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How does /writ/ feel about erotic scenes? In terms of properly executing them and such?

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Alright, I'll post what I wrote, and I'll even throw in some commentary.

The starship Galaxy Girl dropped out of hyperspace as if emerging from behind an invisible horizon, leaving a ripple of entangled photons in its wake. The vessel carefully brought itself down into the planet’s massive ring, debris bouncing harmlessly off of its reinforced exterior.

The ship’s captain, Katherine “Katy” Quasar, reclined in her leather seat and swung her feet up onto the dashboard. “Let’s see the Klaxonians find us now,” she said, smugly. “All we have to do is lay low for a while and we’ll have those good-for-nothing slavers off of our tails for good! Well, technically, off of your tail and off of my perfectly-formed tailless ass.”

The creature in the copilot’s chair made a chuffing sound that probably approximated to laughter.

Katy grinned. “Aha, so you do have a sense of humor.” She turned to look at her companion. Naarius belonged to a race of reptilian humanoids known as the Candorians; their bipedal frames, covered in scaly skin, towered over the average human male by at least a foot, and their tails were over four feet long. Naarius was an exceptionally fit specimen, which was probably why he had ended up in a Klaxonian gladiator arena.

Naarius smiled toothily. “Oh, I enjoy good jokes as much as the next being. I’m just not used to your habit of making them in the middle of life-threatening situations.”

“It’s a knack,” she said, shrugging. “Wisecracking’s just my way of dealing with stress; that’s how I keep level-headed when people are trying to kill me.”
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There was the distinct clatter of a metal object falling onto a metal surface.

“Whoops, dropped the energy cell,” Katy announced, slightly louder than she had to. “Better pick it up…”

Naarius glanced over to see the captain bend over, her buttocks jutting into the air pronouncedly. She grabbed the glowing cylinder, seemed to pause for a second in her awkward position, and righted herself.

Naarius blinked lazily and returned to his task of tightening loose bolts on the cargo bay door.

Katy, noting his disinterest, made a quiet “humph” sound.

[Okay, I'll admit it, I laughed at my own joke here. Not that it's really my joke, though.]
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It was pretty enjoyable, too bad you didn't finish it. Then again, I love pulpy sci-fi tales and smut equally, so it wasn't that hard to reach out to me in particular.

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Holly Synchronistic
A fantasy romance


Do you know what synchronicity is? C. G. Jung gave the world the
first modern description of it, in simplest terms synchronicity was an
external physical manifestation of an internal psychical (or mental) state.
He believed it was a fundamental operating principle of reality: acausal
simultaneity . His quantum physicist friends already had a term for it,
they called it "magick" (with a 'k').

But what Jung marveled at most regarding synchronicity was that there
was no way to empirically determine for any given acausal simultaneous
event which was the cause, and which was the effect. They happened at the
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Hang on, she had said, and disappeared in a pale yellow flash. I
remained where I was, I honestly couldn't move a muscle. It was as if I
had lost the duel, and the witch had turned me to stone. The whole
building could have collapsed around me and I would still be standing
there. Then she was back, a grin splitting her delicate face from side to

"I'm here with my brothers. I told them I found some friends from
school, and their mother would bring me home. They were only too happy to
be rid of me, there is some stupid girl from their high-school here," Holly
reported with obvious distaste.

"Follow me across the street to my hotel," I said, turning towards the
exit, my legs suddenly free to move, my bones whole, but the flesh of my
hands and feet still tingling and incandescent from the lightning strike.
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We collapsed, immobile, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, breathing
in unison. Our hearts were racing, but racing as one, each beat of mine
matched by one of hers.

Not wanting to crush her, I rolled over onto my back, with her
straddling me, my cock still buried inside her. She sits up, knees
gripping my waist, her hands upon my belly, her touch like an electric
spark. Then she begins to bounce up and down on my cock, riding me like a
horse. By Holly's face I see she is going to cum again, and her hands grip
the hair on my chest, twisting and pulling, as she throws back her head,
hair whipping around. Wet, it showers my face with her sweat and I can
taste the salt of it on my lips.

Holly rises, my cock sliding all the way out to its tip. I think she is
done, but no, she slams back down its length. Again. And then rising once
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Does anybody have How Not to Write a Novel?

edwin abbots Flatland, plox

File: 126266357717.jpg-(72.05KB, 500x500, 125484944155.jpg)
Anyone have this? I've been looking for it since it came out, and repeated trips to Bookchan have all come up empty.

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You faggots should read this book, especially teachers, those who were traumatised by public education and those who are with children or expecting children.

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> traumatised by public education

Did some fact checkingon this. This book sounds way better then you make it sounds. You're like an anti-endorsment.

How about a good solid monthly desk tossing? That held me over through primary school at least.

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Is a story a fanfiction if I'm just borrowing a setting, for example, a story in the SW universe, or does fanfiction contain characters from canon works? Like, if that same story was about some Clone Troopers hanging out with Obi-wan?

Pic is unrelated.

Yes, unless it is published and then it becomes "normal fiction" again.

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ITT generic book titles.

bump for first post making me laugh

bump for first post making me laugh


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Search your feelings, /writ/, you know it to be true.

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...I loved Tuck Everlasting as a kid.

Partially because I had such a good time imagining the huckster villain.


Tuck everlasting didn't have a chest burster vampire baby fall in love with a werewolf.


That was just the topping on the cake. What a serious mind fuck.

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Are you working on anything at the moment?

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File: 126177387985.jpg-(694.16KB, 1200x2200, 06 Carboniferous.jpg)
By the way I have the following question: I'm using tons of images in by book, since I'm too poor to afford copyrights or hire an artist, I've made sure it's in the public domain and have done most of the stuff in photoshoop. That means I traced most of them. Is that acceptable to a publisher or do I have to fear copyright sues? Pic is an example.

Is anyone here any good at writing/editing comic scripts? I've got one going at the moment about a zookeeper and a gorilla teaming up to steal from the rich to give to themselves, but it's kinda flaccid at the moment.


Upon further analysis, this is just Titanic only not good. Added to "why you hate yourself" file.

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When it comes to female characters I constantly hear that male writers don't write them well. This is a trait I see mostly in comics but I do wonder if books suffer from it some times. So how does one get to writing a convincing person of the opposite gender? And why is it even an issue if a story doesn't necessarily focus on gender issues and such? Should a writer really call attention to it? People don't like it when race is brought up constantly so why should gender be an issue?

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Heh. A history professor of mine once got the class started on a conversation about why people would be opposed to having a female president. One point that became pretty prominent was that a woman would be more prone to being irrational when either menopause or "that time of the month" rolled around, and just being generally emotionally incapacitated due to being a woman.

The professor said, "Ah, yes, so it's the female hormones that we don't want running our country," he gave a thoughtful pause, then continued with amusement, "As if testosterone hasn't laid waste to the earth!"

I heard somewhere that, when it comes to IQ, men and women average about the same. For men, there are more of them on the extreme ends of intelligence and stupidity, but for women, more of them are just in the middle. Whether or not this is true, it's still something interesting to work with writing-wise. Makes men into the more varied, unstable ones, while women can be the ones who are predictable, yes, but dependable.

Had a teacher in high school who was known for breaking up scuffles between students. One day he gave me his take on the gender differences in the fights: "Boys fight to intimidate. Girls fight to kill."

Only saw a cat fight once, but damn, I agree with my teacher because of it. The girls were both bent forward, grabbing fistfuls of each other's hair, yanking and thrashing each other around by these fistfuls as they screamed and spun in rapid circles through the halls. They literally clawed at each other's throats when the teachers attempted to separate them. Shit was frightening.

I once heard that when whites came to the Americas and attempted to educate the natives, it was a new idea to the indigenous folk that their girls shouldn't receive an education along with their boys, that a girl couldn't possibly understand what a boy could.

One way to approach gender in writing, I think, is to consider the character's own opinion of their sex, gender, and their expected role in society. You might get a woman who wants to be an ideal woman...Motherly, hard-working, patient, suffering wi
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Gonna bring up that first professor again. He also told us, "There is nothing more inspiring than a 9 year old girl...And there is nothing more tragic than a 13 year old girl." Ignore how pedo it sounds, what he was talking about was how, in elementary school, girls tend to have better grades, pick things up quicker, participate more...But by jr. high they've begun to dumb themselves down, stamp out any intellectual competitiveness, because while "smart asshole" can work for a guy, it's (supposedly) far less attractive on a woman, and if a woman is smart and confident, she'll just become a target for harassment--and who really wants to deal with that if there's an easy way out of it?

There's only a few times that come to mind where gender roles actually played to detriment. The Silent Hill movie, for example, had the lead character changed from male to female (ostensibly because the character acted too feminine). But then in the final product, you get that awkward scene where the Cop gets suspicious of a Woman looking for a Child.

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Bitter flavors of fine viscus slurry, old gasoline and oil ran by his tongue and filled his mouth with dour sensation. Darkness was all he knew, all he could taste, all he could feel, all he could hear, all he could remember. It's all he'd ever sensed, locked within the deprivation of the earth and buried beneath a veritable sea of metal. Metal that called to him. Metal he could feel. Not tonight. Not while fire burned in the lungs and twitchy, uncooperative muscles followed an unfamiliar drive to flee. To escape. To do anything to leave. The dark mud, the viscosity of snot, gave way above as he extended his arms up and out of the earth into not-earth, clenching and unclenching narrow spindly digits into the mysterious freedom of his longing. Stubborn grass clumped among the sparse dirt, dragged down into the muck with him.

The earth resisted, winding around his narrow legs and pulling him back downwards every time he tried to extend itself, greedily clinging to his outer surface. But he was tenacious and though hysterical in his ignorance, patient. Awareness spread symmetrically, introducing him to limbs on his other side and soon both arms were treading in the mud, desperate for a foothold or a solid surface to grasp in their weak grip. Tingling, hot sensations of unfamiliar energy drifted about his burial chamber like amniotic fluids.

Tectonic tremors, so alien and unrecorded for this land's geography, caused the land to grunt and agonizingly moan. His body traversed the sea of mud, narrow toes and the heel of a foot finally found solid surface. Soon, his literal stepping stone as his virgin steel skull disturbed tranquility in the small lake of mud, his eyes caked with opaque, earthly pigment. Smeared garbage and fossil fuel obscured his vision to the alien landscape, though did introduce him to more graspable surfaces. Unusual structures with large, reflective grills that twinkled beautifully every time the light lit up the dreary black sky.

Air and noise escaped his throat for the very first time, chest depressing as fiery gasses were expunged from his mouth and nose. Terrible, baleful colors of fire that caused water saturated, nearby dirt to dry and crack on th
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It took him a few seconds to properly analyze and determine his prospects for armament. Lacking anything that wasn't as dangerously tetanus inducing to himself as an enemy, he happened upon a rusted out frame of an old four-door.. The clutch, broken off with the handle mostly intact, lay on the seat like a golden opportunity. An adequate shiv, with a round grenade shaped head to hold. With the sharp, narrow point on the other end, it would make an excellent thrusting or stabbing tool. He eagerly snatched it up, clutching it tightly and feeling far more confident as he turned and started a controlled speed-walk towards the rip in the fence.

Footsteps. More than his own. Sid's blood ran cold almost instantaneously as he heard sparse vegetation and mud crush under body weight much greater than his own. The familiar footfalls of a grown man, sleepy but consistent. Worse, he couldn't tell the exact direction it were coming from. Prickles danced up his vertebra, sending fine hairs to points and setting the knuckles of his right hand to become white dots between pressured skins full of blood, the reassuring ridges across the metal biting into his palm. Halting, head turning, he tried to make out a silhouette from any direction. Only to find none.

Sid tore into a run in the direction he knew, by the layout of the yard, was towards the gate. The sounds of alien feet moving could be heard again, no further away than they'd been when he started to flee. Maybe even closer. A biting pain rippled in his thigh, unfortunately sacrificing coordination in his brief surge of adrenalin to unintentionally prick himself in the leg with the sharpened improvised schiv. He was whimpering now, and watching the ground- the only way he could tell where he was going. And it was then that his brain, so time dilated by chemical stimulant, pieced something together.. The foot prints leading to the gate were too narrow and deep in the sand soaked dirt to've been made by any human foot. They resembled something more akin to stilts. A dark, monolithic presence suddenly found itself between Sid and the exit.


Sid ran headlong into it, whatever it was. Momentum swallowed by the s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

It was a fitting homage to the human skeleton, all stripped of meat and distinguishing features. The zygomatic processes were flanked to all sides by the broken red of reflector lights, exposing old fashioned incandescent bulbs in a terrible parody for eyes. The nasal concha was rather typical.. as was the material the skull seemed to be fashioned from. Diamond plate metal. Cheap and maleable. Upper and lower mandibles; what passed for teeth seemed to be a symmetrical placement of nails and bolts, for shredding and crushing. Smaller nails fused closed together mimicked the shapes of cutting teeth, larger nail tips sticking down and up from what passed for the jaw giving an upstanding likeness of everything from incisors, to canines to molars. The effort was surpising, since even with all that, the tongue hung down through the hole in the bottom of the mandible like a loose leather strap.

And then it blinked. Thin, membranous sheets of aluminum foil fell down like curtains and then retracted, and Sid once again felt the rush of delirious fear. He screamed! bursting to his feet and strafing around the unnatural armature as it creakily adjusted stance to follow the screaming youth with its gaze. It did not pursue, merely stood watching. A blank, curious look on its face as the ends of its snow chain manacles swung and clacked against the ground. As if in response, in tribute, perhaps in attempt to connume, the thing brought in a great breath through its nostrils, fans in its ribcage starting to revolve greatly. The sheer volume of the creature's return-fire scream carried for half a mile, a big rig horn focused and fired from its throat. Sid vanished into the afternoon fog, pants stained with everything from dew, to oil to urine. Horrified and at the same time mystified by what he saw, what he felt, he raced for home as swift as his legs would carry him.

Fuck, how did I forget to reply to this.

This is interesting stuff, to be sure, but there's no real story-its a few vignettes of Ford's life. This could be a cool story if you wrap it in a firmer structure-perhaps he is remembering his questionable origins while escaping a Pentex interrogation lab?

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looking for help fidning a book series.

i came across it on tv tropes and didn't remember the title. it was boasted as being a fantasy novel of exceptional parody, slightly akin to if you swapped everyone's personalities around. believe it was about a dark wizard/overlord/necromancer, who only wound up that way by coincidence and is quite a good guy. I even think his name was Jake Overlord or something, or John the Necromancer. as was every other anti-stereotype character (badass princess included). ring any bells?

pic unrelated

fuck off

File: 126087675085.jpg-(32.23KB, 319x243, 1260571822368.jpg)

Seriously, fuck off.

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Behold, I am the lowest form of literature known to man: a LEGO novelization.

File: 126049771165.jpg-(195.01KB, 1280x855, exoforce.jpg)


THAT is the lowest form of literature.


induringtwilight: "Twilight."


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I am in the midst of designing a series (possibly to be animated or be put into comic form) and I am in need of the following things

* People with which I can discuss:
* how various forms of fiction have depicted aliens
* various aspects of a galactic society (how they measure time, currency, economy, etc)
* Theoretical alien species and how they function
* Alien technology

* Artists to:
* design alien spacecrafts/architecture
* design various alien species and races within them

If you are interested, please email me.
Please feel free to ask general questions in this thread.

I am too lazy for email discussions.

But, on the subject of Aliens in Fiction:

The primary thing to note about Aliens, fiction, and sci-fi in particular is that our own understanding and reach in the universe could preclude a lot of things. We only understand how carbon-based life forms function because we only have carbon-based life forms to study. Same thing with tech: our imagination is the only thing that can invent these things. Orson Scott Card is one of the few authors who write actual "Science Fiction", because not a bit of his outlandish scenarios are based around actual theoretical sciences (string theory, what would actually happen if we hit light speed, etc.). Most classical sci-fi actually falls more into the realm of speculative fiction (when they're trying to be sciency), and is more about introducing a crazy element or species and talking about how people would react. It's just simpler.

It is because of this difficulty that you get "Rubber Mask" syndrome like on Star Trek; most "alien" creatures are bipedal and humanoid because it's easy to imagine and easy to do make up for. But it's also an easy trap to fall into. I'm reminded of a story about a workshop where a whole bunch of people got together to imagine what aliens would look like, one guy in particular overlooking the whole thing. Somebody brings a drawing up to him, he looks over it and goes "where's the anus?".

But that's just it: aliens don't necessarily need anuses. Or arms, or eyes, or anything resembling a carbon-based life form. But those changes will inform their entire society. If a species is made of sentient beings that have no legs and float around on air pouches, they will never invent chairs per se.

More later maybe.

What Fang said

The whole hard scifi vs soft scifi is an interesting thing

Star Trek, and Mass Effect and Halo have great fleshed out universes with some interesting species. Maybe you should take a look at those franchises.

I'm a bit of a douchebag asshole, but the one thing I can absolutely do is design alternate cultures and histories based around how a civilization can be completely different from us, yet still similar enough to relate to.

my AIM is ShaedoK, if you'd like to contact me through some other client, say.

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What are some good erotic literature sauces? I only know literotica.

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Used to know some white*.* web site, but I can't remember the second part of the URL or if it was net/com/org anymore.


they've got some good stuff, and good roleplays too, used to go there, then I grew bored and left a chick I was rping with hanging before my character took off all her clothes and fucked her in a table or something like that.

Could have warned me was all gay.

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I'm trying to write a play. Over the course of the last month, I've looked over different plays to see how they're written. I've always been a fan of the theater, so I've seen plenty and how they translate to action, so it should be easy enough... but I can't seem to wrap my head around the form.

Any tips?

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File: Capturingvoicesforcharacters.pdf-(11.56KB, Capturing voices for characters.pdf)

Hey, writing for screen and stage may be different, but at least the acts are related.

Thanks, anon.

Since when did /lit/ support PDFs?

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