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Food & Cooking

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foods that can only be made at certain times of the year. Two of those being Snow Cream and Sun Tea. gimme some others

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Looked outside.
They're starting to sprout!

I always thought this was just something Ray Bradbury cooked up!

This changes EVERYTHING!

It's awesome!

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Dropping the biggest thing I can to try and save this board, I don't want to lay awake at night saying to myself I didn't do my part to try and save it.


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I used to dip most of the cookies sparingly, then when I got down to the last two round ones, I'd glob all the remaining frosting on and create a little sandwich. That was gooooood.


I wholeheartedly approve this thread.

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Hey, /ck/. How do you guys like your coffee?

I prefer mine decaf, lightly sweetened, usually enjoyed throughout the day with something sweet like a piece of cake or a cookie.

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I like my coffee like I like my women: short, black, and forced through a fine metal mesh by high pressure steam.

Oh wait, now I've said too much.

It's complicated. "Hey, let's go get coffee. Well, you might get coffee. I will buy a beverage that was coffee in a past life but is now pale liquid sugar."

It might be time to admit that I don't like coffee....

Light on the cream, just enough sugar to take the bite off.

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It's dawn.

In an hour you're going to take the last walk of your life, but before that the authorities have granted you one final request: Any meal of your choice.

What will it be?

For me I'd have this. I'd die of cholesterol overdosing before I even reached the chair.

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I don't think I could eat anything, but I'd ask for eggs. Eggs until I was sick of eggs than more eggs.

I'd have my mom come in and make me all of my favourite foods
Quiche, Steak, brisket, roast chicken, latkes, sweet potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, chili and salads.
and to drink? shit bitch! I'D HAVE ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK.

File: 127163280697.jpg-(89.36KB, 800x600, 800px-luther_burger.jpg)
Two Luther burgers.

Although your choice looks mighty tempting as well, Ramdom.

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Can't comment on Moe's, Zaxby's, and Fuddruckers because I've never had and/or heard of them.

Though, Quiznos def. shouldn't be on the bottom. Expensive though, compared to Subway or Blimpie.

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I've been to IHOP once in my life. It was a transcendent experience. I felt my spirit being uplifted into a pancakey nirvana of blueberry syrup.

the pancake house is superior.

Breakfast all the time, Bea.

Best omelettes around here, too, sadly.

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So, good pizza or best pizza?

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You know the Totino's frozen pizzas General Mills sells? We have the original restaurant here in the Minneapolis area (well, it's moved up to Maple Grove now, but still). The in-house stuff is mos def NOT frozen. Best pizza I've ever had, and the rest of the menu is just as good.

Then there's Davanni's, which IS a chain, but only a very small and local one. They do good pizza, but their hoagies are to DIE for.

I've had little ceaser's. It was some of the best pizza I ever had.

Yes, this was pretty good. Small slices, but still only five bux (well $5.44 with sales tax).

I'm a bit worried though, for the pizza shop that's RIGHT down the block from the nearly opened Little Caesar's.

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every city/region has something that no one else does (at least i think they would). whats yours?

ours is the pie floater. a simple meat pie, upturned in a bowl of thick, traditional pea soup. the home of the pie floater, the Villi's pie cart, unfortunately was retired before i moved to the city because of the fucking tram extenison.

but today i found a bakery still selling them.

and by the gods it was fucking delicious

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damnit hydra.
yeah that sure why not.

We actually export more kangaroo to Russia than we eat at home. Go figure.

Apparently Kangaroo is the leading ingredient in hypoallergenic dog food.

Or at least the brand my friend buys.

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Breakfast burritos. I live just north of Mexico so it's to be expected.

Oh man that sounds good. I've done the same with salsa and tortilla chips before.

My grandma makes it for me every time I go to her house.


It is delicious but I'm sure it will kill me.

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What's the one dish you make best/are most well known for?

Pic related for me. I'm not much of a cook but I make some damn fine French toast.

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Pecan crusted baked yams.

Toblerone Cheesecake, topped with whipped vanilla cream~
Its like diabeetus on a plate, but so good~

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  Whats your drink /ck/?

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The first Burger had no such nonsense on it. Then again, most people in the 1880s lost their sense of taste at age 7, so it's understandable.


Hamburger meat was originally from some riders called Tartars (no connection to the sauce I think, though probably helped create beef tartar) that visited the town of Hamburg and would put beef in their saddlebags along with a few spices and the meat would be tenderized as they rode for hours. While at the time they would have just eaten it as is. The Germans just threw in the concept of adding the regional spices and eventually when the Hamburger style meat came to the US the practice of putting it on a bun came about "somehow".

I made the Highwayman and the Casanova a few weeks back with the leftover Ground Buffalo. I couldn't find potato buns, but they were both still REALLY good.

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So I got the idea to combine Greek and Chinese.

I intend to sometime soon make a General Tso'svlaki.

Pita stuffed with general tso's chicken and some greek potatoes, covered in souvlaki sauce, with a bit of soy sauce, and sprinkled with feta cheese.

Everyone is trying to talk me out of this.

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once I had some kind of Indian garlic red sauce and I decided to fry some canned tuna in it and eat it in a salad. I took one bite and the ghostly hand of Justin Wilson reached out through the veil of the afterlife to slap me across the face. I sobbed openly for several minutes. Even then I knew the sting of his clubbed finger tips across my cheek was the mark of a curse.
Later that night as the great grandfather clock in the foyer chimed the witching hour and I lay restless upon my bed, I felt a hot breath upon my neck. The scent of cooking sherry and grave dust filled my nostrils. Though I could not see her I heard her drunk semi slurred speech and knew the wraith of Julia Child was upon me. She whispered terrible things in my ear. Things I dare not repeat. Words, phrases, names and deeds impossible to speak with a living tongue. It was a that moment I knew the true gravity of what I had wrought. My actions, naive though they were, had offended the deepest love of these souls. I had wronged the notion of cooking its self. I begged for their forgiveness but my realization was too late. I cannot uncook a meal no more than I can unhear the things that hunched hag spat into my head.

I would eat that. It sounds delicious.

Since this actually the best ideas thread: Nutella oatmeal.

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Why does it seem like I'm the only one who has any problem at all with human genes being spliced onto animals we use for food as well as other human cell parts being mixed with theirs' during their "conception", especially when 1 of the results in 1 of the species this is done with is the brains becoming more like humans'? After years of being told how much our dna is the core of what we are, suddenly we're okay with significant amounts of it being mixed with the animals we eat?

Also, isn't Mad Cow initially caused by animals eating things that contain genes of their own species?

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And why is that way of looking at it any more valid than others?

File: 126785757655.gif-(58.02KB, 459x459, arabidopsis.gif)
How do you mean? Do you mean the different metaphors? If that's what you mean, it's more valid because it's more accurate. There's not enough information to directly specify every aspect of complex organisms.

Take arabidopsis. These plants have about twenty thousand genes, and between forty and sixty percent (depending on the type) of the protein encoding genes are homologous to human genes. However, the percentage of regulatory genes that are similar is less than fifteen percent. That's why I brought up the toolbox metaphor; the genes an organism has makes less of a difference than you'd think, because organisms generally use very similar sets of genes. The real difference is in how those genes are used.

If you want to say that inserting a human gene into an animal makes that animal a little more human, then any animal or plant you eat is partially human. About 45% of the pig genome is a match for the human genome.

If you really wanted to make another organism more human, you'd have to insert entire suites of genes. I don't think that's likely. It's difficult to get even a handful into the easy models like arabidopsis, which has a six week generation time and can still take almost a year to get even five mutations into the same line.

cannibalism is not an unnatural practice. The stigma is purely a social construct.

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  Uhh... wtf?

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Jesus, that's crazy...

That guy talks AWESOMELY

He really does. I've seen "trained" actors that couldn't address the camera with that kind of charisma.

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