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Food & Cooking

 New Thread

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This thread is for posting links to--and the discussion of--your favorite food blogs/websites. I'll start.


That's what I'm subscribed to in Google Reader at the moment anyway (well, that, and thisiswhyyourefat.) I was subscribed to but I couldn't stand her live-blogging anymore; she's funny/batshit though and her recipes are good so maybe you should check her out.

Sometimes I find foodblogs more useful that large recipe data-base-type sites (e.g. allrecipes, recipezaar, epicurious) because I get a more detailed and intimate description of what goes in to making a given recipe. They also encourage(d) me to be more experimental with my cooking and not worry so much about following recipes exactly.

Also, pretty, pretty pictures.

Have to say this is my favorite site; it shows you pictures of foods and then links to different blogs.

Chef John is the shiznite.


The only one I'm really familiar with. Pretty good, though you probably get more out of it if you live in Ann Arbor, where it's apparently based, since they go on about local restaurants alot.

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I highly suggest getting some opera glasses and keeping them in your car's glove box at all times. I first got the idea when I was high and two cars were in front of me at Taco Bell. If only I could see further I could start deciding what to get from the menu instead of just sitting like a dope waiting to get close enough to look.

Sometimes the drive-thru will be a solo venture with no wait, hell, most of the time you may know what you want, but it doesn't hurt to have these just in case when the situation demands it. It is a classy experience to use this fine instrument, reading up on what you want and at peace with the pile up in front of you.

The mental image is making me crack up.

I keep a monocular in my bookbag at all times for similar reasons. Sometimes you gotta see shit and can't get closer.

Now I am too. :D

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so...crunchy or smooth?

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Crunchy. Gives it a nice texture with Nutella.

Smooooooth. It's great to have on toast.

Smooth on sammiches only. Crunchy for everything else.

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There's a price for keeping it crunchy, even in milk!

File: 12670458634.jpg-(132.49KB, 900x300, PBF224-Commander_Crisp.jpg)
I'd say.

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ITT: your experiences with free food, awesome and not so awesome.

awesome: there's an orchard on my campus, i guess for the aggie students. nobody seems to care if you pick fruit from there. so, sometimes i'll pop over, take a few oranges, and make delicious orange juice using the free sugar packets from the caf, and fountain water. or just straight up eat the oranges, whateva.

not so awesome: tried to take extra creamer packets from a local donut shop, the cashier scolded me in broken engrish. she still let me take them, though. i love that donut shop.

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My life is rife with fun free food experiences. The animation students used to hang around the business wing when they were having socials to show off the students and wait for them to stop guarding their sandwich trays so we could sneak them back to the studio for our other animation brethren. The people in the studio who worked at the pizza place used to be able to get whole unsold, day-old pizzas for us, and since we were usually the only people left in the school when the Tim Hortons closed at like, 10PM, we'd get tons of free cookies and donuts and stuff all the time.

I can't think of any bad experiences with stuff like this, to be honest.

awesome: During exams one year in high school I went to the afternoon study group for the English exam the next day. The fire alarm went off near the beginning of it so my teacher took me and the other two students there out for lunch at the Wendy's across the street.

not so awesome: funeral sandwiches. they taste like cheap sadness.

awesome: one of my friend's dad is a highpowered business man, hes like a named partner in a internationally recognized firm and they used to do lots of business with Japan. because my friends family lived in a big house, every summer/early fall, they would hold a huge business party, really professional affair with hired staff and everything. And because of the Japan angle and visiting Japanese businessmen they would have huge tubs of delicious sushi. After the party was over my friends family would usually take some of the leftover tubs literally full of sushi, which of course had to be eaten ASAP, so the day after it was just a feast of sushi and Japanese themed party appetizers. first time i got drunk was on the dozens of bottles of saki they had left over as well.

not so awesome: the Japanese company they worked with shorted them on a bunch of business deals and my friends dad's company pulled out, no more parties.

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Hey, /ck/. I like to consider myself a decent cook. No official training, though I'm considering switching majors to go into culinary school. Anyway, I stumbled upon a pretty good sauce for burgers or steaks tonight in my fiddling to make something new to myself.

I bought one of those dry ingredient Mongolian beef spices, followed the directions on it (add water and soy sauce, though I also added a bit of fish sauce for taste), let it reduce. After that I added about two tablespoons of mayonnaise and then half a teaspoon of yellow mustard. The result was a pretty delicious mustard sauce with a bit of kick to it.

It was great on my spam sandwich, but since it's for beef I imagine it'd be just as great on a sirloin.

Anyone else concocted a recipe on the fly they're proud of?

This one time I took some french fries and put them in a bowl.

Then I put some bacon on top of the fries.

Then I put that into the microwave, and the drippings from the bacon pooled in the bottom and cooked the fries in them.

Add salt.

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This man is the ONLY reason I love cooking. He is also the only reason I try different things WHEN I cook. I also love his shows.
Anyone else like this?

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Say "It worked! I've lured him into cooking for us."

I grin, waggle the spatula and say to him, "I guess I'm really in for it, huh?"

...Offer him my body? Idon'tknow.

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Good even, /ck./; ITT I would rather appreciate tasteful suggestions for delicious microbrews; naturally, geography plays a large role in this, and for that reason, posts are open to a great deal of variety.
For my own part, I can suggest only a few brews as I am a College-student poorfag.
Anyways, I know a fair few breweries south of the Canadian border (the New Belgium Brewery is good on all counts), and, uh, oh god, that's kind of all I can think of right now. North of the border (and far west) try for the Howe Sound Imperial Red Ale - you won't be disappointed.
In any case, this is a thread for beer fans. You don't have to be an afficianado, or a hard-core micro-brew fan, just post your favorite brews.

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Whisky thread! Preferences, favorites, questions, comments, anything goes!

I just bought a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin with a 50% discount. Feels good, man.

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Ballantine's, neat. Only thing I drink. Needless to say, I only drink when I have money, and I almost never have any money.

Me and Jack go a long way back. Wish I could afford to hang out with him again, but that'll come soon.

Michael Collins.
I like sticking to my stereotype.

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  Sometimes what looks like a total fuck up on the surface is exactly that, but it's a bigger fuck up than you could ever expect.

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it's something like masaochis.. greek sounding?
the videos gone but i know who you guysd mean just from the reactions.

Apparently, he deleted his account. However, someone saved one of his other videos and re-uploaded it.


How is the inside of his fridge so clean when the rest of his house...

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I don't eat a very wide variety of foods, and it's mostly because I'm pretty much admittedly afraid to try new foods. I don't eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables, which sucks for me, I'm sure.

So I ask you, /ck/ - what would you suggest I do about this?

Fruit and veggies:
Breakfast: Do you like yogurt? Get a large tub of plain vanilla yogurt and eat it mixed with granola and banana slices. It's a tasty and fairly cheap (especially if you replace the granola with cheerios) way to get some healthy food.
Lunch/dinner: Admittedly I am really, really, really not a healthy eater but there are always ways to sneak some vegetables and fruits into unhealthy foods to give them more substance. Put tomatoes on our grilled cheese, lettuce in your ramen noodles, eat a salad and smother it in dressing or make a simple batter and fry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini or sweet potatoes. Make broccoli and smother it in butter. I've grown up with a mother who has reinforced the "veggies with every dinner" rule into me, so next time you have a meal, think: "What veggies could go good with this"? Do this enough and you'll get into a habit.

As for variety of foods, this is tricky. I have picky friends too who consider re-fried beans too ethnic (wtf) so I'm familiar with the fear of new foods. The HARD MODE way to do this is to go to a restaurant with a menu not in English (or bad English) and order something you don't recognize at all. However, this could be a colossal waste of money. The other thing you could do is scour the internet for recipes for a certain/favorite type of food (Japanese, Mexican, Italian) every time you're in the mood for something new. Familiarize yourself with the local asian markets and mexican stores.

Go to a store with a good fruit section. Hopefully, they'll have at least four different kinds of apples, maybe even six and up. Get one or two of each kind you haven't heard of before. Now, go home and do some taste testing.

Fruit can be really delicious, but you have to find kinds you like. There are some AMAZING varieties of apples available, but when everyone thinks "apple" they think crap like "Red Delicious" (huge misnomer). Keep an eye out for Fuji or Gala.

Also, keep a notebook with you so that you can write down interesting food things. If you're at a restaurant and you see them do something neat with pomegranates, write it down. If you're by a saladworks and something catches your eye, write it down.

OH. Salads. Don't eat boring salads (stuff like ranch on iceberg). Get yourself some spring mix, keep some toppings handy (this is where the notebook is useful), and try different dressings until you find a couple you like. Also, don't drown your salad in dressing. Put some on, mix it up, then let it sit for ten minutes. You want the dressing to soak into the ingredients.

The key to food is variety. Find new interesting things and mix it up. If you keep eating the same thing all the time you'll get sick of it quickly. Bring fruits and vegetables into your diet slowly instead of forcing it with every meal.

Learn how to make some good veggie sides.

Yellow squash is piss easy- slice it up thick and put it in a pot with a lil' water, butter, and S&P. Cook until soft. Green beans are actually best from a can imo so put some fried bacon and onion in with them greenie-beanies and simmer it as long as you can bear. Peas are awesome you should just eat them >:U delicious peas. Carrots are easy with a little brown sugar and butter; hell, just steam them a little and they turn sweet.

Fresh veggies are easier with dip, to me. Find some nice dip you want to try, and start small. I like PB the best but you might like something else- cream cheese or whatever.

Fruit is easier 'cause they're sweet; just try a ton of stuff. I discovered how much I like pineapples that way.

Chev's suggestion for a notebook is aces.

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Holy shit

I just had some tortilla soup from Max and Erma's.

It's like eating a liquid taco. So good. Looked up the recipe, hopefully this works:

hide File: 125667164542.jpg-(49.66KB, 500x317, Chicken-Ranch-Gordita-from-Taco-Bell.jpg)
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So I just got back from Taco Bell and found out they don't have this anymore, which was like 1/3 the reason I went there, the other 2/3 being the Baja Blast and cinnamon twists. So I ordered a bean burrito and chicken taco on a whim so as not to hold up the line, and the former both looked and tasted like shit while the latter was okay but had to much lettuce in it. I might stop by another one tomorrow just to make sure it's not just that Taco Bell that doesn't have it anymore.

So, I'm sure you guys have experienced something similar, like your favorite restaurant or eatery stopped carrying your favorite thing, or your new favorite drink/snack/candy flavor was discontinued, etc. Care to share?

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All you have to do is ask for one OP
its on their "secret" menu
it just cost like an extra 25 cents

File: 127041413682.jpg-(9.95KB, 331x325, bunny.jpg)

File: 127041417452.jpg-(5.28KB, 328x246, bunny.jpg)

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>Soak the meat in hot water to defrost it.
>Add tons of flour to make it consistent.
>Add almost no real seasoning.


I need some good recipes. This is the worst thing I've ever made since the Coke+Milk+Nutmeg debacle.

first never flour. corn meal works better and you don't have to use much to make it stick add a little salt and fry till a nice char on both sides. brown up the bun in the skillet if you wish then slap it together will a little mayo and American cheese

File: 126438836114.jpg-(26.81KB, 206x234,
1 lb. ground beef
3/4ths to 1 cup of bread crumbs (1/2 for corn meal)
Seasoning (optional)

Since we're New York people Moe, go to Trader Joe's and get 1 lb. of 80/20 ground beef. I guarantee you it costs $1.99+tax (the one in Union Square anyways.)

When you get home, put the beef in the freezer if you're not going to make patties now. To defrost meat, my mom always told me never to use hot water. Cold to lukewarm is fine. It should take about an hour to thaw. If still frozen, give another 30 minutes.

Once thawed, carefully remove the beef from the packaging, and cut it into 4 squares. For substance, I use bread crumbs, but Bunker is correct in using corn meal as well; just make sure you don't use too much (half a cup should be fine.) Even out the bread/corn meal amongst the four patties on a large plate or wooden board, just enough space to prepare the meat and have a pile of bread/corn meal crumbs, and make a sort of "rolling" pattern to get the bread/corn meal into the patties. The trick here is not to handle the meat too much otherwise you'll have mushy "guts" for patties and it makes a damn mess both preparing and cooking.

Once you have 4 nice, rounded patties, get your salt and pepper and spread the both out on the board/plate until you have a nice white/grey mix. Lay down your patties on the salt/pepper mix until it has the right amount. Careful not to mix too much as it will become a mess later on. Finally, once you have worked in the mix into the four patties, flatten each of them ever so slightly so they cook thoroughly to your liking.

I usually use chopped onions in this recipe, but it's pretty common sense when to add them, so it's up to you. Good luck.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

> fillers in your burger
stop living like we're still in the great depression.

Grab meat
add seasoning
make patty
cook meat

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lol wut

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It goes with congee, then it would make sense.

File: 126456579593.jpg-(28.13KB, 291x400, icantfaptothisplain.jpg)

that shit is fucking disgusting. And I'm a chinaman who's had them growing up.

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