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Food & Cooking

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  Fuckin' Cheetos.

ITT Snack/"Junk" food.

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File: 12770696972.jpg-(45.53KB, 500x500, snyders-buffalo-wing-flavour-pretzel-pieces-new-la.jpg)
My favorite thing ever.

File: 127707743838.jpg-(67.15KB, 738x528, Kettle Foods   'Mix n' Match' - C.jpg)
That shit is delicious

Those things are addicting. The buffalo are my favorite but that's because I'm a spicy junkie. The garlic bread ones are really good too.

hide File: 12767280484.png-(258.72KB, 500x438, earth-grains-thin-buns-multi-grain.png)
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Has anyone made sandwiches with this? Because, holy shit, these are fucking delicious.

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My stepsister once made a chip dip of cream cheese, sliced ham, green onions, and shredded cheddar cheese. It was delicious. Then I put some of it on one of these. Words cannot describe the ecstasy my mouth experienced.

oh man my mom just bought some of those earlier. I really want to try experimenting with hot sandwiches with them, like a grilled turkey and cheese. Or tuna melt maybe aaaa

Make a Cuban with them.

You're welcome.

hide File: 127546502841.jpg-(94.52KB, 542x720, 29726_578273089755_82400289_33746258_6262696_n.jpg)
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It's pretty clear that he does. Or how else would he have known they were raisins AFTER biting into the cookie?

People some times...

File: 127612519356.jpg-(44.00KB, 382x348, 1157409824091.jpg)
My exact reaction.

Oh, the irony.

I hate being so horribly deceived.

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  ITT: Local delicacies that you have to go to if someone visits your city.

If you ever come up here to Portland, you have to go to Vodoo Donuts.

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more like they couldnt eat anything else without poisoning themselves

Really? I thought it was just a convenient form of packaging. Tell me more, Señor!


their hands were disgustingly filthy covered in all sorts of shit from being down in coal mines and whatnot, so the long flat crust gave them something to hold onto so they didnt get filth all over the delicious food within. some other rubbish about the discarded crusts being a good luck superstition too.

hide File: 126929888085.jpg-(32.89KB, 308x567, ccmello103.jpg)
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'sup bitches?

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You don't like the cherry bomb?

They didn't offer that flavor at any of the stores I went to. Besides Cola, only Raspberry (crap), Passion Fruit (okay), Grape (crap), and a Sugar Free variant (fucking terrible) were offered. I tried their new flavor, Orange Burst, first time I saw the new cans; it tasted like crap.

I don't like most cherry sodas, though. Except Mt. Dew Code Red.


Cherry Bomb tastes like Dr Pepper mixed with something I can't put my finger on. I personally like Cola, Cherry and Grape. Passionfruit is the bottom of the barrel for my tastebuds, but Jolt is still the best energy drink.

hide File: 127507319765.jpg-(7.54KB, 400x400, 642bc9c0-8342-4a5b-a7b9-3f718d096c71_400.jpg)
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Are there any recipes that are BETTER when made in a Microwave? Some sort of clever container that steams shit in a microwave I could buy, perhaps? Something involving lots of plastic wrap?

I'm going to be moving in with somebody who's never used his stove/oven before, and I want to teach him that there are things you can make in the Microwave that aren't frozen foods or specially designed Ramen containers..

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  Part two of the episode. Probably the most relevant to your needs.

Thanks Gentlemen Bones!

Not a problem there, nameless.

hide File: 127423763890.jpg-(941.11KB, 2592x1936, 1274232628033.jpg)
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I'll just leave this here.

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Months apart.

They remember you.

What I posted was the Crave CRATE. The Crave Case is easy mode.

hide File: 127489046693.jpg-(50.14KB, 743x760, 1242055279618.jpg)
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Oh my days I need to try this beer

>£40 a bottle


hide File: 127373296242.jpg-(29.97KB, 600x450, sc0080c.jpg)
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ITT: food you tried while on holidays and liked but couldn't find once you got home

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Harris Teeter stocks Tim Tams around here (Maryland). Last time I checked they even had their own display.

They're goddamn delicious that's what's so great.

File: 127474275727.jpg-(68.05KB, 350x384, Penguin-biscuit.jpg)
Penguin was here, tim-tams are exactly the same

I've had these. I'm feeling UK/Germany nostalgia.

hide File: 127467750725.jpg-(182.91KB, 1096x1130, 127458554421.jpg)
3452 No.3452 quickreply   Reply

The funniest thing is, I don't detect a hint of irony.

That dog is super relaxed.

... okay.

I love cooking with dog. My one friend in Japan was obsessed with them and dog is such a good cook.

hide File: 127354200015.jpg-(76.51KB, 800x606, chicken-burger.jpg)
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I am of the Opinion that a Chicken Burger is Superior to a Hamburger.

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File: 12737933466.jpg-(51.78KB, 450x600, 12724410594.jpg)

File: 127465956878.jpg-(63.70KB, 625x469, mcgangbang.jpg)
I like both.

just add a ~one dollar or less for the sweet tea and you have yourself my worst enemy. That meal will destroy me in the end.

hide File: 127240255234.jpg-(1.58MB, 1000x4674, What-Should-I-Eat-Candy.jpg)
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what should you eat?

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Japan's KitKats are so damn good, Miley. THEY PUT STUFF IN IT I NEVER SEE AMERICANS PUT IN.

Also the fast food one sucks because it's assuming that all of the west coast=California. I do not like being reminded about In-N-Out not being in my state.

Look at the package, man.


I lived in Japan for a year. I ate their kit kats.

There were still other candies I preferred.

hide File: 127385214577.jpg-(72.21KB, 687x903, Emerson4.jpg)
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>Sake Sea Bass in Parchment

whoa look at all this shit i don't have to make this

>Miso-Glazed Tuna Kebabs

This however, I might be able to make.

Holy shit I love this website. Mmmm Bulgur Pilar

>Maple-Glazed Carrots

...holy living shit that sounds delicious.

This thing makes way too many suggestions containing shit I can't afford, though.

hide File: 127401255379.png-(112.53KB, 320x234, breakfast of champions.png)
3350 No.3350 quickreply   Reply
What's for breakfast over there by you, /ck/?

Pic related, it's mine. Hard to tell because of shitty webcam quality, but it's stuffed French toast.
Stuffed with fucking fluffernutter.
And also 9 ounces of milk because I like to keep healthy, y'know?

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I have a terrible habit of forgetting to eat in the mornings.

Today, bacon and cheese omelet. Simple yet delicous.

Okay, I kinda did something different this morning. As well as my customary coffee & cigarette, I had Bircher muesli with cinnamon yoghurt, stewed mixed berries and poached pair. That was some damn tasty... things.

hide File: 127382988246.jpg-(97.52KB, 500x782, miley-cyrus-work-3318-1.jpg)
3304 No.3304 quickreply   Reply

Also, happy hour for frappuccino's from 3-5 at Starbuck's.

I don't normally go but...I have been hanging out at Barnes & Noble reading comics, so I think I have a timeframe for going there for the next few days.

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I had the staff at my local Starbucks trained for my regular order and then almost the entire crew stopped working there. There was one guy left who knew me.

It was a sad day.


A blended cinnamon dolce latte?

That might've been it.

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