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I tried some of that once. Tasted like perfume. Not at all pleasant.


wat no it doesnt your face is broken

Yes it does. >>4110 is right.

I'm rehiring myself, you're fired.

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More than a mouthful: A model poses with the Super Scooby burger
It's made up of four beefburgers, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese, 12 onion rings and three types of relish.

Containing an artery-busting 2,645 calories, the 'Super Scooby' has been dubbed Britain's largest and most fattening burger.

Its creator, cafe owner Nick Lomvardos, is convinced it is impossible to consume the meal in one sitting.

In fact he's so sure he's offering a free can of diet cola to anyone who can 'beat the beast'.

'None of our customers has ever been disappointed by the Super Scooby although no one has managed to finish one without help from their friends,' said the 42-year-old.

Super Scooby fan Luigi Armato tries to eat one once a week. 'You have to be a real man to eat one. They're delicious and I don't care about the calories,' he said.

Tucing in: Luigi Armato is a big fan of the Super Scooby burger
The £10 burger, on sale at the Jolly Fryer in Filton, Bristol, stands 15cm (6in) tall and weighs in at 1.5kg (3lb 4oz) - the same as a family-sized roast chicken.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Processed "cheese" cant even legally be called cheese, so how could it be valhalla tier? Unless you mean you'll die from eating it.


In-N-Out uses American Cheese, not processed cheese product. It is processed cheese, but it's pretty much the same thing.

File: 128325143364.jpg-(41.71KB, 595x325, adam_diner_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85.jpg)
What was that? A wussy looking British burger?

And no mention of Adam Richman?

I'm ashamed.

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My grandma gave me a bottle of this.
A month later, I worked up the courage to try it.

I come to you from the future, /ck/. Do not drink the Choco-vine. May my past self be the last victim.

ITT: Most horrible drink you've ever had.

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I had some digestive problems when I was a small child, and I had a colonoscopy (or something like it) as a result. The stuff they gave me was carbonated for some reason, and was without a doubt the worst thing I've ever tasted.

Barium's not that bad. It's thick enough to trigger your gag reflex, but the taste isn't all that remarkable.

It's like drinking chalk.

File: 128317937810.jpg-(8.36KB, 322x168, WHAT.jpg)
>not that bad
>like drinking chalk

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So +/ck/, I am down to my last boneless skinless chicken breast. As a poor college student, this means that I will have to go without for 9 days. How should I prepare it to maximize my enjoyment, on this final day of being an omnivore[this week]?

I'm also gonna make some roasted garlic couscous, if that influences anything.

Picture related, it's a hungry omnivore.

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You should probably take the chicken out of the brine now.

If it's not too late, I'd like to second the soup idea. Soup lasts a long time, and you can even freeze portions to make it last even longer.

File: 128288479152.png-(117.97KB, 318x236, classy.png)
oh derp
OP here, someone over at 4chan's /ck/ also suggested soup, but I've really got to be in the mood for soup...
and also I'm unsure of the quality of the soup that boneless chicken would make.

I just sliced it into two pieces, breaded one in some flour, spice-rubbed the other, cooked them both, sliced one and fanned it over the couscous, put the other up for leftovers.
Took a picture after my first few bites so I would hopefully always remember how delicious it was, cause seriously, best fucking chicken ever holy god.

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Ahh, bad parenting. Where would we be without you.


The talking spoon and fork are horrifying

I don't get it.

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This just in: Havarti = god tier.

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There are like 50 different kinds of bleu cheese, I know you have not eaten them all.

Okay, fine. Every variety of blue cheese I have ever tried tasted terrible and made me regret putting it in my mouth.


That is better. :P

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Post in this thread if you can cook more than 10 different meals. Post in it if you can't cook 10 different meals.

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...I knew I'd die young, I just wasn't sure why.

I own a restaurant, I can cook a mexican into an american if I please



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How bout them new Mountain Dew flavors?

If Distortion is your favorite, hang your head in shame.

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But, he's talking about England, not the USA.

...Oh, yeah. Yeah, see, it's easier to understand once you read the 10 posts above his. Disregard that, cocks, etc.

Am I the only one who thinks Distortion tastes like some sort of super strong Key Lime Pie flavor syrup? Which is terrible because its the only decent one of the batch.

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I'm writing an introduction to Korean food for my college's food blog.
To non-Koreans, what's your favorite Korean food?
To anybody who knows, are Korean desserts worth mentioning? Are they popular? I don't think I've ever seen them before.

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File: 127855174079.jpg-(56.61KB, 411x334, 1234311490005.jpg)

Traditional Korean desserts have their place. A lot of it is variation on rice cakes, and sweet red beans/sweet red bean paste is a prominent ingredient in most of it.

There's this stuff called yeot that's basically Korean taffy. The most popular kind is a type made out of pumpkins or squash (hobak-yeot) and even though it sounds weird, it's sweet as hell and so, so good. And it will pull out a filling, if you're not careful.

In the summer, our traditional equivalent to ice cream is bing-su (shaved ice) or pat bing-su (shaved ice with red beans). Self explanatory. It's shaved ice, usually garnished with sweet condensed milk, mochi, red beans, and sometimes fruit. Nowadays, some places will use syrup. Your snowcones got nothing on these.

My personal favorite are dried persimmons. Chewy, sweet, and delicious. It's hard to find really good, tender, well-prepared ones, though.

OP you still there?

Culd you give us the address to your college's food blog?

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Can I get a hell yeah

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There is a lot of fake meat that I would enjoy more if it wasn't trying to pretend to be meat. Like, if I'm expecting it to taste like beef it tastes like shitty beef, but if I'm expecting tofu it's pretty good.

Haven't tried this particular brand, but that's been my general experience. It's like biting into a zucchini thinking it's a cucumber.

How can I enjoy a meat or meat-analogue if I can't taste the legacy of the beast's suffering inside?

It doesn't taste anything like beef really, if you think of it as a soy patty or imagine up a fake animal (is a boca a bird or a mammal?) it's awesome though it might need sauce.

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Ice Cream, gelato, or YES?

General frozen confection thread. Sorbets and frozen yogurt are invited.

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File: 128001542460.jpg-(57.64KB, 300x225, FtCollinsStore.jpg)
There is an ice creamery in Fort Collins, CO called The Walrus, and everything it makes if fuckin' delicious as hell. They have all sorts of cones and cups you can order, and dip their own waffle cones in either white or regular chocolate and even add sprinkles to the cones if you want. They have all sorts of flavors too, that vary from day to day, from regular Vanilla to Swiss Dark Chocolate to Raspberry to Guinness (yes, they make beer ice cream!). And any of the flavors they have on any given day can be made into a shake or a malt. It is simply the best place for ice cream that I've found anywhere.

The only ice cream I've ever liked is this saffron and rosewater ice cream this place makes near me. Sounds gross, but it's GODLY.

I've had both flavors numerous times, they have it at Persian restaurants mainly.

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dear /ck/ do you know if wire hangers are sold singly or only in packs

because i only want one wire hanger so i can bend it into a grill and use it to make toast over a stove

cause fuck buying actual toasters

i guess i could bend two or more hangers together to result in a more secure grill structure though

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No more wire hangers ever!

Just put the bread on the stovetop.

You could also toast bread in the oven. You're overthinking this, OP.

hide File: 128054145983.jpg-(37.22KB, 517x345, Steamed-baozi.jpg)
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So I'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight, and part of that involves cutting my calories and having less of a retarded notion of portion size. I know that part of the problem for me is that meals don't seem as satisfying if I just cut down the amount I'm having from what I'm used to, so I'm really looking around for dishes that are filling without being too dense in calories.

Like soups and stuff -- I don't know any decent soups and was hoping you all would have some recommendations.

Pic sort of related, I love Chinese steamed buns, have found them to be very filling for how many calories they have, and I nave a new recipe that seems to be healthier than what I've made before. I'm thinking a few of them will do well in between classes this fall at college.

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As in dumpling soup.

Thing is, healthy eating or no, you're gonna have to settle some if you eat in large portions. That sense of being not-quite-full-and-wanting-another-half-serving?

Get over it, and go not-quite-full.

Keep that up for 1-2 weeks-ish, it'll feel normal to skip that last half-serving. You'll be full without it, cause your stomach will have shrunk.

Also, foods high in fiber. Not only are they generally(always) pretty damned healthy, but they fill you up faster. That's why half a cereal bowl of Grape Nuts fills you up more than a soup bowl of Froot Loops.
Also probably because Grape Nuts are tiny and dense as a rock, and so half a cereal bowl of them would have the same mass as a soup bowl of Froot Loops, but that's not the point.

Also, a handful of healthy foods have so few calories that you burn more by digesting them than they actually contain, I'm sure you've heard of them. Some website or another has a list, go googling around.

I don't think I have any filling, low-cal, healthy recipes though. Choose two, and I can get back to you?

Slightly off topic but I really need to know this and am not making a separate post. I tried googling it but didn't find the answer.

What does it mean if this plus symbol is written "+" on the nutrition label on a drink, for the sugar column?

hide File: 127817962617.jpg-(121.44KB, 640x429, 4183691288_ca8de6257e_z.jpg)
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Stroganina is pretty much just frozen arctic fish, freshest goddamn fish you will ever eat. Frozen to death in the arctic air, minutes after leaving the water for the last time, sliced and served still frozen then melts in your mouth.


Tell me, /ck/ what food do you hold fond memories of, do you still eat it? Do you pine after it long distance?

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File: 127883635813.jpg-(127.90KB, 640x429, Stroganina2.jpg)

More like sashimi freezie, feels like like shaved ice, tastes like raw fish.

Almost worth the hassle of going back to Siberia in winter to eat it again.

Along with horse liver and carp and home made ice cream cake. I don't remember eating caribou, but I hear good things.

Cinnamon rolls. My grandma made the most delicious cinnamon rolls from scratch, and make her own icing. She died in 2002, and she never taught me the recipe, so I thought they were gone forever...until I moved to Colorado in 2008, and it turns out that Johnson's Corner (a restaurant/truck stop) is infamous for their cinnamon rolls. I tried one, and had to fight not to burst into tears; it tasted just like grandma's, right down to the frosting, and it was like I was sitting in her kitchen again. So whenever I start to miss her (usually around her birthday & the day she died), I go get a cinnamon roll.

The thing I miss the most from my mom's cooking that she doesn't make any more (due to the fact that she went diet crazy and stopped making most of what I consider comfort food) is the made from scratch mac & cheese from the old Betty Crocker cookbook she used to have. It was ridiculously delicious. I have half a mind to ask for the BC cookbook when I go visit during Xmas, since I don't think she uses it any more. There are some great recipes in there.

Grilled chicken, still on the bone. We used to eat it all the time at my house. The smell and taste are permanently engraved into my brain.

hide File: 127963950038.jpg-(30.30KB, 320x255, PizzaKidFromHell.jpg)
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I recently started making Pizza, and I feel like I've figured out how to do so effectively. I've been using Wolfgang Puck's All Purpose Pizza Dough for my dough, and Cat Cora's Easy Pizza Sauce. I've been using broccoli and ground beef as a topping, and mixing Parmesan with the mozzarella. But I'm done learning basics, so I think I should start expanding. Where do I go from here, /+ck/?

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Functionally identical, y'all. Just make sure it's not glazed.


I've had one for ten years now. It's boss, but making food with it is weird sometimes because it'll cook with the flavors of past meals lightly embedded into it.

Thus I imagine an aged round stoneware for pizza will probably make any pizza you make amazing by proxy.

I've found that the way to make a good pizza into a great pizza is to use one really exceptional topping ingredient and make sure the other flavors don't overwhelm it. Try some really good flavorful cheese or gourmet olives or something. One of the best pizzas I've every had was one I made with olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic salt, mozzarella, salami and gourmet oil-cured black olives.

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