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So I'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight, and part of that involves cutting my calories and having less of a retarded notion of portion size. I know that part of the problem for me is that meals don't seem as satisfying if I just cut down the amount I'm having from what I'm used to, so I'm really looking around for dishes that are filling without being too dense in calories.

Like soups and stuff -- I don't know any decent soups and was hoping you all would have some recommendations.

Pic sort of related, I love Chinese steamed buns, have found them to be very filling for how many calories they have, and I nave a new recipe that seems to be healthier than what I've made before. I'm thinking a few of them will do well in between classes this fall at college.

If you're looking for soup and love you some steamed buns you're going to shit out of your dick for some dumplings.

As in dumpling soup.

Thing is, healthy eating or no, you're gonna have to settle some if you eat in large portions. That sense of being not-quite-full-and-wanting-another-half-serving?

Get over it, and go not-quite-full.

Keep that up for 1-2 weeks-ish, it'll feel normal to skip that last half-serving. You'll be full without it, cause your stomach will have shrunk.

Also, foods high in fiber. Not only are they generally(always) pretty damned healthy, but they fill you up faster. That's why half a cereal bowl of Grape Nuts fills you up more than a soup bowl of Froot Loops.
Also probably because Grape Nuts are tiny and dense as a rock, and so half a cereal bowl of them would have the same mass as a soup bowl of Froot Loops, but that's not the point.

Also, a handful of healthy foods have so few calories that you burn more by digesting them than they actually contain, I'm sure you've heard of them. Some website or another has a list, go googling around.

I don't think I have any filling, low-cal, healthy recipes though. Choose two, and I can get back to you?

Slightly off topic but I really need to know this and am not making a separate post. I tried googling it but didn't find the answer.

What does it mean if this plus symbol is written "+" on the nutrition label on a drink, for the sugar column?

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