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<Pablo> Hey Anonex
<Anonex> Pablo
<Pablo> Have Is /writ/ saved yet?
<Anonex> No. /writ/ and /ck/ are going into..purgatory? Okay so you all want it to stay,
then you have A FEW WEEKS TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, and if the average post rate doesn't climb then I'll just do what I said. Because, really, 40 posts of writ a week in one or two threads isn't going to clog up /coc/

My opinion has been stated all around these parts, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought of it.

Furthermore, some questions:
>Is there value to 'saving /writ/'?
>If not, what's the harm being done by merging with /coc/?
>What should /writ/ focus on?
>Would you be interested in editing, generative, and/or prompt threads?

ITT: We talk about /writ/.

Pic related, but only because I google image'd "writ", not that I want some dumpass petition thing.

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/writ/ has the potential to be a fantastic resource. I'm sorry I haven't utilized it more. If /writ/ is just expected to be incorporated into /coc/, where will original projects go? How long will it be before original writing in /coc/ is met with a chorus of "HURRRR THIS ISN'T FANFICTION. /CO/ PROJECTS, REMEMBER?"

That might be a bit overblown, but really, /coc/ ISN'T the place for the kind of themes /writ/ can address. You can't start a thread in /writ/ asking how to write a poem, or the best way for your writing to feel genuine, or addressing problems in dialogue.

I'm going to post more. I'm going to seek advice. Over the next month, I will do everything I can to keep /writ/ from going under.

>You can't start a thread in /writ/ asking how to write a poem, or the best way for your writing to feel genuine, or addressing problems in dialogue.
I'm assuming you meant /coc/ instead of /writ/, right?

Otherwise, everything you said. This is a very underutilized board, but I think it's got moxie!

We need to be more open to people wanting to get criticism. I've only seen four different stories/concepts posted on this board since it was opened, but all four of them were met with some serious hostility (I'm almost positive there were personal issues) or almost completely ignored (ex: Four Rivers).

There needs to be a reason to post here other than to have people say "work on it." More specific criticisms, more resources, etc. Unfortunately, none of us are professionals who get paid to edit submissions, so unless the zazz factor goes up quite a bit, I don't see anything happening.

Is there a way to keep the board, but reduce its size?

So, it sounds as though /writ/ does not do well dispensing criticism? Because I have some things I'd like to get some feedback on, and I can take brutal honesty (masochism sure comes in handy). Just so long as it's insightful critique.

It should be just as well mentioned that a harsh criticism isn't indicative of hostility, either. Granted, I haven't looked up the examples, but you need a thicker skin if you want to put your stuff out there to be criticized in the first place.

That doesn't mean "lol its crap", but editing is more than just proofreading and concept work, and sometimes breaking up the author's babby can do more for the piece than nurturing it can.

Resources can be garnered (lollibrary), and you need no PRO STATUS to be an editor. It's just a matter of knowing what needs fixing(proofreading), catching and understanding key flaws and reinforcing strong point (concept mappings), and giving the author the criticism they need to do it correctly.

I'm planning on going back and re-reading the works published here to do just that, really.

That is exactly what I meant. I simply have the typing skills of a chihuahua that's been dropped on its' soft head a few times.

I can't offer effective criticism. I'm not much of a reader, I barely know what I'm doing on the writing end.
The two or three times I've utilized /writ/ was as a stage, just following a muse. Unpredictable inspiration at best and producing stuff I later wind up hating.

/coc/ is the what, /writ/ is the how



Honestly, I'd post here more, but I've got personal issues that tend to push me towards laziness and substance abuse rather than balling up and engaging in conversation.

I'll try to make up for it at the last minute. Like a failed child at their dying fathers deathbed!

I'd like to know how I use this thing before I get any ideas of what to do with it, is there an instruction booklet that came when /writ/ was made?

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Don't drink before noon, and remember there are multiple interpretations and qualities to everything; both good and bad.

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