with you guys. Expect some rough ideas that aren't TOO spoileriffic, MAYBE a timeline of Disney History up to present day, and a preliminary list of Disney franchises that'll play a part in the series.

Damn, it is so hard to fight the temptation to work on this over P-O:TAS. But, I guess when it comes right down to it, I think I'll always be a bigger Disney fan than Nintendo fan.

Also, guy who suggested taking a B:BatB approach: TOTALLY right. Gonna run with that.

Bumping. Coachman story is fantastic.
Little bit on Ghost Galaxy's backstory as I know you've expressed interest in implementing parts of that into your storyverse.

Hey, thanks man! I've finished the next episode of P-O: TAS, so as soon as I proof it, I'll post some more here!

Sounds good

Nice work. Makes me want to write awesome things.

One thing I'd like to see is a few of the better Fillmore! villains showing back up again. That dude from the pilot was a great potential Master Criminal to Fillmore's Super Cop, the Maestro, that smuggling Canadian kid...Fillmore had a lot of great potential recurring villains they never used.

Also, if you're doing Mad Science, gotta give the props to Dr. Drakken. Avoid the temptation of over-using him, but the guy's so versatile you've got to have him show up once in a while.

>Nice work. Makes me want to write awesome things.
Say, Beard, would you be willing to help me out on this? Write a thing or two? Certainly wouldn't mind the help. And I'll definitely be using Drakken, but probably not the way you'd think...

Still plugging away at this. Have a Prologue to Chapter 4:

"Hey, Uh.....Sonny, right? I need to talk to the boss."

"I wouldn't go in there, Lawson. It's his playtime."

"Listen, the guy on the phone is threatening to do things I can't even describe to parts of my body I didn't even know I had. I think I can interrupt his plaOH GOD WHAT IS THAT."

"Lawson! You're just in time! hand me the fishing rod, would you?"

"J-Jesus, boss...what IS that thing?"

"A dog, Lawson, what's it look like? I think you'd like him, his name is Scud."

"Y-Yeah, sure boss...I love dogs...but, uh... but what's with alla those wires and that...*Urk!* that stuff sticking into his skin?"

"You'd be surprised how long you can keep a dog alive if you have no regards for the dog's comfort or the laws of nature, Lawson! Now, the fishing rod, if you please!"

"Uh...Sure, boss. Here you go."

"Hmmm....My little Jessie. Jessie Jessie Jessie. You think I don't know your secret, Jessie. But I do. IiiiIIiII do! Yes I do! Yes I do! My uncle told me, you know...he's the smartest man in the world, because he can hear them... He was able to break through the monotonous drone the rest of the world hears and tune into them...those wonderful, wonderful voices that tell him so many wonderful secrets..."

"(Sonny...he's talking to a doll, Sonny. He's WHISPERING to it.)"

"(Let it go, man. Let it go. Nothing good could come from you pointing it out to him.)"

"Hmmm... why do you keep quiet, pretty girl? Do you have hope? Do you think your friends will help you?....why do you wear your painted grin, pretty girl?.....ANSWER ME!....OK. OK. You can talk to my little Scuddy...





"(Sonny...I can't watch this.)"
"(Look, just...cold chill, man. Just keep telling yourself that it's just a toy.)"

"Hmmmm...that was a close one, wasn't it Jessie-Jess? Sooooo close....But now playtime is's time for you to go back to your box...your cold, dark, locked box...back into the dark, Jessie...Back into the dark....

Mmmmm....I can hear your heart beat.

...Now then! Lawson, what can I do for you?"

"Uh...uh.... Phone for you, boss...."

"Thank you, Lawson. Thank you just so much. Take the afternoon off, get yourself something nice.

UNCLE! Always a pleasure! What have you got for me this time?...

...Oh....OH...OH, this is delightfully wicked! It's a privilege and an honor, sir. Mm-Hm...I'll make sure to tell you how it turns out! Give my regards to Dillinger! OK...OK, buh-bye.

Sonny? I need you to do me a favor. I need you to round up some people for me. We need to talk shop, have a pow-wow, converse, and otherwise make them an offer they simply can't afford to refuse."

Golly. Sure-should we exchange e-mail addresses or something?

Sure, drop me a line! Let me know what your favorite Disney stuff is and such, I can tell you what I'm thinking of building towards, and so on and so forth!

And if anyone else wants to help out, drawfag, writefag, or someone who wants to make sure I stay straight on with characterization and continuity, go ahead and e-mail me!

Hey /coc/:

Oban Star Racers: Is that "Disney enough"? It's only ever aired on Toon Disney, but I'm pretty sure Disney doesn't actually have that big a stake in it.

Might be worth a cameo, but it was just on the channel instead of being a product of the studio, I thought.

That's like asking if Total Drama Island belongs in a Cartoon Cartoon world.

So no.

...Point taken. I have to say I like Beard's idea of using it as a cameo, so I might run with that at some point.

Anyway, I had a few more ideas for names:

Disney World (Short and Simple.)

Disney Thriller

Thrillerland (Like this one more than I should.)

Disney World Noir

The Funky Fillmore Ingrid Spookathon Jamboree

That One Project That's Not Quite As Popular As LoEG East or the Disney High School Thing


"The Dark And Stormy World Of Disney"?

OK, update time: I, personally, am coming off of the hardest semester I've ever had in my life, but now that it's over, I can FINALLY devote some time to this.

Big thing to note is that Fi may NOT be appearing in the last three chapters of the initial school stories, as Beard is using her in a major spin-off set in this same universe:

"Long". Drawing heavily from Disney's fantasy and sci-fi properties, Long will see Jake Long, Fi, Jesse Tuck, and Elisa Maza and the Manhattan Clan as the main characters, with the Quarrymen and Doc Terminus as the main antagonists. There's going to be some HEAVY foreshadowing in this work, so watch out for it. Frankly, I'm excited.

Going into a bit more detail of what we've got planned for the universe as a whole, you can expect three big bads to pop up over the course of the stories. Hadn't really planned on them being this way, but they've basically come out as the full spectrum: lawful evil, neutral evil, and chaotic evil.

I'm hoping I can finish the last of the regular "school" stories in the next few weeks. That'll lead up to the "World Tour" stories that see Fillmore and Ingrid trekking across the Disney Globe. A running theme in the remaining school stories and the world tour stories will be Fillmore and Ingrid having to cope with the weirdness of the world they're now thrust into: for example, Ingrid will develop an intense fear of mind control.

Sonny's (Fillmore's old partner) going to be playing a BIG role in Fillmore's back story, which will be showing up a bit next story.

Still looking for writers and illustrators if anyone's interested.

For the record I still think you can have Fi be involved just fine. Say she hops from school to school so she can still hunt weirdness while keeping her family safe.

Bumping because of how awesome Fillmore Noir 4 was last night.

I shat brix when he just dropped into a Fillmore thread at midnight.

"School happened." Indeed.

Fillmore #5 was posted tonight. #4 has yet to be archived. Someone had better have it saved in case the guys at 4chanarchive decide to be dicks.

4 just needs a few more votes in the judging. These things do take time to show up in the public archives.

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