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Anyone else reading this? the movie Battle Royale set in a post apocalyptic North America.
Shame that it's sure to bring in the Twilight fans.

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Adept and aloof, but self-sacrificial, girl gets picked to compete in a Battle Royale fight to the death for entertainment of the masses. Is a great archer, and kills people off with cunning and her wits. Finds some like-minded friends, who mostly meet gruesome deaths. Finds out later that she's the unwitting victim of a fairly vast conspiracy -- two in fact -- involving a boy who would give up his chance at winning to save her and a vast political hoopla that wants to see her fail when she gets too influential too fast. Not a lot of romance... more tension than romance. The girl isn't really invested in being fluffy, even though the boy is. Averts gender stereotypes like woah.

Second book is more of the same. The political hoopla gets worse, and the aftermath feels PTSD-ish. Very gritty for a teen book. Another death match this time, even though government wasn't supposed to "reap" selections twice once they've won. Grittier competition. Fairly fucked up. Author ends it with a troll of an ending.

Third book just came out today. Haven't read it. You should start reading it now, because it's now a finished trilogy, and you can read all the way though.


Oh, and on top of my spoilers, it has little to nothing in common with Twilight. The protagonist is very capable, and pretty much extremely bad ass. She's also cynical and stoic and pretty level-headed. Even though shit happens to her, she also makes shit happen.

Just started reading the third book.

Already four chapters into it, and the ending of every chapter has been classic Hunger Games "FUUUUU-".

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Since /writ/ is going to die soon, I figured I'd actually post something since I've been lurking a good portion of a year, contributing not a damn thing.

I didn't want to post since I don't read books at all and you guys come across as people with higher brows than me. But I did lurk. I usually check out /writ/ and /draw/ and it doesn't seem like /draw/ is going to draw anytime soon.

Since /writ/ is dying due to a low post count, I feel like I should post something I've been working on for a while now, but have been afraid to post, since I write for the pure definition of fun and I'd probably cry like a baby if anyone actually critiqued my stuff. I've been writing just for the hell of it, with little regard to what most people tell me. I do have a few I let look over my stuff to edit. Really, anyone can critique me but my readers barely do it, so I'm spoiled I guess.

Here's my story. Turn back if you like Pokemon because chances are it'll make you angry or something.

Pokemon 0:

Those are the table of contents. There's 24 chapters and I've started on 25. Part 1 of the story is about to end.

Personally, I wouldn't read it if someone else wrote it since it's too long. People enjoy it though and I now write for them and myself.

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So yeah, I'm on Chapter 3 at the moment, and fucking loving the dark, realistic take on Pokémon. Kudos, author.

File: 128325451139.jpg-(636.51KB, 741x1000, 1258242653001.jpg)
Chapter VI at the moment. I love it.
I had a similar idea some time ago and I'm glad you wrote it first.
I had to suspend my disbelief a lot though. The world seems very realistic except for the whole sending 13 years old out to protect the public from fire-spitting dragons, electric birds and giant turtles with high pressure water guns thing.


I know what you mean, man; I think the idea is that more trainers --> more Pokémon caught before they can evolve and become a problem OR trainers dying as a result of trying to catch Pokémon. Either way, the government wins. It's a dark concept, but a very interesting one at the same time.

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I was wondering how you guys would handle having a main character in a story that by modern day and modern judeo-christian standards is a war criminal, murder, rapist, racist, pagan, and morally bankrupt. By the standards of his world he is a war hero, an example for all men trying to raise their status in this world, self-less when it comes to the men under his command, is as about as racist as anyone else,is fairly religious, and while he isn't a saint he definitely isn't morally bankrupt.

I've only done one short story with him in it and gave it to some friends to read. It was about a 50/50 split between those who thought they main character was the epitome of evil/completely unlikeable and those who thought he was pretty interesting with 2 friends who returned it and said they couldn't really grasp what was going on.

I want to make the character a little more likeable but don't want to really change what defines the base morality/customs/practices of the world he is a part of. When I get the story off my 386 (an atari ABC...its what I'm most comfortable writing on...) and onto my laptop I will post it. Until they I kinda want to know what you guys would do.

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I am shocked and appalled.

Depends on what you're doing with him. Will you glorify him and his moral standards? That might get you the wrong fans. Unless you really think he's a pretty cool guy.

So I'm working on a simple character design and premise for a low-thinky project that's just an excuse to draw violence and adventure.

It occurs to me that as a violent action piece, the main character in my head turns out to be a completely bitter asshole, even if on his Cu Culhain style warpaths he Tazmanian Devils things in a "good" direction.
Is it possible to be a murderous, rat bastard and still be technically "neutral good?" Is it possible that despite the terrible, evil methods employed, the character can still be considered "good" if by circumstance, the end result of all their brakeless warpaths is always somehow beneficial to community, society and culture as a whole?

It's just an exercise project for art. The writing is next to non existent in complexity or thought, but when thinking about how the character, their actions and the outcome might be perceived, how such a monster would reverberate with people.

Evil for a good cause is a difficult subject. depending on the excact circumstances and the views of the reader he might come of as anything between anti hero and sympathetic villain.
Also, using the D'n'D alignment methapore, "evil for the sake of good" would be more on the chaotic side of things.

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Actually quite a few of these seem pretty awesome.

What the fuck

That is a tiny sniper rifle

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Horror books?

File: 128275823326.jpg-(116.41KB, 660x700, DR Cover44.jpg)
Fantasy horror okay?

Arg, why'd you have to remind me of soul eater. It could have been so much better than it was.

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Can we have a pulp fiction thread?
I think we need a pulp fiction.
Pic Related. So goddamn awesome.

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Information on hyperborean chronicles and anything related to them would be welcome.



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  So, how do you feel about rRay Bradbury?

He's one of my favorite authors. I own a large compilation of his short stories that I've had since I was in elementary school, and I read and reread that book more times that I can count. His stories were a major part of my personal literary canon. I find his prose to be a joy to read, and his stories are unforgettable.

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It's "The Thing" from the thing's perspective. I thought you might like it.

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I have never seen the original movie, save for scattered images and clips here and there...

...and even so, I love this story.

Man, Im so pissed I missed that moive at a yardsale!

Hah. I'm glad it does.

Good last line.
Now imagine the remake being like this.

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5241 No.5241 quickreply   Reply The story is called Penny Dreadful. Feel free to tear it apart.

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oops, thanks for pointing out the error. the lack of quotation marks was more of an experiment for me. i kinda wanted to gauge reactions

File: 128175935652.png-(292.40KB, 281x700, 128145529183.png)
Read the whole thing, liked the concept and it was pretty decent. While some things irked me like I said in >>5258 I got past that

Nonetheless, I couldn't help but recall.....................

i swear i wrote most of this before i even saw inception. but i have to admit that christopher nolan is better than me

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It had been funny. That’s what bothered Reynardine most about having been locked in Annie’s small coffer once again for something he didn’t realize was an infraction to her morals. The joke had been so good it had made Ysengrin laugh back when the fox and the humourless wolf still kept their mutual disdain amicably hostile. But this was further proof that sometime in the last two decades of human civilization the better half of the jokes he knew had become unrepeatable for modern sensibilities.

Reynardine learnt this particular joke was one of those he could never use again when, following a compliment Annie had made on Kat’s recent haircut, he had repeated a funny and insightful comment about gypsies and hygiene he had heard from a French barber almost a century ago. It didn’t take as much wit to realize he had overstepped an invisible boundary when he saw the brunette’s jaw drop and his red headed mistress had looked at him like she wanted to strangle him.

The fox would have preferred an immediate violent reaction from Antinomy to being sent into the box before he could protest or pretend to be sorry. He would never allow himself to confess it, but the dark isolation was too reminiscent of the hangar where he had been locked in for years. Without, and this was important for him the prisoner, the presence of the bindings that had pierced and crippled him.

It had been some time since he had done anything that earned him a stay in the box, but he rarely knew or could tell for how long the girl’s idea of a time out would last. Still, he was sure not even a day could have passed before the lid finally raised and he was confronted with the not too happy looking but nevertheless beautiful sight of Antimony Carver.

“You can come out now.”

Shifting from the shape of the doll Surma had made into his more impish body had become easy for Reynardine, but he still did a show of cracking his metal bones in place to fake a physical discomfort he really hadn’t felt. He couldn’t allow the girl to think it was time to get imaginative with her punishments. At least, he corrected himself, not in this sense.


“Be quiet, Reyn
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...So you're just re-posting Mighty Buush's stuff from another board?

At least give credit where credit is due.

>implying i'm stealing credit
This is about Beas formspring, so whatchutalkingboutwillis.

did buush die

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I'd say expect several more chapters before the year is over.

By several I probably mean 2 or 3 more.


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The type of narration you're using works better if you're focusing more on places, ideas, and themes rather than chracters. One of the last few books Issac Asimov did is in this style, "Nemesis", and its weakest scenes are when dealing with the characters rather than his concepts of living planets and spacetravel.

You gotta decide where you want your narrative focus.

The problem is I'm very focused on world building first then character building second... Which is exactly what you're getting at. I've been working at forming this little universe of mine for almost a decade now and this is my first real forray into the character part of it. I've been writing myself little encyclopedias of the history, technology, organizations, factions, government rules, structures species and what have you that I guess in my excitement to paint the world I didn't have enough colors for the characters... gotta work on that.


Well, you've got psych profiles on these characters to an insane degree. They live in and have grown up in your world. Let their actions and needs and personalities help explain and examine it.

hide File: 128117965377.png-(135.55KB, 793x739, faces.png)
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Well, I drew these in order to help get my friend out of his inability to help create characters on the go. But seeming as though he's not here: Let's have an exercise, eh? Look at each portrait and give a summary as to who you think they would be like.

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Derp I meant top right on the last one, obviously.

Jane Doe

Top Left: As she is going about her usual day, Top Left is suddenly impacted by number of cacti that have escaped the back of a delivery truck going up a steep hill and dies five seconds into the story. Not much gets explained past the fact that she was annoying and had pink hair.
Center Top: Best friend of Top Left. After seeing the death of Top Left, he realizes that he actually has something to talk about for once, and then goes and makes a thread about it on the internet where he whines about the death of his friend in hopes that he gets some kind of attention.
Top Right: Was friends with Top Left, but secretly hates her because she's rude and judgmental. Gets way into her religion after witnessing the death of said friend. Becomes annoying and condescending, much like Top Left was.
Bottom Left: Student of some sort. Is associated with Bottom Right, but dislikes his company as he is an addict. Though she didn't know Top Left, Bottom Left was two feet away as she was run over by a group of speeding cactus, and pretends to remain mostly unaffected. Eventually becomes addicted to pills prescribed by her doctor, which are essentially small doses of speed.
Bottom Right: Some dude who's kind of a douche and is addicted to speed and cocaine. After seeing Top Left die horribly, realizes he is a bit of a asshat and tries to stop being such a prick. Fails horribly and remains prick-ish with the delusions that he is some how not, which gives him an inflated ego.

None of them fight crime.

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So, a guy, his wife, son, daughter, and dog walk into a talent agency and the guy says "buddy, do I have a show for you." Talent agent goes "sorry, but I got all my clients all booked up." Guy rears up and says "no no no no, you just gotta see it, it's a family act, we all worked so hard on it!"

"A family act?"
"Yeah yeah! It's great, you just gotta see it!"
"I'm already not interested. Look, pal, you walked past at least twenty fucking family acts on the way here, and I--"
The guy bolts straight up and the woman covers the children's ears. "Excuse me, EXCUSE ME! Now there's no reason to be rude here and I would appreciate it if you didn't use that kind of language around my family, we're just here to audition like everyone else!"

Talent agent looks at the father, looks at the kids, and says "alright, what do ya got?"

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Hey /writ/ I need a quick crash course on how to write action scenes. Do you have any tips or book recommendations that I can look to?

It depends on what your aim in the action scene is. If it's about how badass certain characters are then you'd want to focus on their exploits. If it's about a mad scramble for escape you'd emphasize confusion and fear and movement. If it's a giant battle then all kinds of things can be written about, depending on whether you're describing carnage at eye-level, or talking tactics from above.

From what I've read recently, the Malazan book of the Fallen series featured fights and battles of many sizes that were described fairly clearly and capably while also being entertaining. It's a fantasy setting, though, so take that into account.


I think the key word you're looking for there is 'subject' and 'theme'. Action scenes need to fixate and pander to the subject of the action you want (be it a character, behavior, fighting style) and the themes like fear and the like.

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This is the end....My only friend, the end.

I've just learned of this board and how it is ending. I'm now melancholy that I've wasted years by not seeking advice on this board...

File: 128108461950.gif-(94.00KB, 352x616, hurp.gif)
And I'm still too frequently silent when it comes to giving it or asking for it.

Honestly I don't see what the problem would be with just shrinking the board instead of deleting it outright. I mean if the problem is with space why not knock /writ/ down to like two or three pages? Or hell downsizing any other board for that matter? I've never seen much use gotten out of any thread that's fallen past page 5 on any board.

Ummm, that sticky's been there for months, if Anonex hasn't deleted /writ/ by now, he ain't ever gonna do it. And given his work ethic........

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