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Most Saturday afternoons I head to the local bookstore. I love to watch people reading books about offshore banking, hiding assets and how to disappear. It’s usually your typical middle-aged guy dreaming about a new life. I watch as they get caught up in their imaginary world. Their eyes light up at the thought of leaving all their troubles behind. Reading all those great stories about beach-front living, escaping into oblivion, hiding your assets, and not paying taxes. However, not one of those books shares the flip-side. They don’t tell you about the skip-tracer who sits in his office and is paid to find people who did what you are dreaming of.
A little tid-bit on skip-tracers, we do it because there is an adrenaline rush in what we do. What’s even better is I get to bill my client and make some money. As we say in my office, ‘its all about the Benjamins’. If your name comes across my desk and the money is right you are my hunt. I will spend my day finding your mistakes, be it through the utility company, the cable TV Company, or that collect call from Cabo San Lucas to your sister Edith. I have found many people from Boston to Bali. Usually I find them because of the little mistakes they make before they departed or while basking in the sun. Let me share a few thoughts with you about escaping. Here are the usual mistakes: The woman from Beverly Hills who called her doctor asking for her medical records to be shipped to Anquilla. A gentleman from New Jersey who stole money from his company and hid in the Dominican Republic and then had Barnes & Noble change his shipping address to his beach-front condo. The list goes on and on. When you pick up and leave to escape your creditors or for other reasons, there are companies out there like Ahearn Group ( and many other excellent ones that love the challenge of finding you. To skip-tracers it’s a game we get paid to play. We can make as many mistakes as we want; the one you make is the one that most likely leads us to you. Sit back, take some notes and understand the game from my point of view.
Most people read a book then pick up and go. They simply disconnect their services with no forwarding address and leave.
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File: 127147494891.jpg-(1.09MB, 1417x2111, neil-strauss-emergency1.jpg)
Already done, but >>4341 nonetheless. I plan on giving it a real reading later, sage for that eventual post.

If you guys have any survival books (doesn't have to be about camping, urban survival is relevant) post them in the sticky

Are you trying to make a guide of your own? If so, you should consider other sources as well.

^ Relevant source material.

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<Pablo> Hey Anonex
<Anonex> Pablo
<Pablo> Have Is /writ/ saved yet?
<Anonex> No. /writ/ and /ck/ are going into..purgatory? Okay so you all want it to stay,
then you have A FEW WEEKS TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, and if the average post rate doesn't climb then I'll just do what I said. Because, really, 40 posts of writ a week in one or two threads isn't going to clog up /coc/

My opinion has been stated all around these parts, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought of it.

Furthermore, some questions:
>Is there value to 'saving /writ/'?
>If not, what's the harm being done by merging with /coc/?
>What should /writ/ focus on?
>Would you be interested in editing, generative, and/or prompt threads?

ITT: We talk about /writ/.
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Honestly, I'd post here more, but I've got personal issues that tend to push me towards laziness and substance abuse rather than balling up and engaging in conversation.

I'll try to make up for it at the last minute. Like a failed child at their dying fathers deathbed!

I'd like to know how I use this thing before I get any ideas of what to do with it, is there an instruction booklet that came when /writ/ was made?

File: 127187823870.jpg-(43.50KB, 490x368, also dont shoot yourself.jpg)

Don't drink before noon, and remember there are multiple interpretations and qualities to everything; both good and bad.

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>Scooter passed the winter in a corner of his nest amidst his cache of vine juices, leaves and seeds. He rarely spoke and when he did it was a barrage of foul language and accusations. Crystal and the babies were confused and frightened. They lived with a stranger.

>"Look at what that vine is doing to you, Scooter," Crystal pleaded.

>"NO!" YOU ARE DOING THIS TO ME!" Scooter heard himself scream. "JUST GET OFF MY BACK!"

>And he defiantly smoked and snorted and popped and guzzled in his family's face.



>A Fable of ADDICTION and HOPE.

I laughed. This is probably the best.

File: 127180956442.jpg-(17.07KB, 504x366, Scooter07.jpg)
>Scooter saw nothing unusual about his gifts. Even as he
traversed the loftiest reaches of the forest, he found himself
thinking about how far short he fell in the art of nest building
and collecting nuts.

>Scooter felt alone and different. He felt apart from the
other squirrels.

Squirrels got problems, man.

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There's nothing more annoying than letting a friend borrow a book that's in perfect condition and then getting it back all bent and sometimes even ripped. I mean, I understand that it's hard to keep the spine from getting messed up, but come on!

Am I the only one who likes to keep their books in good conditions?

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how does one stop their paperback books from having bent/broken spines?

It's hard. I try to bend my books open as little as possible, but it's really only a matter of time until I forget and open it too much. It's a lot easier with large-text books.


You can minimize spine-bending by opening the book as little as possible, but the creasing becomes exponential as you head towards the middle of the book for obvious dimensional issues.

I don't have a single paperback with a perfect spine.

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Check out this wonderful story.

Then pick your favorite line from it. I'll start:

"HE was angry… he was tumors… he was so mad at both of them that he used his wizard powers to turn the water back into cum. He would have his revenge!!!"

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"It will be okay… you can just use your power to turn my cum into water and then it wont be babies," he said as he started to tittyfuck her. Her boobs were huge so they could wrap them around his weiner like bumblebees.

Oh gods... that was awful. I read the first few lines in sequence, then I felt ill. So I scrolled at random and found this.

>"SASUKE WAT THE FUCK," Link said, he moved his hand now a lil and accieditaly touched Sasu's bonner. He punched him in the dick and was like "THATS FOR BEING A HOMO."

>Her boobs were huge so they could wrap them around his weiner like bumblebees.
>like bumblebees.

What does that even mean!?

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As some of you may or may not be aware, our bffs at 4chan /lit/ have created a tentatively successful Zine through the combined work of their board. Although it's only in it's third issue, and the level of quality is often shaky (what do expect from a 4chan board?), the grounds that they've made it happen at all is impressive.

To cut to the chase, I don't see why we can't do the same. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't care for the circlejerk of 'the few good authors' and 'bigtime editors.' Exactly one of the reasons I'm here with this idea is take the model they've made, and use the +4 prowess of badass creatives to make it better.

We can take the grand band of community creatives we have here a +4, reinforce the quality of work to a higher standard, and make one great piece of work. Who better to best 4chan than +4?

At best it can improve the work we already have, and get some quality writing polished and presented.
If anything, it can get the ball rolling on a more active, engaged /writ/.

Pic thrown together in MS Paint with a douchebag title for the kids.

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Pablo, Guardian of the /writ/ Corps.

I am woefully busy but I would like to contribute to this as much as I can.

File: 127156595911.jpg-(62.55KB, 432x528, bro.jpg)

Okay. So now, I need all the writing.

I actually just want to gauge a response of how much return I'd get, and the overall level of quality. Feel free to use anon for names if you want, this isn't nearly any point of 'official zine work' yet.

Also note that I'll be willing to edit anything you send me, 'zine' or not. I find that seeing editing on the page is most successful, so prepare for blue ink.

Email in the email field, send me your writings with the subject "+/Writ/". Thanks pals.

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Hello, /writ/. It's your childhood calling. Just thought I'd stop by and see how you're all doing now.

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File: 127160916212.gif-(13.51KB, 345x222, hamguy.gif)
Green Eggs and Ham was here,

Fuck you.

File: 127161005197.jpg-(78.05KB, 276x300, lorax.jpg)
So, people are finally starting to listen to me, eh? 'Bout damn time.

File: 127161927453.jpg-(27.09KB, 475x272, 1223491732538.jpg)
I'd say something pithy about the fair, decent world you promised me being a lie, but that'd be even more pathetic, wouldn't it?

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Can we have one of these threads?

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File: 126876626233.jpg-(194.32KB, 1008x389, huhahauaha.jpg)
There's more to convey, but I think you get the idea.

File: 127068975778.jpg-(143.00KB, 1008x389, 123750963777.jpg)

File: 127155609485.png-(671.41KB, 1008x389, jirel.png)
An awesome read.

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Oy, /Writ/, I need a favour. I'm trying to find this book. Well, more like series of books, but that's beside the point.

See the picture? There are a series of books like these written by a bunch of authors. I'm trying to find one very specific story. Jist of it is "kids go to lake, kids make nerd go into cave to get a toy, nerd's throat is crushed, kids freak, swim for shore, girl gets pulled back by something, fights back, almost makes it, water tentacle crushes her chest, drags her under. Kids go to cops, cops don't believe them. One dude takes a shower, gets killed by water monster"

I'm sorry for my shitty memory. Do any of you know it? If you're Canadian, you damn well better; these were huge in elementary.

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Is the story you mention specifically from the book you have pictured? Because as it happens I still have that one kicking around, as well as the volume with the green, algae-man on the front. I can go rummaging for them and see if the story you mention is in it/them.

Googled the hell out of it, and could only find the possible title being "(The) Lake of Death".

Buying the book itself is cheap though, Amazon has it from a penny to a quarter, short of shipping. Just as well, you can search a little more scrupulously and probably find that book to download in some .rar/jpg nostalgia thread.

I have this book back at my parent's home.

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Newsflash: People who use Kindle are stupid.

I wouldn't blame the author for delayed e-books and I wouldn't write angry amazon reviews because of his comment but it was pretty stupid. E-books should be cheaper than real books. No production costs, no physical value, I wouldn't pay more than $5. That is if I'd buy e-book at all.

This. Though I can't see myself ever buying e-books, regardless of price. It's just not the same. I'm one of those folks who needs the tactile sensations of flipping the pages, holding the book in my hands. Especially if it's an older book that's been kicking around for a while. There's a sense of history unique to that copy, which a digital file can never hope to duplicate.

I've beat my e-book argument over the head, but it's needless to say I don't care for them.

In terms of pricing, an e-book should always be cheaper, and I see no offense that a publisher withholds release of the e-version to make some real money. The fact that you can find virtually any e-book now for free is enough, but the staggering profit margin between the micro-transaction and having to produce the book is another entirely.

E-book users have no right to baaaw if they expect companies to suddenly go to a virtually profit-less field just so they can get their book faster, be glad that you don't have to pay the $20 average we shell out.

tl;dr: Newsflash: People who use Kindle are stupid.

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"In a future US, the age of legal adulthood/consent is raised to 26."

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Any particular reason you're talking to yourself?

What makes you think so?

his name's different. There's 2 of em

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What are your thoughts on Marvel Illustrated in regards to their original works ?

Is it ok that I read the Illiad and Odyssey because I couldn't be bothered to swallow the original work ?

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File: 126992200324.jpg-(69.23KB, 809x500, rouseiliadodyssey.jpg)
If you want to read the Iliad and the Odyssey, you should read W.H.D. Rouse's translation. It's in modern prose so they're very accessible and I found them quite entertaining. Also, they're cheap and have neat cover art.

I saw an off broadway play of the Odyssey shit was beyond boring.


There's your problem.

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Beware, /writ/, the Ides Of March...

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File: 127007054058.jpg-(76.18KB, 415x599, 415px-Tuthankhamun_Egyptian_Museum.jpg)
You all are adorable. Really.

File: 127010670956.jpg-(18.50KB, 282x447, venus.jpg)
Play nice, children.

...Aren't you, like, 14?

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All-purpose Twilight thread.


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o lawd, did I hear somebody mention Promethean: the Created?... Not really? O well.

Well a Frankenstein's Monster turned into a silly preteen girl moistening idealist fantasy icon wouldn't be too awful hard.

First, you'd need to find some means of origins that are both generally moral friendly and not too awful deep or meaningful. In Meyer's vampires, drinking human blood was optional. Being sewn up out of other bodies isn't FAAA BUU LOUS as an origin story. Is the creature a being of science, super science, or magic? Is it ethnocultural wanking, like a bonafide Hebrew Golem, or something public domain?

Third is figuring out what elements of a Promethean Creaure can be Meyerized to be "kawaii uguu." Sparkling vampires with super attributes and mental powers.

Second, The Promethean Boy and The Girl Reader's Avatar need some means of interaction. The age and status of this co-star does not necessarily have to depend on the age and status of the reader, though it's recommended to keep her young; the unhappily married mother of 3 will lust after Edward, but Julie McEveryTeen might not connect with a hunky monster hitting on a MILF. ("They're so faaaaat!")

My recommendation based on these parameters
Wee Chicks dig biblical references. We'll call him "Adam Kadmon," since even though it's technically blasphemy in the non-Western Abrahamic world, it's still a thing that affirms their faith. And thus, Jesus and America would approve.

For an origin story, something equally shallow and pseudo-interesting. A wicked stepmother or witch type character. We'll say she's an occultist/scientist with some gobbildygook, working for a pharmaceutical company as a Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne type figure.
Bitches like celebrities, too. So incorporating that, the experiment/project will try to MERGE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL GENES from ALL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INTELLIGENT CELEBRITIES! That covers the namedropping and bloodline inexplicably to everything from Will Smith to Tom Cruise. Viola, I have created the son of -every celebrity-!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 12699343832.jpg-(26.79KB, 300x298, EdwardScissorhands[1].jpg)
Wait... Did somebody say "Twilight version Frankenstein"?

Just make sure he isn't sitched together from the parts of others. Victor created all the organs but just made them a little bit bigger because he couldn't make them any smaller.

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I'm writing a book. So far, I have the prologue done, in 3 different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Should I stick to it? Or should I just pick a language and go with it?

I'm seriously thinking of being a published author. If people are interested in reading some of it, I'll gladly post, but I fear it's far too shitty for now.

Tripfaggan in this thread. Picture is kind of related, but my office isn't half as awesome.

finish it in one language first. Then think about getting published.

baby steps man.

Also idk you could post a bit of it

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