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What does the term deconstruction really mean?

I've seen it used in reference to Watchmen and Neon Genesis Evangelion in regards to their scripts many times.

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To put it simply, people start hating a game after some fans, because due to the actions of those fans they begin to understand the faults of the games more properly(and cynically), and thus the enjoyment of the game itself is lessened, as a counter-reaction to the fans.

Most stuff I see on various sites usually it boils down too "it's too popular"

Nothing technical about it. Just hating due to hating. Now I admit FF7 gets way too much praise but the game was and still is good. It's sequels on the other hand seem like a mess.

I try to avoid that, myself, though I am but mortal. I think FF7 was a decent game that could have been really interesting, but decided to switch the central conflict up in order to surprise the player instead.

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What's the difference between a spec script and straight-up fanfiction?

One's written with the ambition to one day be central for a larger project and the other isn't.


"Just because it's good doesn't make it not a part of this category, and just because it's bad doesn't make it not a part of that category. Art is art, even when - espescially when - it's terrible."

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A while back, there was a site that showcased pixel dolls of Mary Sues from various fanfics that this one person made. It's been closed for a few years. A few weeks ago, I went through and packed them all into .rar files. I also included any of the fanfics or off-site descriptions of the characters that I could find. Just for the hell of it.

Most of it is Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, and some other animes. (The HP section alone was divided up into 5 sub-sections.) Also, just so you know, the site was made sometime around 2006 and closed around 2007, so there's no newer stuff like 2nd to last airbenders, Haruhi clones, or retarded Twilight self-inserts other than Bella. All of the dolls. No stories. Anime & Games Cartoons Crossovers (Most of them are anime and HP crossovers) Lord of the Rings Sailor Moon

I haven't done the HP or "Other" sections yet. But if you want to read some bad fanfics... have at it.

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File: 126721945388.gif-(21.23KB, 270x330, Sarah Star-Allisa-Egan May-Isaura Deen-Tasida Will.gif)

All of the dolls with their stories.

If you can actually find any of the fics I missed or some sort of description of a character I missed, I'll add it to the pack.

I don't get it, what's the point of the dolls, isn't it much simpler to just archive the fics?

The point is that they look fucking ridiculous and make you laugh and weep for humanity.

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Hello, everyone. I'm told that I have a nice reading voice by people over skype, and I wanted to know if you'd be interesting in joining me on an exciting journey where I read a novel to everybody, a chapter a night (unless a chapter's really short, then I'll read two, or really long and read half of it, or something).

I don't have a book picked, yet. Most recently I've been reading out of my school textbooks and my listeners enjoy *that* of all things.

We can discuss a time when everybody'd be ready, which stories we want read, or even if one of you wants, we can take turns.


My skype name is "ShaddowO"

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Sounds curious. I may very well be interested.

I live in the GMT+2 timezone, which may be a problem, depending of course on your timezones.

Pacific time here. Not home until after 8:30 most days.

Hey, that could be cool.

I think I'm available most evenings, except for Wednesday evening, Monday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday evening.

I think you already have my Skype name.

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Greetings /lit/, I'd like some recommendations on writings about or relating to logical fallacies. And maybe some decent political satire. This is all for my personal indulgence, so take your time, no rush at all

File: 126784291666.jpg-(41.59KB, 507x766, Fischer_Historian\'s Fallacies.jpg)
Good example of logical fallicies being applied.

Maybe Slaughterhouse-5?
Steve Martin's book The Pleasure Of My Company may also fit this description, in a mroe personal/humanistic way.

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Are there any books or short stories/novellas about how a fullscale nuclear war would be conducted and play out, in the near future, in an accurately speculative way? Any sort of situation, I don't care...Iran v. Israel, China v. US over Taiwan, rogue actors with stolen nukes from Russia, India v. Pakistan, etc.

I'm taking this International Security class at college, and I think it would be really fascinating to contemplate. We all know it would be bad, sure, but how bad, for whom, and within what ranges?

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idk. The main thing about nukes aside from the wonderfully large hole they leave is the fallout after the fact. The fallout is basically radiation, which is why a full blown nuke attack is a bad idea; whatever the nukes don't get, if there were enough detonations, the radiation will get the rest.

In a vacuum, I couldn't say how it would go, but I would imagine it would be no less of a general biohazard.

>What about nuclear warfare in space?
I haven't read the book you mentioned, but I would guess that the only efficient use of nuclear weapons in space would be the generation of EM bursts.

File: 126750432879.jpg-(3.06KB, 238x195, kermit1.jpg)
>in an accurately speculative way

>rogue actors with stolen nukes from Russia

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the internet! I come to you tonight with a proposal. You've all played forum games where you control the actions of a character and the author will draw your suggestions. However, since my drawing ability is rather poor, I have decided to utilize my more passable writing talents, instead.

However, you will not merely tell characters what to do. This will go a bit further. You will also choose what plot details, character traits, scene selection, tropes, and other nuts, bolts and tidbits are used.

So there are a few rules. Under most circumstances, you will choose from a list I post. The one with the most votes will usually be the option chosen, although if a certain option is given a convincing argument, I may choose that. Normally, I will not accept an option that is outside the range of choices, but if you believe you have a totally awesome idea, you may post it if you wish.

After the decisions are made, allow me a few hours to a day or so to produce the chapter. I will try and put out 2 to 3 chapters a week, although it may not always be possible, so I'm sorry in advance for any delays.

The very nature of this is very experimental, so if the result turns out to be not as good as hoped, I am also sorry. Hopefully, however, this will be very entertaining for all parties involved.

So, the first options you have involve the start of the story. How shall this tale begin?

A. Through a dream sequence of the main character, eerily foreshadowing what is to come.
B. A flashback of the main character's.
C. From the perspective of someone other than the main character.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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C for the first one, but as a suggestion, maybe it would be cool if it was like a flash forward looking on the results of the action of the main character briefly and then going back to where it began or something like that.
I guess for the second one D, though maybe Roland Tallman?
If you don't understand my suggestion, I put pirate in the name as a hint, you should be able to figure it out

Here we go, our first chapter!
Sorry for the delay. This ended up being a bit longer than I thought.

Chapter 1: Shadow of the Woods
His breathing was heavy as his legs pumped forward. Urgency was in his step, but the task at hand did not require it. What then, was he running from? Or maybe he was running to something.
Henry Roland Tallman leaped from a thick root and landed, nearly tumbling over. His palms were dirtied as they pressed into the soft soil. With a jerk, he pulled himself backwards and set his back against the sharp incline in the ground, made by the root.
“You’re sure early.”
Henry’s soul nearly jumped out of his mouth. “Aick! What the hell!”
It was Alastair Danforth. The scoundrel had a way of sneaking into important events, secret meetings and mischievous escapades. “You’re usually late. Odd that you would show up this early for this kind of business…”
Alastair was trying his best to be condescending, but Henry knew that it would not be taken seriously. Might as well strike back. “Well, Al, I personally was wondering why you decided to put yourself so far ahead of everyone else. There is no leader here, you know.”
As Henry’s eyes adjusted more to the darkness, he could see Alastair’s smug grin. “Oh of course, but I just don’t want this operation to fail, you know. But,” he turned, moved a lock of long, black hair out of his eyes and faced Henry head on. “Why are you really here?”
Was it a trick question? Henry was here for the same reason they all were. What was Alastair trying to pull? “Uh, Al, what do you mean?”
“I know you haven’t been acting like your normal self, Henry…” Alastair turned away from him. “Something’s been bothering you, hasn’t it?”
Henry tightened his fists. Why did Alastair think this was any of his business? “I’m fine, Al.” He whispered. “You can stop with the funny business.”
“Whatever. I mean, I just thought…” He turned his head toward Henry, then back again, “oh, nevermind.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

I plug in for choices A and B!

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So, /writ/, I have a question.

How can you tell if what you write is, as they say, 'good enough'? How can one discern what they have written is of quality?

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Google docs, DevART, LJ, etc.

Post links.

ok..well, all my stuff is on this site, I suppose one could just read the stuff with the most reviews, as that's the stuff generally well-liked/appreciated:


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So, has anyone given reading on an E-book reader such as The kindle or the Sony reader a shot? How is it? Would you say it's worth it?

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Well if anyone's interested. I just bout my Sony Reader the other day. The Pocket Model in fact and despite not having wi-fi or its own built in store I've been very happy with it. Like the Nook, it has access to the Google Library of free books. It's own store seems to be a little less lackluster (and slightly pricier) than Barnes or Amazon, which is to be expected since it's still very new. But that doesn't matter as most of what I'm interested in is available for free anyway. The device and the books you buy are DRM free which might account for the price disparity, but at least I can be sure that I can move my purchases up to a new device as long as they support ePub.

The pocket reader is tiny, easily the tiniest screen and size of any of the others. But the screen to device ratio is better than Kindle's and while the Nook looks sexy, I found the interface to be clunky and useless. When it comes down to general reading, you want your page turn button and your book button easy to access without any fuss. The Pocket Reader does that just fine. It's incredibly light weight makes it practically disappear in your hands as well as fit into most decent sized pockets.

If I bought an eReader, it'd likely be just to use the DRM-free stuff from FictionWise, which is in PDF and a number of other formats (I think ePUB, too).

Pretty much every eReader should be able to do that, right? The question is, which eReader will work for DRM-free stuff and cause *NO* eye strain? It's already a problem for me with my current computer. I simply can't stare at the screen for more than six hours a day, and that's what's keeping me from reading eBooks...that "computer screen" time is currently resolved for serious work with the computer, and my free non-screen time is spent with paper books.

Well I've had my Sony Reader for about twenty days now. When I picked it up, I was honestly half expecting to return it after trying it out. But I really became quite enamored with the machine. I still have it. And I must say, I read much more often now.

As far as I'm aware, all of them can do documents and pdfs and stuff. But the Sony models are the only ones of the big three reader varieties capable of reading non DRM ePub books. I'd already tried a few of the much smaller independent ePub websites, and they work on the Sony Reader just fine.

As far as reading and eye strain goes, independent objective analysis says the difference is minimal. Reading on a great monitor with a great refresh rate should just be as taxing on your eyes as reading on e-ink with a good light, or of course reading a regular book. But that's all objective studies and whatever. What that article doesn't say is that you sure as hell can't bring your desktop to bed. And laptops aren't exactly great for bedside reading either. And it's tangibly much easier to "relax" under a nice light reading off e-ink than it is staring directly into an LCD screen.

But e-ink and ereaders aren't some magical device that changes the what you're reading. It's still the same words and whatnot, just in an arguably more convenient form. And ya know, the convenience shouldn't be understated. It's a tiny machince, weighing only a few ounces, yet I've got the entire collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs on there along with War and Peace and Moby Dick and a bajillion other "classics" I kept saying I'd sit down and read someday. Not to mention it carries PDFs, my own writing, and a cookbook.

And sure, I'll never really finish reading more than one of those on any given trip. But I like the variety of the library I carry with me. Lets say that on the bus I get bored of that schlock scifi thriller I picked up over the store, I press a couple buttons and I'm now going over Marcus Aurelius.

I like it. If you're thinking of getting one, you'll probably find out you like it too. If not, w
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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1) Visit
2) Write short fiction based on result of 1.
3) Post result of 1 along with short fiction.
4) ???

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"Hey, Nick!" Chirped the suspiciously perky voice of Maya Fey, amateur legal assistant and spirit medium in training. Phoenix scratched his head, wary of the fact that Maya was only this chipper in the morning when she was hiding something, or..., "I found us a GREAT client, Nick! This one even says he'll pay! I checked, like you said!"

Or she's found a client. Suppressing a sigh and a fond smile, Phoenix rushed around looking for something resembling his suit. He couldn't see a client, even one of Maya's charity cases, in his housecoat!

"NICK!" The door shuddered against the not inconsiderable force of Maya Fey's boot as she tried to make herself an entrance, "Oh my God Nick, its COLD out! Screw it, one second sir..."

"No wait!" Phoenix cried out, but was a touch too slow; and once he saw Maya's client, well, proper dress became a secondary concern. Tall, thin, with an angular head, distinctively bushy eyebrows, mustache, and a skull shaped twist tie. "...oh my God, Maya..."

"Isn't he the nicest old man?!" Maya chirped again, just a hint of mania in her demeanor. Phoenix rubbed his eyes, confirmed that, yes, one of the most infamous terrorists in the world was in his living room, and tried to speak.

"Please, Mister Wright..." Doctor Albert W. Wily pleaded, stepping forward with his hands clenched as if praying to some fickle god of justice. "I have nowhere else to turn! I know I am an...ex convict, but I swear, this time, I did not do it! I have no idea who kidnapped Doctor Light!"

This, Phoenix decided, was going to be one of those /long/ cases...


I haven't the slightest idea whether this is awesome or if I'm going to need that bag of weed laying around to get this.

I'll take that as a compliment!

But, really, I don't think there's much to get. Maya finds weird clients, Phoenix takes them anyway, Dr. Wily gets in trouble with the law a lot.

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So, /writ/...

GoodReads, or LibraryThing?

I don't know, but I think it's hilarious that Twilight is in both the Worst Books of All Time and Best Books Ever categories at the same time on GoodReads.

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Who likes to read scripts and plays in book form?

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George Romero's script for the original "Dawn of the Dead" is a very fun read. You might be able to find it on if that site is still around. I read it a few years ago and it was a lot like reading a novel. It is very descriptive and in reading it you can see just how much better the movie COULD have been (despite being great as it is).

i've also read it, and I concur with this.

I'm a huge movie buff, so I read a lot of scripts. currently my favorites are Lawrence Of Arabia, Casablanca, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Cinema Paradiso, Blade Runner, Batman (1989), In Bruges, Life Is Beautiful, Zombieland, District 9, Toys, Men In Black, Secondhand Lions, Hellboy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Jurassic Park, Alien, Aliens, The Terminal, Rob Roy, Lucky Number Slevin, Pulp Fiction, A Scanner Darkly, The Untouchables, Once Upon A Time In America...yeah, I need to read more foreign film scripts.

as for plays, I honestly haven't read that much besides the obvious work of Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, and a couple musicals...Phantom Of The Opera was one, I remember. any recommendations?

Used to read a few scripts back when i wanted to make my own CGI short. Didn't make me a writer but it gave an interesting insight into what a film was originally going to be.

Kill Bill stuck out the most for me. They cut off a lot of plots and changed a lot of details. The films were still good but i would have loved to see that scene of Bill doing a job just for the practice.

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Is it possible to write an accent and not have it be obnoxious? Or have it be a little obnoxious (intentionally) but not detract from the story?

Help me /writ/, you're my only hope.

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Toni Morison's Beloved pulls off a "Blaccent" rather perfectly, without it being annoying.

>"If a Negro got legs he ought to use them. Sit down too long, somebody will figure out a way to tie them up."

The trick is not to give them an ACCENT but rather, to change the WORDS they use.

>"I got a tree on my back and a haint in my house, and nothing in between but the daughter I am holding in my arms. No more running — from nothing. I will never run from another thing on this earth. I took one journey and I paid for the ticket, but let me tell you something, Paul D Garner: it cost too much! Do you hear me? It cost too much."

Another dirty trick I like to use for British accents is to spell it "colour" whenever they're talking, however, this is a little more halting and lots of people read "Cuh-lure" when you do that, so it's hit and miss.

Using words commonly used by people with that accent would help, like a British person might call a flashlight a torch

Besides just words, there are lots of expressions and sentence structures that are unique to different dialects.

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Ok I don't want to go into too much detail but basically I need to figure out a way for a forming nation of stuffed animals to have a military arm. In my story stuffed animals (which now have the ability to move around and communicate with each other telepathically) are caught up in a war between the humans and a newly formed nation of figments and these beings called moppets (essensially a magical being made by people or other moppets from rags of cloth, clothes, and crystallized souls of children). The moppets and their figment allies are hunting stuffed animals for raw materials to make more moppets and humans are burning them to destroy the resource.
In responce to the threat the stuffed animals are uniting under a 'warrior' teddy bear. Forming their own nation/goverment/etc.
Now I'm running into the problem of how the stuffed animals will protect themselves. Most lack the appendages necessary for firing guns or wielding any weapon for that matter. They also lack the ability to make more of their own kind (still trying to figure out how to give them the ability to). I just need some ideas...

expand 4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
I actually like this idea (may use it). Another one that crossed my mind is that since there is a human aiding them (lets just say hes a new comer to the land and the other humans want him, his figment 'wife', and their half breed child dead) so theoretically he could sew them the appendages they need to use weapons (possibly sew weapons on them) or the appendages they need to alter each other.

Suicide bombing.

Alternatively, support in the form of other toys? Toys that are formed already as weapons? Add to that childlike innocence twisted with morbid implications.

  I'll just leave this here.

hide File: 126605471312.jpg-(115.15KB, 1155x589, het madden author sockpuppetting.jpg)
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This author recommends his own bloody book on an Amazon forum thread. With morbid curiosity, I follow the link to his product page, and find the most blatant author sockpuppetting ever. I'm almost insulted. Yes, because a large sample of actual people will all happen to spell "Zombie" with a capital Z in the middle of all sentences.

I think this is what makes LibraryThing a superior online forum for discussion...they seem to have a policy of, "If you self promote your own book, even if we only suspect so, we will automatically ban you completely and delete all of your posts." (see

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