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Long-Term Projects

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OK, picture this:
A Treasure Shooter and a Konami Beat-em-up have a baby. They let Capcom's Fighters be Godparents.

Super Indie Challenge. A side-scrolling, sprite-based beat-em-up (with a tendancy towards projectile weapons) starring Indie comic characters. A download title (though, depending on how much content we pack into it, it could be a full release) for Wiiware, X-Box Live Arcade, and PSN.

Please forgive my crappy logo.

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The engine hinges on the following, though we can add more as needed. Each character (with a few exceptions) has a melee attack and a projectile attack. In addition, as you defeat more enemies and take more damage, a bar underneath your HUD begins to fill up: once it's full, you can unleash an "Assisst Attack", where a character from the same franchise as the player appears and devastates the enemy.

Two players can play at the same time.

Each franchise represented gets a level, a mini-boss, a boss, and two playable characters: The main character and a "partner". While the players can mix and match as they please, characters get a stat boost if they choose a character from the same franchise. In addition, that' the only way to hear dialogue in the game: given that this is an intentional throwback to games from the 90's, the dialogue should very much be tongue in cheek to the technical limitations, goofy plots, and frequent translation errors of the time.

File: 125825531338.jpg-(30.88KB, 625x839, Scud-The-Disposable-Assassin.jpg)
Scud, The Disposable Assassin.

Main character: Scud.

Health: Low. He IS disposable, after all.
Speed:Very High.
Melee: Medium.
Projectile: Medium Strength, Quick reload time.

Preferred weapon: His two pistols, natch.

Assist character: Either Oswald or Sussudio.

Partner character: Drywall.

Health: High.
Speed: Low.
Melee: Medium.
Projectile: Medium Strength, reload time.

Preferred Weapon: the random assortment of objects within his body.

Assist Character: Mess.

Bosses: Well, Jeff DEFINITELY has to be in there. Don't know who the other one would be.

File: 125825672642.jpg-(26.19KB, 400x295, the+goon-painting.jpg)
The Goon

Main Character: Goon.

Health: Very High.
Speed: Low.
Melee: High.
Projectile: High Strength, Slow reload.

Basically, The Goon is the polar opposite of Scud: Scud is quick and (relatively) weak, Goon is a tank.

Preferred weapon: Shotgun, Axe for melee.

Assist Character:Buzzard, Dr. Alloy and Bruno, Mud Brothers, Mickey the Saw, hell, take your pick.

Partner Character: Frankie.

Health: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Melee: VERY High (due to his preferred weapon).
Projectile: Low Strength, Quick reload time.

Preferred weapon: Tommy Gun for projectile, KNIFE TO THE EYE for melee.

Assist Character: Again, take your pick. Plenty to choose from.

Bosses: Zombie Priest, Labrazio.

File: 12582582369.jpg-(15.28KB, 360x325, a45e11d74be0ba5dd60b36d3f659.jpg)

Main character: Fone Bone.

Health: Low.
Speed: Medium.
Melee: Medium.
Projectile: Either none or VERY weak.

Bone might SEEM like a weak character, but he has two big advantages: His "Assist" gauge fills up faster than any other character's, and he has one of, if not THE best, assist characters in the game...

Assist Character: the Great Red Dragon.

Partner: Thorn

Health: Medium.
Speed: Medium to high.
Melee: High.
Projectile: Medium, Slow Reload.

Preferred Weapon: Sword for Melee, Bow and Arrow for Projectile.

Assist: Either Gran'ma Ben or Smiley Bone riding Bartleby. Hell, if you can find someway to make Phoney Bone or Ted the Bug work, more power to ya.

Bosses: Roque Ja or Kingdok for miniboss, Hooded One for boss.

File: 125825955985.png-(145.66KB, 300x371, Sam_&_Max.png)
Sam and Max: Freelance Police

Main Character: Sam.

Health: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Melee: Medium.
Projectile: Medium strength, Reload time.

Sam is pretty much the perfect character for beginners, given his purely balanced stats.

Preferred Weapon: His ludicrous revolver.

Assist Character: The Desoto (which Sam surfs as it rams enemies, propelling him forward a bit in the level).

Partner: Max.

Health: Low.
Speed: High.
Melee: High.
Projectile: Low, Medium Reload Time.

Max is tied with Frankie for the title of "berserker of the game": most of the time, you're better off ignoring his projectile weapon and launching straight-on into the enemy with your melee attack.

Preferred weapon: Luger (and it's none of your damn business where he keeps it).

Assist Character: Flint Paper or the Rubber Pants commandos.

Bosses: Since they don't really have any recurring foes in the comics, it's really up to you guys: Mack Salmon (who can do nothing), The Beast from The Cereal Aisle, Fritz Nunkie...hell, even Itty Bitty Plain Old Earth Roach who's packing a rod.

In addition, there's a four-player versus mode (Either one on one or two on two), and a gallery mode (featuring profiles for every character in the game and additional characters relevant to the franchises: think the Super Smash Bros. Trophy system). Every version of the game has achievements: unlock more achievements to earn more characters, more levels, more profiles, and accessories for the characters, such as a Phoney shirt for Fone, Paper Moon Masks for Sam and Max, and so on (if he doesn't make the cut as an assist, Oswald would make a good alternate skin for Scud).

The only Achievements I've come up with are:
"Catch-22": As Scud, defeat Jeff without losing a life.
"Cats and Dogs": As Sam, defeat Roque Ja using only melee attacks. (If we go with Kingdok, just call this "Rats and Dogs".)

Levels would include New York (Sam and Max, probably an introductory level), Tanen Gard and the Crown of Horns (Bone), and Lonely Street (Goon) in the main mode, and The Moon (Sam and Max), Norton's (Goon), and the Barrelhaven or the Spring Fair (Bone) in versus.

So, that's about all I've come up with. You guys have any ideas? Other franchises to include, achievements, levels, so on?

>A Treasure Shooter and a Konami Beat-em-up have a baby. They let Capcom's Fighters be Godparents.

I think I just wet myself.

So, er... how many people do you have on board this project? Since you're looking into spritework, maybe you can talk to people at Pixelation and Pixeljoint for advice, tutorials, etc (maybe even recruit people if you can offer the right incentive). I'd lend a hand, but I have a pitch to work on as is. Imagine Chrono Trigger crossed with Phoenix Wright.

May I make a suggestion?

Why not throw in Homestarrunner characters?

They're pretty indie. And the guys who make him seem to have no problem with spoofing old videogames.

I don't really have anyone on the project: the idea has just been rattling around in my head for ages, and I wanted to get it out and see how people react. those two pixel art communities definitely sound interesting: I might have to look into them.

I HAVE been looking for some unlockable characters, including the all-important "gag" character: I think some Homestar Runner stuff could fit that bill to a "T", especially since they'd be the only characters appearing that've never been in a comic.

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