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Oy, /Writ/, I need a favour. I'm trying to find this book. Well, more like series of books, but that's beside the point.

See the picture? There are a series of books like these written by a bunch of authors. I'm trying to find one very specific story. Jist of it is "kids go to lake, kids make nerd go into cave to get a toy, nerd's throat is crushed, kids freak, swim for shore, girl gets pulled back by something, fights back, almost makes it, water tentacle crushes her chest, drags her under. Kids go to cops, cops don't believe them. One dude takes a shower, gets killed by water monster"

I'm sorry for my shitty memory. Do any of you know it? If you're Canadian, you damn well better; these were huge in elementary.

Shitty writing, my bad.

I sort of remember these. Bumping for curiousity.

Is the story you mention specifically from the book you have pictured? Because as it happens I still have that one kicking around, as well as the volume with the green, algae-man on the front. I can go rummaging for them and see if the story you mention is in it/them.

Googled the hell out of it, and could only find the possible title being "(The) Lake of Death".

Buying the book itself is cheap though, Amazon has it from a penny to a quarter, short of shipping. Just as well, you can search a little more scrupulously and probably find that book to download in some .rar/jpg nostalgia thread.

I have this book back at my parent's home.

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