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Newsflash: People who use Kindle are stupid.

I wouldn't blame the author for delayed e-books and I wouldn't write angry amazon reviews because of his comment but it was pretty stupid. E-books should be cheaper than real books. No production costs, no physical value, I wouldn't pay more than $5. That is if I'd buy e-book at all.

This. Though I can't see myself ever buying e-books, regardless of price. It's just not the same. I'm one of those folks who needs the tactile sensations of flipping the pages, holding the book in my hands. Especially if it's an older book that's been kicking around for a while. There's a sense of history unique to that copy, which a digital file can never hope to duplicate.

I've beat my e-book argument over the head, but it's needless to say I don't care for them.

In terms of pricing, an e-book should always be cheaper, and I see no offense that a publisher withholds release of the e-version to make some real money. The fact that you can find virtually any e-book now for free is enough, but the staggering profit margin between the micro-transaction and having to produce the book is another entirely.

E-book users have no right to baaaw if they expect companies to suddenly go to a virtually profit-less field just so they can get their book faster, be glad that you don't have to pay the $20 average we shell out.

tl;dr: Newsflash: People who use Kindle are stupid.

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