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There's nothing more annoying than letting a friend borrow a book that's in perfect condition and then getting it back all bent and sometimes even ripped. I mean, I understand that it's hard to keep the spine from getting messed up, but come on!

Am I the only one who likes to keep their books in good conditions?

I like the novelty of an old book, but I don't trash them if I can help it. Seeing people when their books have bent pages and broken spines just kills me.

I always have to resist the urge to take all the old books in my library and scan them into my computer.

I just don't want to see that knowledge lost.~

I do like to keep my books in sound state, and certainly in no worse condition than I find them in. It's easier with hardcovers of course. Paperbacks by their design seem doomed to fall apart simply by being read enough.

A roommate went through a hipster phase and decided that Watchmen and Lewis Caroll were suddenly worth reading, so I lent her both. I gave very specific instructions on how to treat them because I don't fucking skimp like some other punk bitch ass people who buy shitty nth generation paperbacks.

A week later I found them both open under a stack of her other books near an open window.

So yeah, she lives somewhere else now.

>under a stack of her other books near an open window.
>near an open window
Oh, hells no! >:o

>So yeah, she lives somewhere else now.
With all her skin? Because I'd have demanded compensation in case of damage.

how does one stop their paperback books from having bent/broken spines?

It's hard. I try to bend my books open as little as possible, but it's really only a matter of time until I forget and open it too much. It's a lot easier with large-text books.


You can minimize spine-bending by opening the book as little as possible, but the creasing becomes exponential as you head towards the middle of the book for obvious dimensional issues.

I don't have a single paperback with a perfect spine.

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