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Food & Cooking

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Stroganina is pretty much just frozen arctic fish, freshest goddamn fish you will ever eat. Frozen to death in the arctic air, minutes after leaving the water for the last time, sliced and served still frozen then melts in your mouth.


Tell me, /ck/ what food do you hold fond memories of, do you still eat it? Do you pine after it long distance?

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My mom makes this tater tot casserole that I loved growing up, and she makes sure to make it whenever I come home from wherever I've been. I should really get the recipe sometime....

Also, funnel cake. Just cause I haven't actually eaten any since I was a little kid and I'm too cheap to buy it at the fair. But the smell does it.

I miss fresh seafood and hot sauces that aren't local to this region.

My grandma's fried chicken. That and a cheesecake are all I ask of her for birthdays.

My nona's chocolate cake and my mom's creatively named "noodles and tomatoes" which is just noodles tomato sauce and garlic salt.

Flintstones Push-Pops.

So they're like sushi ice cream? Based on your description, I feel like they should be dipped in soy sauce, but that's just my obnoxious Asianness peering through. Sounds intriguing.

When I was younger, we always had these novelty popsicles in the summer- Jaws bar (popsicle shaped like a shark) and Screw bar (popsicle shaped like... well, it was twisted like a screw. Yeah, it sounds dirty). Feels so good to eat them again, even if they are, like, fifty cents more expensive.

Also, Botan Rice Candy. The texture's different now, though.

My grandma made a spaghetti sauce that was essentially onions sauteed in chicken fat a ton of olive oil with some black pepper added. After she died, there was still a bowl of it left in the fridge; It didn't hit me that she was really gone until I had finished it...

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When I was a kid, my grandpa would take me to the Asian supermarket all the time--he'd buy this by the box. No other ramen can ever taste as good to me as Sapporo Ichiban. Nostalgia value is higher with an egg and a little bit of lemon.

Filipino foods of all kinds are nostalgia food to me, too, especially sinigang, which is meat (beef is my favorite) stewed with tomatoes, onions, and tamarind, plus any combination of spinach, taro root, eggplant, daikon radish, and yardlong bean.


Sapporo Ichiban is good shit.

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More like sashimi freezie, feels like like shaved ice, tastes like raw fish.

Almost worth the hassle of going back to Siberia in winter to eat it again.

Along with horse liver and carp and home made ice cream cake. I don't remember eating caribou, but I hear good things.

Cinnamon rolls. My grandma made the most delicious cinnamon rolls from scratch, and make her own icing. She died in 2002, and she never taught me the recipe, so I thought they were gone forever...until I moved to Colorado in 2008, and it turns out that Johnson's Corner (a restaurant/truck stop) is infamous for their cinnamon rolls. I tried one, and had to fight not to burst into tears; it tasted just like grandma's, right down to the frosting, and it was like I was sitting in her kitchen again. So whenever I start to miss her (usually around her birthday & the day she died), I go get a cinnamon roll.

The thing I miss the most from my mom's cooking that she doesn't make any more (due to the fact that she went diet crazy and stopped making most of what I consider comfort food) is the made from scratch mac & cheese from the old Betty Crocker cookbook she used to have. It was ridiculously delicious. I have half a mind to ask for the BC cookbook when I go visit during Xmas, since I don't think she uses it any more. There are some great recipes in there.

Grilled chicken, still on the bone. We used to eat it all the time at my house. The smell and taste are permanently engraved into my brain.

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