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  i disagree.

actual answer may be "good eats"

>may be
Bitch best be rephrasing that right now.

I've never been so in awe with a cooking show as I was the first time I saw the original Iron Chef. "just like one of my japanese animes" etc

aside from that, there is no greater that I can think of.

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For me, I guess it'd be chocolate-covered crickets. They tasted a bit like malted milk balls, only better.

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File: 12735862153.jpg-(16.80KB, 570x427, lunch.jpg)
not as exotic as some of these, but people still think i'm weird for eating it regularly. even the people who's ancestors lived off of it


theres a chain of 'australian' restraunts here that pretty much just put kangaroo in everything.

I reckon people are weird for not eating it regularly. It hits every single box that anyone (except vegetarians) could want out of a food. Tasty? Check. Healthy? Check. Inexpensive and plentiful? Check. Christ, it's even environmentally friendly!

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So, /ck/, what's for dinner today?

Pic is mine tonight. I've never been one for presentation but trust me when I say this is delicious: Roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, courgettes with grilled halloumi (the most god tier of cheese) all stir fried together with rice. om nom nom.

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No, you get lamb doners too. Its just a regional naming thing I guess.

Funnily enough though my local kebab shop was run by greeks so fuck knows


No, I meant they're similar because of the lamb.

Made chicken curry. It came out pretty good, but the potatoes weren't quite soft enough.

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Soooooo goooooood

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I had KFC for the first time in years (in America) the other day and I threw half of it out because it was just loaded with salty awful.

It was delicious in Japan, I ate it all the time! Why is the recipe so different!

The Colonel likes his Americans to have mouths like deserts.

I love this video. Was weirded out when she showed up on The Office, though.

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Today my mother mailed me a box full of more than five dozen peeps. Is there anything interesting you can do with peeps besides give them toothpicks, stick them in the microwave, and watch them joust?

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File: 127326760091.jpg-(27.71KB, 288x315, peep10.jpg)

File: 127329146220.jpg-(7.04KB, 360x260, nitrocon.jpg)
I laughed forever.

This one cracked me the fuck up too, for no real reason.


cosmetic surgery is overrated anyway. I bet that peep gets all da fine ladeez cause of his surgical scarring squishing

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  ....Well, so much for ever having frogs' legs.

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That is not how you pronounce Indonesia.


Oh shit, I just watched that last one about the fish in China. Every time they poke it it's like it's saying "KILL... ME"

I love eating meat, but MY GOD. Why would anyone do that? That poor fish is in so much pain!

hide File: 127303726870.jpg-(69.79KB, 499x459, sobe-green2003.jpg)
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I would start drinking soda again if this came back.

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Still want Surge. Vault is an almost adequate replacement.

They used to pass Surge out for free as part of their marketing spree. It was the best soda month of my life. I probably put on a couple pounds.

I have no regrets.


Sic semper Surge.

hide File: 127264664044.png-(233.80KB, 372x500, room.png)
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You're participating in a study in which you are forced to eat only one thing and drink only one thing for one month. You can have these things in any quantity you want, prepared however you want, but you can only eat/drink those two things. What do you pick?
For me, it'd be pizza and orange juice. Pizza's customizable enough that I wouldn't get too bored with it, and orange juice is just delicious.

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Pizza and water is what I lived off of when I was poor and COULD only afford to eat and drink one thing, it's remarkably cheap to make pizza from scratch, especially if you make your own tomato sauce and all that.

Probably water and chicken wraps with lettuce and other vegetables.

Not like I consume much besides those things these days, anyway.

Definitely pizza. I never get sick of it. And water so all that salty pepperoni didn't dry me out too much.

hide File: 127235684762.jpg-(39.07KB, 432x324, DSC00618.jpg)
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Give it up for the BEST kind of cake.

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If you live in Montreal I know a great cake place.


It's actually got no vanilla in it 99% of the time.

we have a masterful cupcake/cake shop not far from here. i didn't go to it. instead i got a red velvet cupcake from a classy place called burger lounge.

it tasted good but was dry as all fuck. i am angry. it cost 4 dollars. i'll fix this soon, i promise.

hide File: 127196283195.jpg-(23.40KB, 400x500, icecream.jpg)
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Favorite icecream?

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It's the one flavor they make that isn't terrible. Just trust me.

Fucking thin mints, man.

Dreyer's = Edy's

I was reacting to the name; I'm used to calling by the latter.

File: 127284315592.jpg-(30.46KB, 200x200, marble_slab_creamery.jpg)
Chocolate swiss with oreo pieces, chocolate sprinkles, and fudge, forever and ever, amen.

hide File: 12725056201.jpg-(43.04KB, 950x632, Do want.jpg)
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Post your favourite images and links to websites.


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File: 127268386538.jpg-(261.72KB, 1280x960, Delicious.jpg)



I am holding back my vomit atm, thanks a lot.

hide File: 127233550830.jpg-(229.69KB, 1158x1125, FoodNetwork_ca_NEW.jpg)
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So, favorite show on this channel?

Mine is Unwrapped, hosted by Marc Summers (former host of Double Dare). A nice peak into the history and info on mostly comfort foods and the companies & places that make them. Last ep I saw was "Budget Bites", featuring cheap but well made brands like Mom's Best & Jiffy.

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I could have sworn I saw Iron Chef airing not too long ago on some international channel. It may have been a channel devoted to Japanese language programming, but I wasn't paying very close attention. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.

File: 127282638774.png-(199.65KB, 400x309, Man_v_Food_logo_square.png)
Man Vs. Food (On the Travel Channel with Bordain, hurr) is also my favorite. The guy is actually a cool dude, and it's just good TV.

Man vs. Food is actually pretty cool. The host seems like a genuinely average guy who just happens to love eating a fuckton of food.

hide File: 127158025145.jpg-(26.05KB, 305x375, dennys-breakfast.jpg)
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So how about that 2 4 6 8 menu?

With food that cheap I have a hard time arguing the need to eat anywhere else!

Seriously I've been to Denny's 6 times in the past week.

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I'll be honest, the only time I've been to Denny's in recent memory was in the middle of the night once with my buddies when we were all completely trashed.

Same. In fact, I think the last time I went to Denny's was like 3 years ago on a friend's birthday when we were all completely hammered.

Maybe it's just my local Denny's, but I don't think it's all that terrible. Especially for the price.

And really, EVERYTHING is better when you're trashed, come on.

hide File: 125069041238.jpg-(238.11KB, 1200x934, Chocolate.jpg)
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What's your favourite chocolate ?

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All % are fine, but I like it best in the 40-50 range.

  30 Rock

There are different types?

hide File: 127212449468.jpg-(31.25KB, 580x435, m_HPIM1723.jpg)
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I know it's nowhere near that time of year, but what sorts of Halloween recipes have you tried/would you like to try?

I found this one and think it looks pretty fun and tasty.
Might try tweaking things a little. I think I could up the taste and gore factor by creating a long channel inside it with a skewer, then using a flavor injector to fill the cavity with a sauce.


You are $3.25 from all the brains you can eat.

I have one; it's pretty neat.

Cool! I've wanted to buy some body-part gelatin molds for the longest time, but for some reason I wasn't expecting them to be so affordable. Now that I know better I have to make up for lost time!

My dad has one of those life-size scientifically accurate brain jello mold things. He made brain-jello for a staff potluck once and was promptly chewed out by the principal who had opened the door to the staff room fridge and assumed it was real, knowing him.

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