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As some of you may or may not be aware, our bffs at 4chan /lit/ have created a tentatively successful Zine through the combined work of their board. Although it's only in it's third issue, and the level of quality is often shaky (what do expect from a 4chan board?), the grounds that they've made it happen at all is impressive.

To cut to the chase, I don't see why we can't do the same. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't care for the circlejerk of 'the few good authors' and 'bigtime editors.' Exactly one of the reasons I'm here with this idea is take the model they've made, and use the +4 prowess of badass creatives to make it better.

We can take the grand band of community creatives we have here a +4, reinforce the quality of work to a higher standard, and make one great piece of work. Who better to best 4chan than +4?

At best it can improve the work we already have, and get some quality writing polished and presented.
If anything, it can get the ball rolling on a more active, engaged /writ/.

Pic thrown together in MS Paint with a douchebag title for the kids.

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Can I have an advice column where people ask questions and I say "no" to all of them?

I'm game, if I can ever get anything done.

But how many people actually write on this board? I don't see a lot of entrees coming in. Maybe that's a good thing though.

While I doubt there's any chance of a staggering response, +4 has so many people wrapped up in creative projects, a lot of which have writing. I personally believe that the inactivity of the board, (See /baw/, Anonex's thoughts of removing it.) has turned away a lot of people who are finding solid discussion crossposting in /baw/ or other boards. Nonetheless the number of people too insecure to post work, the people who won't ask for help, and the people who don't care for fapthreads in their book boards.

I think we could get a decent response, and start a core for /writ/ to build on.

I admire your loyalty to this board.

Literature is something we need to keep alive. It's my passion, it's my work, and if I can encourage it anywhere, I'll be on the 'front lines' to see if flourish. Boards like this can't go to waste, nevertheless on such a potent ground as +4.

It's my shit, bro.

Hear, hear!

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+10 Respect Gained.

Pablo, Guardian of the /writ/ Corps.

I am woefully busy but I would like to contribute to this as much as I can.

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Okay. So now, I need all the writing.

I actually just want to gauge a response of how much return I'd get, and the overall level of quality. Feel free to use anon for names if you want, this isn't nearly any point of 'official zine work' yet.

Also note that I'll be willing to edit anything you send me, 'zine' or not. I find that seeing editing on the page is most successful, so prepare for blue ink.

Email in the email field, send me your writings with the subject "+/Writ/". Thanks pals.

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