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File: 126368204143.jpg-(151.32KB, 1024x768, Toa_Mata.jpg)
21532 No.21532
Bionicle Redux

Mission Statement: Reboot the Bionicle Franchise, the Mata Nui Saga in particular.
Instead of everything being made out of technic pieces, think Avatar meets Green Lantern. Heroes falling from the sky with supernatural control over the elements battle evil.

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File: 126368215975.jpg-(60.00KB, 467x350, tahu_big.jpg)
Tahu - Tahu is the boldest, fiercest, and most courageous of the Toa. This can lead to a hot headed temperament and aggressive behavior. Despite this, he is incredibly loyal and protective of the team (especially Gali). He takes his position of team leader seriously, which can sometimes cause him to disregard advice in favor of his beliefs.

Tahu's mask of shielding can protect him from almost any attack, however he is vulnerable to ambushes. He also wields a sword that can channel his control over fire. He can shoot pillars of fire, affect the magma deep underground, combust the oxygen in a concentrated area, and raise the temperature of any object.

File: 126368222099.jpg-(19.52KB, 384x288, a-gali20toa.jpg)
Gali - Although Gali is most comfortable in the deepest darkest oceans, she possesses a warmth and empathy that the others do not have. She is gentle and kind, and is the voice of reason whenever arguments threaten the group. Gali has also been proved to be an incredibly skilled fighter.

Gali's mask allows her to see and breathe underwater. It also significantly increases her swimming speed. Gali is mentally connected to all water, which allows her incredible amounts of control of the rivers, lakes, and oceans in Mata Nui. She can affect the tides, cause floods, tsunamis, and rainstorms, and can disperse them at will. Gali wields a pair of hooks which allow her to scale any slippery slope, and can also be used offensively.

File: 12636823022.jpg-(14.68KB, 261x194, lewa.jpg)
Lewa - Just like the element he has mastered, Lewa is free, wild, and always there. He has a strong sense of devotion to the Toa and his village, as well as anyone he deems good. Lewa is in touch with the forest and the trees, and has a fondness for all the creatures of Mata Nui. He is very clumsy on the ground, and prefers to be swinging from vines or soaring on air currents.

Lewa's mask of Levitation lets it's user slow falling speeds or hover in midair for indefinite periods of time. Lewa can affect the winds. He can project large amounts of winds and cause hurricanes, or can remove all air in an area to create a vaccuum. Lewa carries with him an axe, which he uses both for clearing underbrush and for combat.

File: 126368236280.jpg-(17.22KB, 300x225, a-pohatu20toa.jpg.w300h225.jpg)
Pohatu - Pohatu is amiable and friendly, perhaps the most of all the Toa. He's on good terms with all of the Toa, and believes in equality, treating all members of the village as his friends, not underlings. Pohatu is always the first one to make a joke, both in times of crisis and peace. He has the happiest demeanor, but is also brave and dependable. Like Gali, Pohatu attempts to be diplomatic whenever there is internal conflicts, but he is rarely as successful. Pohatu never takes insults seriously, and will easily forgive his friends whenever they make a mistake.

Pohatu owns the mask of Speed, which more than makes up for his naturally slow movements. Using the mask, Pohatu's fierce kicks can be delivered so quickly that it seems to be instantaneous. He also can control sandstorms and rockslides.

Ha ha ha oh man, the Mata Nui saga was the best. The game was srsly fun too.

Shame I stopped caring after that.

File: 12636824245.jpg-(16.76KB, 320x290, kopaka.jpg)
Kopaka - Much like the frosty mountains that he calls home, Kopaka is cold and isolated. He believes that he can accomplish more on his own, and will only team up if the situation requires it. The concept of cooperation makes him uneasy. Kopaka has no time for jokes and reckless behavior. He also tends to appear and leave at random (like Batman in the Nolanverse). Kopaka is one of the most intelligent Toa, often taking the time to analyze an opponent before striking. He spends much time within a personal sanctum meditating and pondering mysteries.

Kopaka's mask of Insight has many uses. He can see through walls to search for concealed threats, and can examine machinery to view an enemy's weak point. In battle, Kopaka uses a sword and shield. Through the sword, he channels his control over ice, allowing him to freeze water, stop snow midair, create blizzards, cause avalanches, and lower the temperature of any object.

File: 126368247911.jpg-(18.55KB, 384x288, a-onua20toa.jpg)
Onua - Onua likes to dig. That's pretty much it. He can sense the slightest movement in the earth through his fingers. He can see weak spots in the ground. Like the rest of his village, Onua has above average vision in darkness, but poorer sight in broad daylight. He is far from impulsive or reckless, choosing his actions carefully. Onua chooses not to speak much, which lead to Kopaka questioning his intelligence. However, Onua is one of the more intelligent and contemplative Toa. When he does choose to speak, it is often profound.

Onua can use his mask of strength to boost his already impressive abilities to ludicrous levels. Onua has control over earth, perhaps to a greater degree than his teammate Pohatu. He can create pillars and other constructs out of earth, ride on moving chunks of stone, and can cause the ground nearby to explode or crumble.

So yeah, that's what I did for maybe half an hour today. I had a few sketches but no scanner :[

Tell me what you think?

>Liking Bionicle

I am officially leaving /co/ and its affiliated sites, forever, now.


And you don't even have the courtesy to sage.

On topic, I loved the Bionicle series and am happy to see this here. Not sure what exactly has been changed in each character, though, other than having Onua and Kopaka share the element of earth in general as opposed to soil vs. rock, and maybe having the personalities of Lewa and Kopaka switched.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I didn't really change much, because I wanted to start from what they had, deconstruct it, and make it into something new. Anyone can suggest changes to character, although I'd really like if some drawfriends made concept sketches?

In regards to your comments, it isn't really clear how Pohatu and Onua's abilities differed. I sorta guessed when I made those alterations.

I fucking loves the Mata Nui stories. After they introduced the Toa of Light and started doing all the movie tie-ins the whole franchise got pretty lame IMO. And yeah, I played the shit out of that game.

And in regards to the topic, I'm not quite sure what the point is. Basically you want to do the enire Bionicle story over again, pretty much exactly how it was, but make them all people instead of machines?
Quite frankly, it was the vaguely robotic aspect of them that was one of the selling points for me. And I can't really imagine things like the Bohrok as organic beings.

Is Bionicle part of the Lego cosmic franchise? I just want to know if my dreams of Bohrok vs Robo Force are fevered, or just the normal kind of pathetic.


I really have no idea what I'm trying to accomplish haha. I was just playing the Mata Nui Online Game and felt like writing something.

File: 12637156978.jpg-(132.33KB, 598x349, Tahu Haters Gonna Hate Nui Font.jpg)
See pic
Someone never read the novels they've done since Metru Nui as well as those webserials, because those just kick ass.

We're keeping the "Great Spirit Mata Nui=Giant robot that contains the whole Matoran world with the island covering his face" reveal later on I assume?

And if we're making the Matoran world people more organic then, we could easily trim the whole "Matoran and Toa are expies of Agori and Glatorian made by the Great Beings to maintain Mata Nui part" and have them all as a massive group of Core War refugees the Great Beings selected to live inside Mata Nui while he looked for a way to bring Spherus Magna back together

Oh man, you seem to have a really extensive knowledge of this stuff.
Does all the stuff I wrote match up with what's canon?
Also...can you explain what you just said? haha

I've been following the storyline since it started.
After they did the Metru Nui storylines and the Matoran went back to the city, Turaga Dume, who was waiting for them there, told them that Mata Nui was dying and would take down their world with him. The Nuva take some canisters up to the surface to find the island of Voya Nui to find the Mask of Life that'll help revive Mata Nui, but get their asses kicked by the Piraka, a group of rogue Dark Hunters who were subconsciously influenced by Makuta to go there after they went scavenging around his lair.
Jaller, Hewki, Hahli, Matoro, Nuparu, and Kongu leave Metru Nui to go help them, escorted by Takanuva until they reach the land of Karzahni, Matoran hell, and Takanuva can't go any further from some barrier. They escape in another set of canisters and arrive at Voya Nui, hit by lightning from the Red Star and become a group of electrically charged Toa

And this is partially why I stopped caring.
I think they just went a bit overboard with this whole crazy mythos. Especially considering how small it started.

Upon arrival, they find the Piraka to have enslaved almost the whole island with a substance called Antidermis, which is actually part of Makuta's substance. They are helped by Brutaka, a rogue agent of the Order of Mata Nui (Bionicle SHIELD), who lost faith in Mata Nui after so many years guarding the Mask of Life and has a drug-like craving for Antidermis.
The Toa get backup from Axonn, Brutaka's former partner who still keeps the faith, and a Matoran resistance group. They eventually beat back the Piraka and make their way to the chamber in the island's volcano where the Mask of Life is, but find it attached to Vezon, the split personality of Piraka Vezok as a result of an accident with a Spear of Fusion's reverse function in Makuta's lair. The mask has fused with the back of his head, and he's batshit insane and riding around on a giant spider that becomes a dragon later in the fight from the Mask of Life trying to protect itself (it tends to mutate or curse anyone who touches it, save the occasional chosen user, in this case Matoro).
They beat Vezon, but the Mask detaches and goes into the water. After freeing the Nuva, the Inika go after the mask, taking a tunnel down. What they find are a sunken village of Voya Nui called Mahri Nui, and the ruins of The Pit, the Bionicle Alkatraz. With the Mask of Life now in their midst, the worst criminals of the lot, a group of warlords called the Barakki, want to use it to regain their ability to breath on land, the waters of the area having mutated them into fish monsters. The Inika get new forms from the Mask's interference and a Matoran living in the underwater village tries to get rid of the Mask for being too much trouble, only to be turned into a copy of the Pit's former jailer, Hydraxon.
Makuta (real name Teridax) himself comes back in this arc, possessing a security robot and fucks around with Matoro's head in addition to lending a hand, seeing as Mata Nui's death would be pretty bad for him. He tells him the Toa need to destroy the cord connecting Voya Nui to the seabed when they revive Mata Nui, as it's essential to the healing process. Big battle between Toa and Barraki ensues, Mahri Nui gets evacuated, Matoro gets the mask, but it's too late and Mata Nui dies. Matoro still has time to act in reviving him though and enters into another part of the Matoran world just as Voya Nui is falling down back into place. Putting on the mask, he sacrifices himself to revive the Great Spirit and teleports his team back to Metru Nui, letting them breath on land again.

In the meantime, the Nuva have been going through a list of things to do to prepare for Mata Nui's awakening, including unleashing the Bohrok hordes to do their job and recover a tool that'll heal most of the damage done during the Great Cataclysm. They get new adaptative armor from the reclusive toolsmith Artahka, and are sent to Karda Nui, the heart of the universe to finish the job and awaken Mata Nui. They find a whole band of Makuta inside, corrupting and enslaving the Matoran of Light locals with modified Kraata. Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu battle one group in the sky that's become blind (though using seeing eye Matoran) and batlike after the massive burst of light from Mata Nui's revival, Tahu, Gali and Onua go to the swamps below and fight more insect like ones while finding the keystones to open to Codrex and wake Mata Nui.
The Mask of Life joins in the fight, making a Toa body for itself, but doesn't really know it's own strength. Takanuva is on the way to deliver a message from the Order of Mata Nui itself, though he's been partially drained by a Makuta agent and become part shadow. After some dimension hopping, including an evil Toa universe and one where the Matoran world evacuated onto the island of Mata Nui after Matoro failed, he tells the Toa that awakening Mata Nui will pretty much blow up the entire ecosystem of Karda Nui from the sheer amount of energy that'll be released. Final battle of Toa and Makuta ensues, Takanuva finds a Rahi that can cure his condition along with the others corrupted by the Makuta with supersonic waves and leads the evacuation. The Mask of Life, knowing his new friends can't get out if they awake Mata Nui themselves, chooses to sacrifice his body to do the job, just as Matoro did, and the Nuva and Light Matoran get the hell out, while all the Makuta die.

Mata Nui wakes up, he's a giant robot that contains the whole Matoran world. The island of Mata Nui was basically a camo mask for whenever he landed on different worlds to observe them and find a way to bring together the parts of Spherus Magna, the homeplanet of the Great Beings that was split in three in a war over Energized Protodermis.
Just as the Toa are all celebrating in Metru Nui, Teridax shows up. Turns out when Matoro sacrificed himself to bring back Mata Nui, he switched places with Mata Nui's soul. Mata Nui's soul, trapped in the Mask of Life, is flung into a portal to space, while Teridax's evil is law. Now Mata Nui, having given himself a Toa body on the gladiator planet he landed on, seeks to return home and undo the evil that is Teridax

The huge mythos is the reason why I've been hanging around the whole time on the franchise. It's pretty awesome. They brought in a Bionicle counterpart to Cthulhu a couple years back in the online serials.

Oh God I can still read Matoran.

File: 126374787033.jpg-(184.25KB, 1175x773, pic9677B0BF8BB69A745732DA1DA14DC886.jpg)
What's going on now then was after Mata Nui helped unite the four tribes on Bara Magna against the invading Skrall, he noticed that the now united villages formed another giant robot. He managed to fix it up and with a power source he found in a mysterious maze the Great Beings used to live in, takes it on as a new body to fight Teridax, who arrives to finish the job and kill Mata Nui.
Massive giant robot fight is going on now, while a de-Nuva'd Tahu and Takanuva escape the Matoran universe and go to Bara Magna, where one of Mata Nui's Glatorian allies Gresh, helps them search for Golden Armor that'll help win the war. Of course, Makuta's unleashed a ton of yellow Rahkshi (they have Heat Vision powers) and a Skakdi (Piraka) army lead by the warlord Nektann onto Bara Magna, so it'll be pretty hard.

File: 12637826782.png-(330.13KB, 645x522, Kopaka_by_unclekrekka.png)
Oh fuck yeah. Someone from /co/ redirected me here.

File: 12637831606.jpg-(537.94KB, 800x800, Vezon_and_Fenrakk_speedpaint_by_Tavanaka.jpg)
As far as I know from the comics, Po-Matoran or whatever the fuck is aboveground and Onua's place is a lot more belowground. I don't know much of a difference. is where you can find every comic ever, by the way. Might be a big help.

File: 126378384912.jpg-(45.39KB, 600x406, A_Caught_in_a_Dream_by_Brave_Dragon_Xu.jpg)
And now I'm just gonna post more pictures.

File: 126378405710.jpg-(743.13KB, 930x952, Black_Bionicle.jpg)
I know those masks are pretty common and what seperates the Toa's masks from the others is that they've got like energized protodermis or something, so their power is amplified.

But I guess you could make them like Lantern rings where it doesn't give a shit and as long as they fit some criteria, you're getting the special masks, which I guess the toa do.

File: 126378411367.png-(147.94KB, 386x498, 1263162822362.png)

File: 12637841956.png-(383.75KB, 465x369, Hewkii.png)
Like this.

Not really, but as a bit of wankery I would think maybe Mata Nui, giant robot guy is really just some sort of guard between lego worlds and whatnot e.g. minifigs and stuff

but this I dunno if this is technic lego, because the OP is talking about Avatar and Green Lantern and things like that.

I'll shut up for the night now.

Just the Nuva got Energized Protodermis enhanced masks, the Inika had organic, always on masks from being hit by lightning from the Red Star until they lost them in the water.

File: 126383393032.jpg-(584.33KB, 1000x1010, Kanohi_Zatth_by_Evil_Accret.jpg)
Oh, okay then, nevermind that.

It's interesting we've had this thread now considering that over at BZPower, some members have just established an ambitious fanfilm series project to try and animate the portions of the saga not covered in movie form.
Actually gives me an excuse to try poking in on that board again, might even contribute a little like some voicework and such.


thats a freaky vagina.

File: 126445225655.jpg-(181.44KB, 375x500, giant. goddamn. vagina.jpg)
No, this is a freaky vagina.

I can't believe you done that. :[


Anyways, since we're doing this whole reboot thing what do you think of maybe making the whole mask-matoran thing symbiotic?


I can't believe you did a five 2's GET.

Oh wow. Five twos! haha awesome.

Could you perhaps explain that a little more?
I've been sketching almost nonstop, and I have a few preferences toward the designs. No scanner, but I could describe them to you if you'd like.

Well, if I was doing a reboot, I'd be taking it back to the tribal roots - straight up masks as magical totems, Mata Nui and Makuta as literal brothers and none of the cyberpunk prequel business (not that I didn't like that). You know, a version of the story where all the stuff we were told in the first year was actually true. Maybe a little Avatar influence in the way they use their powers.

I kinda like the Jedi Truth angles to it. And Makuta is down to one being now. Hell, Teridax's original duty was to eventually help Mata Nui in putting Spherus Magna back together with the second giant robot, so you can still use the brother angle there in that respect.
Maybe explain Mata Nui's spirit as being the same sort of energy being as Makuta is.

Also, I'm probably gonna try out for that fanfilm project over at BZPower. They're doing Dark Mirror (the Mirror Universe story) and I'm thinking of auditioning for Krika.

I like the "jedi truth", but I just wouldn't do it again in a reboot on account of it's not a surprise anymore and in general makes things more complicated.

Well we're gonna have to figure some way to get back underground for arcs past the initial 2001-2003 settings. Maybe make it literal that Mata Nui brought them to the island, like teleporting the Matoran spheres in Metru Nui up to the surface just before he went into his final coma.

Okay, I'm just playing devil's advocate/being argumentative now, but who says you have to go past 2003? Just because it uses the same basic characters, themes, and setup doesn't mean that it has to go through all the same story arcs.

I mean, this is completely just me, but if I personally was to reboot Bionicle it would be a concise, simple martial arts/adventure story about the six Toa collecting masks and clues and buidling towards a final confrontation.

Or something.

Seconded. We can leave Metru-Nui and later to some other group of anons. I grew up with/am most familiar with the original arc, so that's what I'd go with.

I like the idea of having the Bohrok as an ever present threat, whereas the Bohrok-Kal are behind the scenes, manipulating the events that take place. The final confrontation could be between the Kal and the Toa.

With the Kal eventually spilling that whole reveal about where the Bohrok come from?


The way I see it, the Kal would be in the dark concerning their origin. The Bohorok were mechanical creatures created with the sole intent of destroying the island. They possessed combat strategies and could form plans, but it makes more sense to me if they weren't very self aware. As a result of this, I would have the Kal allude to some great evil, but even they wouldn't know who it was.

If anyone has any strong objections to this lemme know! haha

Bohrok were never really evil though, they just clean Mata Nui's face. Only reason the Bohrok and Toa ever came into conflict was that Makuta woke them up early.

A reboot would definitely give the advantage of developing Makuta as the magnificent scheming bastard he became much earlier in. And take advantage that he and the Turaga know things the Matoran and Toa don't.

So okay, I just wrote up some thoughts.

As far as the story is concerned, everything we were told at the beginning is true - Makuta is Mata Nui's literal brother who put him to sleep out of jealousy. While Metru Nui may or may not have existed, it does not come up and as far as anyone involved is concerned the original six Toa are the first and only. The only things of concern below Mata Nui are Makuta's domain and maybe the Bohrok pods. The official canon became really complicated and one of the goals of a reboot should be to be more concise and accessible.

A much more populated world - the Koros as larger fortress cities with various small villages spread throughout the six regions.

The Tribes do not necessarily get along and part of the Toa's duties are to mediate disputes, sometimes coming into conflict with each other as well, which will culminate in the tribes uniting for a final confrontation with Makuta's army of beasts while the Toa head underground.

Building on that idea, not all of the Toa get along with each other. Tahu might act as more of a warlord, resolving conflicts through violence and prioritizing the interests of his people and the immediate threat of Makuta's forces over the search for masks, while Kopaka refuses to work with any of the others. Lewa gets along with the others but is too free-spirited and foolhardy to rely on them for help. Pohatu and Onua are bros. Gali is an idealist and just wants everyone to work together.

There is a greater emphasis on the elemental powers, which are not only focused through weapons but also through their bodies, resulting in some of the Toa getting more creative in fights. In addition to searching for masks, the Toa must work to master control of their powers. Avatar meets Green Lantern, like OP said.

Takua might be a central character, the "normal" observer returning to his video game roots as an adventurer who has been banished from Ta Koro. Except it sticks. In general give the Matoran a more active role with distinct personalities.

Spinning off of the idea of the ball salesman, there is a large underground cult of Makuta worshippers with chapters all over the island, committing acts of terrorism and sabotage. Infected balls as just one such example.

If the Bohrok come up they do not necessarily have the same motives as they ended up having in the real story. Maybe the Bohrok are there from the beginning as Makuta's enforcers/army.

The story follows the six Toa as they quest to obtain the masks, master their elemental powers, settle conflicts between the Matoran, protect the villages from the forces of Makuta, discover clues about their origins and Makuta, and ultimately must put aside their differences (and convince the tribes to do the same) so that they can come together for a final battle underground. The final battle against Makuta consists of more than "dodge a couple tentacles then everyone shoot your powers at the same time".

You know, bringing in Metru Nui could actually work for this. Just have the Turaga tell the truth about it much sooner and turn it into a rallying point for the Matoran to build up forces against Makuta rather then "Oh hey, we opened Makuta's big door and you need to know why we're moving to this underground city from our island home".
That whole Metru Nui story could be trimmed very easily down to just the fall of the city and Vakama going back for the Vahi, no Visorak attack, just have them as Makuta's additional forces on the island of Mata Nui.

Or that. I personally don't care for Metru Nui and feel like a reboot should avoid it, but I do kind of like that idea.

What sort of design motif do you envision for the island of Mata Nui. Anon previously mentioned something along the lines of fortresses or citadels, but give me specifics! :D

Like what the dude said, I guess kind of fortress-y like.

Also, just a mention, but they play like some sort of kanohi ball sport thingamajig. It would be pretty neat even if it's a running joke if there was some thought put into a National Kanohi League and Matorans getting pissed because their village lost or someshit

You're thinking of Kohlii

I've been somewhat shaping these guys personalities a little on already existing characters.

Tahu - Kamina. He's hotheaded, has a strong sense of justice, and a "fiery":D personality.

Gali - Katara. If one were to tone down the hope speeches, it seems to suit her. Katara has shown herself to be both capable in combat as well as the "glue" to a group.

Lewa - need help with

Pohatu - Spiderman. When I was summarizing Pohatu early on in the thread, I couldn't help but imagine a guy outmaneuvering his opponents while cracking a few jokes.

Onua - need help with

Kopaka - Batman. Cold, dangerous, and intelligent, Batman and Kopaka are pretty much the same person.

If anyone has any ideas for the two I missed, or disagrees with any of these, please feel free to say so!

I think Greg Farshtey himself said that was his intention when writing Kopaka

Lewa's always been more Spidey-like to me, though a lot more dangerprone, though the trick is differentiating him from Pohatu, though considering how hammy he was in Mask of Life, we could give him some Brave and the Bold Aquaman traits.


You just reminded me of treespeak. Why why why :[

Although I do like the idea of Outrageous Lewa

I was thinking Outrageous Pohatu. I should have made that a little clearer.

Trying to think of a good Genius Bruiser type of character to match Onua.

Onua always seemed like Cable to me. I dunno.

Yeah, but he's the wisest of the group

Tahu - Kamina.
Gali - Katara.
Lewa - Spiderman
Pohatu - Outrageous Aquaman
Onua - Heavy Weapons Guy (little smarter, little less crazy)
Kopaka - Batman.

Not so much related to the project, but the final issue of the comic is up.

Wish they had more comic time for the final battle, but at least we got Journey's End coming every Wednesday till the end of April.

I would think Onua would make a better Outrageous and Pohatu would be Spider-Man. After all the shit Lewa's been through he's starting to feel less playful and more srs bizniss than he used to be, so Lewa is like, I dunno, Penance or something.

Also Tahu is totally Wolverine, and not just because they have the same VA.

Bumping just because I'm really impressed with some of the things coming out of that Bionicle: Next Generation development!v=bbY2-x5s7sA

I'll only go through with this if in the end, Gali hooks up with Pohatu.

As for Bionicle IRL, I stopped caring for it around the time that they went to Metru Nui, and the story focused on the Turaga-As-Toa. I still have the comics, except for the first three comics and the first of the Glatorian series.

Put together a folder of the two Journey's End comics and the novel.

And with this and the last part of Reign of Shadows, that pretty much wraps things up for the original 10 year storyline, as well as starting this new "sans toyline, possibly fan-driven" post-Makuta adventure

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