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Bad sex in fiction thread?
Bad sex in fiction thread.

Starting off strong with Victorian smut

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Lord of the Flies.

Gravity. Rainbow.

I couldn't make it past 300 pages. Was just. Going nowhere.

Hi. Three Weasels Guy here again. Just wanted to pop in and say my newest chapter 5-5 has sex in it and I want feedback on how it is:

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Lately I've been listening to audiobooks and it's mostly a time saving and/or multitasking thing more than a preference over books. A few are just great though, and demonstrate why literature's oral tradition has been with mankind from the start.

Basil Rathbone's readings of Poe are my favorite and the BBC's Weird Tales production was way too short lived ;A; Anyone else know any good ones?

PS I can upload those ones if anyone likes.

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They've been linked here before, so I'd say it's safe to assume so

I'm uploading Weird Tales but they're like 30mb apiece so it's taking a while.


It doesn't really fit anywhere else any better.


First story of first season failed to upload but I'm trying it again. If it's not there when you check, look again later.

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  I can go anywhere~

I can be anything~

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...That's a new reaction image.

That song has the same effect on me that Robot Unicorn Attack does.

This show did nothing to instill in me a love of reading. It did, however, give me my love of shadow puppetry, and taught me some of the basics that I still remember to this day.

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Currently me and a few friends of mine have been reading poorly written fan fiction over skype. So we need a few good sites to pull these horrible literary atrocities from.

tl;dr Bad fan fiction sites.

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My Immortal is supposed to be so bad in every stereotypical way that the author might actually be a troll.

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So I've got the beginning for this story, which is actually the end of it, in media res and all that, thing is, I don't know how to get to the story after that, as in, how to phrase it so that it goes from "Well, this dude died." to "Well, this dude gets up from his bed two weeks before getting dead."

It's kinda confusing but my only examples of stories beginning this way are both Max Payne games, so yeah. Also, any examples of novels or plays that start this way would be great.

Oh and uh, I can post the start of the story if you want.

Better post what you've written so far.



It's about one page though, didn't work on much of it after the thread.

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I don't think folks would've had as much fun watching movie Watson gush on about how awesome Holmes is and Holmes' quirkiness seems to work better in movie form if exaggerated.

Its a matter of going from first person limited to the third person most visual media has to be in much of the time. Watson might think fanboyish thoughts but would he say them and feed Holmes's ego? Would he mention the fights and conflicts they inevitably had as roommates and friends, and risk the reputation of a great man?

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Holmes Gone.

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Don't mind me, just being the greatest thing ever written.

Yet another classic I need to read at some point.

Yeah, the original was better.

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ITT: Your favorite authors.

Terry Pratchett, motherfuckers.

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Hats and glasses sure seem popular here.

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Well, fuck them.

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Phillip K dick

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A little activity brought over from another chan. Post short story or book titles that we think are much better (or fitting) than the originals, along with the author's name. Underneath, we post the actual title in spoiler text. Let's do this:

"It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit," by A. Lee Martinez

"Talking Pigs," by George Orwell
Animal Farm

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"The Gunslinger"?

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Some of you are going to hate me for this, but it's true if you think about it.

"Parasitic Relationships"

"The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. He's still awesome nonetheless.

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I've written 3 novels and I'm looking for a publicist.
I need advice on good reference sites/ books on publicists and contests.

in return, enjoy this dancing otter weasel.. thing.

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Hi does anyone know of any other sites like

Thanks in advance.

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So, I picked up "And Another Thing..", finally started reading it.

I'm five chapters in and... I don't know, I had heard it was really good. I mean, it's not a bad good, it's pretty alright.

But something's missing. I don't know why, but it doesn't feel right, like the characters aren't quite the ones they claim to be, some sort of alien beings wearing their skins.

Like I said, it's good, but it doesn't feel right. It's doesn't feel like Adams. It feels like, while trying to stay true to the source, Coilfer seems to be adding bits that sort of SOUND like it'd be in a Hitchhiker's book, but not quite.

It's difficult to express wwhat it is that bugs me.

Also, ITT: Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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Not really; I think something like what smartphones and netbooks are approaching would be a better bet.

Although I have to admit that's probably a lot of bias on my part; I've never really like dedicated ebook readers.

FFFFFFFF I forgot about And Another Thing. I should check that out.

I'm still wary of a new author dealing with the series, but I guess I'll have to give it a shot eventually. OP has made me curious and uneasy about it all at once.

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By now the set was warm. He felt the squares of space around him, sensed himself at the middle of
an immense grid, a cubic grid, full of nothing. Out in that nothingness, he could sense the hollow aching
horror of space itself and could feel the terrible anxiety which his mind encountered whenever it met the faintest trace of inert dust.

As he relaxed, the comforting solidity of the Sun, the clockwork of the familiar planets and the moon
rang in on him. Our own solar system was as charming and as simple as an ancient cuckoo clock filled with familiar ticking and with reassuring noises.

The odd little moons of Mars swung around their planet like frantic mice, yet their regularity was itself an assurance that all was well. Far above the plane of the ecliptic, he could feel half a ton of dust more or less drifting outside the lanes of human travel.

Here there was nothing to fight, nothing to challenge the mind, to tear the living soul out of a body with its roots dripping in effluvium as tangible as blood.

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Well, seeing as how this board is set to die, anyway, I figure I'll throw my blog-novel at it one more time.

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Quick question I saw you posted that A-ko script on another thread using the same site and I'm wondering why did you name it 14rivers? I think it's an interesting title but something tells me there's a story behind it. Don't ask me why cause I don't know


There is a reason for it, but I don't want to put it out there. Potential to be sued by someone over "14 rivers" is small but it's possible.

A new chapter is now online.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon: An Unofficial Appendix.

By Zeptorem.

He breathed hard, forcing down a hack here and a wheeze there, the fire in his lungs promising a healthy serving of blood to come up later. He didn't care about this, nor did he care that beings perfectly willing and capable to tear him limb from limb were mere seconds from catching him. He was within reach of his objective, the abnormally-quiet footsteps of his enemies fast approaching were largely ignored by him. This is it, old man, he thought, lead them to the fight. He threw the front door of the garage open.

Outside a somewhat unremarkable high school in an extremely unremarkable Washington town, was a man; average-looking and unremarkable, of average height and average build. Possibly a drawback for other people, but a considerable boon for his chosen vocation. Nowadays, however, while in better shape than the vast majority of people, especially ones his age, his sinewy, jaundiced body threatened to fail him, chemotherapy having done to his liver what gin and bourbon couldn't accomplish on their own.

A loud ring from the school cut through the silence, and students started pouring out. Snapping to attention, the man turned his video camera, FLIR, and parabolic microphone toward the throng, and resisted the temptation to scribble down names and snippets of conversation as they came in—an old habit. He wouldn't waste this valuable opportunity doing what he could simply do later with recorded audio and video; it would just be time and effort that would be better spent capturing as much information as possible. He spotted his enemies easily, being significantly colder than their human counterparts, and turned his long-range mic to their tightly-knit group. Names, dates, and locations poured through his headset.

Well-concealed in the bushes outside Forks High School, an old man was thrown into a brief moment of happy reminiscence.

Rotor wash blew leaves all around him. It was an Air Cav helicopter, Saigon, 1972. He was finally leaving this place, after all those long-range patrols and ambushes. As an unequivocally skilled tracker, he worked with Rhodesian security
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