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Food & Cooking

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Look at this it's the latest idea I've come up with
French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

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I need to do this. Now.

I made a grilled cheese with some pepper jack last night. I want to do it again very soon.

When I make grilled cheese, I like adding little pepperoni slices to the inside of the sandwich.

hide File: 127907243127.gif-(37.42KB, 635x622, fruit stripe.gif)
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If you haven't gotten the Stride Mystery Flavor gum, get it.

It tastes like that zebra Fruit Stripe gum.

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"Leave the ram."

...Instead, let's all just get zebra fruit stripe gum...

File: 127935724160.jpg-(35.53KB, 471x334, rammed.jpg)
That would just gum up the works, anon.

hide File: 127881477111.png-(126.02KB, 330x240, whats-new-grill-cheese-burgermelt.png)
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Clearly, we need to replace the grilled cheese sandwiches with KFC Double Downs.

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That's terrific, instead of awful fried meat, I can have awful grilled meat that's been dried out from sitting under a heat lamp.

Seriously, have you tried that shit?

I have not. KFC isn't good in the first place, and the only one near me has a C grade health rating.


Grace C? Sounds like one of them thar fancy KFCs.

hide File: 127834084113.jpg-(72.25KB, 510x383, 2895214098_e5c394c0b4_o.jpg)
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Alright it's time to get serious, this here is a smoothie/smoothy thread. Post your home recipes, what kind you like, tips, dilemmas, etc.

I'll kick things off with mango smoothies and sugar shred balls on top.

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I love mango smoothies, but I usually order mine without pubes.

I lol'd.

My recipe is a simple one. Ice cubes, strawberry, blueberry, banana, vanilla ice cream, a bit of milk. Blend. Drink. Deliciousness.

Frozen bananas.

hide File: 127862512517.jpg-(61.96KB, 240x171, poopcereal.jpg)
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Why didn't anyone tell me Fiber One looks like poop?

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Why the hell would you post maggots on the cooking board! Now they're going to infest everything!

Maggots ARE food!

My dad used to raise mealworms with the intent to make mealworm toffee.

Not sure why he didn't, something happened and they all died.

hide File: 127847698711.png-(743.85KB, 469x812, Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 12.31.12 AM.png)
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Ahahha, oh man, I completely forgot about this until I went digging through an old scans folder. Got these chips on Halloween about five years back.

"Rap snacks", they come with a photoshop-filtered portrait of some rapper I guess they assume I know and a piece of fun motivational life advice.

I'm not even sure what kind of a thread this is applicable to... best Halloween swag? best... ridiculous merchandising in a snackfood?

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This is the kind of thing I'd expect to find in Homestuck.

...Right down to the filtered face.

Dave probably eats these fuckers every day. They're hella ironic.

Someone e-mail this to the writer.

hide File: 127544190063.png-(855.00KB, 1578x554, deathsandwhich.png)
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I can't stand tomatoes. I can barely choke a bite of one down in a salad, and I do not like them on my burgers whatsoever. The only place a slice of straight tomato belongs is in a BLT, in my eyes.

What I do love is absolutely everything made of tomatos ever, even things with very little else added. Pico de gallo is one of my favorite things, I fucking love gazpacho, etc.

It baffles me.

I wonder how sick you would get after ingesting all that sodium.

I think, in the case of the Bad Burger, you'd die.

hide File: 12780541608.jpg-(142.62KB, 800x600, tsovlaki.jpg)
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I present to you, General Tsovlaki.

Essentially pita bread (onion pita bread cause we were too lazy to chop an onion), with lettuce, rice, general tso' chicken, feta cheese, and souvlaki sauce/greek dressing poured on top.

It was amazing. Messy, terrible for you, and amazing.

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File: 127825316296.jpg-(5.63KB, 170x169, 1269447012762.jpg)
It's all good. I never get to use this one.
My face, etc.

According to Facebook...16 years.

Man, I owe you SO many anniversary dinners.......


Why? This sounds moderately (not un)healthy.

hide File: 127564032874.jpg-(0.98MB, 2700x1800, bacon.jpg)
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check out this bacon thread i'm creating.

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>Mushrooms = bad
Had a bad trip?

They're better around the time of fall.

File: 127822110178.jpg-(247.30KB, 640x417, CRACKPIG.jpg)
Brothers and sisters, gather round, for I have discovered the greatest of all bacons.
I don't know who this 'Bok' is, but he must be some kind of smoky god, who descended from the heavens, saw some pigs, and said "I am going to make them really tasty." I hope I can find this bacon somewhere at home (I'm in Tasmania ATM), because making a weekly bacon run to Hobart could get kind of expensive.

hide File: 127504951982.jpg-(33.25KB, 194x271, gorilla munch (2).jpg)
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does /ck/ auto-scroll to the bottom for anyone else?

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You know, theres going to be a day when someone says "You know, this Gorilla Munch is selling way better then we thought, we better update the art on that box..."

Who will then be eaten by the Gorilla popping out from the box.

The idea of a Gorilla eating a man is normally very frightening. Doing it while having the visage of Zen Bliss is even moreso.

hide File: 127790216151.jpg-(78.23KB, 554x382, Garden Salad.jpg)
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Salad is so goddamn good

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File: 12779517519.jpg-(388.22KB, 1024x768, 163042563_8138ffab26_b.jpg)
Bulgarian winter salad..

You mad?

File: 127796015350.jpg-(50.01KB, 266x350, salad leaves.jpg)
Mixed leafy greens (and purples) plus olive oil and balsamic vinegar are all I need.

Peperjack Cheese.

hide File: 127190598868.jpg-(10.39KB, 375x276, 2192979.jpg)
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He wasn't saying anything complicated either, he was calling Senor sour.

That's racist

i lol'd

hide File: 127422761047.jpg-(439.91KB, 1024x768, 247417978_1518d386c3_b.jpg)
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Oysters and general seafood thread is in effect.

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It would have been better if you just wrote nothing and we all assumed your original comment was troll-bait.

It would have been, yes.
But that doesn't occur to me in my sleep-deprived deliriums.

File: 127727904335.jpg-(12.67KB, 245x163, peoystersaug10.jpg)
No worries, I have those from time to time too.

hide File: 127200063913.png-(26.29KB, 766x478, TEETHANDCooking.png)
2749 No.2749 quickreply   Reply Last 50 posts
I've noticed that /ck/ talks about food, but there aren't many recipes. Sure, there are some scattered around in different threads. Let's face it though nobody is going to sift though all those posts. So I'm making this thread for the sole purpose of collecting recipes. Nothing but recipes!

Please do NOT discuss/post anything other than recipes in this thread!
(I'd suggest making a /ck/ general thread, then post your problems there.)

Later on I'll sort though all of them and arrange them in order and make proper cook book (somehow) and post it in /coc/. I'm also doing this because I saw recipe collection section on the front page (pre-update). I was kinda upset that it never came to be, so that's why I'm doing this.

I'm also planning to have a "cover" made for this thread(a request in /draw/), replacing the pic that I posted with. It will have the have the +4chan mascots on it and will be more appropriate then my spiral teethed maw.
So start posting any and all recipes here!
I do have have request for the mod. Will you please sticky this thread?

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A cup and two teaspoons of melted butter?
Mother of God.

...Fuck. I did that wrong. Lemme try again.

4 tubs of butter, preferably room temperature

1 cup of butter, melted
1 cup of butter, melted

8 ounces of melted butter
2 teaspoons of melted butter
2 tablespoons of...milk

1 cup of butter, melted
1/2 cup of butter, melted
1/2 teaspoon of evaporated milk (try to melt it, I dare you)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 12771802385.png-(1.11MB, 989x549, pesto.png)
Everyone knows pesto is s'posed to be made with a mortar and pestle. But who can be bothered? You can make perfectly good pesto in a food processor if you do it the right way. Here's the right way.

2-4 cloves of garlic*
300g (10.5 ounces) of pine nuts
300g parmigiano reggiano cheese, grated**
2 large bunches of basil***
Lot's of extra virgin olive oil

1. Take the leaves off the basil and wash them. Thoroughly dry them (I use a salad spinner and then pat them down with paper towels.)
2. Put the pine nuts and garlic in the food processor. Process on the highest setting until they are a slightly granular paste.
3. With the food processor turned off, add the basil and cheese. Process in short bursts (2-3 seconds) on a low setting at first. Stop often to scrape the mixture back towards the blades of the food processor with a spatula.
4. Once the basil and cheese are somewhat combined with the paste, turn the food processor up to a medium speed and start adding olive oil in a very fine stream. I'm talking a few millimetres thick at most. The goal here is to add the oil slow enough to allow an emulsion to form, but not so slow that you'll over-process the basil and wind up with dark, tasteless pesto. As the emulsion starts to form, the pesto will start to take on a runnier consistency. Be careful here. Stop often and ask yourself if it looks like the picture. If it does, it's time to stop.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

hide File: 127604583586.jpg-(537.57KB, 1920x1544, 1276045251308.jpg)
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What's for dinner /ck/?

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Some yogurt and a beer. I had a corn muffin a couple hours ago.

I'd eat more but I had a big Subway sandwich for lunch and I don't want to overdo it on food.

I am going to stuff my fucking face with fucking pizza until I cannot physically fit any more in.

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