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Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom is really good and you should all be reading it.

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This isn't very good. Shooter isn't really wowing me on dialogue, and we're already getting an artist change.

The new owners haven't really done much other than produce reprint hardcovers with just a few pages of new material.

darkhorse man

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All-Star Superman voice cast?

All-Star Superman voice cast.

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well it doesn't look as bad as the last one

>Christina Hendricks
Will Lois have the tits to match

File: 128509409652.gif-(6.05MB, 400x267, joan.gif)
More importantly, will she have the ass to match

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  Look at this CG from 12 years ago.

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New guy isn't any better sadly. Least he leaves most things alone. Speaking of which has the New Jimmy Two shoes been upped anywhere?

This reminds me of SNK's method of making CG models and animating over THAT for the new KOF game sprites. I'm curious about how much that costs them now...

>making CG models and animating over THAT
CG rotoscoping...I think they did that for a part of the great Mouse Detective.

hide File: 128343716667.png-(386.57KB, 646x279, scooby_mystery_inc1.png)
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We were in autosage. Previous thread here: >>75966

As I said in my last post on the previous thread, I'm really digging the overarching mystery and looking for clues. How about everybody else?

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That seems retarded.

At least when Venture Brothers split the season, it was because they needed more production time.

Rumor train's coming. leaked that Mystery Inc returns on Oct 4 with "Howl of the Fright Hound". Though knowing CN and their "scheduling" issues, take it with a grain of salt for now until they set it in stone.


Yeah dudes. I used to watch this show when I was so wee I all but forgot about it until I saw it again on Boomerang a few months ago. I seem to remember having a big crush on the baseball hat wearing tomboy.

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Our Australian friends have given us the newest episode.

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I know that. The "omfg" was because I like the whole concept of Matches. A whole episode dedicated to the front + bonus Batman actually thinking he's the Matches Malone character is like Christmas to me.

Double Christmas.

File: 128496772114.jpg-(27.21KB, 475x444, 127328333065.jpg)
Ugh, I'm such blind moron. I guess this thread got so big, I completely bypassed the first few posts of it!

Here it is for others who possibly missed out on it. >>60213 The link in the OP isn't working.

And I was telling the truth about not finding a link; it isn't in /rs/ at all.

Me too. Actually, seeing the New Teen Titans would be sort of cool. I actually want to see Jericho and Lilith on this show for some reason.

hide File: 128101888661.jpg-(695.47KB, 1280x2000, ShadowLand_2_Legion_CPS_030.jpg)
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Wow, the artwork in Shadowland is pretty balls-awesome.

Let's have a Shadowland thread.

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His sister's been the monarch for over a year.

I take it you have never read Christopher Priest's run on Black Panther (BP v2).

File: 12850230568.jpg-(445.98KB, 1280x1977, Thunderbolts 148.cbr - Page 17.jpg)
I think this issue of Thunderbolts might be my favorite thing about Shadowland so far.

Look at this fucking character study.

hide File: 127508490340.jpg-(848.86KB, 1677x974, Generator-Rex-2.jpg)
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I decided to give this a shot, not expecting to like it much, but figuring the beasties would be cool and 'cause of the lure of cute monster-girls. To my pleasant surprise, I really started to like it. First couple episodes were a tad rough around the edges, and looked like they would confirm what reservations I'd had about the show. Though by the third episode it seemed to find it's stride, and it's now one of those shows I look forward to every week.

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Actually they've already tested those waters. That traitor who was selling nanites, from episode 6 mutated rather horribly, a fair bit of it on-screen.


I mean those really brutal transformations like in some of the werewolf movies where they actually rip off their skin and stuff. But I'm glad the show if finding its footing

It was comparatively rather mild, but it's nice to see an action cartoon getting gutsy with the content again.

hide File: 128469689579.png-(5.52KB, 484x460, mischief.png)
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This is the 51st thread about Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck.
The previous thread can be found at >>92248
We also have an IRC channel: #bluhbluh at

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The scene where they kill the boar was written to be a rape.

New thread~ >>94043

hide File: 126878149674.png-(1.34MB, 760x1352, Spidey1.png)
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For no reason, we're going to start following the Spider-Man Newspaper Strip together, /co/.
I'll go a week at a time, so it won't be too obnoxious.
But first a little catch up on the current story...

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File: 128429239555.gif-(205.20KB, 760x529, Spiderman.20100912_large.gif)

File: 128483923468.png-(1.30MB, 760x1432, Spidey36.png)
According to plan?

File: 128489920480.gif-(226.47KB, 760x527, Spiderman.20100919_large.gif)

hide File: 128458706683.jpg-(213.42KB, 393x540, Group.jpg)
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Do you remember Invader Zim? Invader Zim remembers you.

Now please, stop writing those Dib/Zim slash fics and talk about this show

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>Also, I totally recommend owning the DVD set if only for the cast and crew commentary. There's a track for nearly every episode and they're all hilarious.


His whole purpose was just "annoying comic relief." He was totally null and void beyond that.

>Also, I totally recommend owning the DVD set if only for the cast and crew commentary. There's a track for nearly every episode and they're all hilarious.

Should be worthy to note that it's the 3 vol set that has the commentary. The 2 vol set that was released earlier this year doesn't have all the bonus stuff to it. However the 3 vol set has become expensive as hell.

hide File: 128473927425.jpg-(66.34KB, 400x571, Voltron_RedLion_DVDcase.jpg)
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I'm just gonna leave this here..

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I really wish these didn't show a contemporary earth, but whatever. It'll prolly be poop anyhow.

File: 128476918118.jpg-(78.38KB, 800x355, ROTFtoy-RavageRecon.jpg)
Eh, I knew that they wouldn't have five primary colored boxy maneless lions, but I was expecting more of a streamlined look than the movie TF style. On the other hand, I already have a Black Lion figure now!

Oh look, one more image

hide File: 126161664035.jpg-(80.29KB, 694x907, Hellboy Christmas.jpg)
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So I just read Hellboy: Bride Of Hell, it was great.

Richard Corben's art is a little weird to me, but I enjoy it.

The story was little sad, though. I felt a bit bad for Asmodeus and the girl.

Then I read the next Hellboy story, the third part of this big ol' Hellboy storyline is gonna be split up into two parts. The Storm (3 issues) in July 2010 and The Fury (3 issues) in April 2011.


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File: 128469034278.jpg-(193.46KB, 957x1044, party.jpg)

File: 128485050146.jpg-(85.08KB, 400x609, 17034.jpg)
So the cover for the last issue of New World is up. And um.

Oh god, he'd better not die just after being reintroduced..!



hide File: 128470669045.jpg-(25.00KB, 341x182, FishHooksCast.jpg)
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Disney Channel's new show Fish Hooks premiering later this month. Thoughts?

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I was highly amused.


  Dance Party promo.

hide File: 128149684257.png-(153.70KB, 321x306, Linkara.png)
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I'm curious, is Linkara as heavily hated over here as he is in /co/ over on 4chan?

For that matter, do you guys in general hate internet reviewers as much as they do?

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Watched Linkara's 100 episode.
It really wasn't like the big deal, but I liked how at the ending most of teh TGWTG people came out to sing his theme song.
Showing me one of the reasons I like them(except for the Distressed Watcher/Amazing Atheist): This people are BROS. And that's awesome.


Yeah, Episode 100 was basically everything you can expect in your average Linkara review; an honest, well-informed critique of the comic surrounded by decent yet poorly-executed jokes all delivered in a slightly grating voice.

And you got my hopes up with that tease about the TGWTG gang all singing the theme song at the end. I expected to hear it sung as a huge choir, not line-by-line.

hide File: 128383446963.jpg-(94.84KB, 520x480, 1PirateLion1a.jpg)
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Why not! Tall your tales, spin your yarns, regale in your fondest memories... or just make some shit up about these cool 2-inch tall figures that were the Gormiti of the 80's way before Gormiti was even Gormiti.

Whatevs. Cool 80's figures need love too.

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Holy shit... I have one of these little guys! I found it in a box at a second hand sale. I had no idea what he was but he was a gorilla in armour, so how could I say no.

File: 128481951952.jpg-(117.59KB, 600x909, battle_beast_by_wya_super.jpg)


Yeah. I think I got rid of two of my previous ones (The platypus and the orangutan)... until I went to BotCon this year, and got the Wolfgang Walrus, Pew-trid Skunk, and... the japanese centipede Battle Beast (called Shool).


lol... wut.

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