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File: 12671594543.jpg-(105.94KB, 638x512, 1267157564549.jpg)
23215 No.23215
So there's already a thread for lesbian princesses, but how about a thread for general gay/lesbian fairy tale ideas?

Some of the proposed ideas so far, from 4chan's /co/:

>If they ignore all the gritty bits of her story, which Disney is an expert at just look at Hunchback, then the La Maupin would make an excellent starting point for such a movie.
>You've got a professional singer and adventurer who finds the girl of her dreams. But the girls parents disapprove and so instead send the girl away to a convent. La Maupin goes on a thrilling adventure to find her, they run away together and live happily ever after. We ignore the part where they burn the convent down, and also the part where Maupin gets tired of her after like a year and goes looking for some new tail.

>The only thing I came up with was a selkie princess who has a bad habit of losing her "skin," and while she's looking for it one day, the daughter of a black market merchant comes across her. She realizes how valuable a selkie-girl is, makes up some bullshit about how she'll help her find her skin, they go off on an adventure together, blah blah blah.
>It's kind of stupid and Little Mermaid-esque, but the picture in my head of a confused-looking girl frantically searching around the shore and mumbling about how it's "the fiftieth time she's lost it" is just adorable to me.

>the prince who was cursed? make him a chick.
replace the hideous daughter with a forced hetero marriage. Possibly even an attractive Gaston-type guy. but still interfering.
>Babydykes everywhere would cover their devarts with fanworks based on Princess Bear and The Peasant Girl.
>Also, Princess Bear is named Horatio.
>Peasant Girl is named Ariadne.
>I don't know why I picked those names. but this is my fantasy, dammit.

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File: 126715951024.png-(30.70KB, 327x358, lolwat.png)
Concept sketch of one of the main characters from the selkie idea.

File: 12671595297.png-(44.99KB, 327x354, selkie.png)
And the selkie herself.

Reposting some other ideas:

I like the idea of the girl who goes on an adventure to save the other girl from the convent.

>There can be the typical humor relief characters, of course, who she meets on the way, and it'd go back and forth between her adventures and the girl in the convent trying to break out herself.

>Other characters who have trouble accepting who they are, or who are forced away from the ones they love, would also be side characters, and at the end the plot webs would untangle and everyone's issues would finally be solved, with the two girls running off together into the sunset.

In response to the selkie story:

>And the daughter of the black market merchant would slowly begin to fall in love and start feeling guilty? And the selkie girl would find out, and bad shit would happen, and black market girl would save her and say that selkie girl doesn't have to forgive her, but she does anyway because she loves her, and they kiss on the Irish sea shore as the waves crash against the rocks at their feet?

>Because I love shit like that.

File: 126716459088.png-(429.49KB, 792x1201, SelKie.png)
Uh, I don't know if anyone's still interested in this, but I drew up a few things for the Selkie story.

I'm still very much interested, and holy shit, that is adorable and just completely perfect! Your drawing style is cute as hell.

I'd contribute more stuff but I'm about to head off to class, so I'll be back in this thread tomorrow.

Nicely done anon, the style you chose is adorable. I like the ponytail addition to the BMM girl.

I'm interested in the selkie story, but I'm no drawfag. I'm also not much of a writerfag, but I do enjoy worldbuilding. Here are a few thoughts to start things off: What's the age period of the story? Perhaps a port town would play some part in it? A center of commerce would play perfectly for the black market merchant character, though the selkie would know better than to bathe so close to a human settlement (or would she? She comes off a bit addle minded to me). Reading the wiki entry for selkies the myth is a bit varied when it comes to the skins; it'd be nice if we could all agree about it before moving on.

And it's late, I'll check back tomorrow as well.

File: 126717231755.png-(193.67KB, 625x866, selkie2.png)
Few more things. Probably last page for the night.

Wiki seems to suggest that selkies are either completely seal or completely human, so we should probably go in that direction. I just thought it would be fun to draw a seal-maid.

Look, I love lesbians and all. But I'd never start anything but silly porn with "They're lesbians." I think both of the creations start off n the wrong foot like that.

It's mostly that there are so few positive stories about lesbians out there (they have a tendency to end in tragedy somehow) and there are even fewer that are made for children. It's more like we're trying to write a contemporary fairytale for an until-now underrepresented group.

>Selkies are able to become human by shedding their seal skins, and can return to seal form by putting it back on. Stories concerning selkies are generally romantic tragedies. [...] Other times the human will hide the selkie's skin, thus preventing them from returning to seal form. A selkie can only make contact with one particular human for a short amount of time before they must return to the sea. They are not able to make contact with that human again for seven years, unless the human is to steal their selkie's skin and hide it or burn it.

>In The Secret of Roan Inish, a fisherman steals the selkie's pelt while she is sunbathing. She is then forced to return to his house, as she cannot escape back into the sea, and becomes his wife and bears him children. The skin of the seal gives her power over men, but without it she is a mortal woman, trapped on land, slave to the whims of her husband.

I thought we were going with this version. The Selkie Girl sheds her skin to sunbathe, but she accidentally loses her skin (maybe it washes away?). The Black Market Girl, knowing that people will pay a fortune to own the skin and the Selkie Girl, lies to her and says she'll help her look for her skin. The Selkie Girl, being innocent and absent-minded, immediately trusts her (maybe there can be backstory here: she doesn't know to avoid humans because her parents were killed? For added intrigue, maybe they were killed by BMG's father at some point).

Anyway, BMG tricks her, they look to see where her pelt would have washed to, having adventures as they travel along the shore (we can figure this out later).

Anyway, BMG grows fond of SG and her genuine sweetness, sheltered from the cruelties of the world unlike BMG who has been tutored by her evil father her entire life, and begins to not only feel guilty but fall in love.

The main bad guy would most likely be an evil old rich man who wants to buy the pelt so that he can force the SG to be his obedient servant wife, as well as BMG's father who wants to sell the pelt for money.

BMG knows that, if she gave SG back her pelt, SG would disappear forever, so not only does she have to decide at the end whether to sell SG on the black market or not, but she also has to decide whether she wants to keep the pelt herself and force SG to stay with her. In the end she would choose the selfless thing of course (though maybe she'll decide to only at the last second, to make the climax more dramatic she might even sell SG at first and then realize her mistake).

Anyway, she does the selfless thing, tells SG the truth, gives her back her pelt, but SG eventually reveals that she loves her back and forgives her.

They burn the pelt and live happily ever after together.

Something like that...?

These are my favorite designs.

First off: I have been looking for that pic forever. Thank you OP.

>>23231 has some good ideas, but I think that burning the skin would be a bad idea because who doesn't want to be able to turn into a seal? That's what the kids would think, anyway.

I think that the plot itself could use some restructuring, but I'm not entirely sure how. A part of me says, "take the standard storyline and turn it inside-out so you get a happy ending," but I don't really know what that implies.

There definitely needs to be some "fantastic journey" element, so maybe walking along the shoreline to find where the skin washed up might be a little too mundane. For right now, though, I don't have any solid alternatives. Maybe later.

Well, it's more than she doesn't feel the need to be a seal anymore and she wants to be with BGM, so wouldn't she burn the skin so that she didn't have to leave for seven years?

But yeah, the plot obviously needs major restructuring. I wanted to just throw a basic outline out there so that other anon could brainstorm.

I've been looking up some Irish names, and Darcy is a girl's name that means dark, while Fiona means fair. Maybe the black market merchant's daughter's name could be Darcy and the selkie princess' name could be Fiona for contrast?

I don't know if a fantastic journey would work, maybe just a regular adventurous journey. Considering that the main conflict is centered around a Selkie girl coming from the sea into human life, the story should revolve more around an "abnormal person experiences realistic world, adventures ensue" story rather than a "normal person experiences fantastic world, adventures ensue" story.

I suppose we could also just redo the entire story plot to be more fantastic, too.

Darcy is an awful name for a girl.

You mean like The Little Mermaid?

File: 12672096911.png-(103.55KB, 617x383, selkie3.png)
I thought maybe BMG could have an unhealthy crush on a higher class girl, who might be a regular customer of BMG's. The BMG confesses her affection to the rich girl, but the rich girl turns her down. BMG runs off to the beach to pout and finds selkie?

Cordelia, Morgance, Morgandy, and Ula are Celtic names meaning "of the sea" or something similar. I'm partial towards Cordelia, personally.

I like that idea of BMG being in love with an upper class girl before finding the selkie girl and falling in love with her instead. We should find a way to factor the rich girl into the plot later on though. Maybe a relative of hers is someone who wants to buy the pelt?

I know that making every girl a lesbian would be pushing it, but here's an idea to toss around: maybe BMG pines after Rich Girl but doesn't confess. Their fathers do business together and so they see each other sometimes, but BMG just pines for her from afar (maybe acting like Helga, acting sarcastic and abrasive to her face but then secretly liking her?).

But anyway, this is just an idea, but Rich Girl could like her back as well, or at the very least like the feeling of having BMG feel devoted to her, and so when BMG starts falling for the new quirky girl staying at her house, RG could get jealous, find out that the girl is a selkie, and try to find the pelt herself so that she can get rid of her?

So basically, RG would be a villainous figure. Maybe that's why BMG would be drawn to her in the first place, though obviously SP is ultimately her better half.

Also, for BMG, I like the names Nora or Nessa. She seems like an 'N' girl.

I love your art so much. Do you take cartooning classes or just do it for fun?

Golly, thanks. I just draw for fun, and I don't take any classes. Though, it'd be nice if I could make a career out of it eventually.

File: 126721633610.png-(226.39KB, 1190x888, selkie4.png)
First meeting?

Nessa seems perfect for her, if you ask me.

HA!, that seems perfect, though Nessa (if we're going with that name) shouldn't fall for her until later since she wants to trick her at first.

Also, should Nessa be wearing a working girl's dress or overalls? What time period is this taking place? I'm not too knowledgeable about Irish port town fashions.

For names, I like either Fiona or Cordelia for the Selkie girl. And is she going to be a Selkie Princess, or just a regular Selkie girl?

Art tip: when drawing expressions, you should have at least a little bit of white space above the iris/pupils to show surprise, even if the character is looking up. But I'm just being nitpicky, this is a really good draft.

And could someone maybe give the sauce for the OP pic? I've been dying to know where it's from since the thread last night.

Ula sounds like a good seal name.

Here's an idea: what if the pelt has magical properties beyond controlling the selkie? It could be like in Pete's Dragon, with the quack who wanted to use the dragon's body parts to make fantastic medicines. Maybe the effects could be something generic like eternal youth and beauty, or maybe they'd be more like Davy Jones's heart from PotC.

How about this: selkies have magical powers that allow them to control the sea; nothing fancy or overpowered, but useful enough so give a big boon to a single ship. However, the selkie needs to at least be in the vicinity of their skin to use these powers, and whoever possesses the skin controls the selkie. Maybe it's not magical, and it's more of a "do my bidding or your skin gets it!" situation.

I should add that this is a good reason for RG to want the skin/selkie without making her gay.

So would RG want the pelt so that she could control the seas, or so she could sell it to people who might want to, like what BMG wants to do? Since her father is a customer of BMG's father, maybe she wants it for her father?

And if we're keeping the BMG having a crush on RG at the beginning, would this make the ending climax a choice for BMG between the "evil" RG and the "good" SP?

Having RG find out about the pelt too soon would be bad just because BMG would end up immediately selling it to her, so she should find out later, though I'm not sure how it would happen or why. Maybe RG, after rejecting BMG at the beginning of the story, would try to convince BMG that she returns her feelings in order to manipulate her into handing over the pelt at some point?

This is all if we're planning to keep RG that is.

If the person needed both the skin and the selkie to have the powers, why would they want to risk burning the skin?

File: 126722496098.png-(196.09KB, 741x632, selkie5.png)
I was wondering what I should dress her in. I was going to let you guys figure what time period in which this should take place. And the reason Nessa's blushing is because Selkie's naked. I wasn't trying to imply any infatuation.

Yeah, you're right. I'll keep that in mind,

Your drawings keep being almost exactly how I imagine the characters.

I know that in Japanese legend, eating the flesh of a mermaid meant you could live forever...but I don't think we want it to be that dark.

Some selkie myths:
> The male Selkies are responsible for storms and also for the sinking of ships, which is their way of avenging the hunting of seals.
> A selkie can only make contact with one particular human for a short amount of time before they must return to the sea. They are not able to make contact with that human again for seven years, unless the human is to steal their selkie's skin and hide it or burn it.
> If a man steals a female selkie's skin, she is in his power, to an extent, and she is forced to become his wife. Female selkies are said to make excellent wives, but because their true home is the sea, they will often be seen gazing longingly to the ocean. If her skin is found she will immediately return to her home — sometimes, her selkie husband — in the sea.

So as a modification of these myths to fit our story:
> It's not just male selkies that can cause storms but females as well.
> If a selkie is too far away from their pelt they are essentially a normal human and so cannot cause storms.
> Once a selkie puts back on its pelt and goes into the water it cannot shed its skin and return for seven years.
> Fishermen steal the pelts and use extortion to force the selkies to marry them and manipulate the waters to help them fish.

I'm not sure about how much to change the myth for the sake of the story, but maybe there can be some things that are just not common knowledge about selkies except to a select few, like the selkie herself and maybe the BMG's father would also know rare information like that.

Any Irish anon or Historian anon here who might know what the dress and time period of the story should be?

I was thinking the story could take place some time around the early 1900s, at the turn of the 20th Century. Modern but not too modern. Also, we'd conveniently ignore all the big political stuff going on at the time anyways, but we definitely don't want it set during something like the potato famine or a war.

Great, but maybe the selkie's eyes should be brown or black to be more seal-like. Either that, or her seal form has blue eyes, which works just as well.

This is all good material.

I'm trying to figure how to get a happy ending, since even if the selkie chooses to remain with her human lover there's still the matter of the black market father. I assume that in the end he and whoever wanted the skin are either arrested for their various crimes or carried off by a horde of selkies.

Now, here's something that seems obvious from a narrative standpoint, but may be too hard to pull of logistically: might there be some means for the human girl to become a selkie herself? Maybe if a selkie chooses her mate instead of the other way around, the mate grows a seal skin.

Eh, I think having them both as selkies at the end is pushing it, and it'd be stretching the myth a bit too much to have a human turn selkie.
But this
>I assume that in the end he and whoever wanted the skin are either arrested for their various crimes or carried off by a horde of selkies.
>carried off by a horde of selkies
>by a horde of selkies
this would make a great climax. Since selkies would turn over the ships of fishermen who hurt too many seals, maybe they can be out at sea and about to harm Cordelia/Ula/Fiona when this happens. Since we'd have the main characters on land, presumably, for the majority of the story, they wouldn't have a reason to interfere until this point.

File: 126723342084.jpg-(17.13KB, 500x401, harbour solo.jpg)
Ditto on the eyes. The iris should be large and soulful and black.

File: 12672352095.png-(227.92KB, 901x801, SelKie6.png)
Yeah, It didn't occur to me that seals don't actually have colored eyes until after I posted that. How big should the irises be, though? Seal irises could be really creepy on a human. Also, I'm glad you guys went with early 1900s. How's this dress look for the time period? I thought it would be funny for Nessa to stick Selkie in a potato sack for lack of anything better to wear. But it's illogical, since I'm pretty sure Selkie could fit into Nessie's clothing.

Dreamworks face!

That could be one of the little trials they have to go through: shopping for clothes that'll fit Selkie girl. Hijinks ensue. Also while everyone calls her Nessa the selkie girl should totally call her Nessie, much to her annoyance.

Before going more in depth with the plot, I just want to get the basic character traits down to make sure I'm on the same page as everyone else.

Selkie Girl: Naive, addle-brained type, sweet, kindhearted, and simple
Nessa: Scheming, sarcastic (though Selkie girl can never tell), abrasive and tomboyish, world weary, can lie and kiss ass like her father, but has a tender heart on the inside
Nessa's father: Like Nessa only just plain evil on the inside...I can't really imagine what kind of evil we'll have him as though. The full of himself type, acts polite and sycophantic to his customers while at the same time coming off as a creeper maybe? Is Nessa going to be fully aware of how cruel he is and act on her own terms, or is she going to look up to him?
Rich Girl: I don't really know what we're doing with her yet. Selfish, egotistical, and scheming like Nessa? Is that why she falls for her in the beginning?

Am I on the right track?

Those irises seem big enough.
I'm not an expert on Irish fashions throughout the ages but I'm pretty sure that's good enough. I doubt this project is going to be so widespread that it will reach any super nationalist Irishperson.

File: 126724226551.jpg-(317.07KB, 821x1024, pixar_dreamworks.jpg)

also, what if the selkie has like...amnesia or something and when the BMG finds her, she thinks she's supposed to be human?

then they get close (trying to "find her family") and when they go swimming she nearly drowns, but regains her memories.

then when she tells BMG, BMG has to choose between loving her and letting her go.

Mmm...I don't know if that idea is as good. There wouldn't be good enough reason then for BMG to know that the girl was a selkie, and the "teaming up to find her family plot" doesn't seem as intriguing as the "teaming up to find her pelt plot", especially considering the whole fish-out-of-water element we have going and how the selkie girl would be so unfamiliar and intrigued by human life. Also I really like this idea:
>but the picture in my head of a confused-looking girl frantically searching around the shore and mumbling about how it's "the fiftieth time she's lost it" is just adorable to me.

I agree that there should be a choice at the end for BMG between keeping the pelt and making the Selkie girl stay or letting her go. Definitely. Maybe after she figures out that she's in love and doesn't want to sell the pelt.

The swimming and drowning idea though... since she becomes more human the further away her pelt is according to >>23261, she could initially almost drown when she tries going into the water because she can't swim normally, but the closer they are to her pelt the better she can swim? Maybe this can factor into the plot later somehow?

I'm tired of calling them BMG and RG and such.
Let's see what we got so far. I'll throw some extra names in, but these are just general ideas.

Hmm. My votes would be:

BMG: I'm torn between Nessa and Molly. I liked the idea of SP calling her "Nessie," but Molly seems to fit her really well, too.
SP: Cordelia
RG: Claire
BMG's dad: Finbar
BMG surname: O'Shea
RG surname: Reid

BMG: Molly or Nessa (I like the idea of SP calling her Nessie too, but Molly fits better)
SP: Fiona or Cordelia
RG: Bridget or Claire
BMG's dad: Seamus
BMG surname: Flynn
RG surname: Reid

Resident drawfag's vote:

BMG: Nessa
SP: Cordelia
RG: Bridget
BMG's dad: Ennis or Dunham (means dark man)
BMG surname: O'Shae
RG surname: Reid

Changing my vote to Dunham.

Replace Meg with Nessa.
Replace 'man' with 'girl'.
Replace 'he' with 'she'.
Replace singing muses with singing seals.


Brainstorming time:

There's an old selkie story about a selkie wife who actually loved her human husband, but his fishing ship overturns one day and he starts drowning and so she puts on her pelt and goes out to swim and save his life, knowing that she can't become human again and be with him afterward.

The first climax of the story can involve RG trying to convince BMG to give her the pelt. All the lies and duplicity are revealed to SP, and she is shocked while BMG stands ashamed. Using the fact that BMG confessed to her before, RG tries to manipulate BMG into handing over the pelt for love and money, an offer which BMG would have taken at the beginning of the story. But due to true love and character development BMG refuses.
The scene ends with RG storming off and BMG standing awkwardly before SP, assuming SP hates her now, while SP is speechless.
Then suddenly, RG comes back with BMG's father, some thugs, and a wad of cash in her hand, and they then proceed to take SP by force. BMG's father, his thugs, SP, the pelt, and BMG are taken out on a ship to test and see if SP's powers work. She is forced to start conjuring up a storm, but stops and refuses to continue despite father's threats to burn her pelt.
He begins to threaten her physically, and BMG somehow shakes off the thugs to go try to protect SG, when suddenly the selkie army comes and overturns the ship to protect its own.
BMG's father and his thugs drown, and BMG is close to drowning as well. In an act that shows that she cares about and forgives BMG, SP puts on her skin in order to have the ability to save BMG's life.
BMG wakes up on the shore at dawn the next day and sees seal tracks next to her leading into the sea. She slowly realizes what just happened and breaks down.

One way to end it is for SP to suddenly show up because something caused her to turn human again (we'd have to figure this one out and foreshadow it beforehand), and she reveals that she loves BMG back and will burn her pelt so they can stay together and then they kiss of course. Or maybe they both become selkies somehow I dunno.
A second way would be to have Nessa wait seven years, building a house for herself on the sea shore. Then SP would eventually return, reveal that she loves BMG back, burn her pelt, they kiss, etc. It would be a bit bittersweet since they'd have to wait seven years but it would make more sense.

(Not that I really need to say this, but I don't think any of these ideas have to or should be used, I'm just throwing out suggestions.)

Actually, I think it'd work better if RG wasn't an antagonist; I'm seeing her as a kind-hearted airhead. Unfortunately for BMG, RG's straight, maybe even engaged. I'm not too up-to-date on my mythology, but maybe BMG wants the selkie skin to make RG fall in love with her?

If we could change the selkie mythology a bit that could work...I suppose I'm just hesitant to change it so drastically that it becomes an entirely new myth. I also kinda like the idea of RG representing BMG's bad half and SP representing her good half.

Isn't Cordelia basically a Manic Pixie Dream Girl at this point?

File: 126731281623.png-(76.88KB, 456x474, SelKie7.png)
Haha, what?

Do you happen to have a DA account or something like that?

But I want to keep the idea of Nessa having to choose between keeping the pelt and letting Cordelia go somehow.

I don't usually update it incredibly often.

Maybe that part can happen inbetween when Nessa turns Bridget down and when Bridget comes back with Nessa's father. Like after Bridget leaves, Nessa is hesitating giving Cordelia her pelt back because she "knows" that Cordelia will want to leave her, but then she decides to give her the pelt back anyway and to let her be free just seconds before her father arrives?

I think they mean this?

I preemptively apologize for any time you waste.

So how are Nessa and Cordelia going to fall in love?

Writing a believable romance is always the hardest part.

I know this thread hasn't been very active lately, but I was thinking about the plot recently, and if we're planning to kill off Dunham or bring him to justice I feel it would be easier if we didn't make Nessa his daughter. She can know of him and want to sell the pelt to him for a high price, but all that could just be because she's poor and so would be familiar with the seedy underbelly of the town.

She already seems like the poor working girl type, and we already established that she's greedy at first and is doing it for the money, so the poverty could tie into that. I also feel it would be harder to sell that a Black Market Merchant's daughter would be poor, if we're going to make Dunham a crafty and successful villain.

Nessa's feelings of inadequacy for Bridget, along with the whole "we're both girls" thing, could also be influenced by the class divide. In fact, we might even make Bridget Dunham's daughter, and that could be where her wealth is from.

I was also thinking about the time period the story takes place in, and if we're choosing the beginning of the 20th century a lot of the fashion and style would be hard to replicate, especially in a way that would fit Nessa. The story might work better during the great depression in the 1930s, which fits more with the clothing and hair styles we've picked so far, and if we make Bridget Dunham's daughter we could attribute her wealth to the black market.

Another suggestion: if we made both Nessa and Cordelia orphans, this could be a potential impetus for their romance. It could make Nessa sympathetic/empathetic to Cordelia and vice versa, and offer a way for us to make them closer on a deeper level, which would make the romance more believable.

Wow, I'm the master of tl;dr. Thoughts?


Why would a seal have a human name? They should just call her Selkie.

File: 126774994487.png-(81.48KB, 299x731, selkie9.png)
B-But we could call her Cordy and dress her in corduroy.

File: 126775028096.png-(252.50KB, 1025x590, selkie8.png)
I haven't got many ideas to contribute right now.

It's sad because I've been drawing fanart myself and trying to come up with period inspired designs and other things, but I won't have any way of getting the drawings on the computer for at least a month.

I love the designs you have so far though. My art isn't nearly as good as yours, I'm no real drawfag or anything.

File: 12677557333.png-(92.30KB, 576x397, selkie10.png)
Aw, thank you. I don't spend a lot of time on /coc/ so I don't know how long threads usually last here, but I'll be looking forward to seeing your art if you ever get a chance to post it.

If we decide to not have Nessa as the BMM's daughter, we should have her be a street urchin con artist, because it would fit with the fact that she's conning the Selkie.

Also, do you think we should have any seal characters? If we're going the Disney movie route there would probably be some emoting animals. The Selkie would probably be a princess too, but that wouldn't explain why she doesn't know to be wary of humans, and we don't want to make her too much like Ariel.

>>23436 here
If we're going with the 1930s, some examples of hair styles that a fashionable and wealthy girl might wear at the time are here:

Before WWI the only people who wore their hair down were little girls.

I agree with everything you said! Especially about making Nessie NOT the merchants daughter and instead making rich girl his daughter. Nessie could be selling the fur to him to get money and also to impress rich girl, or something, I dunno. >>23487
I love your art, it's so expressive and cartoony and lovely.
Don't let this idea die! I love it. I hope to do some drawfagging for this soon.

She's might not be a princess, but I was thinking that maybe the selkie girl could actually turn out to be lying about losing her pelt, and just wanted to see what being a human was like and to get a human to help show her around? So she'd secretly know where her pelt is and would just be having fun exploring being human, though I assume she'd still want to go back home to the sea at some point. And this would only be revealed later in the story. Would this make her too much like Ariel?
And hey, maybe she could want to go back home until she falls in love with Nessa and then changes her mind. She would still be hurt learning about Nessa's betrayal, and we could also develop the romance more mutually between them rather than just focusing on Nessa.
I sorta like the idea of them both falling for each other, but not realizing that the other returns their feelings.

File: 126797850722.png-(93.20KB, 531x477, selkie11.png)
Aw, thank you!

I like your ideas, anon.

Also, why did we pick a time period with hair styles that are so hard to draw? I mean really.

Fashionable hair styles are all pretty much complicated and hard to draw up until the 50s/60s. With the poor girls of the 1930s era we can at least get away with letting them have their hair down or just pulled back into ponytails.

We don't really need to be that historically accurate as long as we're vague about the time period. Hell, Disney makes shortcuts through history all the time.

If we're okay with this idea, I can imagine a scene towards the end where they confront each other, each wanting to spill the beans to each other but interrupting each other and saying "no you go first" and stuff. Selkie girl would probably end up going first, because if Nessa went first then SG'd just angrily leave. After SG confesses that she knew where the pelt was all along, Nessa might interrupt her asking where the pelt is before SG can admit the rest about how she's in love and wants to stay, and she can get cold feet about it and not say anything until Nessa ends up admitting her guilt and how she was planning to betray her. Then SG'd get angry, but we still couldn't have her run off with the pelt because then she'd go back to the sea and the story would end. The ending would also feel pretty flat if Nessa just apologized, admitted she loved her right then and there, and then SG just immediately forgave her and it ended. Would RG and Dunham and his goons come now instead? Are we even going with that idea?

If we're making RG evil, the confrontation in >>23302 (unless someone comes up with a better story structure) with her trying to coax Nessa into giving the pelt to her could happen before this, with RG wanting Nessa to sell her the pelt after it's found. I can imagine after being rejected she could have some villain moment where she messes with Nessa and tells her that if she's in love with SG and gives her the pelt, SG will leave and Nessa will go back to being poor and alone.

It feels weird making RG a villain, since I like the thought of >>23316 and we also don't have many other good characters who aren't the main characters. Then again, I guess it'd fit with the story so far to make every character but SG morally gray. It'd also be weird having RG be too much like SG, since then we couldn't get that dynamic at the beginning with Nessa being annoyed by SG, and having Nessa move on to a relationship with an RG clone wouldn't be very romantic.

I get the feeling that RG shouldn't be a villian
She should represent everything that Nessa thinks she wants in life at the beginning, but realises she doesn't at the end, but the main antagonist should be the Black Marketeer, who deserves a more active role- maybe he could be the artful dodger to Nessa's street urchin upbringing and plans on coming Nessa like she conned others
Anyway, rich girl should be presented as kind of vapid or airheaded, but not the main villian, or gay

So, one thing that hasn't been answered yet is how the sealkie lost her pelt in the first place
My guess would be she absent mindedly left it in a cove that was also, unbeknownst by her, being used by the Black Marketeers smuggiling ring- and what were they smuggiling at the time? Why seal skins of course!
Naturally some absent minded henchman or Nessa herself noticed the pelt, and thinking it was part of the shipment, loaded it along with the other seal skins into a truck
The pelt gets passed around from one black market trader to the next without anyone recognizing its true value while Nessa, the Selkie, and the BMG chase after it, always one step behind and tangiling with the authorties more than once, until they catch up with it at the rich girls mansion, who's father has bought the pelt to be made into an expensive seal skin coat for his little girl

Why exactly would the Black Market need to smuggle seal skins?
Other than that you have some good ideas. Also, I sorta like the idea of Selkie secretly hiding her skin on purpose so that she can explore on land, but that still can fit with your plot.

I assume that seal skins are, like expensive luxery items like diamonds and ivory, are highly taxed,
And it doesn't have to be just seal skins- people smuggle all sorts of legal items that are often obtained in not so legal ways

You know what the BMG needs?
A bumbling henchman-perferably of the dumb muscle variety.
someone big, slow, and easily manipulated but ridicously strong, to contrast with the BMG's plots and schemes
It's the old Lenny and George Dynamic- with the BMG as Lenny

If this takes place during either the first or second world war, I'm pretty sure rationing and contraband laws made luxury items strictly controlled and almost impossible to find outside of the black market
Besides, they don't have to be dealing exculisvely in seal skins-They can be smuggiling lots of other wartime contrabasnd favorited, like Caviar, chocolate, jewlery, and weapons-they just have to have a shipment of seal skins too

>with the BMG as George
Gah, I need to brush up on my highschool literature

Or the seal skins can just be stolen goods

Yeah, but I like my explanation better

If we go with this idea, we could introduce some extra characters in the form of contacts that BMM and Nessa have in each town, since they'd have to find some way to track it. Maybe one of them could factor more into the story too, like an underling of BMM who's sent to track Nessa/Selkie. I like the idea of the big bumbling guy to act as a foil to BMM.

Maybe Nessa also knows a bunch of fellow street rats and needs to get their help and connections for finding where the pelt would be, but they aren't very fond of her because she's the sarcastic loner type and has conned them all once before. She also doesn't want them to reveal her scam to Selkie or to take the pelt for themselves, so she has to figure out how to get their help without letting Selkie figure out her scheme.

That could be at least one conflict they run into during their quest to find the pelt.

Are seal skins luxery items?

Does it really matter?
They could've 'Fallen off a truck'
The important thing is that they are in the smugglers cove

Lets see.
Character break downs are in order at this point.

File: 127022834954.png-(82.58KB, 471x585, yyeah.png)
Alright so I had an epiphany. Our story can't take place in the past. The kids won't like that. Instead, it's gotta take place in modern day. Our main character lives in a town called "Sunnyvale." She goes to Sunnyvale high school where all sorts of weird things happen. See, Sunnyvale rests on a thing called the "Evil-mouth" which means all kinds of monsters and terrible things congregate there. She fights these horrible monsters with her friends and the school librarian. Also, there can't be lesbians. Parents don't want their kids watching that.

File: 127023989926.jpg-(25.54KB, 320x270, hellmouth.jpg)
You mean a hellmouth?

I know, man. I wanted it to be slightly different. I'll stop with the stupid jokes now.

Yeah, this concept has changed alot from it's original conception, hasn't it?
But I think it's changed for the better.
Also, more on topic, when and where exactly does this story take place?
I know we seem to be leaning towards early 20th century Ireland, but we haven't really gotten anything more than generic Irishness so far.
Considering the time period, maybe it would be better to put the story before 1912 and home rule- to avoid, or at least skirt, the 'Irish Question'

While I agree that the Irish War of Independence is a touchy issue, I don't think it means that we should avoid the topic all together, just that we don't directly adress it. The period of tension that existed between the Irish free state and Northern Ireland is filled with bad memories, yes, but it also offers great oppertunities in terms of stories.
I was thinking that perhaps we could, indirectly, suggest that Nessa's parents were killed during the Easter rising.
Also, as far as periods goes, 1921 would let us use the port city of Dundalk as the perfect setting.
The partition of Ireland in May 1921 turned Dundalk into a border town and the Dublin–Belfast main line into an international railway. The Irish Free State opened customs and immigration facilities at Dundalk to check goods and passengers crossing the border by train.
It also is the supposed birthplace of the hero Cuchulainn and the site of many archaeological remains including the ruin of a medieval church, a motte castle and an iron-age hill fort.
Perfect set up for our little gang of thieves, smugglers, occultists, and profiteers.

Obligitory wiki link to Dundalk
Also, when I said that Nessa's parents were killed in the Easter rising, I was hoping for them to be just innocent bystanders who were killed in the cross fire rather than die-hard revolutionaries or something.


So your epiphany is Buffy the Vampire Slayer? >_>

I'm pretty sure that was a joke
(Plus: Like hell am I going to let this idea die!)

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