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So, let's discuss this movie. Alternately, general Pixar thread.

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File: 128322224070.png-(26.40KB, 240x281, 1282898324207.png)
Cried like a baby in the incinerator scene.

File: 128335753043.jpg-(48.78KB, 521x443, 30215.jpg)

File: 128336260156.jpg-(10.70KB, 264x282, Heh.jpg)
>Sid Phillips likes this.

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Oh hey, today is Lisa's wedding day!

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Shut up, dasheer.

File: 128139116556.jpg-(36.83KB, 459x257, 128117337431.jpg)


Pfft. Days of Future Past, mang.

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HA! Getting better from the first to the second.

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Probably not, but she might very well be his sister.

>>88763 >>88914

I have a feeling that the siblings to the missing kids are all going to be recurring adults who lived in CC back then. It makes sense that Velma's mom would be Brad Chiles' sister, and I wish Velma and Daphne would show her the locket. In my own personal head-cannon, Angel Dynamite is the little sister of Cassidy Williams, since Angel seems to be slightly younger looking than the rest of the parents for the Scooby gang.

Also, we have to remember who recognizes the locket whenever Daphne pulls it out and also the picture sent to them by Mister E. Mayor Jones definitely reacted to the locket, but not the Sheriff. Angel knows something from the picture, her reactions are too off not to know.

I'm really digging the overarching mystery in this series and looking for clues!!


Well at least people who had connections to them by the looks of it, I really should rewatch the episodes and look for these kinds of things. It's always annoying when you're the last one to find out about these things.

And the sheriff truly a great man, I absolutely love him, he's comedy gold.

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I think Greg Weisman confirmed she isn't an Amazon. I'm guessing either Rose Wilson or Stephanie Brown, but I'm most likely wrong, just like I was about her being Arrowette.


Another possibility is that she might be Artemis Crock, Sportsmaster's daughter.

I...never thought of this. it seems somewhat likely.

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I'd like an Animal Man animated movie where he slowly discovers he's a cartoon, and he uncovers DCAU Limbo and fights Farmer Brown and then talks with Bruce Timm about how this is all a ripoff of a comic book story.

File: 128318515744.jpg-(41.81KB, 587x309, THEBATMANturnaroundJoker.jpg)
And instead of jumping out of the panel to fight the crazed vampire superman he jumps out of the animator's computer window to fight the roided up version of this chump.

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  And now, early CG projects that will make you remember the 80's to 90's transition years and/or creep you the fuck out.

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oh wow i forgot how kickass Imaginaria was

The production value for that shit must've been huge because thats actually high quality stuff right there

flooding back

I remember these creeping me out as a kid, which was why I was afraid of Toy Story when it came out.

Fortunately, that fear disappeared by the time A Bug's Life came out.

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I am excite.

Marvel gives me a huge classics boner with how they've been handling the various mythologies lately.

What should I read to get ready for this?


Ares Mini
The Incredible Hercules (specifically the Secret Invasion crossover)
Prince of Power also good.

Anyone else know what else to read?

File: 128313989997.jpg-(330.71KB, 1167x901, Assault_On_New_Olympus_Prologue_One_Shot_1_page02.jpg)
>(specifically the Secret Invasion crossover)

Assault on New Olympus is also pretty crucial.

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What's happened to all my favorite comic-book snark blogs?

Gone & Forgotten has walked the last mile (apparently), Superdickery's last update was "What Information Do You Let Your Advertisers Collect?," MisterKitty's Stupid Comics hasn't updated in a while, and Scott Shaw's Oddball Comics has gone totally silent since early May.

That leaves me with only Comics With Problems, Seanbaby (sort of), and blogs where minuscule gatherings bitch about newspaper funnies. I AM FURIOUS PISSING. TEARS AND URINE STREAM EVERYWHERE.


I just skipped down to this. Cool story, bro.

whatever happened to your comic is bad and you should feel bad

Cool sto-
Oh, wait. We covered that ground already.

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If Batman showed up in Ankh-Morpork and started doing his vigilante shtick, how would Vimes react? The two men share many of the same beliefs, but I don't think that Vimes would appreciate someone taking the law out of the Watch's hands.

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Yeah I really do not think Vimes would accept Batman vigilanteing it up in his city. He would probably assume Bats is a vampire at first, too, because of the whole bat motif. And we all know Vimes is not a fan of vampires.

And then he might meet Bruce Wayne at some dinner held by the Patrician, and then he'd hate both of Bats' personas.

File: 128310091150.jpg-(37.67KB, 460x276, postle2460.jpg)
Yeah, that works.

Yes, and in fact he would immediately suspect Bruce Wayne of being Batman. Not because of copper instincts, and not because of any clues or masquerade failure on Batman's part. Just because he hates Bruce Wayne and hopes he's Batman so he has an excuse to lock him up and hopefully punch him in the face in the process.

Vimes will of course get the shit kicked out of him in the process, but he'll land at least one good punch and feel great about it.

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IRC: #bluhbluh @ espernet
Last thread: >>86410

Troll Flash is probably going into production before the end of the month

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Both Heirs (John and Equius) have blue text too. The Knights should but don't because Karkat is a pansy who uses grey instead of his blood colour.

The pattern is still kind of there with Rose and Jade but it's mixed up. If Rose had been the Witch of Space like everyone expected her to be, she'd match up with Feferi (the Witch of Life) and Jade would have taken Seer of Light and matched up with Terezi (the Seer of Mind). It is interesting to note that the two trolls' colours that don't match up are transitional ones, with Terezi's green being pulled into the cooler side of the wheel (towards purple) while Feferi's is being pulled the other way (towards green), while Equius' text is exactly the same hue as John's but darker, and Karkat's blood is exactly the same as Dave's text.

This is a completely useless observation but I am excited about it anyway!

I wonder if Andrew did that on purpose or if it's entirely coincidental.

also this is amazing

I don't think you can include all exiles in one group of kids and trolls. There has to be more than eight if you take both sessions. We haven't seen Droog as a proper exile yet, and when it was said Snowman's number was eight, it didn't mean just her whole eightball thing, but that she is the eighth exile in the trolls' session...or at least I think.

New thread, my bromo sapiens >>87960

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>Batman: Arkham City, follow-up to the bone-crushing, dark Batman: Arkham Asylum, is in development for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for a Fall 2011 release, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment said this morning.

>The sequel, in development by Rocksteady Studios, has players taking Batman into Arkham City, the new maximum security home for all of Gotham City's criminals. This new prison is described as a heavily fortified walled-prison in the heart of Gotham City.

>The game will include story that "draws together a new all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe, as well as a vast range of new and enhanced gameplay features to deliver the ultimate experience as the Dark Knight," according to the press release.

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No I mean in Arkham "city" specifically. That uncle sam picture in the background makes me wonder if he's trying to do the old "vote for me or die" trick but I don't much of anything about this game other then catwoman TnA and voice listings.

He's been recently admitted into Arkham City and is trying to gain a following to avoid getting eaten alive by the other rogues (and their respective gangs) locked up with him. And what better way to round up a gang than to publicly kill Catwoman, who happened to be trespassing.

Also, it's appears Arkham Asylum and Arkham City take place in a canon entirely separate from the comics, since according to the devs, this is the first time Batman encounters Hugo Strange, Arkham City's appointed warden

Every adaptation ever is non-canon unless directly stated otherwise. Half the time, not even then.

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  The old thread about this appears to have 404'd.

It looks a little more flash-made than I was hoping but I don't even care.

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File: 128291682196.png-(48.37KB, 156x161, aquaman.png)
It's everything I didn't know I wanted.

File: 128291802852.gif-(1.38MB, 354x229, Asian_zooming.gif)

IF THIS DOESN'T SUCK I WON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. Other then the pilot's noodle arm everything else was pretty well animated.

hide File: 12820025069.jpg-(143.03KB, 600x849, 20100209.jpg)
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Spinnerette is just too cute for words.

I'm serious; this comic is adorable.

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Chochi ony does the art.

File: 128287431916.jpg-(248.74KB, 650x919, 20100825[1].jpg)

hide File: 128281480055.jpg-(897.81KB, 1280x1972, comic1.jpg)
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What the hell is this please?

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Fuck, yes I r gud speller.

Im just worryd that you may be bumrushed by angry vegeta fans.

Oliver is down with the claw.

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Last thread: >>85745
IRC: #bluhbluh @ espernet

If you need an assist vis-à-vis fucking IRC, how does it work, just holler.

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I want to believe


No, it doesn't matter either way. We've already stopped bumping. It'll go off when it's time~

New thread: >>87156

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