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That is SO offensive! I'm straight and I want long lashes, too, bitch!

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Come on, Bea. You know you love it~

File: 128445004412.jpg-(11.97KB, 478x358, 1281253348955.jpg)
This thread is beginning to feel like a Junji Ito story...

File: 128451227939.jpg-(25.16KB, 460x267, very-long-eyelashes-03s.jpg)
Come now, please don't insult me. I may start crying.

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What do you mean you don't agree with me? Do you know who you're dealing with?

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You can always click the link that says 'Watch on YouTube'.

My dad and I still say this phrase. Often.

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  Is it just me, or is it the case that whenever Wonder Woman is animated she gets the most awesome fight scenes?

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I think part of it is over-compensating for her popularity compared to Superman and Batman when they still keep pushing her as part of the big "Trinity" while also trying to bring up her Amazonian background more. No complaints from me, of course. Now where's her goddamn Roman battle skirt!?

It's because her fighting style is really good for animation. She's a hand-to-hand and weapons-based master, of course that's going to translate more into badass fights than making tornados or gadgets and haymakers.

Listen, I don't have time right now to get into Wonder Woman and costumes because I'm almost certain I already filled another thread on this board with alternatives both fanon and canon.

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IRC: #bluhbluh @ espernet
We'd love to have you on IRC, so if you need help come ask. We are only a vaguely threatening bunch.

Come here to discuss Homestuck with other people who are going through withdrawal.

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Inorite? That is the only reason I posted that.


; A; Crabdad!

oh nooooooo

New thread, the Milestone!

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My fellow TMNT fans, I give you its spin off: MUTANIMALS!

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Why would Montana Max want to draw attention to the plan that's against him?

He's a morron?
Also watch Seson 3 stars of with a bang.

Oh, comics at newsstands. Your death was the death of comics as a mainstream media.

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Take your favorite character(s), and make an essential reading list of books/stories that involve them. Contribute to someone else's if they miss anything.

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Wow, I must have taken another head injury, I don't know what I was thinking there.

File: 128424763444.jpg-(228.55KB, 801x1085, Batman.jpg)

Do what I did. Start reading. Never Stop.

File: 128424820760.jpg-(88.70KB, 400x600, fianl crisis darkseid.jpg)
But seriously:
Jack Kirby's 4th World Omnibus vol. 1-4
The Great Darkness Saga
Walt Simonson's Orion
Final Crisis

The Superman The Animated Series episode Apokalipse Now! is also good.

hide File: 128424542489.jpg-(115.70KB, 500x341, 1892066696_3865788e9c.jpg)
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Well, it's been two years since I was last here. Sure does look shinier. Have I missed anything?

why no go back to the last page, place moves so slow you might find stuff from a couple years ago

oh wait, no, youll just find like 50 old homestuck threads

So, uh, What the hell is Homestuck?

A pretty cool webcomic-ish thing that utilizes animation and occasional interactivity to tell a funny and weird story.

(it still probably doesn't really deserve the zillion threads it gets all over the place but whatever)

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Never did watch "Wild Green Yonder." Now tempted.

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Now I'm trying to imagine how a live-action Futurama would be cast..

Oh, I did larf when "Zoidberg" showed up.

File: 128418645152.jpg-(57.92KB, 624x352, Zoidbillies.jpg)
I enjoyed this crossover cameo. Nice to see Zoiby can afford some of the nicer things in lif--well, in Georgia.

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And then Spider-Man was truly dead and buried, to me.
Way to go, Joe. You had a chance to redeem yourself entirely. You had a chance to make everything between MJ and Peter work again.
Then you kicked us in the balls all over again.
Fuck you, Joe Quesada. I'm done with you, and your need to desperately try to live through Spider-Man.
For those of you who want more context.

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Stan Lee's stuff is just a back up? The solicit billed him and Mark Waid as co-writers.

I still need to pick that up. Hopefully it'll give the BND status quo one last hurrah before the schedule changes and we go to one writer.

Yeah, he's been doing a 12 part 2 page back-up with Marcos Martin since the beginning of the Grim Hunt.

>And then Spider-Man was truly dead and buried, to me.

And then I still couldn't care less.

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Batman #700, Which I've only now just read, is everything I LOVE About Batman, it's a crime mystery over 3 Eras and then a celebration and tribute to the Future of Batman, DEAR GOD, Dick eating pizza with Damian was ADORABLE!

For those of you who thought Grant Morrison hated Terry and was trying to squeeze him out of the Batman mythos, this might be something you'll be happy to know, in this canon (As canon as a possible Alternate Alternate Future can get in comics) Terry functions exactly like his DCAU counterpart with the only distinctions being instead of Old Bruce being his Mentor, Old Damian is, but Old Damian looks even MORE Like Clint Eastwood and acts the same as Old Bruce.

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This is delightful.


That's it, the board is over. Nothing this great will ever be posted again.

Dude, it's from a comic published by DC Comics, it's not an internet thing.

Also: -B&R 14 ruled blahdiblahblah
-I'm going to be picking up at least 10 of the 20 batbooks coming out in November
-Especially excited about Detective Comics
-And like usual, I'm going to be the only guy reading another arc of Confidential
-This already has a thread, but I've been playing Batman Brave and the Bold for the DS, so I've given the comics a look. Fun, but very uneven. Excited for the relaunch. (which will actually make at least 11 batbooks in November)

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That helmet looks like shit.

I don't know I kind of like the suit. Although the shield looks really good if you ask me.

File: 128408246923.jpg-(111.49KB, 634x886, 2vnf482.jpg)
why so short?

hide File: 127086117580.jpg-(326.15KB, 651x1000, WaltDisneyComics_699_2ndprint.jpg)
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Come on, I can't be the only one who reads these...

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>Demona_Gargoyle: The "Make a REAL Gargoyles Movie, Disney!" Facebook group has over 1,000 members now. Good. I shall triumph! Do you hear me, @boomstudios?!

>boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle OH!!! We HEAR you!!!

>Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I only pester you because I know a comic book about us would be in good hands with you.

>boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle hrmmm...THAT sounds like an idea!

>Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I just hope you ask that delightful human, Weisman, to write it. He is the only human I tolerate.


Oh Boom!, you guys are so much fun.

Bamp. Incredibles is getting pretty good though 13's ending is giving me a bad "DCAU Tala" vibe with Mezmerella and that huge-ass superpower conductor

hide File: 128390382976.jpg-(122.46KB, 700x500, howIlearnedtostopworryingandlovetheflamethrower.jpg)
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IRC: #bluhbluh @ espernet
If you need help with the IRC, feel free to ask.
Last thread: >>89938

You inspired me to draw my own. I am a terrible person now.

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Probably because
> TA: have you ever been angry?
> TA: ii dont remember you gettiing angry about anythiing.
> AA: maybe i never was
> AA: i feel like i was th0ugh
> AA: 0nce

But I guess that doesn't mean that she never had the capability, just that she never had a reason to get mad. Her anger is deeply personal, and the people it's directed at pretty much deserve it.


Yeah no matter how much of a regular thirteen-year-old girl (or, uh, six-solar-sweep old troll) she was before everything that's happened to her she's had so much crazy shit happen since then that's had a considerable warping impact. It's hard to tell just what sort of person she is now. She might not even know herself.

New thread: >>91413

hide File: 128397984598.jpg-(20.85KB, 300x435, 1010148-artifacts_large.jpg)
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I haven't really seen anybody talking about it, but I've been eagerly looking forward to the next issue of Artifacts. I hadn't read Witchblade in a long long ass time, but this has pretty much singlehandedly sucked me back into it.

Barring talking about that, general Top Cow thread. I've also been loving the return of Cyber Force in that crossover with Hunter-Killer (which truth to tell, I'd never heard of.) and the Velocity mini is off to a great start.

Ehh... I'll need to see more before I make any sort of judgment.

hide File: 127869669614.png-(199.72KB, 1167x1333, Static_2.png)
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Disney's Hero Squad #6 MINUTEMEN

Donald Duck and Friends #355 MINUTEMEN

Farscape D'Argo's Trial #1 MINUTEMEN

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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It's 400 posts. I mentioned that right before the last batch of links. I'm going to make a new thread here later tonight with this week links.

Since this thread is in auto-sage, I made a new thread here:

Where does the scanner get comic to post link there?

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