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Version 2.0

Feel free to add any ideas you'd like to it, personally I hope we can get a little more then speculation out of this.

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Here’s an overview of what's different from the original One Piece.

-Usopp is the Captain instead of Luffy, of course, and as such, the Strawhat Pirates are instead the Sun Mask Pirates, which then become The Sure Shot Pirates.

-Usopp used the Sogeking mask from the very beginning, wearing it whenever he needs to act brave, or in big fights. This has led to many of his first bounty posters having Sogeking as the leader.

-There are a lot of changes to the crew roster, and more members leave the crew at times than just Vivi. The new crewmates are:
*Tashigi, replacing Zoro as the Swordsman of the crew, and acting as Usopp's moral compass. She also has Haki, to make her the official Haki user of the group, as Luffy doesn't train his in this story. (He uses Rokushiki) Her dream is to partly become a great swordsman, as well as defeat Mihawk and take the black sword Kokutou Yoru from him as her own.
*Hatchan, who acts as the helmsman of the crew, as well as Sanji's assistant chef and Mohmoo’s caretaker. He also is the guy who saves anyone who goes overboard in the crew, especially Devil Fruit users. For most of the journey he tries exceptionally hard to get Nami to forgive him for his past actions with the Sunny Pirates, which she eventually does, being the first to beat up the Tenryūbito to save Hatchan. His dream is to fight and defeat and make a meal of the Sea King God, the mythical Sea King in the New World that dwarfs other Sea Kings.
*Mohmoo, Hatchan's pet, who acts as a guardian of the ship at sea, protecting it from Sea Kings. His dream is to challenge Laboon after he’s journeyed across the Grand Line.
*Kaya, as the caretaker of the ship, and apprentice doctor to Chopper. Her attacks, unlike Chopper, involve chemicals and potions, such as dry ice fog machines, or sodium bombs.
*and Bon Clay, who joins the crew when Nico Robin does, and leaves them during the events in Enies Lobby, where he uses his Clone Clone Fruit to trick the marines into thinking they've captured Usopp, allowing the crew to escape. Usopp does eventually make his way to Impel Down to free him.

-Luffy, of course, joined the marines in this story, as well as his brother, (whose whereabouts are unknown, I.E. I haven’t figured that out yet.) becoming a captain at a young age, and defeating many pirates, including collecting the Bane Bane Fruit from Bellamy after arresting him, until he and his crew are severely trounced by Shanks five years ago. Before he leaves, he gives Luffy his hat, as well as the Gomu Gomu Fruit, and tells him, when he gets stronger, to join him as his true calling, as a pirate. When Luffy tells him he’d never become a pirate, Shanks merely smiles, and sails off.

This event leads Luffy to be court-martialed, as he failed to capture Shanks, but Garp bails him out, and when he hears he wishes to be stronger, gets him into CP9 as the youngest member, watched over by Kaku. He eventually is brought undercover to Water 7, working as a waiter in a tavern. A few months ago, he took a “unofficial” vacation, and made his way back to the East Blue, on a nostalgic trip, and convinces Usopp to follow his dreams, even if they are to be a pirate, after defeating Kuro with him. He then heads back to the Grand Line, where Usopp catches up with him fishing for Sea Kings after they leave Arabasta.

When they arrive at Water 7, Luffy introduces Usopp to Kaku and his fellow shipwrights, whom he gets to inspect the ship, as well as give them a major discount in its repair, on account of being friends with Luffy. Unfortunately, the ship’s keel is broken, and is beyond repair, and the best solution would be to get a new one and scrap the Going Merry. After beating up Franky to get their money back, Usopp is told of the bad news, and of course refuses to part with the ship, and after a heated argument with his crew, kicks everyone out of the Sun Mask Pirates, and demands that they get off “his” ship. He stays in his ship, sulking. That night, Luffy stops by to tell Usopp he’s sorry, but that he won’t see him again. He lets Usopp know that he thinks that he’s a good captain, but he just needs to learn to be braver. He leaves the Bane Bane Fruit by the Going Merry, saying that real power could possibly give him that boost. Usopp comes out after Luffy’s left, and almost throws the fruit into the ocean, but stops and pockets the fruit.

That night, CP9 (including Luffy) attacks Iceburg like in the original story, and make off with the Ancient Weapon plans and Nico Robin. The Former Sun Mask Pirates plan to go after her, and ask Usopp to help. HE won’t, but Sogeking will. The crew makes it to Impel Down, most of the fight going as the originals did, with a few changes for the rest of the crew, (Hatchan fights Blueno instead, Bon Clay fights Kumadori for a while, and Nero isn’t thrown overboard, and fights Kaya instead.) Eventually, Usopp catches Luffy and Spandam holding Robin prisoner. Luffy tells Spandam to go on ahead with Robin, and fights Sogeking instead. Sogeking takes a beating, but defeats Luffy with the Impact Dial, and runs battered and bruised after Robin. But before he gets far, Lucci cuts him off, and fights him also. Luffy wasn’t actually hurt much (letting Usopp win) and catches up with Usopp getting the crap beaten out of him.

Finally, the Sogeking mask is cracked into pieces, the lower and right halves falling off. Usopp is pounded into the ground, believed dead. Slowly, though, Usopp gets up, and throws the remaining part of the mask aside, revealing that Sogeking is Usopp, and effectively ending the use of the Sogeking mask in the series. Luffy runs in to help, realizing Sogeking was his friend, and together, the two take him down. Luffy carries Usopp, now even more beaten, back to his crew, after they have rescued Robin and are about to leave. He gives Usopp his hat, telling him to give Shanks back his hat if they survive, and stays behind in the Buster Call. Luffy survives though, and Garp informs him that because he failed twice, he has only one chance to possibly redeem himself: Capture all of the Sun Mask Pirates before they leave Water 7. Garp and Luffy arrive there, ready to capture the crew as they leave. However, before they attack, Luffy demands of his Grandfather that he jump over to their ship and capture them personally. Garp looks at Luffy knowingly, and lets him, saying that he expects Luffy to be back after he’s done taking a nap, or he’ll hit him again. Luffy jumps over to the ship, and upon arriving, drops to his knees, bawling his eyes out, and begs to be brought along, for Usopp to give him a second chance. Usopp then gives him the hat back, and they escape. Garp seems unphased by this defection, saying that, “he’ll deal with it when he finds him again.” and goes back to sleep.

And please, no Jughead jokes...

>Nami is the first to beat up the Tenryūbito to save Hatchan.
>Hatchan's dream is to fight and defeat and make a meal of the Sea King God, the mythical Sea King in the New World that dwarfs other Sea Kings.
>Bon Clay joins the crew when Nico Robin does.
>Bon Clay uses his Clone Clone Fruit at Enies Lobby to trick the marines into thinking they've captured Usopp, allowing the crew to escape.
This is all new to me. The project is even more awesome than I had initially thought. But what's this about the Bane Bane Fruit?

The Bane Bane Fruit was taken by Luffy from Bellamy before he could eat it, and Luffy kept it for unknown reasons. I forgot to mention that, when the crew escapes, Spandam jumps from ship to ship after them, determined to finish the job. When he gets there, he takes the fruit and eats it to gain more power, but since he doesn't know how to use it, his arms and legs become like slinkies, and he can't control the powers. Usopp and the crew beat him up easily, and he falls into the sea after being Clutched. He is rescued of course, but they get away.

Okay, that's pretty cool.

I always love reading Elseworlds ideas. I once made one for this that imagined what would happen if Luffy and Ace would eventually end up inspired by the other's role model instead, and what would happen if Luffy originally lost to Arlong.

Spreeses... you have done well.

I offer my full support, though active participation may have to wait.

Wow, you really thought this one out.
>Usopp catches up with him fishing for Sea Kings after they leave Arabasta.

Here's an idea I thought was interesting. Because Luffy isn't the star of this show, Buggy is the first Devil Fruit user we'll come across. We could push Buggy back to Louge town or the Grand Line, and have the Grand Line where we're introduced to Devil Fruit users.

I think it might be neat to hint at the Devil Fruit like "Don't go to the Grand Line! That place... is a Sailor's hell. It's a place where DEVILS roam free!" instead of being introduced to Devil Fruits right out of the gate. Or I might be wrong, who knows?

File: 125511224557.jpg-(174.31KB, 640x480, Oda_sketch_Ganzack.jpg)

Oh! Because Buggy is sort of a Luffy-centric enemy (Luffy can't be hurt by bullets but can be hurt by swords, Buggy's the opposite), we could push him waaaaay back to the New World (Maybe he became a Yonkou in this 'verse?) and keep him Luffy's "rival." Instead, where Buggy's adventure was we could substitute Ganzack as the villain, as he's a bit more like Usopp: a regular human who relies on technology. Of course, we may want to flesh out his crew a bit if he's taking on Usopp, Tagashi, and Nami...

You know what? Yeah! Buggy will be a Yonkou in this story, and Ganzack takes his place during all those fights.

I like this concept. It makes the Grand Line all the more menacing.

>Luffy, of course, joined the marines in this story, as well as his brother, (whose whereabouts are unknown, I.E. I haven’t figured that out yet.)

Why? He's Gol D. Roger's son, they'd never let something like that happen.

But with Ace joining the marines the impact would be bigger. Think about it, they turned the son of the king of the pirates into a marine. That's like a fuck you to all pirates


File: 125513532299.jpg-(68.78KB, 305x490, Linebeck_Large.jpg)
So it's Linebeck: the anime?

I can dig.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. There's a running joke that while Sanji hits on basically any woman that's even slightly pretty, he doesn't with Tashigi. It's never fully explained, but Tashigi seems to be the only one that notices it, or at least cares.

I've been thinking over how some of the fights would have gone with the reorganized cast, and it looks as if there's a bit of a protagonist surplus. You'll either need to introduce more villains or use more tag-team battles.

Also, I stumbled across these awesome little inferences:
Kaya interacting with Dr. Kureha!
Tashigi throwing a house at Mr. 1!
Bon Clay taking part in the Davy Back Fight!
Nightmare Usopp!

Well, For the Thriller Bark part, I'm going to actually have the Zombie Generals do something...


What about the fight with Enel? I can see Usopp throwing EVERYTHING at the Logia user, distressing how nothing is working, and finally resorting Usopp Rubberbands.

Then both of them do a bit of a "..." as it's the first attack to actually not pass through Enel.

File: 12551385001.jpg-(66.21KB, 650x867, 12544709934.jpg)


Cannot stop fucking laughing at the image there.

I'd love to see some artwork of some of the changed scenes, like Tashigi v.s. Mr. 1.

I would have done some months ago, but I can't do the One Piece style justice, or draw well at all, really.

File: 125518201942.jpg-(33.88KB, 806x570, monkey d luffy.jpg)
>This thread
>This glorious thread

You're alright, Spam and Reeses. You're alright.

File: 125530832537.jpg-(157.50KB, 847x558, Captain_Usopp_Crew_Mindwipe.jpg)

Well, I know I'm not one of the most sought-after drawfags like Tim or Mayekoi, but I wouldn't mind doing some artwork.


Awesome drawfaggotry, Mindwipe.

A question: does Luffy eventually eat the Gum Gum Fruit in this one, or does he just stick with Rokushiki? It was a bit unclear from the summary. I'd have no problems meself with him just sticking to the Magic Kung-Fu, though.

Also, we've given plenty of thought to Kuro and the Enies Lobby stuff. How about some of the bits in between? I think it was established that Krieg was going to be beaten with Kaya's sodium bombs, and Tashigi could replace Zoro rather smoothly at Whiskey Peak. What about Little Garden? Obviously Usopp is still going to be free from the Candle Set, but who along with him?

Also, climbing the Drum Rockies--I just cannot see Usopp doing that even if he is the star.

Actually, Krieg was going to be defeated by Usopp taking some of the... Buggy...bombs... oh wait, we wrote him out until the New World...Well, he'll beat him with something he'll steal from Ganzack. Usopp has a Megaman thing going, in that he makes more weapons based off his opponents weapons.

Kaya doesn't join the crew until she sneaks aboard the Going Merry, and only reveals herself after they've gone up Reverse Mountain, meaning they can't bring her back to the East Blue without getting a marine ship to cross the Calm Belt, which is out of the question, and exactly why she stayed hidden all this time.

And yes, Luffy does eat the Gomu Gomu Fruit, Shanks gave it to him.

As for the rest, well it's been years since I've seen anything before Arabasta, (I was following the Viz books before I powerread the rest.) so I'll have to look at it again to figure it out.

You know, I popped in just to see what was up, and then I saw this and... Just... :D

Congrats, Spreeses et al. I now have a newfound respect for the Captain Usopp story.

Stop me if I contradict anything.

I figure the best place Usopp and Nami could run into Ganzack for the first time, in my mind, is at the Island of Strange Animals.

They land on the island, meet Gaimon and go through the same steps as before with the exception of finding the treasure on the rock. They go to the rock, see its steepness, and then head back to the Merry for a pair of crampons or somesuch.

As they head back, they spot another pirate ship sailing in--namely Ganzack. He's here for the legendary treasure, and thanks to some doohickey in his armor manages to beat them up the rock only to discover the empty chests. In anger, he orders his men to round up the island's animals so they can sell them for mad $tacks.

Gaimon doesn't like this, and neither does Usopp for that matter, so they hatch a very Usopp plan--sniping off the crew from the safety of the woods, until only Ganzack is left. He sees through the Island God ruse, however, and drags Usopp and Nami out of the trees for a brawl (possibly being aided in their fight by some of the animals). This culminates in Usopp breaking whatever doohickey he's going to use to beat Krieg off Ganzack's armor and Ganzack beating a hasty retreat.

Usopp and Nami (Nami especially) are sad that there is no treasure, but Gaimon tells them the animals are the island's real treasure, et cetera, cue the Sun Mask Pirates sailing off for the Baratie.

Well, Tashigi is with them when Nami was. But yeah that works.


Ah, good to know.

Oh wait, they also don't have the Merry at that time. He gets it in Loguetown, when meeting up with Merry and Kaya again.

And, I think Tashigi and Usopp would meet up with Nami at this time, as she's looking for more easy treasure than stealing from pirates for once. She comes along for a while, as her boat is wrecked from Ganzack's attack.

Also, I'm working on redoing Hachi's story slightly so that him being in the crew makes more sense.

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