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19237 No.19237
What if each pokémon was a superhero?

The thread had a great start on /co/, but is apparently no longer accepted. So maybe we can expand on it here.
Pic is what I saved after the deletion.

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File: 125753735440.png-(256.20KB, 1378x4259, PokéU2.png)
Part 2

>Nidoking and Nidoqueen would be a married couple of big armored asskickers, busting through walls, using cars as weapons, and teaching their children the art of superheroics.

I smell BIG DAMN HEROES. With a side of ham and cheese.

Toxicroak, Ninjask, and Scizor for a ninja corps. Shedinja can be the ancient guru leader.

File: 125754274960.jpg-(46.47KB, 306x443, GD.jpg)
Golduck - A modern day Sinbad, Golduck seeks adventure and fortune wherever he can find it. The jewel embedded in his head gives him the ability to confuse and control his enemies, limited control over water, super strength, and stamina.

File: 125755416663.jpg-(41.00KB, 534x401, lanternfail.jpg)
I stopped giving a crap halfway through Meowth.

Torb and Trode are an electrically powered father/son duo who also are capable of exploding body parts as last ditch efforts to get away from stubborn heroes. They're faster than a speeding bullet, and even easier to stop.

Fossil pokemon should all be within a League of Assassins sort of thing, with Aerodactyl as their leader.

File: 125761035173.jpg-(2.62MB, 2112x2022, e0cf43033254417a5e61d818fc15ce6d.jpg)
The three sisters Buffy, Puffy and Tuffie were all super-singing legends of their age. While most popular among young girls. They're most known for their beautiful singing voices, friendly disposition as well as their inner temper. By day they traverse the globe, playing songs and putting on performances for their many fans.

By night however. The three dawn pink colored masks and wear bright pink and white costumes with sleeves puffed out into the 18th century and gowns that look more at home in some exclusive French ball than out on the street fighting crime.

Buffy is the youngest of the sisters at 6 years of age. Her superhero name is Iggly and she's mostly the mascot of the group. As the token loli she's good at convincing men she's harmless and lowering people's guard for her sisters to attack. Her main super ability is the power to bounce as well as some minor healing magic.

Puffy, the middle child at 16 years, takes on the name Jiggly when she fights. She has the amazing ability to influence others with her voice. While she's TRYING to get people to obey her every command (ala Music Meister) she's mostly only good at putting them to sleep. When her singing voice does cause men to sleep, she instantly pounds on them in rage. Just as much for falling asleep because of her voice as for whatever dastardly deed he's doing. Puffy is also rather immature as she tends to draw on her opponents faces after giving them a sound beating. When Puffy is really mad she can curl herself up into a ball and ram herself through anything.

Tuffie, the eldest of the sisters at 26, lives up to her reputation and name by being the most mature and the most physical out of all of them. While she constantly puts on her cutesy routine like her sisters, the truth is she's a very practical woman who's constantly managing their finances, balance and was the one who took responsibility for her two sisters after her parents died. When she goes out with her sisters she adopts the name Wiggly (or more accurately, Buffy and Puffy gave her the name) and unlike her sisters she's a much more physical and upfront fighter. Able to channel elemental forces through her body and deliver a solid punch with her fists. Tuffie is an on-again off-again smoker. Mostly taking a puff whenever things get too stressful or Buffy and Puffy get too uncontrollable.

Onix: A Martial artist who prides himself on being as hard to grasp as a snake, but as solid as a mountain. His mentor is the Steel Snake, who taught him everything he knows about his fighting style, the "Flowing Mountain Fist". He uses his abilities, as well as his supernaturally toughened body, to fight crime.

Porygon: A Green Lantern-type hero (in his power-set, not "space police") who created digital constructs in the real world. He soon retired, giving way to...
Porygon 2! His once side-kick with a more streamlined approach and advanced technology. The suit he wears makes him stronger, tougher, and more capable than his predecessor...of course, even the noblest of mentors goes mad.
Porygon Z: Porygon snapped, being upstaged by his protegé, he redesigned his suit to be more powerful and quicker, but overall the material was not nearly as sturdy.

Nidoqueen: A woman with incredible physical strength, though it comes at a price. She and her brother lost their senses of touch completely. This makes her very dangerous as a super, as her upper limit of strength is far more than enough to topple buildings.
Nidoking: Unlike his sister who strives to undo the damage she's done by carelessly ripping doors apart or breaking walls, he was driven to destroy, desiring nothing more than to cause destruction.

Kangaskhan: A mother driven to protect her child (contrary to the Pokemon, it's NOT with her at all times), she created a suit of armor granting her incredible strength and durability. She strives to keep the world safe for her child.

Four brothers and sisters who fight crime together.
Eevee: What he lacks in power, he makes up for in...well, not much. He's pretty much the errand boy. Only around because "The Eevee Seven" didn't sound catchy.
Vapor: Beautiful young woman with the power to manipulate moisture, even taking on the form of water herself.
Jolt: A superfast young man with incredible electrical powers.
Flare: Destructive girl who can throw fire...and cars. And trucks. And just about anything she can grip.
Ee Ess Pii (Espy for short): A young woman gifted with vast psionic abilities.
Umbra: The youngest (aside from Eevee) brother, with shadow manipulation. This makes him VERY hard to hurt and gives him a supernatural immunity to psychic powers. Of course, he and Espy don't get along.
Leif: The eldest brother with powerful plant manipulation. His skin is tougher than the thickest redwood, and the only one of the team stronger than him is Flare.
Glacia: Oldest sister, and an ice-queen. Her cold manipulation powers are matched only by her cold "armor", as with her brother Leif.

I'm picturing the legendarys as more like Gods, and possibly Mewtwo would have been created in an attempt to clone a god, which went horribly wrong, and while he is every bit as strong, he has an incredible ego.

I could picture the different trios of legendaries acting like different pantheons, all generally unified in that they do not trifle in the affairs of mortals except in times of immense crisis, though humanity is sometimes dragged into the wars between the gods.
Meanwhile, I would think that Pigeot would be some kind of old, seasoned version of the Falcon, who is training the next generation, Pidgey, after the first one 'flew the coop' and started doing crime-fighting on his own on his own as Pidgeotto.

Just some loose ideas that come to mind after not sleeping all night.

The Gods

Articone: The goddess of blizzards and the north wind. A powerful deity who commands devastatingly chilly winds to freeze entire lands. She is typically seen as a beautiful woman with long blue hair who sits on top of a puffy white cloud.

Zappara: The god of thunder and lightning. He commands powerful storms to rain from the sky. He is typically portrayed as a tall, powerfully built man with long spiky blond hair. He typically rides on a dark storm cloud.

Moltren: The god of smoke and raining fire. He is most known for hanging around volcanoes. Summoning up clouds of smoke and releasing fireballs down from the sky. He is typically seen as a tiny and lithe man who sits on top of a long puff of black smoke. His hair is a long red and yellow design that's tied back into a pony tail.

Mew Girl - The progenitor. Supposedly the first REAL superhero. She was a cute, bubbly little girl who had enough power to split the planet in half. Supposedly she is the very first meta-human and her genetics run through all supers to this day. Due to her immortal life span, she has made many lovers and each of their offspring, and their offspring in return, carry some of her original material. While not technically a TRUE deity. She is often made mention of by meta-humans and some go as far to worship her. It is from her name comes the term "Mutant".

Mu-Two: The term refers to "Mutant-2" which is why he was created. Taking a piece of Mew-Girl's D.N.A. They sought to clone the original (and thus) the most powerful meta-human on earth. They succeeded. Only they did not understand the terrifying thing they created. Mu-Two was quite simply, impossible to command and control and his unstable genetics and psychic powers made him impossible to stop. Mu-Two completely destroyed the scientists who made him and proceeded to move away to a private planet out in space for him to contemplate life.

File: 125770181143.jpg-(52.49KB, 512x512, Entei.jpg)
Posting a few of these.

File: 125770187520.jpg-(67.79KB, 512x512, Raikou.jpg)

File: 125770190730.jpg-(52.04KB, 512x512, Suicune.jpg)

File: 125770193929.jpg-(58.61KB, 512x512, Lugia.jpg)
Though I'm not terribly sure why.

File: 125770196379.jpg-(57.44KB, 512x512, Ho-oh.jpg)

File: 125770199241.jpg-(65.74KB, 512x512, Celebi.jpg)

THIS. This is what I was thinking, more or less.


Sauce please?

the Champ- the most powerful fighter in all the land. he fears he will hurt innocents with his incredible strength so he wears a special belt that greatly weakens him.


The Doom Guard (Houndoom): He manipulates "Hellfire", causing intense pain and suffering to the guilty, but no harm to the innocent, sometimes even HELPING them by easing their pain or anguish. He uses the horned hell-hound motif like Batman, to scare villains. In reality, he is a kind and gentle the innocent.

Azelf: Goddess of Willpower. It is said she gave up her willpower so that all other beings could have their own free will. She is easily lead, and devastatingly strong. Though any who would wish her harm lose their free will for 7 days, acting as zombies.

Mesprit: Goddess of Emotion. It is said she gave up her own emotions so that other creatures could feel. She is potentially the most dangerous, as she feels nothing. Not pity, remorse, fear, or even sorrow. Though this means it is luckily very hard to get her into action. Anyone who wishes her harm loses all emotion for a week.

Uxie: Goddess of Knowledge. It is said she gave up her own vast knowledge to grant wisdom to every living creature. Like the previous two, she knows nothing. Not pain, not grief. Nothing. It is said anyone who wishes her harm is unable to think four a week.

File: 125789679995.jpg-(644.71KB, 5028x500, 2617035.jpg)

File: 125789688011.jpg-(121.33KB, 891x500, 5674194.jpg)
And, more recently made:

File: 12579020527.jpg-(49.75KB, 512x512, www4.atwiki.jpg)
That guy is awesome.

in dire need of a Blastoise

File: 125791570733.jpg-(64.22KB, 512x512, Blastoise.jpg)
A character description, or just an arts?


Blastoise - once an ordinary armored division soldier, he is one of the only survivors of an extremely unsuccessful assault. When the search and rescue team used the hydraulic "jaws of life" to cutaway the metal mess around him, they were shocked to find that not only was his backside firmly melded with the hull- he had survived the process as well. Doctors deemed it more risk than it was worth to remove the plate. Feeling no hope for a normal life, he gladly made himself the guinea pig of weapons developers to end up as the first man to become a living weapon through the use of hydraulic mechanics.

Thankfully, he has found purpose in his new life. Though ornery and more than a little rough around the edges, he's admired by all who know him; described as a compassionate and nurturing man, especially to new recruits. He has become an unofficial guidance counselor on base. However, it's extremely rare that he'll go into populated areas unless he needs to as guardian. He's embarrassed to be seen by civilians as the metal titan he now is


Incredible! If possible, could you do my team? :D


*cracks knuckles*Mind if I take a crack at it?
Torterra - A young man with a reverence for nature, he built a miniature eco-system, hoping to foster life. A freak accident caused him to use the eco-system to help him sustain life. As he healed, the roots began to grow into his body, increasing his strength and resilience immensely. He sees himself as a protector of nature, using a heavy wooden club to fight crime.
Infernape - A skill martial artist who could actually cause his chi to flare up. He trained in (obviously) numerous Monkey styles before fashioning himself armor based off the "Journey to the West" character Son Wukong.
Empoleon - A rich, gentlemanly aquarium owner with a passion for penguins. His dream was to one day swim with them in their natural habitat. One day, he hired a private engineer and had a suit built for him to keep him warm. But he grew worried he was being selfish, keeping the money to himself like that. So he had the engineer modify the suit into full body armor to fight crime and help the innocent.
Magnezone - An android powered by solar energy and utilizing magnetism. He was found in a ditch as a single Magnemite, and kept assimilating electronic devices until he gained enough to function.
Mismagius - A powerful witch, she foolishly sold her soul to the Dark Lord (Darkrai) for immense power. She got her wish, but as deals with dark beings are never cut-and-dry, the power was too great for her body. Luckily(?), Arceus heard her pleas for help and Judged her not worthy of damnation at the Dark Lords hands, but not worthy of redemption. So she spends her days using her magic to fight supernatural beings, hoping to earn her redemption.
Gallade - A noble warrior with incredible psychic powers. He wields twin blades to protect his true love, though due to his telepathic nature, he knows she is not truly in love with him. Still, he protects her with his life.

I love it. A great mixture of SCIENCE! and magic.


The world would be a truly great place if more rich people were like Empoleon.

Would anyone be interested in doing my bad guy team? :3


I know Houndoom has already been written as a Ghost Rider type of character, but I'd like to see him as a bad guy. Thanks in advance!

Cacturne - A shady desert bandit with a particular fondness for cacti. He's immensely strong, but still prefers relying on trickery and subversion to meet his ends. He doesn't seem to have any superpowers of note, relying on tools and gimmicks to get by, but victims will often lay claim to his ability to vanish without a trace within the sandstorms that frequent the area. This would baffle most people, as surviving those storms is a particular challenge, but he always reappears without a scratch. This has brought upon a legend that he's not a living being at all, but a spirit of the desert itself.

Absol - A young man in touch with the mystic forces of the universe; most notably, the spirits of balance. Gifted with outrageous physical strength, he'll use his abilities to wreak havoc upon large cities and the particularly wealthy, in the interest of maintaining balance between the wealth classes of humans, and the struggle between humanity and nature. Easily subdued, as he won't lift a finger against a working class police officer, but will usually break free of whatever prison system he's placed into with relative ease once he decides it is time to resume his work.

Honchkrow - A borderline legendary mafioso, head of the Murkrow family. Supposedly a powerful fighter, but hasn't gotten his hands dirty in a long time, instead leaving the trouble of collecting debts to his cavalcade of henchmen. A true pack rat, he'll pluck up anything from a gutter or dumpster and take it home to try and renew it, and viciously guard all his belongings from people trying to steal from him, or even just straighten out the clutter.


Houndoom - An egotistical man in a metal mask and dictator of a small country who terrorizes citizens into staying in line with viciously trained dogs. ROBOT DOGS :awesome:

Scyther- A young man who has trained in ancient sword fighting techniques. Neither a hero or villain, he uses his blades only for his own game or when he occasionally feels the smallest twangs of compassion grow inside him. His signature weapons are two scimitars he carries around with him. Said to feel so natural to him that they almost feel like an extension of his arm.

Scizor- Scyther's ancient master. Who built a steel frame for his aging body. While he does not have Scyther's deadly weapons he hardly needs them. With his steel enhanced body he can cut through solid stone with his bare hands.

Heracross- An incredibly strong, rather dim witted but ultimately good natured warrior. He enjoys sweet things like candy and chocolate but also has a strong sense of right and wrong. While he seems like a pushover at first, he has been known to reveal incredible feats of strength and endurance in times of need.

File: 125833655820.png-(182.45KB, 400x300, 1258215202741.png)

...You know, Gligarman would've been a big help against the Rocket Invasion in Saffron.

...And Goldenrod.

...And Azalea.

File: 12583368467.png-(89.93KB, 400x300, 1258215559158.png)

What the fuck, let's post my team:

Ludwig Collo (ludicolo): A large young man with a penchant for dancing. He LOVES to dance. Everywhere he goes, he wiggles and shakes and bounces. He is full of almost limitless energy. He has weather manipulation powers, including being able to focus water into powerful blasts. His dancing seems to have given him superhuman stamina as well.

Rita "Mother Superior" Perrier (Perry-aye. It's french, bitch.) (Rhyperior): Rita was a powerful young woman, far larger and stronger than many of her peers. This was a combination of natural size and working her body to the extremes. She eventually married a wealthy engineer (one who...oh...say...loves penguins) and had a suit designed, that enhanced her already incredible physical power, making her a force to be reckoned with. Her very footsteps are said to shake the ground...

Char: An angry young man with the abilities of flight and fire manipulation. He insists he's not a villain, though his techniques in handling real villains are a bit violent...

Madame Kiss: A beautiful woman with the ability to fly, alter probability, and manipulate energy. Her outfit is a fairly basic white jumpsuit with red and blue highlights, as she found it was very soothing to young children. Her powers of energy manipulation are quite potent.

Harry "Piston" Monchan: A championship boxer who was rumored to have punched a lightning bolt, a glacier, and a blazing fire to gain his elemental punching powers. He can fire punches with such speed and accuracy it is said he could fire a volley of punches to trim flower petals without bruising it.

Rotom: The spirit of a mischievous young man. Death has given him power over electro-magnetic fields and ectoplasmic energies. His body is all be gone, leaving only his head with energy tendrils.

Charzard, the man possessed by the dragon sprit, A helpless pawn of the dragon spirit's bizarre and morally ambiguous agenda, even he doesn't know what the dragon spirit is planning when it takes over his body, and transforms him into the super powered beast known the world over, and the super hero community fears him, as he may steal secret technology one day, and fight a villain along side them another day, nobody knows WHAT his angle is.

File: 125950037213.png-(70.12KB, 408x615, shatbrix.png)





fuck sorry for bumpan this with an irrelevant post


There is no shame in being proud!

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