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For those of you not already in the know, a large group of /co/mrades are meeting up this year at NYCC. For those interested, here are the details.

1. First off, make sure Stan Lee Anon, the guy in charge of the mailing list, gets your e-mail. Either hop in the IRC or send it to him at

2. We chat on IRC fairly regularly at night for planning and general bullshitting.

3. The current plan is to meet up Saturday around 7-7:30, after the events of the con, somewhere AT the Javits center. Once we're all gathered, we plan on going out to grab a bite to eat together (those of us in costume will remain so). Probably pizza.

4. For identifying fellow /co/mrades at the convention, we have also established a codephrase.
>You: Do you know a good place around here to grab some HAMBOIGAHS?
>/co/mrade: Murder Burger! Now get the fuck out!
Some of us may also be wearing a Hankface.png on our passes.

5. We'll be posting threads advertising this meet-up on 4chan's /co/ every time we set up another IRC meeting. This thread will serve as our tertiary base of operations, behind the IRC and e-mail list.

6. We can also be identified by our cosplay, I guess. I'll be Generation Lost Max Lord, and our glorious leader is Stan Lee, and we've got Female Deadpool and Female Booster and maybe a Rogue and a bunch of others who can list off their own damn cosplay because I can't be bothered to keep track anymore.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

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Greetings /co/mrades, Stan The Man "Anon" Lee here. As Batbro pointed out, we're on IRC nearly every night so for those interested in meeting up, there you go.

Might sound like a silly question, but does this extended to others not attending the actual con?? If so and if this is will be a decently sized gather, I might make the effort to get the time off (especially since my birthday is around the same time).

Sure why not? We'll be meeting outside of the convention area (but still in the center) most likely, so if you show up, we won't object.

We intended for it to be for people actually going to the con, but since we're all going for dinner after the con, I suppose people could hypothetically meet up for the dinner.

that's it, i'm sold, i'm going.

will probably be someone JLI-related, most likely old school max. there is an outside chance i'll do one of the first two blue beetles. UNDECIDED.

File: 128513145319.jpg-(28.34KB, 500x333, reggie_shrug.jpg)
Seems fair enough, considering.

I wouldn't be able to get enough time off for all four days and attending just one or two is a waste of time/money IMHO. That and I wouldn't want to be considered a hanger-on.

Have fun all. And I expect pictures.

But it's only three days. And Friday and Sunday are usually the slowest ones. Either way, thanks for your interest and pics and video will be had.

Oh snap. Thought that was an 11th there...

Either way, couldn't swing it.

Lurker here. I'll be there all 3 days with a pal of mine. We'll have to find you. He's planning on going as Superbuddies!Guy. Reaction faces galore. I unfortunately will not be dressing up because lolnotime and lolfattymcfatcakes.

Sounds fun, I'll be sure to pop in the IRC tomorrow night. Also for sanity's sake could someone post the hankface.png.

File: 128515980163.png-(115.00KB, 330x349, hankface.png)
Sure thing.

Yeah your superbuddies Guy friend was in the IRC last night. You should join us next time.


Seriously though hey I welcome you all to my neck of the woods.

A good portion of us are already from New York. Stan and I are LIfags.

After much aggravation and anticipation, The NYCC website will update tomorrow with the panel listings. I am excite.

I'm going to be wearing a green lantern shirt and a leather jacket and i will be 90's green lantern

There's a chat going on right now. If you're going to the New York Comic Con and want to meet up with some /co/mrades, come join!


Don't forget me :D

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