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"In a future US, the age of legal adulthood/consent is raised to 26."

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No because nobody in no part of the world will really give a shit about a law like that.

26? Kind of an arbitrary number.

What other number for legal adulthood wouldn't be arbitrary?

In the future, man has mastered nanomachine augmentation of humanity. But not other singularity bullshit because no one cares about perfection. People are still people, and people like pizza and bitch about the weather outside.

Now add trolls and viruses that do shit from 'your hair is green' to 'now you're a cripple' to even 'now you're scared of dogs' or 'you see everything in 2d' or bullshit like that. Firewalls are a way of life.

A military virus cuts loose, and it does crazy shit. Crazy shit happens. Possibly it was made to quickly distro. military capability? Maybe it brainwashes. Who the fuck knows!


the nanomachines are like an awesome computerized immune system but also with the internet installed for the record.

For a while now I've wanted to mess with the old "precursor aliens make interstellar civilization possible" trope by making them active but illusive.

The basic premise is that humanity is just sitting around, doing its thing, when these "sufficiently advanced" aliens show up and offer to uplift us. After a while they start sending down databanks full of information on how to advance technologically, maps of the galaxy and how to get around it, lots of stuff about hyperspacial travel and everything else you'd need to become a starfaring race. It's obvious that they're not giving us enough stuff to reach their level, but we're happy for what we have. After a year or so, they wave goodbye and disappear into deep space.

When we get our first starship running and take it to a spot on the galactic map that our benefactors suggested, we run into another spacefaring race. The conversation goes something like this:

"Where did you guys come from?"
"Oh, these nice aliens visited us and taught us how to make starships."
"We don't know, they just left one day."

And so it turns out that every other interstellar civilization has gone through the same process; everyone wants to find the uplifters and learn more about their technology, but they always bugger off as soon as they've given some backwards race a boost. It drives the researchers insane.

That's actually a brilliant concept and I'd like to see it put into writing.

There has to be a twist, a climax, a reason, a message.
And a plot.

Another slightly advanced race declares war on Earth before they're space fairing just to force contact with the Uplifters?

How would a war initiate contact? The Uplifters don't go around saving non-advanced races from greater threats; their motives are inscrutable, which is one of the reasons everyone wants to find out more about them. It's possible that they wait until the society is advanced enough to utilize the new technology, so maybe other races try to find civilizations at that stage and just hang around until the Uplifter ships show up; of course, this hasn't happened yet because intelligent life is so extremely rare.

Besides, if the Uplifters aren't humanity's first contact, wouldn't that kind of mess up the formula?

I want to use the idea sometime, but it would probably work best as backstory rather than a story itself.

For some reason, people have been steadily becoming sterile. Population starts falling rapidly, and entire cities have just started dying out.

File: 126555893023.jpg-(48.38KB, 500x500, Children of Men.jpg)
Hasn't that kind of already been done...?

Never heard of it myself. Sorry.

I always thought it would be funny to write a homosexual romance between a chanologist and a sea org captain. Not a porn romance like these other boards, just they are teh gay. I guess I could put in a butt munch bar on the moon and make it scifi. I don't think I will ever actualy do this.

File: 126585107793.jpg-(51.23KB, 553x775, slan, old cover.jpg)
Since the 40's we've had the "people with ESP/mental powers" stories. Stuff like Slan, Toward the Terra, etc. But they've always lacked scientific viability...cyborgs and virtual reality and space travel can be explained, but mutants with ESP is secretly just magic.

Considering that, I think it would be cool if there was a story in that genre, but set in a world where people had all switched over to digital brains in body shells. The power of the espers would work the same way, but would be expressed as some sort of hacking program...something illegal and feared, only kept stored within a certain birthline or something.


What does that even mean.


Like the rogue programs of the Matrix?

Kind of, except it happens in the real physical world where people happen to have digital brains, not in a virtual world where there entire existence is digital.


So Ghost in the Shell?

A chanologist was a frontline-infAnon who participated during the internet's war against Scientology in '06-'08. GenAnon (General Anonymous) waged the "war" over the internet, google bombing, DDOSing, GaySpacing; Chanologists fought Scientology in real life, using the standard office-terror attacks, such as black-faxing, phone harrassment, and even a fake bomb threat, later staging more peaceful protests in front of churches after cerain ringleaders were arrested.

Go read the ED article. It'll tell you more.

Yeah GITS did that but the movie left a lot to be desired. No idea about the comic. I think Bubblegum Crisis (one of the influences behind GITS) was superior with the whole cyberpunk thing.

>and even a fake bomb threat.

Correction: It was the Scientologists themselves that phoned in that bomb threat and blamed it on Anonymous. Witnesses testified seeing members of their own church drop off the suspicious package.

They also mailed themselves envelopes full of fake powder and claimed Anonymous did it. And to top it all off, posed as members of Anonymous claiming to be against all religions, promising more domestic terrorist attacks...

However, the video that they supposedly found on youtube was shown on an enormous high definition television at resolutions far, far superior to the footage they claimed to've gotten off of youtube. Pretty much sealing the deal that they manufactured it themselves as a propaganda tool.

Furthermore, there were no ringleaders arrested because there were no ringleaders. 'Project Chanology' and participants met in spaces agreed upon by the majority and showed up at common consensus dates. There were a few people who the Church of Scientology had apprehended under bogus charges, and each and every single time they were set free.

The transition from pranking to actual protesting began after a long time protester of the Church of Scientology pointed them politely to a venue of which they could exploit and jam a legal wedge down their throat, to make actual changes and actually hurt them financially and longterm. Mark Bunker, aka: "Wise Beard Man."

Many of those arrests the CoS made were done because they inflated the threats completely. In Georgia, the police showed up in full riot gear. What they got were a bunch of teens to 30-somethings wearing masks, eating cake, and the one person that was arrested actually picked up a bullhorn and wished the police a good day and thanked them for mediating during the day of protest. He was unlawfully taken INTO the CoS headquarters building, demasked, and then sent to prison for a few hours.
Why would they go through the trouble to get his identity? The same reason they always do. This is why they decided to wear masks. It was fitting, and practical.

I find it slightly offensive that you unintentionally (or intentionally) characterized the protesters as terrorists. This isn't the case.

And that's why I love chanology. If that ain't some cyberpunk shit then fuck man

This sounds like a light hearted sci-fi. I could get behind that. But like all sci-fi, if it gets too heavy without a really good hand, I can see that going to pot very quick.

Have at it, fella.

>implying that the future US won't consist entirely of minorities who breed at the age of 17

So the Irish, Germans, Poles and Africans are not minorities?

Any particular reason you're talking to yourself?

What makes you think so?

his name's different. There's 2 of em

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