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Let's talk about some of the best stories from the big two that no one reads.

To start off, R.E.B.E.L.S. #20 is going to be CRAZY.

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>Purple Alan Moore
>No beard is not an old villain then?
And i don't know why but i feel like watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


He looks like a Kalanorian (Think Despero), except for the lack of that stupid sideways head fringe. That's my best bet though. Kalanorians that have opened up their third eye gain great mental powers. Mind controlling two rookie GLs would be a piece of cake.


Oh wait no. It's the flame of Pytar. My B.

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File: 128164856518.jpg-(127.67KB, 709x1061, slump.jpg)
Marceline what are you doing in Dr. Slump it's from the 80's you shouldn't be there

File: 128164859644.jpg-(131.22KB, 709x1061, slump2.jpg)
No Arale, no!

is this still getting eps?

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Well, on the plus side, we got John Cassady drawing Superman.

Let's have a Superman general.

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I was surprised to find that wasn't so bad. Perhaps there's hope for this run yet.

Yeah, aside from the complete bullshit of the first convo with the Nats, this was a MUCH MUCH better issue.

It's almost like it's by a different writer.

No it’s too similar to be different. Someone must have threatened his pig family or something for this 180 of style to happen. Hopefully hurting him both with words and physical attacks for good measure.

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Wait, where's Batman? Who's going to save us if Batman isn't there?


File: 128152767824.jpg-(887.76KB, 1280x1965, bg_32_001.jpg)
Green Lantern

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And now to bump >>81074 off the front page

There is also an IRC, apparently.

"Also, come by and check out #Bluhbluh on

If you need an irc client, check out or the mIRC application that you can download here

But yeah, #Bluhbluh is pretty fuckin great"

Talk about Homestuck.

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gentlemanAdventurer, in case anyone else wants it.




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-Season 2 premiers in September
-Dr. Doom, Black Widow, Iron Monger, and Titanium Man designs revealed at Comic-Con, all of which looked fucking kick-ass.
-Magneto also rumored to appear in it

Awesome. Glad we don't have to wait til next year like pople have been saying

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Recent interview.

>The first half of the second season.. we'd like to call it Armor Wars. Iron Monger, Dr. Doom, Titanium Man. Tony's uping his war against everyone using his dad's technology against him. S.H.I.E.L.D will become more heavily involved in his vendetta, and feature characters like Black Widow. It's going to be epic. During this time, Gene Khan will be somewhat absent, going on a little soul searching, I guess you could say.
>After that dust has settled, the second half of the season will focus on Gene Khan, the Mandarin, leading up to the epic series finale. We're excited

>series finale
Aw, man... :(
Well at least it sounds like it'll be a hell of a ride 'til then.

Better to end it on top of the story than drag it out and get cancelled like.. every other superhero show out there.

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This crap is still on the air?

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Are you kidding me? Colombia and Argentina are better at dubs than Venezuela right now.

Colombia's Lou! is one of their best dubs, also Blackjack and Kaleido Star.

And Argentina dubbed Arjuna, that was a good one, never heard any other Argentinian dub though.

One of the most prominent problems in the Venezuela's dubs, is that, aside missing variety, they CAN'T act a shit.

Also, Venezuela banned ALL violent games.

I'm so fucking glad I don't live there.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

I love how this thread has nothing to do about the show, on account of how there's really nothing to say.

Well, I can quite remember well the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X and the Sakura Wars dubs, and those were terrible(and despite that I still liked it Kenshin's dub and the colombian dub in general), and Argentina dubbed both Brace Face and WITCH dub, and those aren't like the best.
Still, I know that Dave: The Barbarian and Pucca have argentinian dub and both dubs are fairly good.
I know argentinian dubs are getting better, but it's still inferior to mexican dubs.
I can't really tell munch about colombian dub, since I haven't hear of it since ages ago. I didn't knew Kaleido Star was colombian dubbed. Though I didn't have the chance to watch more than some few chapters. And I'm surprised about Blackjack. This raises my hopes about them.
I kinda miss to see more mexican dubs in stuff other than brazilian soap operas and the usual sitcoms.
But at least the brazilian soap operas can be more enjoyable. And adult Cristina Hernánez. HHHNNNNNNNNGGG

Also, WHAT
Oh fuck you Chavez.

You can tell more about it's foreign dubs than the show itself. That's how terrible is.

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Previous threads:

Steam Community:

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File: 12813927324.png-(225.22KB, 440x329, aquahigh.png)

File: 128139276571.png-(104.66KB, 236x322, wwhuh.png)

File: 128139301327.png-(211.64KB, 434x323, supesfist.png)

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Old business:
Previous thread - >>80177

"Also, come by and check out #Bluhbluh on

If you need an irc client, check out or the mIRC application that you can download here

But yeah, #Bluhbluh is pretty fuckin great"

New business:

Oh Gog, what's happening, why do I always sleep through the best updates? This is insane and adorable, but it's Vriska, so I'm still fearful for poor Pupa. The Land of Maps and Treasure looks really cool though, and Thief of Light is an awesome title.

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you always say that but it never happens

you make me excited about how hard you're going to troll us and then you disappoint

NEW THREAD: >>81767

New thread.

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"Green Lantern is a lame super hero. This shoe is nice though."

"^ What Power Does Green Lantern Do Besides Flash That Green Light Like He’s In The Neighborhood Watch Commitee."

"As far as I know, Green Lantern’s only power is shining a green light out of his pimp ring, so his only super “power” is helping you find your car keys."

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File: 128124691658.jpg-(14.95KB, 400x300, BLUH.jpg)
Oh, derp.

Hittin' it with KeepVid this time. It shall not escape my sight again.


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Last thread here >>79438

Lets get a new thread going shall we

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Oh, oh lordie. I think this may have had something to do with her feeling guilty over crippling Tavros for some reason. Her affection and guilt and need for adventure and, apparently, for a hero to do it with is all culminating in this batshit insanity which will inevitably end horribly.

New thread: >>81074

K-Kanaya where are you <: (

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It's funny, because somebody actually thought this was a good idea.

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I don't really know how it's played save a few rules.
But the reasons as to why are obvious.

A more fair example would be the offside rule in divegrass. I didn't really understand it until pre-WC, actually.

File: 128121534673.jpg-(57.77KB, 750x549, 02-03.jpg)

Soccer's offsides rule is a pain in the ass.

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So, this is our first real Elseworlds in quite awhile. What did everyone think?

I, for one, really enjoyed it. I liked the little winks and nods towards the larger Superman mythos, while the book still tried to blaze new territory, which I think is an overlooked aspect when it comes to Elseworlds stories.

The art was, for the most part, great. There were a few panels that came off poorly, though. I think the artist made some amazing backgrounds, just the same, and it was really well done for the little kinks.

When it comes to ideas to incorporate into the Superman mythos, I honestly can't believe that this Elseworlds hasn't been done sooner. I'm really glad that it was done, though, especially by such a great writer.

What did you all think?

File: 128119658859.jpg-(519.11KB, 1344x1019, 126264890970.jpg)
We were talking about it in the Superman general thread.


>Ship Named B
>12th level A.I. Intellect
>My reaction when I realized what will happen

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I asked this over at 4chan but didn't get much of a response. Can you guys recommend some good detective or mystery type comics? I enjoy stuff where the solution to the mystery isn't revealed to the reader until the end (like Long Halloween, to use a well-known example).

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Desolation Jones isn't what I'd call a straight mystery comic but the titular Jones does do some detectoring that ends up with a big reveal at the end.

Sherlock Holmes has been adapted for comics more than once - I understand Ian Edgington has done adaptations of A Study In Scarlet and Hound of the Baskervilles. There were also some graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie novels by European artists, but what I've read of those were pretty dissatisfying - the art was terrible in some of them.

I was looking into this and discovered that Dynamite published a 5 issue mini last year called The Trial of Sherlock Holmes and it looks like they're supposed to be publishing a mini this year called The Demon of Liverpool. Both are written by Alan Moore's daughter Leah and her Husband John Reppion. I might check into these, too. Are Leah and John any good? I've never read anything by them.

Anyway, copious amounts of gratitude for the suggestions so far, guys. Of course, more are welcome, too. :3

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Why didn't anyone tell me that Marvel Team-Up was awesome?

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Mysterio, in his first appearance, mentions that he used Spidey's eyepieces as the inspiration for his own bowl-helmet.

Yay. Always.

He had two great minis during War of Kings and was in Nova from then on to Thanos Imperative

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